How to choose a conditioner for apartments: efficient cooling and ventilation

Air conditioning is a great way to get rid of the summer heat and create a comfortable atmosphere at any time of the year. In the modern market of household appliances, there are a huge number of models of air conditioners from different manufacturers and choose the best option can be quite difficult. In order to know how to choose a conditioner for apartments, you need to thoroughly understand the types and characteristics of these devices.

Air conditioning can create a healthy microclimate

The contents

  • 1 types of air conditioners
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioners
  • 3 How to choose a conditioner for apartments: overview
    • 3.1 noise at work
    • 3.2 power Calculation device
    • 3.3 What kind of conditioner it is better to choose for the apartment, rating of additional functions
  • 4 What is inverter technology
    • 4.1 advantages of the inverter system
  • 5 considerations when choosing room air conditioner
  • 6 Rules of operation of the air conditioner
    • 6.1 Features used in the winter
    • 6.2 care Tips

Varieties of air conditioners

On the specifics of the design and installation there are several types of air conditioners.

Window – as the name implies, this type of unit is fastened inside the window. This is one of the cheapest options, however, it has many drawbacks:

  • the design is quite bulky and occupies a large part of the window;
  • if it is bad to seal the opening that houses the Assembly, and through it to the apartment may cold air to penetrate;
  • this system works very noisy.

Window air conditioner installed in the apartment

In view of all these disadvantages, it is recommended to think about whether to save a small amount for such a device.

Floor – simple to install, but not the most efficient system. The question is, how much it costs to install in the apartment the air conditioner of this type is very rare, as it can be done without any problems even on their own, and it does not require special skills or tools. Unfortunately, this type has disadvantages:

  • the draughts that inevitably occur when mismatched power;
  • fairly bulky size and need for large amounts of free space.

Outdoor air has a fairly large dimensions and weight

Channel is installed directly in the ventilation ducts. This type of device is not very popular due to the fact that it is difficult to install and maintain, and it is quite expensive. The advantage of the ducted air conditioner is its invisibility.

Cassette – mounted under the suspended ceiling. The answer to the question, how much the installation in the apartment air conditioner of this type largely depends on the parameters of the ceiling, not the device. It is worth noting that their installation is not much easier than channel models.

Mobile – so all the elements are assembled in a single housing which can be moved from room to room. Unlike the window system, this design can not only cool but also heat the air, and controlled by remote control. Of the minuses – the high level of noise and the need to make a hole in the wall to launch into the outside of the vent.

Portable mobile air conditioner with touch control panel

A split system design with internal and external units. Characterized by low noise level, additional control using the remote, display, ability to fine tune and programming temperature and other advantages. A split system is one of the most convenient options of air conditioners for apartments.

Multisystem is the same as the split system, but with multiple indoor units. If you need to adjust the temperature for each room separately, the multi system is the perfect solution.

A useful tip! Split-system, Multisystem, with all its advantages, quite difficult to install, so you should familiarize yourself with the materials and guidelines for their installation.

Ducted air conditioning is practically invisible in the interior

The advantages and disadvantages of air conditioners

The debate about whether you need an apartment, portable air conditioners or other types of systems, or their placement has a negative influence on health, are long overdue. In fact, any system with air filter – is the salvation for Allergy sufferers and asthmatics as the filter traps pollen, dust, animal dander and other allergenic particles. The main thing is time to change filters.

Advice from doctors on the subject of air conditioning sometimes diverge. The majority complains that in the pursuit of coolness, many people incorrectly adjust the temperature and intensity of air flow, which often take cold even in the hot summer.

A useful tip! Cleaning air conditioner filters is also a very important point. This must be done professionally every 1-3 months. Otherwise, the filter accumulate pathogenic microbes.

The internal structure of the air conditioner

Not everyone knows, but in case of untimely cleaning of the filter there is a risk of not only the common cold, but pneumonia and other serious diseases.

