How to insulate a balcony with their hands: step-by-step photos and instructions

The balcony is the place that you can use for various purposes. Someone keeps there are a variety of things, someone is using for drying clothes, and someone makes the balcony a favorite place of recreation or even a small room. In any case, warming of the balcony is a very important point, which deserves attention. If you want to know how to insulate a balcony with their hands: step-by-step photos and detailed instructions, you can easily find on the Internet. Most important is to avoid common mistakes and strictly adhere to the correct sequence of actions.

Getting to the insulation of the balcony, it is important to choose the best materials and strictly adhere to technology

The contents

  • 1 the Most common mistakes for insulation of balcony
  • 2 Installation of double-glazed Windows
    • 2.1 properties of different types of Windows
  • 3 How to insulate a balcony with their hands: step-by-step photos
    • 3.1 seal gaps
    • 3.2 How his hands to warm on the balcony floor and walls
    • 3.3 Insulation of a roof balcony
    • 3.4 Additional insulation
  • 4 the better insulation of the balcony inside, nuances of warming in different seasons
  • 5 Interior finish of the balcony with their hands: step by step instructions and recommendations

The most common mistakes for insulation of balcony

There are several moments in which many wrong with self-insulation of the balcony:

  • Hurry. Often the insulation of the balcony occurs in haste. Typically this involves smearing the cracks with plaster, the installation of the warm Windows and plugging in the radiator. The heat from the apartment continues to go through the balcony, which is very surprised by its owner.
  • The use of substandard materials. Therefore, the insulation of the balcony inside is an important question to ask which you want to start of work. The balcony is a pretty big place, so poor window or incorrectly laid floors can pose a serious leak of warm air.

Warm and comfortable, the balcony may become your favorite vacation spot

In order for the balcony and the whole apartment was the most protected from the cold, should follow a certain course of action. So you will save time, effort and get high quality insulation. If you want to learn how to insulate a balcony with his hands – step-by-step photos will help you with this.

Installation of double glazing

The first phase, which begins with the insulation of any room is to install modern double glazing. If you have old wooden frames, then using them takes a very large amount of heat, no matter how weplay. But when you install double glazing on the balcony there is a caveat that distinguishes it from the other rooms – the parapet. Many older balconies it is not strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy plastic Windows. In this case, it will have to further strengthen.

The old parapet on the balcony of the old must be strengthened with additional reinforcement

A useful tip! To strengthen the parapet best reinforcement. Thick iron bars and cement the well will withstand any additional weight. The option of brick is also good, but it is thicker and heavier.

Before you insulate a balcony with your own hands, you must decide on the material of window designs can be PVC, aluminum or wood.

Stages of works on warming of balconies

Properties of different types of Windows

The wooden frame is the cheapest, but not the best on the window properties option. Wooden frames do not hold heat, not tight. Using them is only in the case if your latitude is no extreme cold.

Aluminium Windows are more expensive, however, hold heat better. In addition, they are the most reliable and durable, perfectly resist corrosion and other negative impacts.

The frame for the window frames must be securely fastened

PVC is the best option in terms of price and quality. PVC is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes. It is not as resilient as aluminum, but provides the highest level of conductivity.

How to insulate a balcony, so it was warm in the winter? For this purpose, well suited to the following types of Windows:

  • with swinging doors;
  • with triple glazing;
  • with advanced profiles.

Plastic Windows with double glazing is the best option for insulation of balcony

How to insulate a balcony with their hands: step-by-step photos

For insulation of balcony one of the highlights is the thickness of an insulation layer. Often it turns out that you need to insulate not only the walls, floor and ceiling. The main criterion of material for insulation is its thermal conductivity. This figure is inversely proportional to the amount of heat that can keep the material. One of the most frequently asked questions with insulation – the better insulation of the balcony: foam or mineral wool? It all depends on your financial capabilities.

Propanol — insulating material of new generation, ideal for insulation of balconies from the inside

The most common material for insulation of balconies is extruded polystyrene. It’s thin, light, easy to cut and install, it is durable and resists moisture and corrosion. Its only drawback – a rather high cost. In this case, a budget option of a heater for balcony use the foam. It is also lightweight and easy to install, but less durable.

The insulation of the walls and the floor of the balcony extruded polystyrene

Seal gaps

Any old balcony has cracks – it is an axiom. Through numerous cracks heat will leave even if you have the warm and modern double glazing. Patch best with polyurethane sealant and mastic that are sufficiently ductile, tough and resistant to all kinds of natural influences, such as frost or wind.

The cracks are sealed using a special gun or a plastic nozzle supplied with the cylinder. After complete drying of the mastic or sealant, you can proceed to installation of insulation. If you don’t know how to insulate a balcony with their hands, step-by-step photos will help you in the moment.

All the cracks on the balcony should be sealed with sealant

Both his hands warm on the balcony floor and walls

After selection and purchase of a heater will need to be. Usually, this is done with dowels or construction adhesive. When assembling with glue have to pick a team without toluene — it can corrode the material. If you decide to attach the heater plugs, they need to have on the perimeter with the expectation of about 10 plugs per square metre.

Use for insulation of the balcony with his hands step-by-step instructions, photos and videos that can be found on specialized resources.

The sheets of insulation can be fixed with construction dowels-fungi

Stages of insulation of walls balcony:

  • installation of the vapor barrier film by means of joints with construction tape;
  • installation of the sheathing of wooden bars or metal profiles;
  • installation of insulation – foam, mineral wool, etc.;
  • sheathing sheathing water-resistant plasterboard, plywood or other sheet materials;
  • finishing of the walls.

