How to make your own hands on testing furnace from scrap materials

To provide in your unheated garage acceptable temperature in the winter, you can build your own hands oven on community service. It cost is not expensive, and the fuel for it you can get it at bargain price if you try. There are several options for construction of such structures of various complexity. Consider some of them.

To save money on heating a small business premises, you can build a furnace to simulate with your hands

The contents

  • 1 the Principle of furnace waste oil
  • 2 How to make furnace in working out the easiest way
  • 3 Furnace in working out with their hands (video)
  • 4 the Use of capillary technology in the manufacture of furnace
  • 5 Organization of additional features of the furnace on waste oil
  • 6 Advantages and disadvantages oil furnaces
  • 7 How to make a furnace in working out with their hands (video)

The principle of furnace waste oil

Fuel oil has long been used by man as fuel. Being one of the heaviest components of crude oil, this substance is not only for fuel but also for production of various oils and other liquids petrochemical production. Like all components of crude oil, fuel oil and its derivatives have good combustibility of the large amount of heat. Waste motor oil shall be disposed of by using complex technological processes. However, it is possible to benefit by burning in a makeshift furnace on community service. Drawing the simplest variant of this design can look as shown below.

Waste oil is a very complex substance consisting of a mixture of different hydrocarbons. If it ignite, it will burn only the volatile matter, and the rest will go to waste. And they are very toxic and cannot be disposed of in regular to the dump. When heated without combustion testing begins to disintegrate into many components, most of which are gaseous. Here they are, with sufficient access to oxygen to burn completely, without leaving harmful substances. Such a process has occurred, it is necessary to build the oven on community service. This can be done, for example, from an old gas cylinder.

The principle of operation of the furnace on waste oil

How to make oven working out the easiest way

In order to make their own stove for the garage, as fuel will consume the waste motor oil, you need to find an old gas cylinder. Before you begin to cut, you need to release all residual gas and drain condensate. The cylinder is washed with water to eliminate even the possibility of ignition. To disassemble the cylinder, you need to let it gas by pressing on the valve.

A useful tip! To ensure that the gas cylinder is completely missing, should the valve be lubricated with liquid soap. Click on the valve you need is soapy water will not cease to bubble.

An example of a homemade stove made from a gas cylinder

After full descent of the gas valve, Unscrew. If this is not possible, you have at the bottom of the tank to drill a small hole with a diameter of 10 mm. To do this, take the drill and center drill the bottom, not pressing hard, not to get spark. To make sure the drill holes are constantly watered. Once the hole is ready, the inside of the container pour plain water and washed it. The water is then drained and marked the cuts on the cylinder.

In the manufacture of gas cylinder furnace working out with their hands, drawing which was submitted earlier, it is necessary to cut off the lower part. Its height is 20 cm welded To her legs, which can be done with the possibility of adjustment for easy installation on any surface.

Mounting dimensions of the furnace from the barrel to create with their hands

From the bottom of the primary combustion chamber. It will be poured used oil, which is in the process of controlled combustion will heat up and decompose into volatile fractions. The upper part of this chamber close round cover steel thickness is 4 mm. It must be easily removed if necessary, since the inner surface of the camera needs weekly thorough cleaning of toxins.

In the middle of the lid cut a hole with a diameter of 10 – 15 cm it is welded a tube length of 50 cm, which bore a lot of 10 mm holes. Pipe must be thick-walled, not less than 4 mm. In the same cover from the side of the hole smaller, up to 5 cm diameter. It inserts a small tube with a valve. She plays the role of the neck for pouring oil and throttle for controlling the admission of air mixture in the furnace.

Oven working out, welded sheet metal

Since, by their own hands, oven on community service, need of removal of exhaust smoke without fire, from the top of the container, made another chamber in which the exhaust cool down before flying into the pipe. Inside this chamber there is a baffle that prevents direct contact of the fire into the exhaust pipe. Hot gases have time to completely burn in the chamber until the round baffle.

