Gazebo with your own hands: drawings and dimensions, diagrams, sketches and projects, lightweight structures

Before you begin construction, you must develop the appropriate documentation. This also applies to the erection of the gazebo with their hands: drawings and dimensions, diagrams, sketches and projects of future buildings will give a clear idea about the shape of the design, the materials needed for construction, location of all structural elements. Complex graphic documents will allow you to calculate the cost of construction and to avoid unreasonable financial costs.

Metal gazebo with sliding walls.

The contents

1 Types of gazebos for self-construction
2 Gazebos with their hands: drawings and dimensions, diagrams, sketches and draft designs
3 Wooden gazebo with your own hands. Photos and construction drawings
  3.1 Rectangular gazebo from wood with your own hands
  3.2 Projects gazebos made of wood for barbecue
4 Gazebo metal with their hands. Photos, drawings and diagrams of construction
  4.1 the Gazebo of profile pipes with their hands. Drawings, photos of the finished structures
5 Gazebo made of polycarbonate with their hands. Photos of the original models
  5.1 Forms of gazebos made of polycarbonate
  5.2 the Construction of a gazebo with your hands from metal and polycarbonate
  5.3 Installation of polycarbonate sheet


The types of gazebos for self-construction

The appearance in the construction market a variety of materials with unique properties allowed to depart from the usual models of pergolas to give light structures of various non-trivial shapes. The functions of modern gazebos changed a lot and today it is not just the pavilions where you can relax, but also a full summer kitchen or a cozy guest houses.

Due to the ease of erection of the pavilions of the actual construction materials, the power of many to assemble and install the building yourself. The complexity of this construction largely depends on the type of gazebo with your own hands. The photo confirms the diversity of forms and purposes lightweight structures.

Being inside the glass gazebo, you can admire the surrounding landscape

Given the different characteristics of gazebo can be divided into several groups:

  • open — lightweight in construction, used primarily for summer holiday;
  • closed — solid design with walls, doors and Windows. Can be used both in summer and in winter;
  • portable — collapsible seasonal designs that are easily disassembled and can be installed anywhere.

List of materials used for the construction of pavilions, is quite diverse. It can be wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone, brick, and combinations thereof. It is also very popular houses made of scrap materials, where the course is any, sometimes the most unpredictable, raw material: glass and plastic bottles, wooden pallets, tree trunks and much more depending on the imagination of the craftsmen.

A covered gazebo wooden colorful boards

The shapes and sizes of gazebos are selected with the dimensions of the area: if the area is small, the construction of significant size will look out of place. As for the configuration of buildings — it may be the design of square, rectangular, round, hexagonal, octagonal shapes, as well as construction of any other complex patterns, including in the form of a hemisphere.

A useful tip! If the construction design is the first time you, use recommendations, photos, and drawings of pavilions with their hands placed by users on the Internet. This will help to avoid possible installation errors.

Round metal gazebo in the garden

For roof coating in the gazebo use of slate, corrugated, cellular and monolithic polycarbonate, shingles and other materials. Given the plasticity of many coatings, roof structures can be: single, multi hipped, spherical, dome, hipped, arched and tiered. Quite common summerhouses where roof and walls are live vines.

Recently gaining popularity of functional gazebo, performing the role of summer kitchens, barbecues, BBQ, or fireplaces. The presence of such equipment imposes certain requirements on the technology of their construction, observing that you can build a gazebo with their hands. Drawings and dimensions, schemes and projects, sketches and plans peredovye laying of furnaces as will facilitate the erection of buildings and will help to accurately calculate the cost of construction.

Gazebo made of wood with a bench-swing


Gazebo with your own hands: drawings and dimensions, diagrams, sketches and draft designs

How to build a gazebo with your own hands? Projects, photos, drawings, different in form and design buildings are in countless numbers on the Internet. But you can design your own individual version. For those who are not sure will be able to competently prepare all diagrams or who chose a too complex structure, it is recommended to use ready-made drawings.

The drafting of gazebos includes several stages: sketching the future of buildings and preparation of working drawings. Diagrams and sketches will provide a possibility at this stage, plan the location of the gazebo relative to plot, to plan the arrangement of furniture and equipment, to record where the supply of communications and to determine the consumption of building material.

