How to choose warm electric floors: overview of heating systems

To heat modern room with Underfloor heating – efficient and quite effective solution. Therefore, manufacturers keep abreast of and implement latest developments for arranging a comfortable stay. Because of the large diversity of heating elements in front of the consumer constantly, the question arises: how to choose an electrical warm floors for your home?

A warm floor will provide comfort and health

The contents

1 Main advantage of a warm floor
2 varieties of modern electrical flooring
  2.1 Heating cable
  2.2 Heating mats
  2.3 Thermo
3 How to choose a warm electric floor
4 Film with infrared radiation
5 Ease of use

The main advantages of floor heating

Normal radiators often can not cope fully with its duty to warm the room. Their work is built on the principle of convection. The air heated at the level of the battery rises, leaving cold bottom of the room. In the frosty time of year this issue is fraught with colds.

The equipment of floor heating eliminates problems with cold rooms and health. It provides quite a high level of thermal comfort. Due to the wide range of functions of temperature control, it is easy to provide for optimal human temperature.

Modern electric warm floors are laid under any surface

Also, the advantages of such heating elements include:

  • high reliability;
  • silence and invisibility;
  • space savings;
  • uniform heating;
  • long term of operation.

Everyone who installed electric warm floors, reviews will be only positive. Installation is much easier than water, it is much easier to control the temperature. Depending on the flooring you can choose the most suitable option for a particular room.

It is important to choose a warm floor, suitable for premises

Varieties of modern electrical flooring

There are several versions of heated floor constructions. Each of them has its own characteristics, methods of heating and installation. Warm items can be made using:

  • the heating cable;
  • the heating mats;
  • infrared film.

Each material is good in its own right and has some drawbacks. What type of Underfloor heating will suit a particular room, you need to understand.

A useful tip! If in a private house, possible improvement of water heating floor system in apartments in multi-storey houses are allowed to use only electric.

The scheme of installing of termokabel under ceramic tile

Heating cable

This heating system is mounted is quite simple, but requires some skill. It is easy and convenient to operate, can effectively warm up the floor covering with minimal losses. Its installation includes the following steps:

  • At first the tie layer is placed a heater.
  • Mounting tape is attached to the cable.
  • After you have verified that the heating of the structure is filled with the second tie layer with a thickness of 2-3 cm.
  • After hardening of the concrete placed finish.

For mounting the heating cable is best to use the services of a specialist

The cable system can be used as full heating. But this method of heating has its drawbacks. For installation requires special skills, if not, you should use the services of an experienced master. To use the finished floor can be no earlier than a month, only after it is completely dry concrete screed.

A useful tip! In the area where is the furniture and kitchen equipment, the cable can not be laid.


Termomaty can be laid under the tile without underlayment

Heating mats

When the screed to do is not planned, for the arrangement of the heating structures can be purchased termomaty. The principle of their action is the same, only the heating cable is placed on the fiberglass and not in the screed. Installation of heating mats is very simple, they need to roll it out across the room and plug it in and then put the topcoat. To connect them together using special connectors, allowing installation on any surface area.

One of the drawbacks of this heating system is its small capacity, about 10 W/m. But this allows you to lay termomaty in the adhesive layer under tile and under laminate without pouring the concrete screed.

To lay the heating mats electric Underfloor heating is very simple


Recently, among the existing methods of heating was the latest development – film structure with infrared radiation. It is sold in the form of a thin film with a thickness of about 0.5 mm. the Installation of such heating system also does not cause trouble. The design must be isolated from moisture, so it is not used in the wet laying the flooring.

This is the only kind of floor heating constructions, which cannot be put under the tiles, but this technology works great under laminate, parquet or linoleum. Heating through infrared radiation. Such a method has a very high efficiency, about 20% more economical than their more common counterparts. Amid the many positive properties of film warm floor has one serious drawback – the service life of such products is relatively low.

The thermoplastic has a high efficiency of heat transfer

How to choose warm electric floor

What to look for when choosing an electric Underfloor heating? What better under the tile, and what is under the laminate? Many such questions arises in front of the owner, who decided to build in the room additional heating. Let’s try to understand such subtleties.

Not to be mistaken when selecting electric heating systems, it is necessary to evaluate their performance. The most important parameter, to which you should pay attention to is power. If the premises with normal humidity heating cable is used, the figure may be in the range from 100 to 120 W/m2. Power thermomat in this case should be higher, about 160-180 W/m2.

The technology of laying of ermamatov for different types of coverage

Thanks to a concrete screed floor with cable warms up much stronger and much more slowly cools. Therefore, this electric field can include less and it will be much more economical. By creating certain conditions, after additional insulation of the ceiling and walls, the system with a heating cable if necessary, can be used as the sole method of heating the entire room.

A useful tip! If you plan to use floor heating as main heating, the heated area should be more than 80% of the total.

The answer to the question, what is better electric Underfloor heating under tiles clear. Perfect when building a heating system is considered to use a heating cable. But if the ability to perform the screed is missing, it is convenient to use termomaty. Floor coverings such as linoleum, carpet, parquet or laminate can easily fit on top of a heating design and perfectly warm.

Electric heated floors are equipped with heat sensors for automatic temperature control of heating

Film with infrared radiation

To opt for infrared floors need if you want to obtain the best combination of high efficiency and a very economical expenditure of energy. As well as heating mats, thermo can be placed on any base and even on the old floor. Due to the small thickness of the product does not decrease the height of the room.

The fuser, due to the uniform heating, are proven when working with wood finishes. Another benefit of infrared systems is their Wellness effects on the body. They are ideal for people with allergies because they do not spread dust particles due to the lack of convection.

Templante of infrared radiation give a healing effect

Ease of use

How to choose electric warm floors more or less clear. But should pay attention for additional equipment. The main instrument to control the electric floor is a thermostat. It is connected to special sensors that monitor the temperature and transmit signals. The easiest thermostat constantly maintains the same level of heating, but there are multi-function options, which provide:

  • temperature control in the area of the floor;
  • control the room temperature in General;
  • automatic on and off system.

Heated floors are becoming increasingly popular

They can be used to program the operation of heating the structure in a certain time, on specific days of the week. Such systems independently control the atmosphere in the room, do not require constant tuning.

Warm electric floors, which are always positive, are becoming more common. Thanks to the ease of use and efficiency, significantly improve the quality of life and solve the heating problems with heating for years to come.


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