How to choose the right portable toilets for the garden: price, reviews, specifications models

If we talk about building a house in the country, one of the main problems faced by the sanitary arrangements. The lack of a centralized Sewerage system makes us think about alternative solutions to this issue. Autonomous Sewerage is the perfect solution, but it requires certain resources and costs. In addition, its arrangement is impossible without the availability of water. A possible solution would be the use of composting toilets. Try to understand what it is and how to choose the right portable toilets for cottages: rates, reviews, and other materials will help you to appreciate all the benefits of this type of toilets and independently choose the appropriate option for you.

Modern toilets will fit to any interior design

The contents

  • 1 How to choose the right portable toilets for cottages: rates, reviews and classification
  • 2 Chemical (liquid), compost toilets for the garden. How to choose and what to pay attention
    • 2.1 Thetford Qube 345: chemical toilets for the house. Price, reviews
  • 3 Overview of peat composting toilets for cottages: rates, reviews
    • 3.1 Finnish “Ekomatik”: peat toilet for cottages. Reviews, price
  • 4 Electric toilets: best for home, prices and reviews
    • 4.1 Separett VILLA 9011: electric composting toilet for cottage. Price, reviews
  • 5 Comparison of different composting toilets, conclusions

How to choose portable toilets for cottages: rates, reviews and classification

A composting toilet is a sanitary product, which appeared on the market not so long ago. Its main task is the collection and storage of human waste, neutralizing odors and reducing waste.

Peat biotoilet does not require connection to Sewerage and water supply

Toilets can be divided into two types:

  • stationary – special Cabinet, inside which is mounted a conventional composting toilet;
  • portable – in fact, the same toilet. Established usually in the house or in a specially equipped room.

Design composting toilet similar to the usual toilet installation

The principle of functioning toilets are divided into three groups: chemical, peat and electric. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, which, respectively, affect the value (from 6,000 to 40,000 rubles). In order to understand how to choose the right portable toilets for cottages: rates, reviews, descriptions and characteristics of each type of construction is given in the article below.

Universal solution for waste disposal in the absence of a Central sewage

Chemical (liquid), compost toilets for the garden. How to choose and what to pay attention

Chemical dry toilet consists of two tanks arranged one above the other and connected to each other. The upper part consists of a water tank, a seat and a lid. The lower part serves for storage of waste and typically has a capacity of 12-14 l. In the lower part of the device is filled with a special reactive liquid that recycles content, neutralizing the odor. These tanks are separated by a valve.

Lower capacity electric composting toilet consists of two chambers to separate waste

Prior to operation of the toilet with such a design, in the upper part of the water is poured and deodorizing liquid, specially designed for this. In the lower division is filled with a chemical reagent. As you fill, the lower container must be clean and fill with new fluid.

For ease of use, many models include an indicator of filling. So, you’ll be able to know when it’s time to empty the toilets, and you don’t have from time to time to look inside to check.

A more comfortable option is a composting toilet located in the house

Chemical toilets are very easy to install and operate, they can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Before you buy a toilet for the garden, you should pay attention to several important points such as tank capacity, the flushing, the presence of the indicator of filling and pressure relief valve.

The finishes of the toilet wooden planks

Tank volume depends on the number of family members and the anticipated frequency of use of the toilet. It is worth considering that large capacity, filled with waste, will have considerable weight and, therefore, make it will become more difficult. In addition, all chemical reagents for these portable toilets are inactive for more than two weeks.

When choosing a toilet for the garden, choose a pump model that will provide runoff. Depending on the principle of work they are:

  • piston. The most simple variant. In order to get a certain amount of fluid you just need to put a little physical effort. In the use and repair of such a system primitive;

The toilets in the house can look very stylish

  • pump. Have a slightly more complex design, it does not require to operate any efforts. However, in this embodiment, there is no possibility to control the pressure and amount of fluid. In the event of a malfunction of such a system self-repair is not recommended. It is better to consult a specialist;
  • electric. The most modern and convenient option. The principle of operation is simple – pressing the button allows drain a certain amount of water. Food this system receives from batteries which need to be changed regularly. Otherwise, the electric pump is the best option to date. Renovation of toilets of this type must be carried out exclusively by a professional.