A sketch of the open air gazebo near the pond

To make a working project in the most correct will allow some recommendations:

  • choose the type of facility: outdoor or indoor;
  • carefully think through the design of the gazebo, which should match the style of the existing buildings and is determined by the materials of construction;
  • choose a place of the future building on the site;
  • the size of the gazebo in the drawing should correspond to the size of the allotted space. In the drawing specify height, length, width, construction, location of the reference stack, as well as the shape and height of the fence;
  • include in the project drawings with projections: facade image, sections, plan and schematic of the technical components. Displays all the sizes and shapes of gazebos;

3D-design rectangular wooden gazebos

  • if you assume a closed building, prescribe the scheme of ventilation;
  • separately develop the work plan of the Foundation with indication of its type (strip, bar or plate base);
  • describe the scheme structural nodes: indicate dimensions and locations of doors, Windows, stairs;
  • separately carry out the scheme of the roof with the designation of its size, shape, angles, height, material of the cover;
  • indicate the technology of erection of walls, the roof, the grill (if you intend). For arbors with fireplaces, stoves, grills are making a plan Peredovoy laying bricks all dimensions of the equipment;
  • comply with the wiring diagram and water;

Project original gazebo with oven-barbecue

  • develop a plan of placement of lamps, furniture and equipment;
  • form the specification for construction materials, including fasteners, machining and impregnation of the hardware.

The more carefully the project will be executed, the more accurate will be the calculations of necessary quantity of materials, it will be easier to make the construction and the higher the probability that the design will be reliable and sturdy. Use in the preparation of the basic project photos, drawings of the gazebo to give your hands that are happy to share craftsmen.

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Wooden gazebo with your own hands. Photos and construction drawings

Choosing the material for the construction of gazebos, many prefer wood. Wooden models perfectly fit into the exterior surrounding grounds and harmonious look in the garden. In addition, the tree is quite durable, eco-friendly material that is easily processed. As a rule, a wooden gazebo is performed in open version. For construction using lumber, logs, Board, a grid of planks and other wooden items.

A gazebo in the yard, built of wood


Rectangular gazebo from wood with your own hands

The most simple option for independent design and construction of a gazebo is a square or rectangular shape. This is a light, open structure consisting of pillars, roof and fencing. In the drawings reflects the size of the structure, the height of the support pillars, the configuration of the roof showing the height and angles of inclination, height and picture railings.

Are drawings of front and profile projection of the pergola. A separate circuit is depicted as the Foundation for design (usually it is columnar base). Specifies the amount of penetration of the pillars and distance between them, which depends on the size of the gazebo.

Project rectangular wooden gazebo with railing and stairs

A useful tip! For the convenience of work execution, you need to make to the draft detailed scheme of technical units, which will include options for fastening the elements together.

The roof drawings must show roof truss system, indicating the attachment of the top cord, bottom supports for the rafters (mauerlat), as well as to set step between the rafters.

When all the drawings and diagrams are ready, you can begin to self-construction of the structure. First of all, prepare and mark out the area under construction. To do this, use the pegs with the building cord. After the perimeter is locked, proceed to the device base.

Dimensional drawing square wooden gazebo

To run the Foundation according to drawings dug pit depth of about 70-80 cm, the bottom filled with sand, and then insert the support post and concreted. By manufacture of works it is necessary to check the verticality of all supports and their equidistance from each other along the entire height.

Then commence bottom trim and flooring from the Arab League. To do this, use wooden bars. When the floor frame is assembled, arrange the decking boards. Next, attach the top rail, assemble the frame of the roof using prepared diagrams, sheathe the frame boards and cover with roofing material.

Step-by-step diagram of the construction of wooden arbors

Installation of fencing carried out, when the construction of the gazebo is fully assembled and installed. First fixed horizontal bars that serve as a handrail, and then attach the vertical supports (balusters) of the fence. If the project as the fence of a wooden grid, the prepared frame of timber for a given size, in which the fill slats in a grid.

Projects gazebos made of wood, for barbecue

Before you begin to draft the gazebo with barbecue or fireplace, it is necessary to perform a sketch that shows the location of the gazebo on the plot. Due to the fact that such structures often lead water and gas, it is necessary to properly plan the installation location. In addition, you should take into account the wind direction in which the smoke from the stove did not spread to other buildings.

A large gazebo made of wood is equipped with oven-barbecue

Wooden gazebo with barbecue, oven or fireplace usually replace the functionality of a summer kitchen. Such structures can be built both open and closed. Options for the closed buildings often used in the winter, so in the design phase may include the insulation of walls and the availability of high-quality ventilation.

The design of the pavilions with barbecue, barbecue or fireplace is a difficult process. For such structures it is important to take into account not only the Foundation for the pavilion, but also directly for heating equipment, because the brick structure has a sufficiently large weight. Most often under the grill or fireplace tile arrange a separate Foundation, and the gazebo bar or strip.

