Greenhouses with his own hands: the best designs and materials for building

Every owner of a suburban area sooner or later wonders how to increase the yield of the garden and optimize the financial and physical costs. As a rule, after that, begin to consider the available greenhouses with his own hands: the best projects and their implementation. In this article, we present the successful design of greenhouses, materials for building and coating, as well as a detailed description of the process of construction of buildings.

Using the construction plans and quality materials you can build a reliable greenhouse with their hands

The contents

  • 1 Greenhouses with his own hands: the best projects from a variety of materials
  • 2 How to choose a place to install the greenhouse: tips and advice
    • 2.1 In what areas can not have a greenhouse, and how to think of a convenient approach to it
  • 3 Wooden greenhouses with his own hands: photo, instructions, characteristics of material
  • 4 Foundation for a greenhouse and greenhouses for the garden with their hands
  • 5 assembling the frame of the greenhouse, greenhouses with their hands
    • 5.1 Wooden greenhouse with his own hands: photo and installation instructions
  • 6 the Most convenient greenhouses with their hands. Photo models from polycarbonate and plastic pipes
    • 6.1 How to economically build a greenhouse with their hands out plastic pipes
    • 6.2 Greenhouse covering material: which is better, polycarbonate or film
  • 7 Greenhouse DIY of window frames: how to build a place for growing seedlings
  • 8 the Greenhouse under the film of galvanized steel profile with your own hands
  • 9 How to care for the design, and how to prepare the greenhouse for planting
  • 10 the Most comfortable greenhouse with your own hands: a video manual for making

Greenhouses with his own hands: the best projects from a variety of materials

Before you start building the greenhouse, it is necessary to define several fundamental aspects that will determine the size, type and location of the structure. The first is to think that you expect it to grow. For example, a greenhouse for tomatoes have the height to match the growth of adult plants, while growing only plants, does not require a large size of the structure.

Greenhouse made of polycarbonate and steel profiles — budget and reliable construction for a suburban area

Another important point is the material from which will be used for construction. The most popular option, which is used in most cases is a tree. But today, the wood gave place to more easy and accessible to modern materials such as plastic pipes and ukryvnogo material. But this does not mean that wooden skeletons abandoned altogether. Wooden and metal greenhouses can still be seen quite often.

As for covering material, and here has gained popularity recently introduced a new product – polycarbonate. Because of its characteristics and light transmission abilities, he is not inferior to the glass, and thus has less weight and much more simple to install.

Depending on the shape of the roof, the designs are arched, lean-to and gable. Despite the fact that these three types of gable built difficult, they are the most popular, as they allow to create for the plants the best conditions, providing maximum lighting.

Large glass greenhouse can be moved if necessary, therefore, before construction should pay special attention to the choice of location

How to choose a place to install the greenhouse: tips and advice

Choosing the right location is another challenge to be addressed by the owners of the land before you begin construction. At this stage it is easy to see what the difference is greenhouse and greenhouse. First and foremost, they significantly vary in size as well as solidity of construction. Read more about the difference between the greenhouse from the greenhouse, can be found on specialized sites and forums.

Before you finally decide on the area that you plan to allocate for the construction, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • what time of the year, and over what period you intend to use the design. It is possible that in the greenhouse or the greenhouse only grows the seedlings and grown up plants are transplanted. If the design is used year-round, it is necessary to provide artificial heating and irrigation;
  • the illumination of the selected area. It is very important to plants planted in the greenhouse, receive sufficient amount of sunlight. Therefore, it is not recommended to install the design on the shaded area under large trees or near the non-solar walls;
  • it is very important to pay attention to the issue of moisture is highly undesirable high level of groundwater that may cause water stagnation in the root system of plants, and as a consequence – the beginning of the process of decay. In addition, unfavorable terrain for the installation of greenhouses considered to be a place where it can accumulate rainwater or melt water.

A place for a greenhouse, you should not choose around trees and shaded areas to provide adequate lighting for plants

A useful tip! Positioning a greenhouse worth considering the world. This approach greatly facilitates the care of plants and positively affects the development of almost all cultures. For greenhouses, which are operated in the spring and favorably situated from North to South, and for year-round — from East to West.