There are several types of toilets, allowing you to choose the appropriate option to give

The presence of the indicator of filling can not be called mandatory, however, it is a very handy addition. The presence of such a bonus will affect its price, but you do not have to regularly look at the bottom of the tank, to make sure that it has not yet been filled.

The presence of the pressure relief valve will produce a neat release of the tank contents without splashing of the liquid. Very well, if the design includes the possibility of locking the valve in the open position.

A useful tip! Buying reagents for chemical toilets, pay attention to whether it is possible to subsequently drain the liquid into the soil. Today produced a lot of special active substances, which do not harm the environment.

The presence of toilets will significantly improve your stay at the cottage

Thetford Qube 345: chemical toilets for the house. Price, reviews

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 345 is a small mobile version of the toilet which is ideal for use in the country. This model has a built-in indicator of fullness of the container. The toilet is equipped with a piston pump. Otherwise the design is quite conventional: the upper tank with clean water to drain and lower the container for collecting waste.

Ample toilets can be used for quite a long time

Main technical characteristics Thetford Qube 345:

  • manufacturer country – Netherlands;
  • weight — 3.8 kg;
  • seat height 32,4 cm;
  • the volume of the lower container 12 l;
  • the volume of the upper water tank — 15 liters;
  • features – the presence of the indicator filling the lower tank;
  • size — 330х383х427 mm;
  • color – white.

The price of this model of liquid toilet – 6155 roubles.

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“Good toilet. Bought a year and a half ago. I advise you to take the right bacteria for the bottom of the tank and deodorizing liquid for the top. Then no odor. But otherwise – no complaints”.

Yuriy Melnyk, Tolyatti

“Highly recommend! Bought and very pleased. Simple, convenient and easy to use and clean. It is very good that there is a sensor of population density! The only drawback is the fully loaded bottom tank heavy. But we have to pour half a dose of the liquid and to pour the contents when the container is filled halfway. So also very convenient.”

Anastasia Kulagina str.

The composting toilet is a great solution for green buildings

An overview of peat composting toilets for cottages: rates, reviews

Peat dry closet is the perfect solution for the development of sewage without the use of water. Moreover, such design allows not only to get rid of waste and producing fertilizer. Prior to operation the upper part is filled with peat or peat mixtures. At the bottom of the tank is also necessary to build a peat, covering the bottom by about 1 inch. The mixture passes from top tank to bottom by turning the handle of the dispenser. Thus to ensure that the distribution is uniform, it is necessary to rotate the spout in different directions.

You should choose a composting toilet with good resistance, or to use a fastening to the floor

With the help of aerobic mineralization of peat turns into compost within the capacity of the waste. When mixed with soil, this fertilizer has a very positive effect on the fertility of the soil.

A useful tip!Peat toilets are very economical due to the large adsorption capacity of the filler. One kilogram of dry peat is sufficient to absorb 10 litres. Therefore be emptied and cleaned a toilet once in a month.

Convenient toilets are made of white plastic

Before you buy peat toilet for the garden, you should be familiar with the peculiarities of his position:

  • peat can absorb only part of the fluid that enters the toilet. A certain percentage will evaporate, but the remainder must be drained using drainage. If we are talking about installing this design on the street, then no problems will arise but if you plan to equip peat dry closet in the house, you need to consider where you want to go outlet hose;
  • peat dry closet in the room requires ventilation to avoid odour.

A useful tip!If composting toilets plans to use a large number of people ( over 5 people), you should think about forced ventilation. Axial fan – great tool for dealing with unpleasant scents.

