Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands from the profile. Construction drawings

A special place in the country of reality is given to the greenhouses. To a great harvest, but still ahead of all deadlines is the goal of every gardener. Modern polycarbonate greenhouses have esthetic appearance, steady against mechanical influences, easy to service, and a special UV protective film protects plants from the negative effects of solar radiation. The perfect solution — a greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands from the profile. Drawings of the designs you can find online or develop on your own.

The finished design polycarbonate greenhouses prefabrication can be set independently

The contents

  • 1 Select polycarbonate for greenhouses
  • 2 Types of profile for the frame greenhouses made of polycarbonate
  • 3 Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands from the profile. Drawings and diagrams of structures
  • 4 the Foundation for the greenhouse from a profile with your own hands
  • 5 Installation DIY greenhouse from a profile
  • 6 heating greenhouses

Choose polycarbonate for greenhouses

Polycarbonate is a modern building material with high strength characteristics and very attractive decorative properties. The richness of colors and variety of sizes allows its use in construction, embodying any conception.

Transparent polycarbonate is a suitable material for construction of greenhouses

The structure of the polycarbonate sheets are divided into solid or cellular. Sheets of polycarbonate what is best for a greenhouse? Reviews indicate that polycarbonate is popular for the construction of greenhouses. And rightly so, considering the following key benefits:

  • high strength — laminated sheets connected by ribs with different angles represent the structure in a honeycomb, filled with air;
  • resistance, impact resistance, durability, ability to withstand strong gusts of wind and the heaviness of the snow cover;
  • due to the ease and plasticity of construction polycarbonate can be given any shape without deterioration of properties of the material;

Construction of greenhouses made of polycarbonate can be any shape

  • resistance to large temperature differences — can withstand from -35 to +60 º C;
  • high light throughput (92%), dispersion of sunlight with protection from UV radiation allows to use this material for greenhouses;
  • layering gives excellent thermal insulation effect;
  • light weight (15 times lighter than glass) easy to installation and processing (cutting, drilling);
  • dust has a property that is easy to care for;
  • not flammable — by direct contact with fire can burn without emitting harmful substances;
  • price for polycarbonate sheet for greenhouses does not exceed the cost of a similar sized glass.

Greenhouse polycarbonate will allow to grow the crops regardless of weather conditions

The finished greenhouse from polycarbonate sheets served as long as possible, you must perform the simple procedure of caring for her: should not be used to clean abrasive sheets containing chlorine and alkali detergents.

A useful tip! To avoid the formation of mold or mildew in the greenhouse you must make sure that the entrance to it was always closed. Should not be allowed to enter inside the building moisture, rain and insects.

In winter it is recommended to clean the polycarbonate surface cover of ice, to prevent deformation of the sheets.

Stages of installation of greenhouses, arched construction

Species profile for the frame greenhouses made of polycarbonate

Strength and stability design of a greenhouse depends on the material from which made its frame. To make a greenhouse from a profile with their hands using different kinds of material. For the frame structures use galvanized, aluminum and plastic profile. It is also possible to manufacture the base of the greenhouse from PVC profiles, wooden beams, metal brackets and shaped tube.

Metal profile. The frames of greenhouses made of this profile provide strength, durability and resistance to significant stress. The main requirement for such structures is required treatment of the metal surface rust inhibitor. Frame of metal profile can be assembled by yourself or purchased in a ready factory designs.

The wooden frame for the greenhouse

A wooden beam. Wooden bars are well treatable, easy to install, they easily fasten polycarbonate sheets. Tree — an environmentally friendly material, structure of wood “breathe”. If any of the parts out of order (broken or rotten), it can be easily replaced by another. To assemble and disassemble the frame will not be difficult. Among the shortcomings noted the vulnerability to the impact of the external environment that can be solved by treating the wood of a special impregnating compositions.

Aluminum profile. For greenhouses this profile is quite urgent. Aluminium does not corrode and rust under the influence of external factors. Because of the square cross-sectional shape of the frame made of aluminum profile will not bend design provides perfect stability in all weather conditions (snow drifts, wind, etc.).

The frame made of aluminum profile

The PVC profile. The frames of greenhouses from plastic pipes are durable, safe, have a modern attractive appearance. Construction of greenhouses from PVC are the most airtight, easy to care for them. The disadvantage of such frameworks is relatively high price of the profile for greenhouses.

Polypropylene pipes. Such a framework is ease of Assembly due to the flexibility of the material. This property allows the pipes to give the frame any desired shape. The construction is durable and able to withstand various loads. For such a greenhouse you can not have a Foundation, and install it just to be on the prepared site.

The frame is made of polypropylene pipes

Be familiar with the technology of installation of various types of frame can be looked at online video of the Assembly polycarbonate greenhouses with their hands.

Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands from the profile. Drawings and diagrams of structures

If you are going to build a greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands from a profile, you first need to determine the shape of the future building, its size and the place where it is installed, the necessary materials. It is recommended to choose a place that is not closing the shade from buildings and trees.

For the installation of a greenhouse it is better to choose an open Sunny place

Having defined the size and shape of the greenhouse should make the necessary calculations and prepare the drawings. Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands out profile (construction drawings are available on the Internet) the form can be done in several ways:

  • design, one side of which is a wall of an existing structure — this option is used when funds for the construction of greenhouses is limited;
  • building with lean-to and gable roof;
  • the arched form of the greenhouse — the roof of this design is in the form of an arch, in the winter time on a roof does not stay snow, which prevents possible deformation.

Options for greenhouse designs

Note the dignity of a particular form of design will help the video “Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands”.

Selecting a form design, start developing the drawings of polycarbonate greenhouses with their hands from the profile. They show all the dimensions: height, length, width of the structure, the distance between the frame uprights. The scheme provides for the presence of window and door openings, roof options and other necessary data.