In some places it is impossible to place the greenhouse, and how to think of a convenient approach to it

Another simple explanation for the fact that a greenhouse or a greenhouse should be installed on level ground – especially the movement of warm and cold air. We all know that the molecules of warm air have less weight, and therefore rush up. As a result, in the lowlands concentrated cold air. To identify such sites is very simple in the spring – they all remain longer covered with snow, and later dry up. The installation of the greenhouse in these places is not recommended.

If your site does not have a suitable flat area, it can be made artificially rethrownew selected area. It should be done carefully, as placing a greenhouse on a slope, you run the risk that over time it will begin to move down lower and lower.

Small greenhouses out of PVC pipes is very convenient because it does not take up much space and can be moved depending on season and weather

Another criterion that should be included in the process of selecting locations for the installation of design – the degree of looseness of the soil. If the soil is loose, it may result in partial subsidence of the frame, or the violation of its integrity, and over time, the greenhouse can be destroyed.

Owners rarely think of a convenient approach to the greenhouse at the stage of planning and design of the structure. This is a very important point, which will further help you to save energy to care for plants and design. It is best if the greenhouse is a broad and spacious path that is convenient to the trolley with fertilizer or seedlings. In addition, it is desirable to shed with the necessary instruments, was situated not too far away.

A useful tip! Some trees can influence plant development in the greenhouse. For example, lime promotes the growth of harmful microorganisms such as molds. So have a greenhouse next to it is not worth it.

As for the appearance of greenhouses installed on the site, there is virtually no restrictions. As a rule, the owners, to pay due attention to the design of your site, try to choose the most attractive option.

Large greenhouses require a solid strip Foundation

In addition, to give the area a neat appearance will help the symmetrical arrangement of all buildings, fences and tracks. But most importantly, the greenhouse was located correctly and did not close the window of the house, not blocking the aisle, etc.

Wooden greenhouses with his own hands: photo, instructions, characteristics of material

Wood is one of the most accessible and popular materials used for various construction. Of course, one cannot deny the fact that wood is more than all other materials affected by external factors, however, this does not stop many owners of suburban areas who want to build a greenhouse with his hands.

In order to extend the life of buildings, it is recommended to use wood from solid wood, and use a variety of antiseptics and means of protection against parasites, mold and rot.

In order to use the wood for the greenhouse, it is first necessary to process antiseptic

Soft breeds of wood allowed for the construction of temporary structures. In this case, suitable pine, alder, spruce, aspen or lime. For a more reliable and permanent structures to use the other deciduous trees or swamp cypress and larch.

In the course of erection of the greenhouse frame is made of wood, it is very important to prepare a solid Foundation, which will provide a solid Foundation structures.

Options Foundation for a greenhouse and greenhouses for the garden with their hands

Depending on the design features, it is possible to make a version of Foundation, which will be suitable for this type of a design:

  • the Foundation of railway sleepers or timber. For this you need to prepare a trench in which are placed the cross ties or timber. All these elements are connected by metal staples. Then, the top is the finished frame of the greenhouse;

An example of a qualitatively constructed buildings of wood and polycarbonate

  • for places where it is often windy weather, it is preferable to mount the pier Foundation. Due to the presence of the concrete base, this design can withstand severe wind loads, and even hurricanes. For this purpose, the required pipe diameter more than 20 cm They digged to a depth of from 90 to 120 cm, so that in cold time of the year they didn’t freeze;
  • the block Foundation is another solution to the question of installation base for the greenhouse or greenhouses. In this case, in a prepared trench first, pour sand and gravel, and then put concrete blocks. All this is poured with cement mortar and then attached on top of frame rails;
  • strip foundations are not practically used for greenhouses, as it is designed for more serious loads. In a not too deep trench is a concrete pad with a thickness of 30-50 cm. the Main advantage of this option – extremely long service life, which allows you to change the design, installing them on the same basis.