A sketch of a pergola of brick and wood with a fireplace and stove

A useful tip! To avoid the appearance of cracks in the concrete under the grill or fireplace, you need to apply the reinforcement of the Foundation with steel rods.

In drawings showing all dimensions of the gazebo layout showing the location of the grill or the fireplace. Separately depict the diagram of the Foundation and chimney. The project will also include drawings of the grill showing the shape and dimensions of roasters, the number of firing points and porjadovuju laying bricks in construction.

3D-project of construction of wooden pergola with a wood oven

Unlike gazebos, it is required to produce the correct zoning area. It is necessary to provide a secure location for the dinner table, and to provide free access to a grill or fireplace for preventive and maintenance activities. It is also essential to specify the dimensions of the floor around furnace equipment, which will meet fireproof material.

The use of a gazebo with a grill and an oven in the summer kitchen involves summing them networks of water, gas and electricity. In connection with this project include the wiring diagram showing the location of elektrotochek and circuit wiring networks gas and water.

Scan the walls of the gazebo indicating the size and location of the furnace and flue

Well-made projects of wooden gazebos with fireplaces, stoves or barbecues, to avoid errors rather complicated construction of such facilities.


Gazebo metal with their hands. Photos, drawings and diagrams of construction

Besides wood, for the construction of gazebos are often used metal: iron or aluminium. This material is durable and glassware not in need of repair. Connecting elements by welding. Models gazebos, metal can be fixed or folding design. In the case of collapsible option as a fastening bolt connections.

A useful tip! One of the conditions for durability of metal structures is surface treatment anti-corrosion agents and timely staining.

Hexagonal metal gazebo with a pointed roof

When planning the location of the gazebo, it is necessary to consider that metal elements in hot weather, very hot. In this regard, we recommend to run such facilities open and set in the garden.

Before you begin a project, you must consider the design of the gazebo, which would be consistent with the style of the existing exterior. Dimensions, laying in the drawings gazebo metal with their hands, depend on the estimated number of people that can be inside it, as well as furniture and some equipment (barbecue, barbecue).

Drawing metal gazebos with wrought iron elements

Many use blueprints for building gazebos of metal with their hands, a photo of which you can find on the Internet. Relatively easy to install design is a rectangular shape with dimensions 2,5×3 m. This model is not bulky and at the same time, it is possible to place a table and several seats for your comfort.


Gazebo of profile pipes with their hands. Drawings, photos of the finished structures

Thanks to a number of relevant properties of a metal pipe, many people use this material for building gazebos. Construction of the profile is characterized by ease of construction, excellent resistance to weathering and durability. In addition, this material is relatively inexpensive, and structures made from profile, have a decent clean look.

Gazebo of profile pipes, complemented by a fabric canopy

Before you start making the gazebo you need to choose the type and shape of the design, prepare drawings, check the availability of the necessary materials and tools for installation. Photos of pavilions of profile pipes with their hands demonstrating different configurations of these structures: rectangular, hexagonal, square and other more complex forms.

A useful tip! For those who do not have sufficient skills to work with the welder and for the first time carries out installation of the gazebo, it is recommended to choose the design of simple forms.

The project of arrangement of rectangular pavilions made of metal profile

Sketches and drawings of the gazebo can be performed independently or use existing schemes, proportionally changing the sizes to your option. In drawings, you must specify all the dimensions accurately perform all the calculations as this will depend on the appearance of the design and selection of necessary materials.

For the erection of a structure will need these materials: concrete, pipe, primer for metal surface treatment, furniture, roofing material. Of the tools you will need: level, drill with set of drills, grinder, welder, shovel, fasteners.

Project square gazebo from metal pipe with wooden benches

By choosing and mark the place under construction, proceed to the device holes. Their number is determined by the number of supports, as per drawings. Make the pit depth of about 60 cm. the height of the pillars is taken into account with this value. For supports use a profile with a cross section of 80×80 mm and a wall thickness of 3 mm, reference to which is welded a metal heel. This will give the structure additional stability.

The bottom of the prepared pits filled with gravel, thoroughly tamped, insert the support post and concreted. At this stage it is important to observe the maximum verticality of the installed racks. To do this, as soon as the concrete has hardened a bit, the position of each support check and level by level.

Drawing pavilions from a profile with a square cross-section

After the installation of the pillars should be kept about 2 days until complete setting of the concrete, and then proceed to the lower horizontal trim. Used for her profile of a smaller cross-section which is welded to the supports at some height above the ground. The distance from the earth to the horizontal strapping is taken such that it is comfortable to go to the gazebo.

