How to choose a composting toilet for cottage. The main characteristics and the device

Equipment sanitation in the suburban area is often quite serious and very expensive problem. Therefore, each owner has repeatedly asked the question of how to choose a composting toilet for cottage. Such Autonomous sewer system is a good option, especially in the absence of water. Buying it, no need to dig deep wells, to carry out complex construction works, because this size device hardly much more than the usual toilet seat.

Compact toilets for a suburban area

The contents

1 Types of portable toilets and their device
1.1 Peat biotoilet
1.2 Chemical toilets
1.3 New: the composting toilet electric
1.4 Disposable basiccally toilets
2 Advantages and drawbacks of composting toilets
3 How to choose a composting toilet for garden? What to look for when buying?
3.1 Biotoilet for cottages (video)


Kinds of toilets and their device

The modern market of sewer systems is ready to offer the consumer several types of portable toilets. These devices will provide comfort in any place where there is no possibility to build inpatient facilities. Any such plumbing consists of two parts: tank and drain tank for collecting waste. The whole system is similar to a normal toilet, but for wastewater treatment uses a special chemical or organic additives.

These fillers help to speed up the processing and cleaning of waste and provide high-quality deodorization. There are several different types of devices varying in price and methods of purification of wastewater, so the question is: how to choose a toilet for the cottages, often is very serious.

External elements of the device of the toilet, responsible for the ergonomics of its use


Peat biotoilet

The basis of this design incorporated a division of the incoming wastewater into liquid and solid components. For processing in this case is applied peat to add as you use. Peat has a fairly large absorption capacity, so for 10 litres of effluent would only need a kilogram of such mixture. When using the device required the presence of ventilation, which will prevent odor and excess moisture.

Thanks to the integrated ventilation peat toilet is perfectly removes odor and excess moisture

A useful tip! If peat toilet in the country use two or more people, you need to install special hose that will divert the liquid, the past cleaning.

In such WC nodes is not provided for flushing tank. In the top of the container is placed the peat, it gradually slipped through the handles. Under the influence of microorganisms is almost complete recycling of effluent into compost that you can later use as fertilizer.

In the peat bio-toilet is missing a special tank for flushing

Most sales are biounits, containing more than 100 kg of waste. However, it is recommended to clean before I filled the whole tank. It is easier and much easier. The lower tray is located handles that allow easy transport of the receptacle to the place of emission. In some models, the lower part is additionally equipped with wheels. So wondering how to choose a composting toilet for garden should pay attention to these handy little things.

The compact peat of the toilet allows it to be installed in a large and in small spaces


Chemical toilets

By analogy with peat it also consists of two parts. The top half is the water tank, seat, toilet bowl, washing the pump. The lower part is the drive is equipped with a special valve for easy cleaning and emptying. Its volume is in various models from 12 to 24 l. For purification and recycling in this case you use chemicals. These additives contribute to deodorization, elimination of odors, breakdown solids.

Device chemical toilets for a suburban area

Before operating in the upper tank is filled with water, which is added to the liquid contributing to deodorization. In the lower reservoir is added sanitary. To use such a toilet is quite convenient, however, it is impossible to dump the accumulated waste in the soil. Because of the strong chemicals can harm the environment.

A special fluid used in chemical toilets, helps deodorization and eliminates unpleasant odors

A useful tip! In the operation of liquid toilet use a special water-soluble paper.

As used sanitary fluid containing formaldehyde. This substance is quite toxic. Therefore, the developers recently began to use biological agents, which includes live bacteria. These supplements are environmentally friendly, therefore, accumulated in such toilet facilities, waste can also be used as a pile of manure warming substance.

Before using the toilets in a special tank you need to pour chemical additives

How to choose a composting toilet for garden? Liquid option fits perfectly. When you buy such devices you must pay attention to the model built-in pump, they are:

  • piston;
  • pump.

Biotoilet for cottages provides the use of a piston, bellows or electric pump

A piston system is more simple. To obtain the necessary pressure of the flush water need to make the effort. Portion of the liquid in this case is easily dispensed, and in case of breakage, these pumps are easy to fix yourself. The possibility of dosing is not in the toilets with the pump pump, but the clicking of the drain does not require a large application of force.

A useful tip! All materials used in the toilets of the liquid and of the mixture should be strictly specialized. For example, a common peat does not contain a sufficient number of bacteria, so it is simply useless.


New: toilets electric

Now on sale there are innovation that run on electricity, design to give. How to choose a composting toilet with a similar control? You need to know how it works and features of the device.

An example of innovative eco-friendly toilet, which runs on electricity

Electrical devices can only be stationary because it has to connect to the network. That’s why this seat is difficult to establish in the outhouse. But to use such a sanitary unit – a real pleasure. It works on the principle of separation from each other of the solid and liquid components. Solid ingredients are collected and dried in a separate part of the storage tank. The fluid enters the other and is drained either manually or with the use of conventional hose. The supplied vent pipe is capable of outputting all unnecessary odors and gases.

The simple design of the toilet

This option is perfect for a suburban area, where there is a possibility to connect electronicwallet to the network. A little sad cost of such devices, because it is quite high, so not every family can afford this luxury.

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Disposable basiccally toilets

The most portable and the cheapest options are considered to be mobile toilets are manufactured in Sweden. This pretty little design made up of metal, stainless frame and film, located under the seat. After each use of the composting toilet special rollers spin package, leaving no possibility of odors to seep into the room. One roll of the special film can last up to 200 uses.

Disposable bio-toilet is one of the most economical options to give

In such structures do not use water, cleaning liquid or other additives. It does not depend on the electrical network and can be used in almost any weather conditions. Dispose of waste storage is very simple.


The advantages and drawbacks of composting toilets

Modern toilets – pretty handy, practical device. Among the advantages are:

  • compact;
  • easy maintenance;
  • mobility;
  • no smells;
  • reasonable price;
  • hygiene;
  • pretty great life.

The main advantage of composting toilets is their simplicity and compactness

But there are, of course, and cons. When used in families with a large number of people necessary to carry out frequent emptying of the storage. Such devices cannot be used at subzero temperatures. Most of the electrical models can be used only in a sitting position.


How to choose a composting toilet for garden? What to look for when buying?

The main element of any bathroom is the biological storage tank. From its size depends on the duration of operation before cleaning. The higher the number, the better. In some models there is a special indicator that will show what waste you want to remove.

Variety of portable toilets enables you to pick the perfect option that will blend in any country interior

You should pay attention to the size of the device. Its parameters should be close to normal room toilets. Also a convenient double-sided feature is the flush, which provides a large clean bathroom. You can still see the user may have restrictions on the maximum load. This indicator is important for people with a lot of weight.

Biotoilet for cottages (video)


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