Assembling the frame of the greenhouse, greenhouses with their hands

Understand what the difference between the greenhouse from the greenhouse, and installing an appropriate type of Foundation you can go directly to the construction of the frame. As mentioned earlier, there are several options that you can implement yourself, for example, arched or gable design. It all depends on your preferences and the terrain where you will be made to install.

Securely built the frame of the greenhouse is a guarantee of strength and durability of the whole structure

Often cottages can be found rectangular greenhouses or greenhouses with a gable roof. To make wooden greenhouses with their hands is quite simple, and their use will be quite comfortable, if you think about all the details.

Typically, the covering material using the film for greenhouse. You can buy it quite cheaply, but most likely it will have to change every season. But if you deal with how to fix the film on the greenhouse correctly, the process of replacement will occur very quickly and without any difficulty. As a more robust alternative is to consider the covering of polycarbonate sheets.

A useful tip! The price per square meter of film for greenhouse can start from 2 rubles to increase depending on the quality and strength of the material. In order to cover was more than one season, without requiring repair and additional cost, it is better to choose the best quality polyethylene.

To bond the wooden parts of the greenhouse, it is better to use screws, not nails

The Assembly of the frame it is easiest to start with the Assembly of separate sections of the greenhouse on earth, which will be located parallel to the front and rear walls of the structure.

A useful tip! The number of sections determines the length of the structure, as well as its strength and stability. If there are more elements of the design will become more reliable and the coverage will be less SAG.

Wooden greenhouse with his own hands: photo and installation instructions

As an example, consider how to build a standard greenhouse of wood with his own hands, a photo of which can often be found on forums and specialized sites. Such a construction with a gable roof is suitable for planting tomato seedlings in the greenhouse and for growing other crops. On one of the end parts of the structure will be situated door, to provide access to plants and allow as comfortable as possible to care for them.

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The greenhouse is made of polypropylene pipes with his hands: all the details of the construction

The characteristics of each stage of construction. How to choose and secure the covering material. The advantages of structures made of PVC pipes.

Installation always begins with the attachment of the carrier beam, which is attached to the Foundation, and usually has a thickness slightly greater than the rest of wooden elements used for the frame. While all elements of a mandatory order processed protective antiseptic.

To wooden greenhouse with a gable roof was used for a long time, it takes care of the installation of low tides for removal of atmospheric precipitation

All fasteners must be reliable so that you can use for this purpose, rebar, anchor bolts or metal. Another important aspect is the integrity of the timber, which is used as the basis. It needs to be solid, without cracks and rotting, as it depends on the stability of the structure.

The construction of the greenhouse from wood with your own hands is carried out according to the chosen drawing. But, in General, the scheme works as follows: you must collect two side and two end walls which are then fastened together with screws, corners, metal profiles or clamps.

When “box” is ready, you can proceed to installing the rafters. Their number depends on your preferences, however, it is understood that the more they have, the easier it will be to mount the covering material and the stronger will design in General.

For the construction of a greenhouse, you should only use solid timber to ensure the longevity of construction

When all the rafters will be fixed, you can proceed to the installation of the roof ridge, which is mounted in the top groove of rafters. At this stage it is necessary to consolidate and wind boards, which are provided with lateral grooves of the rafters. Read more about how to do it, you can see in the drawing or diagram. All of these elements must be made of solid material.

The final stage of construction you can call the installation of door and window intended for ventilation. After this it remains only to cover the frame covering materials, and can begin operation.

A useful tip! One of the most effective ways of protection from rodents is to lay under the greenhouse mesh-netting with a small mesh. This must be done before installing the frame.

For convenience, in the greenhouse, you can build a wide shelf of wood, which will be convenient for growing seedlings

The most convenient greenhouses with their hands. Photo models from polycarbonate and plastic pipes

One of the modern and inexpensive options for the construction of the greenhouse is the use of plastic pipes. Depending on the manufacturing technology they are divided into: polypropylene, plastic and PVC.

The last option is somewhat cheaper than all the others. But the plastic, though, and most expensive, is able to provide a much higher level of strength. Therefore, in this case it is necessary to be guided by the preferences and financial capabilities. As an example, you can see photos of the greenhouses at the dacha with his hands.