Another disadvantage of the use of the air conditioner is reducing the humidity to 30-40% at the sanitary rate of 30-60%. Because of this, who are the people in the room can dry out the oral mucosa and respiratory tract. This leads to increased risk of respiratory diseases. This is why, together with air conditioning it is recommended to use a humidifier.

In order to avoid due to the use of the air conditioner, it is recommended not to be directly under the stream of cold air. Otherwise, it is possible to obtain not only an extensive set of colds, but inflammation of the muscles.

To avoid colds should not under the flow of cold air

How to choose a conditioner for apartments: overview

If you’re not sure what conditioner to opt for an apartment, you should pay attention to the power capabilities fine-tune the temperature and other important parameters.

The noise level in the work

The noise level of the system is one of the most important parameters when selecting devices for use in the apartment. To completely remove the noise impossible, as inside the unit is constantly running and the compressor fan is an active air exchange. The amount of noise generated depends on the characteristics of a particular model, its capacity, installation site and other factors. What kind of conditioning is best for apartments, so it rustled as little as possible?

The principle of operation of the air conditioner

For this you need to consider several points:

  • In the instructions to the device, typically indicates the noise level separately for external and internal unit. Naturally, the noise level is more important than the last, as it is in the apartment. It depends on the power of the system, but the regulations shall specify the data only for the minimum and maximum. The average noise level of a modern system – 24-35 dB. It often goes unnoticed in the daytime.
  • Split-system default noise less than any other due to the separation of the two blocks. Monoblock construction is made when you work a lot more noise.
  • Night external noise smaller, so the sounds from the air conditioning unit more visible. Therefore, if you select a model in the bedroom, then you’ll appreciate the so-called night mode. This is a special function of some conditioning, which helps to reduce noise by 17-20 dB. Of course, this is done by reducing the power output of the device to a minimum.

For installation in the bedroom is better to choose a device with the function “night mode”

The power calculation device

To choose a conditioner for apartments, you first need to calculate its capacity. You need to know the size of the apartment and the room, which will be mounted on the device, the height of the ceilings, the number of people that will be in the room, and many other parameters. Is also working in the equipment room and progrevaemost the sun.

For example, for efficient cooling of 8-10 m2 spaces required 1 kW of power unit, provided that the ceiling height does not exceed 3 m. If the room is constantly running appliances, for cooling 10 m2 needed for 1.5 kW of power. On many modern sites, there are special calculators, which can calculate the required capacity, taking into account the individual characteristics of the premises.

What can happen if the capacity of the unit will be less necessary? Most likely, in this case, the air conditioner will work effectively, but hard work that will lead to premature failure. Therefore, when buying the device is obviously low power you don’t save money, but just the opposite.

The power conditioner is selected at the rate of 1 kW per 10 sq. m

Excess capacity, too, will not lead to anything good. If you are interested in how to choose the right air conditioners in the apartment, you should know that too much equipment is a large and unnecessary energy consumption, that is, the extra financial costs.

A useful tip! If the calculation of the power you get a very large value, e.g., 2 kW, do not be afraid. The required cooling capacity and consumed by the device power are two different concepts.

As a rule, the cooling capacity of power consumption in 2-3 times. This means that if you need a device with a cooling capacity of 2 kW, the energy consumption will be equal to 700 W, which is less than the average electric iron.

A remote control simplifies operation with air conditioning

What kind of conditioner it is better to choose for the apartment, rating of additional functions

The efficiency can influence numerous functions, which are equipped with modern devices:

  • space heating in the cold season;
  • the presence of eliminating odors antiallergenic filter;
  • the presence of the filter from the dust;
  • inversion, that is, the regulation of the compressor capacity. This feature not only saves power by 30%, but also makes the system less noisy;
  • the function of air ionization;
  • ventilation, that is, uniform distribution of air through the rooms.

Additional options split systems: 1 — air ionization, 2 — auto cleaning, 3 — antibacterial filter, 4 — antiviral filtration, 5 — eliminating odors, 6 — allergenic filtration

Remember that the more devices additional features, the more expensive it is. Therefore, you need to understand that having one or another mode. For example, the “comfortable sleep” implies the reduction of noise level by lowering the power output to a minimum, and the forced mode is a rapid heating of the premises due to operation at maximum power. Also some models have the mode wind, which means the simulation of natural breezes due to the random change of direction of air flow.