In addition, the drawings should display the layout inside the greenhouse: the line, where there will be paths for movement through the greenhouse, the layout of the beds and the fence.

The size of the structure greenhouse with a gable roof

The Foundation for the greenhouse from a profile with your own hands

The Foundation for the greenhouse from a profile can be done in several ways: tape, brick, stone. You can also use a Foundation from timber, however, the lifetime of such option shall not exceed five years, as wood rot. Wooden Foundation suitable for temporary greenhouse buildings.

The Foundation of brick will last a long time, but the cost of its construction will be considerable. For devices such grounds runs the waterproofing cushion, preventing the negative action of the soil. When masonry is used, the cement mortar with sand.

The arrangement of the brick Foundation for greenhouses

A great solution for polycarbonate greenhouses is the Foundation stone. Laying of natural stone produced in the solution of clay and sand in the ratio one to one. Work with stone of various shapes requires some skill, because to accomplish such task it is possible to invite experts.

A fairly common option for greenhouses is a continuous footing. The reliability and durability of this Foundation, no doubt. For device create a sand pillow, collect the plank formwork and pour the solution to a depth of about half a meter. Width is 30-40 cm

Strip Foundation for greenhouses polycarbonate

A useful tip! At the stage of arrangement of the strip Foundation, it is possible to immediately provide the fill fence for raised beds inside the greenhouse of the future.

When the Foundation for the greenhouse is ready, start his harness. For this purpose, as a rule, use the relevant pipe or metal area. The harness is attached to the Foundation by anchor bolts. The main requirement is a high-quality coating of metal surfaces of pipes paint for corrosion protection.

Scheme of greenhouses arched design

Installation DIY greenhouse from a profile

To make a greenhouse from a profile with their hands using various materials. For the frame structures use galvanized, aluminum and plastic profile. It is also possible to manufacture the frame structure of wooden beams. Many make the frame of the greenhouse with their hands out of profile for gypsum boards.

The benefits of a frame of galvanized profile for greenhouses are the lightness of material, ease of installation, ability to work by one person, and sufficient structural strength. Important is the question of the cost of such material. Price galvanized profile for greenhouses varies from 75 to 190 rubles per 1 m. p. (with a width of 100 mm) depending on the thickness of the metal.

Metal elements of the frame subject to corrosion, should be treated with paint

Before you begin to assemble the frame first, you need to make the procurement items according to the dimensions indicated in the drawing. In the first place to the Foundation by means of bolts is attached to the profile which will serve as a Foundation for the entire frame of the greenhouse. Assemble a variety of ways. But the most appropriate is the method when on a horizontal surface going arched designs that subsequently are fixed to the base and horizontally strapped. In the ends of the greenhouse structure greenhouse, doors and Windows according to drawings. The presence of Windows and air vents ensure a good ventilation of the greenhouse.

Installation of polycarbonate sheets on the frame of the greenhouses of the arched design of aluminium profile

For the construction of a greenhouse from a profile for plasterboard don’t use arched design. Therefore, choose the form of a greenhouse with a lean-to or gable roof.

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The finished frame is covered with polycarbonate sheets. Begin work with the roof lining, then trim the walls. Last you sew the Windows and doors. Polycarbonate feature so that the channels inside the material is vertically or almost vertically to the condensate formed inside the material could flow down. The leaves are bolted to the frame using thermal washers. These washers are available in different colors. Importantly, the leg mounting length exceeds the thickness of the sheet and the rubber seal washer.

A useful tip! The diameter of the holes in the polycarbonate sheet should be slightly larger than diameter of screw. This will keep the material a sufficient degree of freedom to avoid deformation when the temperature changes.

The scheme of installation of polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are stacked back to back. In the connecting lines establish a special connection profile. Video installing polycarbonate greenhouses with their hands will help to understand in details the methods of Assembly.

Heating greenhouses

Early spring and autumn when air and soil is still cold, hope for a good harvest is not necessary. To grow fruits and vegetables at this time, it is necessary to provide a quality heated greenhouse.

Sophisticated heated hothouses ensure a harvest much earlier period of its ripening in the open ground

There are different methods of heating of greenhouses, among which we must choose the most suitable option:

  • furnace heating — this option involves the construction of a furnace or grill. For such heating suitable wood, coal and other energy sources. The important point with this method of heating is sufficient ventilation of the greenhouse. However, in this heating the heat inside the building is distributed unevenly. An alternative is to install “buleryan”, the main advantage of which is a significant saving of energy;

Furnace type “buleryan” is suitable for heating a small greenhouse

  • electric heating — it may be convectors, heaters, heating elements, heat guns, etc. With this method of heating the greenhouse evenly warmed, but the soil is not getting enough heat. To heat uniformly the air in the greenhouse throughout the volume by using ventilators. The disadvantage of this method is the excessive drying of the air. Often resort to infrared heating of greenhouses. The advantage of this method lies in the possibility of directed heating. Given the fact that when the infrared heating heats up not only air, but also the whole structure, this method eliminates the sharp drop in temperature;

Heated greenhouses electric heat gun

  • water heating — in this method makes possible uniform heating of air and soil. With all its advantages, significant disadvantages are high cost, installation of piping system professionals, and implementation of continuous monitoring. The water in the system is supplied from the boiler and can be heated using electricity, coal or firewood;
  • gas heating — for heating in this way using the gas burners, which are installed throughout the greenhouse. Operation of such a heating system provides quality ventilation and air flow.

For project development and installation of water heating of greenhouses is best to contact the experts

To establish a self-sustainable, reliable and aesthetically appealing construction of the greenhouse is possible under condition of following designed drawings, and schematics design. Correctly mounted greenhouse that will last for years, providing you with maximum yield.


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