The main advantages of the plastic frame of the greenhouse in front of the wood – the ease of installation and the ability to make design absolutely any form. As with wood, start the construction with the choice of the place and preparing the site. Having defined the purpose and size of greenhouse, you can move on to drawing schematics and purchase the appropriate amount of necessary materials.

Despite the complexity of the design, geodesic greenhouse you can build with your own hands with the help of precise calculations and special fasteners for pipes

Often the design of the plastic tubes make temporary, because they can be easily dismantle and re-assemble several times. Whether a stationary or portable greenhouse, depends on the type of Foundation that you lay. In the first case, it is better to use tape or columnar. For a temporary structure can not do the groundwork, but just to dig the metal pins and to strengthen the area boards.

With the help of pins, the basis is done as follows:

  • In the ground dig a sturdy metal pins. Above ground they should be approximately 30 cm.
  • The pin is worn on one side of the pipe.
  • The tube is bent so that the second edge can also be wear on the pin which is dug parallel to the first.

To cover the greenhouse with polycarbonate, will need to use special profiles for fixing

How to economically build a greenhouse with their hands out plastic pipes

To make a simple greenhouse with their hands each, without any financial investment and effort. This will require you to purchase all the necessary materials, according to the selected drawing and follow a fairly simple algorithm:

  • After the arc of the base set, need to fasten them together. For this you need to use the pipe, the length of which will correspond to the length of the greenhouse.
  • Long pipe (or two short fastened together) is in the center standing on the basis of Doug, and as tight as you can is fixed with clamps or ropes. This Assembly frame can be considered certified.
  • As a coating it is best to use polycarbonate or plastic wrap. In the first case, the thickness of the polycarbonate should be at least 4 mm, and the sheet size may be any, as this material is easy to cut and adjust the size of the greenhouse. In the second case, the film is cut into strips and attached to the roll with double sided tape, stationery binding or special fasteners for pipes.
  • Mount polycarbonate or film is sure to overlap. For connection of sheets, you can use screws with large heads or thermowashers. The main thing – to pay due attention to sealing joints. You can use the special tape.

Small greenhouses for greenery you can build with your own hands from scrap materials and old PVC pipes

The greenhouse covering material: which is better, polycarbonate or film

Technical and operational characteristics of polycarbonate allowed him to take a leading position among materials used for the creation of greenhouses and polytunnels. It is fairly easy to cut and fasten, and thus it is resistant to external factors. In addition, it has an excellent light transmission capacity, providing the plants the necessary amount of sunlight.

It is worth considering that this durable and reliable material is significantly more expensive than the usual and available plastic film, which to this day is widely used for covering greenhouses.

To deal with how to cover the greenhouse film, everyone can. The main thing – as much as possible to secure it to the frame and fix the bottom, sprinkle the edges of the land and placing heavy boards or bricks. When deciding how to choose a film for greenhouse in the first place should be guided by her strength. But in any case, most likely, more than one season it will last. Price film for greenhouse is accessible, so you can replace it easily and attachments.

Plastic film is the cheapest and popular material for covering greenhouses

As for features fastening polycarbonate, it is worth noting the presence of several different ways. So, besides the usual screws, you can use aluminum staples or special plastic earrings.

Another option is to use for this purpose profiles. In this case, you probably need to drill the holes that will attach the cover to the metal frame.

A useful tip! Practical the process of fixing polycarbonate is a mandatory measure, as it allows the material to maintain integrity and prevents condensation.

Greenhouse DIY of window frames: how to build a place for growing seedlings

For garden, you can often find small greenhouses, collected from old window frames. Of course, for growing high and large cultures, this design is hardly suitable, but as a hand made greenhouse for seedlings more than useful.

With the help of old glazed window frames, it is possible to build a reliable greenhouse for growing seedlings and other plants

The main advantage of this option is financial savings. All you need is an old window frame. If they have glass, it is possible to leave them, and use instead of the standard coating. If the frame is empty, then after installation they can be covered with plastic wrap or insert the cut sheets of polycarbonate.