A useful tip! The height of exhaust pipes shall be 4 m. This is the optimal size to provide adequate traction. It should be strictly vertical, any horizontal areas and shellfish tend to accumulate condensation.

The establishment of furnaces for the testing of their hands

This oven works as follows. Through the hole in the combustion chamber is filled with used oil by two-thirds of its volume. There it ignited. When burning will increase, the valve cover. This provides a more economical consumption of oil and its full burning. Not burnt from the faction when heated, rises in the perforated pipe, where contact with air, and then ignite and burn, releasing heat in large quantity. Exhaust gases pass into the upper chamber, where they are the final post-combustion and exhaust into the pipe.

Because of the usual gas tank can be done the oven on community service. Drawing with all the parts and their sizes you can see in the photo.

Furnace in working out with their hands (video)

The use of capillary technology in the manufacture of furnace

Except as described above, the simplest method of making oil furnaces, used and more advanced options. One of them is capillary oven on community service. His hands in her to do the same for everyone who knows how to deal with metal and tools.

The oil in this design is not just poured into the combustion chamber where it is in large numbers, and do it gradually by drip system. This method allows you to burn oil more efficiently and its consumption reduced to a minimum. Separately from the furnace in the upper part is installed the oil tank, which pipe is connected to the combustion chamber of the furnace. Tube installed in the regulating valve, through which metered the flow of oil into the furnace. The rest of the design is nothing special does not differ from the simplest oven on community service. With his own hands the drawings below will help make this unit easily.

Scheme drip fuel a makeshift furnace

Organization additional features of the furnace on waste oil

When making homemade stove that runs on waste oil, you can use electric fans. Using them it is possible not only to pump the air into the combustion chamber, but also to take the hot air from the oven, creating an artificial circulation in the room, which will speed up the process of heating to the desired temperature. It around main camera is mounted a casing in which a flow of air through the fan. It is possible to live to see the work of such a hand-made furnace for the castings. A video of the whole burning process very interesting and descriptive.

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Another improvement is the production of a water circuit to a homemade oil stove. The coil of pipe placed inside the secondary combustion chamber where the highest temperature. Either he is screwed from the outside on the perforated pipe. The coil is connected to the supply and return pipe of the heating system. When heated fluid is natural circulation in all batteries. To make this oven working out with their hands, the video which reflects its effectiveness, it is possible for one day.

More complex furnace design on working out with a water circuit and a fan boost

A useful tip! If necessary, the system can also be installed centrifugal pump, which will allow more efficient use of the energy of the heated water. She will not have time to cool down strongly during the passage of the entire pipeline.

The advantages and disadvantages oil furnaces

Like all self-made designs, oil furnace have the main advantage is cheapness. They can be made from old parts that have long been lying in the corner of the garage, waiting for its application. The second advantage of these devices is the fact that they are actually working on useless to cheap fuel, to which is easy. These ovens very quickly able to heat a small room using an open fire.

Furnace chamber waste oil — a view from the inside

Turning to the disadvantages, it is necessary to tell that these homemade designs are not applying for the position of permanent and major source of energy. They only help warm utility room. So, let’s list all the disadvantages oil furnaces:

  • the inability to use inside of premises;
  • the increase in the size of the combustion chamber does not increase the capacity of the device, as efficiency is reduced;
  • it is impossible to extinguish oven fire extinguisher with powder, as the mixture just explodes from hot parts of the furnace;
  • it is impossible to regulate the intensity of heat exchange;
  • there is a risk of explosion if the boiling pit.

Example of the furnace for testing, which can be done by hand

Creating a furnace in working out with their hands, we wonder where to take it for fuel. This issue can be solved in the simplest manner. You just need to negotiate with the owner of one of the service stations located near your home. Perhaps he would go on to sell you at a low price is valuable for fuel, but not having him for no practical benefit.

A useful tip! During operation of the furnace with an open combustion chamber should not allow the violation of fire safety rules.

This can lead to consequences, the losses from which will surely surpass all the benefits from such a furnace.

How to make a furnace in working out with their hands (video)


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