Having two sections allows for easy purification of the bio-toilet Porta Potti

Finnish “Ekomatik”: peat toilet for cottages. Reviews, price

A good example of inexpensive peat toilet model Ecomatic. Made of high quality plastic, resistant to temperature extremes and mechanical influences. The main difference of its design – the presence of a special air regulator, which has two positions – winter/summer. In the “summer” toilet operates in normal mode. But “winter” is intended for times when a toilet no one uses it.

Finnish peat toilet made of advanced composite materials

Main technical characteristics Ecomatic:

  • the cumulative volume of the container 110 l;
  • depth – 780 mm;
  • width – 600 mm;
  • the height of the structure– 500/900 mm;
  • colors – green, gray granite, beige;
  • weight – 10 kg.

The price of this model of composting toilet – 25500 rubles.

Popular model peat biotoilet “Ekomatik”

“I’m at the cottage composting toilets “Ekomatik” worked for almost two seasons. For the price it is a viable option, with delivery at a cost of 28 thousand rubles For the country I travel alone, so it’s time to clean it only to the end of the second season.”

Tatiana Great, Samara

“Acquired relatively recently, though for a long time wanted to buy to give Finnish peat toilet Ekomatik. Externally is a plastic toilet with a tank. The tank is filled with peat, which can be purchased separately. Overall very satisfied, yet never regretted the purchase. The toilet is outside and no unpleasant smell no.”

Ekaterina Sapogova, Omsk

An excellent option for the garden is peat dry closet

Electric toilets: best for home, prices and reviews

By far, electric toilet garden buy cheap will not work, however the ease of use justifies its high price. Moreover, in the future you will not have to spend money on different mixes and liquid. A prerequisite for installation of this design – the availability of electricity in the house.

Electric composting toilet looks great in the house

Demonstrate the principle of operation of bio-toilet for home videos that you can easily find on the Internet. Like the previous design, this toilet consists of two tanks. The lower part is divided into two chambers for liquid and solid waste, respectively. Liquid waste is drained using the drainage, and the solid dried by the compressor and further extracted, and can be used for compost. Electric toilets require the installation of the ventilation system.

Comfortable stay at the cottage will provide a good capacity of bio-toilet

Separett VILLA 9011: electric composting toilet for cottage. Price, reviews

One of the most popular models of portable toilets. As expected, the design represents a tank divided into two parts. The design of this toilet does not imply contact between the liquid and solid waste. Solids fall into a separate compartment, where it is dried. Forced ventilation ensures that no unpleasant smell. Water drainage in this model.

Electric composting toilets Separett VILLA 9011

The main technical characteristics of the Separett VILLA 9011:

  • type – composting;
  • the cumulative volume of the container is 23 liters.
  • manufacturer country – Sweden;
  • the height of 441 mm;
  • width 672 mm;
  • depth – 456 mm;
  • weight – 17 kg.

The price of this model of composting toilet – 34800 roubles.

“The perfect toilet for your private home! Bought this Porta Potti last may. Everything is great — no odor, no flies, very convenient. Consistently uses 2 people, so bear it once a month, but it is not annoying due to the fact that all the waste is dried and is almost odorless”.

Elena Skorikova, Voronezh

Examples of compact toilets with a built-in capacity gauge

Comparison of different composting toilets, conclusions

You can buy to give a dry toilet with chemical filler. This implies a regular cost of reagents, however, installation of this design does not require a ventilation system and drainage. It makes liquid a bio-toilet the fastest solution to the problem of lack of sanitation for the streets and homes. It is important to remember that in this case, you need to pay attention to the composition of the splitting of the fluid you are using, to avoid pollution of the soil.

Metal composting toilets

Peat biotoilet is the cheapest available for giving options, but its installation in the premises requires the installation of ventilation and drainage system. So if you want to avoid unnecessary trouble and unpleasant smell, place it far away from home.

Electric toilet is very convenient, but quite expensive. Despite the fact that you don’t have to spend money for fillers, will require a permanent electricity supply, without which the system simply cannot work.

Reading the information on how to choose a composting toilet for the cottages, prices, reviews and overviews presented in the article, you will be able to decide what type of portable toilets to prefer.


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