How to build a house

The construction of the house is difficult, requiring large material, physical and moral costs. And that the house met the requirements of their masters, that is, was beautiful, comfortable and functional, it is necessary to consider all the details still in the planning stage. Because the slightest error made initially, may become irreparable later, and spoil the idea. Some ask for help to designers. This is mistake number one. You can, of course, engage the professionals but because YOU live in this house, and that YOU need to know what and how to post. For example, the famous billionaire bill gates has again rebuilt his house (1200 m2), when he had the first child. As it turned out, it was not appropriate for a children’s room and the residence need to remodel. The house is built a very long time, hence it needs to satisfy the individual needs of people living in it. Building a home involves several stages: design, construction and building materials, the layout of the rooms, furnishing. All these stages should be carefully considered at the very beginning, that is, before to proceed to the first stage. If previously we got an apartment already rasplanirovke the arrangement, and tried to create comfortable housing in this framework, building your own home gives you a great opportunity to fulfill your dream of a perfect home.

So, getting to the first stage, we invite the professional designer, architect, engineer, designer, estimator and Builder. Better not to risk trying on one of these professions, because the game is not worth the candle, and independence in matters in which you have no qualifications can cost you very expensive. At the stage of pouring the Foundation there is a real possibility of problems, for example, donkey soil, Foundation cracked, etc to Prevent this from occurring or to cope with them can only be a specialist, an Amateur will only make it worse. Therefore, it is best to assume the functions of controller and observer.

Very often our dream of a perfect home come from magazines in the picture are all so beautiful! However, here autonomy will only hurt: the cost of the house can be unpleasant to impress you at the very beginning.

1. The house should be planned taking into account the number of household members, their employment, square footage, house dimensions and growth prospects.
2. It is not necessary to begin construction without resolving of legal issues regarding private construction, the project plan estimates.
3. In pursuit of cheapness, do not hesitate to questionable construction crews (people from previously friendly countries).

In developing the project, you must clearly know where you will put furniture, electrical wiring, heating, what it is supposed to finish. During the construction phase the sudden change will cost a tidy sum.

Do not try to save, laying the powers of the designer to the contractor. Let everyone does their job: the architect designs the project, and the contractor manages the construction. Don’t lose the documents, estimates, invoices and contact information of people working for you people.

Any house requires residential and non-residential areas that planning on the basis of the number of people in the family and their needs. In the living area includes living room, bedroom, office, nursery. In non-residential (commercial) area – kitchen, hallway, bathroom, toilet, hallway. For the boiler, baths, Laundry, garage, sauna the best fit ground floor.

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