Mineral wool is a popular budget insulation

A useful tip! Joints between layers of insulation or foam plates should be sealed with foam. This will prevent heat loss through them.

For each type of surface has its own nuances insulation. So, the floor before the insulation is level and put him waterproofing. And use vapor barrier tape will insure you from such troubles like fungus and mold. The walls and ceiling sheathing moisture resistant drywall. Photo design insulated balcony show that the drywall is the finish looks great there.

Insulation of the balcony with the use of foam

The steps of warming the floor of the balcony:

  • installation of waterproofing film with a moistureproof treatment of the joints with mastic or sealant;
  • laying of insulator, e.g. foam polystyrene;
  • pouring concrete screeds with a thickness of 4-5 cm (screed can also be mounted electrical heat-insulated floor);
  • finish flooring – laminate, linoleum, ceramic tile.

Floor you can equip on wood joists with the application of the waterproofing membrane and mineral wool as insulation

To arrange and insulate the floor on the balcony is possible without the use of concrete ties. For this purpose, after the arrangement of the sealing, in the longitudinal direction of balcony stacked wooden logs that are attached to the concrete base. Between the joists is laid insulation material – foam polystyrene, basalt wool, expanded clay etc. To joists are fastened the boards or sheet material (plywood, chipboard etc.), and settling of the finish floor covering.

The arrangement of the floor on the balcony with the use of wooden joists and boards

The insulation of a roof balcony

If the roof of your balcony is not a sex neighbor, to her insulation needs a separate approach. Video “How to insulate a balcony inside their hands” illustrates the whole process. You need to choose a reliable roofing material, on its inner side, it is desirable to apply the soundproofing in the coating or film. It also uses the following layers:

  • waterproofing – there are ideal films of polyvinyl chloride or polyester;
  • windproof membrane, it lets the steam from the insulation, but does not pass drops, which the wind can penetrate;
  • anti-condensation layer – does not allow water vapor to flow to the heater;

Insulation placed in the ceiling frame for the subsequent plating

  • the wooden frame holds the roof;
  • the insulation is used for thermal insulation of the roof;
  • vapor barrier insulation – retains insulating properties of the insulation, does not pass into the water vapor.

Additional insulation

In order to have on your balcony, it was warm even in the most severe frosts, it is possible to install the radiator, air conditioning or even a warm floor. The answer to the question “the better insulation of balconies from the inside?” depends on your imagination, needs and financial capabilities.

An example of the thermal insulation of the balcony with parapet of foam blocks

If the balcony combined with a room, then additional insulation can not be installed with this task did a fine job conditioning. But there’s a caveat – the air warms, and the floor will still be cold, even if it is carpeted. Therefore, warm floor is a very appropriate option for full insulation of the balcony. Installation of floor heating is another difficulty that should be left to experienced professionals. Also helps here step by step video instructions insulation of the balcony with his hands.

Additional insulation on the balcony, you can equip a warm floor

The better insulation of the balcony inside, nuances of warming in different seasons

Sometimes, to warm a balcony it is necessary in the winter. Many people wonder whether to do it and than it threatens. Here all depends on the insulation materials. Some of them are in sub-zero temperatures to change their properties, and they become harder to handle and mount.

To insulate the balcony PENOPLEX with their hands in the winter is problematic, and the cement on the frost freezes very quickly and does not have time to really get to grips. This leads to a weakening of the masonry and rapid destruction of the parapet. But there are a number of winter special adhesives and mixtures, which focused on the use at low temperatures. Video insulation of the balcony with his hands in the winter can also be found on the Internet.

After installation of insulation start to finishing the balcony

Polyurethane foam is also temperature dependent. If the insulation in winter to choose a summer option, to anything good it will not foam will quickly collapse and become worthless.

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Interesting ideas for decoration of balconies and choice of material. The choice of the most suitable material for interior finishing of balconies and loggias with their different insulation materials and glazing.

Another important point to consider with insulation is damp. Often you may encounter, if you insulate a balcony fall or spring. Raw surface not sticking most types of glue or mastic, also the humidity is very bad for performance properties of the insulation, if it’s not foam. Therefore, to start the insulation and waterproofing of the balcony to the ceiling. In this case a sudden rain does not hurt you to continue to insulate the walls and floor.

Ceiling you can use plastic panels

A useful tip! Insulation of balconies with foam polystyrene heat insulation material is laid and can be done even in conditions of high humidity.

From the foregoing it is seen that to insulate a balcony not only in the summer. The only exception is if the temperature drops below 20 degrees. Then even the most cold-resistant materials start to behave very badly, and the normal insulation will not work, even if you are not sure how to insulate a balcony inside.

The scheme insulated balcony — sectional view

Interior decoration of the balcony with his hands: step by step instructions and recommendations

If the answer to the question “How to insulate a balcony with their hands?” and step-by-step photos can be easily found on the Internet, the interior finish remains fully at your discretion. The best option here is a drywall that is moisture resistant and can be easily further finishing: painting, tiling, wallpapering.

The wiring can be hidden in hollow plastic casings, so it is not conspicuous, and lay on the floor carpeted. Step by step video “How to insulate a balcony inside your hands” will help you to determine the type of insulation and interior design.

By the way, one of the most common questions is “How much is the insulation of balconies and trim?”. Accurate answer, it all depends on the chosen materials and complexity of the work.


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