If you are going to use the air conditioner to “economy” mode, note that in this case, to create the desired indoor climate to spend more time. The device in dry mode will purposefully withdraw moisture from the air, making it more dry. And in self-diagnosis air conditioner is capable of testing itself to determine the nature of the problem when it occurs, and display information about them in the form of a code on the display.

Modern technologies allow to operate the air conditioning from a mobile device

More than the cost of the device is affected by a function of the climate control. If it is, then the device itself determines the optimal mode according to results of sensors that continuously scan the temperature, composition and purity of the air in the room.

Another useful feature is the self – cleaning of the indoor unit. If available after each disable device dries itself from the inside with the use of antiseptic agents. This prevents condensation of moisture and the appearance of fungus in the air conditioner and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

A useful tip! Choosing a set of additional functions, don’t forget that the most important parameters are the power and energy consumption of the device.

The function “climate control” allows the device to operate in automatic mode

Many outdoor air conditioners for apartments and other types of systems are equipped with special filters which can not only purify the air from dust, but also eliminate unpleasant odors and to perform other useful functions. The following types of filters:

  • charcoal absorbs from the air contaminants, eliminate odors;
  • plasma – good for people who suffer from allergies, purify the air of dust, smoke and allergen particles and remove unpleasant odors;
  • the nanofilters, not only purify the air of pollen, odors, or animal hair, but also perform the function of ionization;
  • electrostatic – effectively cope with dust and smoke;
  • UV – sterilize the air, but they cannot be in the room;
  • silver ion also stop the spread of bacteria and germs.

The types and variety of filters for air conditioners

What is inverter technology

Recently, a large common inverter models. The cost of installation in the apartment of air conditioners of this type are higher than ordinary. So how do they differ, besides the price?

Each unit adjusts its operation depending on user preferences and environmental conditions. The energy consumption should also be different for different modes. In fact, the usual unit always operates with the maximum power. Various modes of operation are supported only due to the fact that using the temperature sensor, the compressor turns on and off at different intervals.

To cool the air in the room up to a certain point (e.g. 20°C) takes into account the initial temperature of the room, it will depend on the duration of operation of the unit. Ie to reduce the temperature at 28 degrees will take longer than at 24°C. But in both cases, the air conditioner will operate at full capacity, consumes large amounts of electricity.

In inverter models, in contrast to the conventional compressor is running nonstop

The inverter system is good because it can regulate compressor speed in dependence of the temperature sensor. Inverter compressor in the air conditioner never stops working, but does so with greater or lesser power.

The advantages of the inverter system

Inverter air conditioner or split-system boasts the following advantages:

  • Maintaining a constant temperature during the steady operation of the system.
  • Much less noise in comparison with the conventional system in the temperature maintenance mode.
  • Lower power consumption by 20-30%, as the device operates continuously with different capacity and does not waste energy on the frequent switching on and off.
  • At work are no currents run, so you get rid of the risk to burn the old wiring.
  • Set point temperature is achieved much faster than with conventional units, thanks to the forced cooling mode.

The scheme of the direction of movement of cooled air inside the room

A useful tip! Answering the question, what air conditioner is best for apartments, conventional or inverter, it is understood that the high cost of the latter, it allows you to save money by economical use of electricity.

Consideration of the premises, with the choice of conditioner

Of course, when choosing a model of great importance are the individual characteristics of the room where it will be installed. So, if you need portable air conditioning for apartment, reviews online say that it is well suited for almost any room. The same applies to window type, you need to select only the power.

With split systems is more complicated. For example, you need to choose the place of mounting blocks. The outdoor unit can be installed on a vertical surface, i.e. the wall or on a horizontal, that is, on the roof or on the Foundation. The indoor unit can be placed on the wall, floor, ceiling, or even inside it, if your apartment suspended ceilings.