Even for such a small light greenhouse in advance to prepare the Foundation. With this purpose, is mounted a wooden frame made of boards or timber. Best for this purpose, suitable timber 50×50 mm or Board, whose thickness is 40 mm.

The frame will consist of pillars, and upper and lower studs, which are made from the same boards. Racks should be installed at such a distance from each other below the window frame could come between them.

For the roof would be the best timber, as it is more strength and minimizes the risk of damage to the greenhouse under the weight of snow in winter. Also, higher durability are typical gable design, which also should be considered.

A beautiful greenhouse with a roof made of old window frames, covered with plastic wrap

As for fixing the frames to the supports themselves, then it can be done with the help of nails and screws. To fix it you need from all four sides, with external and internal parties. All remaining gaps should be filled with foam.

As greenhouse sidewall, roof best to cover with polycarbonate or cover with film. This will provide the plants the maximum amount of light.

A useful tip! To start the installation of the coating is best from the roof, gradually moving down. Otherwise, you risk damaging the already covered areas, hurting them in the process.

Greenhouse wrap of galvanized steel profile with your own hands

The profile is another material that has recently been actively used for the construction of greenhouses and polytunnels. The main advantage of this method is the ability to make design absolutely any shape and size, not limited to any standard size.

Thanks to the versatility of galvanized steel profile, the greenhouse can be any shape

A useful tip! To build beautiful and reliable greenhouse with their hands out profile, video, calculations and step-by-step photo instructions offered in the Internet can provide you with good service. Do not neglect the advice of experts and recommendations of users who are already familiar with these buildings before.

To work you need the following tools: measuring tape, Builder’s level and plumb, scissors designed to work with a metal screwdriver.

Installation frame begins with the fixing of the guide profile which is fastened to the Foundation with screws. One upper beam needs to interconnect all of the sections that should be on such distance, that the design was quite hard. As a rule, is the third step and the fourth part of the length of polycarbonate sheet.

The mount, which is used to build the greenhouse of steel profiles

The same principle can be made and galvanized greenhouse under the film. Just need to think in advance as to fix the film on the greenhouse. And the rest of the technology is the same as that used for wooden structures and greenhouses out of plastic pipes.

Very often, galvanized steel profile used for greenhouse for tomatoes. Their hands to build it pretty simple, and the design has the strength. Moreover, every cottager, interested in the question how to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, be sure to face the fact that the temperature in the greenhouse for tomatoes should not fall too low. So maybe you should think about the heating system at the stage of design and construction.

How to take care of the design, and how to prepare the greenhouse for planting

Regardless of whether you are a greenhouse under the film or a more fundamental design using polycarbonate, before you start planting, you need to conduct a series of procedures. First of all, it concerns the preparation of the soil and the raised beds in the greenhouse with his own hands. Photos and diagrams of how to arrange everything inside, clearly demonstrate that calculated everything in advance to provide convenience and ease of working with plants.

In order for the greenhouse were comfortable, you should care about the presence of doors, shelves and air vents for ventilation

Wondering how to handle the greenhouse in the spring before planting it is necessary to examine all possible methods to protect plants and construction. First and foremost, it must be of high quality antiseptic which will destroy all harmful micro-organisms living in the soil.

Considering the question, what is better, a greenhouse or a greenhouse, it is also worth considering that the first option is quite often installed on open ground, and from year to year, the design can be moved to a new location. A greenhouse is a stationary design, and move it without effort will not succeed.

Another important point ‒ how to make the beds in the greenhouse. Here you need to start from, what kind of culture it is planned to grow. For example, if you start building a greenhouse under the peppers with your hands, the width of the beds should be at least 80 cm the track needs to be designed to allow easy access to each plant.

Complex structures of glass and profile may be raised independently, but require specific knowledge to build a Foundation and support structures

The most convenient greenhouse with your own hands: a video manual for making

After reviewing the video, the greenhouse with their hands no longer seem like an impossible task. Following the simple guidelines, you can easily make your own hands greenhouse covering material, which will meet all needs, and is perfect for the efficient production of vegetable crops.


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