Then proceed to the manufacturer of the roof. From the profile, a system of rafters according to diagrams. For gable shape welded profile under an angle of 15 degrees. For the convenience of fastening the roofing material, the roof frame is welded core tube as the sheathing with a step of 45 cm the frame of the gazebo is considered to be collected.

Diagram of a collapsible gazebo from preferaby size 20х20х2 mm


Gazebo made of polycarbonate with their hands. Photos of the original models

The main advantages of transparent polycarbonate is its compatibility with other materials. Gazebos made of polycarbonate can brighten any yard. The polycarbonate sheets can be issued not only the roof of the gazebo, but to run from him, the walls of the pavilion or to use as fencing.

Forms of gazebos made of polycarbonate

Models gazebos made of polycarbonate have an incredible variety of forms. This is due to ductility material, light weight and ease of installation. Design gazebo can be oval, round, rectangular, spherical, and asymmetric configuration. Facilities are open or closed.

A small covered gazebo is constructed using polycarbonate

The roofs of arbors, covered with polycarbonate, can be single, multi hipped, arched, paularoonie, hipped, spherical, domed and layered. A variety of colors of polycarbonate panels allows you to make space inside the gazebo any shade, given your preferences.

Construction of gazebos made of polycarbonate can be made in combination with the profile tube, forged metal, wood, stone, brick, and combined from several types of material. Quite often you can find designs with arched cover in the form of a canopy adjacent to the main house. Choice for pergolas with polycarbonate coating of a material depends on the presence of the same exterior elements.

Drawing gazebo with polycarbonate roof is arched shaped

On a functional purpose pavilions of polycarbonate can be used as children’s play areas, summer kitchens, Seating areas and guest rooms. The construction size can be large with the equipment or barbecue grill, and absolutely tiny, which is a couple of small benches and a table.

Photos of gazebos made of polycarbonate with their hands show the original models of different shapes.


The construction of a gazebo with your hands from metal and polycarbonate

To begin construction of the gazebo should be of design drawings and design sketches. In the drawings necessary to describe the structural scheme of the frame, all the dimensions and ways of fastening elements. This will help to calculate the required materials and to accurately perform the cutting of the frame elements and coatings.

Metal and polycarbonate are ideal for decorating gazebos

A useful tip! Cut polycarbonate with a saw with small teeth or small rpm grinders. This will help to get an even cut and will not allow the plastic to crumble.

For the base under construction will fit the concreted Playground. For device remove a layer of vegetation, placed crushed stone with a thickness of 5-6 cm and fill with concrete mortar layer up to 10 cm If you plan summarized in gazebo with electricity, you need to put under the coupler wire, is placed in a flexible corrugated pipe for electrical wiring.

The project of the construction of gazebos made of metal and polycarbonate

Setting pillars frame is performed simultaneously with the base unit. At the corners of the perimeter are doing a pit depth of 60 cm and they put in a shaped tube section 50×50 mm. then stand concreted, paying attention to the verticality of installation and the identity of embedding each of them.

After the installation of support poles to them by welding attach the top rail and the horizontal beams (girders) of the shaped tube. These elements will later serve as the basis for fixing the benches and fencing from panels of polycarbonate. Optional fence can be made of not only plastic, but also of any other material, such as natural stone, wood or iron elements.

The hexagonal gazebo built with the use of polycarbonate

The roof of the gazebo can be performed in a single version. For this to profile the upper trim is welded a small pipe pieces which are subsequently welded sloped pipe. The height of the stands is chosen with such a view, to provide sufficient slope for the gathering rain from the roof. To make the construction of the roof stiffness, in the middle of the ramp is welded intermediate pipe to which are attached panels of polycarbonate.


Installation of polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets when assembling the stack so that the channels (cells) inside the sheet were located as much as possible vertically: this will provide moisture to the outside. You should note that the marked surface of the leaves should be on top, where the material is treated with a protective film. Plastic panels are stacked back to back, connecting with a special profile.

Three-dimensional design of the gazebo made of wood and polycarbonate

Holes for fasteners perform slightly larger diameter than the screws. The distance from the edge of the sheet to the first connection should not be less than 40 mm. junction Line of the panels should be placed along the frame members. To ensure the integrity of point connections – use thermowashers in color plastic.

Upon completion of the work should properly handle the edges of the sheets. To do this, the top end sealed closed with tape and the lower perforated tape. This treatment will not allow the ingress of dust and at the same time will ensure the withdrawal of moisture from the channels of plastic.

The design of the joint between the sheets of polycarbonate

Gazebos made of polycarbonate and other materials collected independently in strict accordance with the drawings and schematics will be of sturdy construction and will last a long time. They perfectly decorate the area and is a favorite place for the whole family.


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