How to choose an Autonomous Sewerage system in a private house

How to choose an Autonomous Sewerage system in a private house? The question every year is becoming more pressing and urgent. Indeed, in recent years significantly increased not only the volume of private cottage construction and sewage systems. If the internal design of sewer networks are all relatively clear, external structures need to understand deeper.

Cover external Sewerage system of private house

The contents

  • 1 unit Types of private sewage systems
    • 1.1 Cumulative sewage
    • 1.2 wastewater treatment by biological methods
    • 1.3 plumbing devices with artificial cleaning
  • 2 How to choose an Autonomous Sewerage system in a private house
  • 3 Installation of Autonomous Sewerage (video)

Unit types of private sewage systems

Any sewer system is divided into internal and external. Internal framing a system of piping inside the building and external starts on the outside of the pipe that runs to the sewer installation. When the device internal Sewerage particularly to choose anything it is not necessary. Here the main thing is the correct installation of pipes with the right angle. For this you need to map the entire sewage and to provide for pipes, valves and siphons, to avoid unpleasant odors.

Schematic representation of external and internal Sewerage of a private house

Another thing is the outside sewer system. There are several types of it. In order to know how to choose an Autonomous Sewerage system in a private house, you need to consider all types of outdoor Sewerage systems. In addition, it is necessary to know the geological structure of the upper layers of soil, level of groundwater table rise, the number of people residing in the house.

A useful tip! Before buying sewer installation necessary to accurately calculate the load on it. This will prevent unnecessary spending due to the acquisition of excessive power or damage by reason of its lack.

Elements of internal drainage system

Cumulative sewage

For occasional use the sewers, as happens for example in the cottages, enough to dig from the usual cumulative capacity or just equip a cesspool. As it is accumulated, waste must be disposed at a special landfill. This involves calling vacuum equipment. A funded system are the cheapest, but their service can cost significant funds.

Cumulative sewage system involves a periodic call vacuum trucks

Direct accommodation in a country house, this system is not very efficient, as the removal of the sewage have to carry out more often, resulting in significant financial costs. To understand their scope need to know that if you make use plumbing appliances one person is able to produce up to 200 liters of waste per day.

A family of 5 persons per day will produce 1 m3 of wastewater. Even if the capacity is the volume of 10 m3, then filled it in just 10 days. Call septic system on the basis of car KAMAZ with the corresponding tank will cost from 15 to 30.that is quite a serious amount.

The connection of the internal Sewerage of a private house to an external

Make the storage capacity of different materials. This can be a concrete tank, made by monolithic casting of a solution or a septic tank of concrete rings used to reinforce the walls of the wells.

A useful tip! Concrete tanks require more labor. It is such a drain for a country house, what to choose it can only be not afraid of hard work. Easier to order a steel tank that primed the waterproofing membrane material, or buy ready-made plastic container in the store.

An example of a device of battery drain using a plastic septic tank

Wastewater treatment by biological methods

The principle of the device of the sewer of man borrowed from nature. After all, it includes the implementation of the process of decomposition of organic waste by microorganisms. In this form the substances such as water, carbon dioxide, simple nitrogen and a little methane. Used bacteria are either aerobic or anaerobic. First for the oxidation of organic matter requires oxygen, and the second it is not needed.

The station of biological wastewater treatment — inside view

Wastewater treatment biological methods is both natural and artificial ways. Natural purification aerobic bacteria occurs in the soil layers and anaerobic in the bottom waters. It is only in a small volume. In case of significant emissions that came with the washing machines and the soul of bacteria in natural conditions do not have time to handle the load, so that such drains cannot be carried out directly in the natural environment. Here comes to the aid of artificial structures: biopiracy and field.

Diagram of the device of the biological treatment plant

Field filtration is a platform, which result in waste water. There they are filtered, passing through a massive layer of soil. In this passage all the pollutants deposited in the upper layers, and the water is in the lower aquifers is already fully purified form. Bioprod represent the water conditions optimal for microorganisms. They recycling of organic matter is anaerobically.

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Plumbing devices with artificial cleaning

It is clear that to choose a drain for a country house with this type of cleaning may be the only one who has a fairly extensive area of land. For the remaining cases are more compact plants: septic tanks and steam cleaning. For better wastewater treatment, they set the biofilters.

Example of placement of the septic tank to drain the well

Stained-glass Windows purify the effluent by activities of aerobic bacteria. Oxygen is delivered to them by coercion. Therefore, for such installations require electricity. In addition, the wastewater treatment plant are more complicated than other devices. In contrast, the septic tank does not require forced aeration, as the bacteria, the workers in it, process impurity, content with the natural flow of air.

These units are self-contained and do not require electricity. Purification of sewage in them is carried out by settling and separation into fractions.

A useful tip! If the septic tank is to provide a biofilter, its efficiency will increase significantly. Bacteria can clean the water up to 95% purity.

Clean the biofilter the water can be used for technical purposes

How to choose an Autonomous Sewerage system in a private house

If you clearly understand what storage capacity you do not like, and natural cleaning on filtration fields is not possible, then a choice will have to do between stations of biological treatment and septic tanks. The aeration tanks have smaller dimensions and greater performance.

Thus, their device is much more difficult, and normal functioning is possible only with proper installation and mounting. In addition, bacteria need a constant influx of new sewage and uninterrupted supply of oxygen. In case of violation walking to one condition station is not able to enter the normal operation mode.

The movement and treatment of waste water inside the septic tank with filter function

If you don’t know how to choose an Autonomous Sewerage system in a private house, but you are ready:

  • to provide the station with a steady stream of sewage of more than 10 m3/day;
  • to attract good professionals for the installation and commissioning works;
  • to provide convenience and uninterrupted power supply system;
  • to pay for high-quality and regular service work;

then you can install a biological treatment plant effluents. If these conditions are met you are able, it is better to stay on septic tanks, cleaning which is performed by settling.

Installation on the private land of the station of biological wastewater treatment

Knowing the ropes, how to choose an Autonomous Sewerage system in a private house, you will be able to provide the most efficient and cheapest system of filter drains.

Installation of Autonomous Sewerage (video)


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