Modern design wall conditioning will be the decoration of the room

By the way, the presence of a suspended ceiling is one of the decisive factors when choosing a system. If they are, then you can use a cassette or ducted system. This type of equipment indoor unit can be fully integrated into the ceiling, so you get several advantages:

  • The block is not noticeable in the interior, that is, you don’t need to think about whether the design of air conditioning for your Wallpaper.
  • The device evenly distributes air flow throughout the room.

When embedding the unit in the ceiling location is best determined by an experienced specialist. It will tell you how to properly install the air conditioner in the apartment taking into account the length of the interconnect tracks, features, power and height difference between blocks, access to the internal parts, and other factors.

Communications and housing cassette air conditioner hiding in a suspended ceiling

Proper operation

Like any other appliance, air conditioning has a number of limitations and peculiarities of use. Their observance will allow you to extend the life of your device and to save money on repair and replacement. Of course, every model needs an individual approach, as outlined in the instruction manual, but there are a number of General points:

  • you cannot turn on the unit at temperatures lower than specified in the instructions. Most of the models are just not designed for use in the cold season, and if this rule is broken there is a risk of water hammer – serious damage, after which the device is beyond repair;
  • it is necessary to prevent the penetration of warm air into the room in which the system works. The fact that the capacity of each unit is designed for a certain volume of air, and if this amount is continuously adds new warm air, the unit will run continuously. And this not only leads to consumption of extra Finance, but also to premature wear and increased likelihood of breakage;

Filter and inside the grille of the air conditioner should be cleaned regularly

  • don’t let the spread of the air flow setting on their way to the curtains, cabinets, and other enclosures. If the device will work in a confined space, then its efficiency will be lower than expected;
  • do not place the unit near sources of heat, that is, with working appliances of the type TV, refrigerator, etc. Thermostat technology, which is next to the heated object can perceive its temperature as the room and adjust your work depending on this. Also do not need to place the appliance where it will be heated from direct sunlight, and if this is not possible, a day cover it with curtains;
  • if the room cleaned, or just observed an increased content of dust in the air, the device is off, the filter can not withstand the increased load;

Maintenance of the outdoor unit of a split system must hold qualified

  • despite the fact that using the air conditioner lowers moisture content in the air, its excess can also be harmful to the unit. Because of the increased humidity inside the system can form mold and pathogens.

A useful tip! The best air conditioner for apartment is one that requires minimal maintenance and is easy to operate.

Features of use in the winter

As mentioned above, there are a number of models that can be used even in cold season. The operating temperature of these models can reach -25°C, in addition, they have a heating mode. But do not think that this conditioning can replace the heater, it has a number of nuances to consider.

The scheme of operation of the air conditioner in the heating mode

You need to understand that even in the “winter” model, there is no heating elements, air heating is performed through the use of technology “heat pump”. It allows the device to take heat from the environment and add it to the room, that is, to operate in the reverse mode. If the room is already cold, such technology will be ineffective.

It is best to use the unit with function of heating when the Central heating is already turned on, but there is a need for additional heat source. It can’t replace even the low-power heater, but could be effective at ambient temperatures from 0 to -5°C. when the air conditioner at a lower temperature, you risk quickly incapacitate him.

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By the way, even the conventional system is not designed for operation at low temperatures, can be modified to the “winter”. For this there are the so-called winter kits that include the compressor, the controller of outdoor unit fan and heating drainage. Thus the efficiency of the device does not increase, but rather decreases with decreasing temperature.

Diagram of air conditioner operation in the cooling mode

Care tips

In order for your air conditioner lasts as long as possible and smoothly, you must perform a number of simple guidelines:

  • Air conditioner filters Cooper hunter or any other should be removed and washed not less than once in two weeks.
  • Once a year should be a professional cleaning of the inner unit. Also with the help of a specialist, you need to clean the unit, since it often gets the dust from the street, garbage, poplar fluff or soot from car exhausts.

If all of these recommendations, the selected device will serve you for years without needing repair, and the air in the apartment will always stay clean and fresh.


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