How to mount PVC panels for wall and ceiling in a variety of ways

In the article we will talk about how to mount PVC panels to the wall and to the ceiling base: will be studied in detail possible ways of fixing of material on the surface, the basic step-by-step technology, the nuances of the proper use of material and design in the premises with him. Also provides visual examples of bathroom design, kitchen, balcony and other facilities.

Mounting of PVC panels to the wall can be accomplished using adhesive, screws or Kleimenov

The contents

  • 1 How to mount PVC panels for wall and ceiling Foundation: General information
    • 1.1 Features the choice of material for wall cladding panels PVC
    • 1.2 How to attach the PVC panel for ceiling and wall: preliminary calculations
    • 1.3 Calculation of consumables for crates under PVC panels
  • 2 the Use of PVC panels: how to mount to the wall in the bathroom slats, plastic
    • 2.1 Execution finish bathroom panels PVC: interesting ideas, photos
  • 3 How to glue PVC panels for bathroom: recommendations
    • 3.1 How to glue PVC panels to walls without the use of crates
    • 3.2 Decorative PVC panels mosaics: how to glue, video instruction
  • 4 Photo kitchen apron made of PVC panels and mounting spacer
  • 5 instruction for installation of PVC panels on the walls on top of obreshetochnyh frame
    • 5.1 How to attach a wall panel PVC: frame and veneer
  • 6 the Formation of false ceilings of PVC panels: photo designs and technology
    • 6.1 Creation of the ceiling of PVC panels with their hands, videos and recommendations

How to mount PVC panels for wall and ceiling Foundation: General information

Panels made of polyvinyl chloride, are practical and durable. For this reason, they are widely used for decorating the surfaces of walls and ceilings in the house. Due to the large variety of shapes, colors and textures, the interior on the basis of this material can be stylish and beautiful.

A useful tip! Use to repair bathroom PVC panels. This material is hygienic and completely not afraid of water, so it can be used in those areas where no suitable other finishes. Online Dating is not only a photo finish bathroom PVC panels, but the design options with the use of this material in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the balcony or loggia, in the sauna.

PVC panels have many advantages, such as durability, fire resistance, ease of installation

The advantages of the material:

  • resistance to moisture;
  • convenient system of installation with which the novice user;
  • long time maintenance service;
  • fire safety;
  • resistance to mold, fungi and other microorganisms;
  • hygiene;
  • ease of maintenance and cleaning;
  • affordable price.

In the web you can stumble on a photo of the PVC panels to the kitchen instead of tiles this material is no less beautiful, while its cost is much lower than that of the tile.

The disadvantages of PVC panels include a low level of strength on a shot. Therefore, you should carefully monitor the process of transporting material from place of procurement to the working area. When installing the wall panels PVC with their hands also should be careful not to damage them.

The walls in the kitchen is partly decorated with PVC panels

Before you do the installation of panels PVC in the bathroom or any other room, you must prepare the tools and materials necessary for the execution of finishing works. They should always be at hand.

For refurbishment of PVC panels will need to have:

  • the measuring tape and pencil (for marking);
  • hacksaw with fine teeth (for cutting material);
  • construction level;
  • gon;
  • PVC panels;
  • plastic profile for PVC panels or slats;
  • set of fixing elements (screws, dowels, nails, Kleimenov);
  • hammer drill and screwdriver;
  • the antiseptic solution and the sealant;
  • ceiling moldings.

With decoration PVC panels can handle even the novice

At this stage is the selection and purchase of material. On the market there are panels with different types of coating that may be glossy or matte. In addition, manufacturers use various technologies for application of designs and drawings.

Strength characteristics depend on the thickness of the panel, and the number of stiffeners, which are located inside.

A useful tip! To check material durability gently press on the surface of the plastic with your finger. If the panel is caved in, so she has a low strength and short service life.

Features choice material for wall cladding panels PVC

PVC panels from different manufacturers have different characteristics. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material.

To purchase a high quality panel, avoid the purchase of material, if:

  • the ribs are damaged or they are deformed;

Decorative PVC wall panel with floral motifs

  • the line drawing on the front side of the panel expressed clearly, there is a blur or the boundary line is blurred;
  • fins are different from each other in shade;
  • the surface is covered with scratches;
  • dimensions of the lamellae are not the same (in this case, the technology of fastening of PVC panels for ceiling and wall can be not only complicated, but not impossible, because the elements are not fixed tightly).

Characteristics of the average European and Chinese panels (comparison table):

Criteriacriteria lamarckiana camelcasino front мм21,5Количество ribs. 2920Внешние characteristics of the ribs testasterone, have deformatsionnye, there are small deformation izmenenijami slats, kg/м221,7Внешние characteristics laminirovanie plating, stiffeners are vstupitelnoe coating x-raying the voids between the ribs, there are small deformation identificato raw bazot lightly pressing lamella, a little bending and returns to its original state, the presence of chalk in the composition of minimalnet light tap on the surface with your finger lamella undergoes deformation changes, which indicates a high content of chalk in the composition

How to attach a PVC panel for ceiling and wall: preliminary calculations

Before you attach the PVC panel is necessary to make preliminary calculations of the material for finishing the walls.

A useful tip! Be sure to calculate the amount of material. This will allow you to avoid excess payments or additional purchases of the panels, if they are not enough. Performing preliminary calculations, you can save both time and money.

When installing the wall panels PVC slats can be placed horizontally and vertically. It depends on your desire. Material calculation for vertical mounting is as follows:

  • Performed measurements of the room (the length of the room perimeter).
  • From this value is subtracted the width of the window and door openings.
  • The remainder is divided by the width of one slat.

Example of calculation of panels for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom in two different ways

As a result you get the required number of panels for decoration. Be sure to add a few extra slats in case if during installation you accidentally damage one of the elements.

For the horizontal trim used a somewhat different scheme of calculations:

  • Measured total area of the room.
  • Subtract the area of window and door openings.
  • The resulting value is divided by the area of one of the slats.

In this case, to the amount necessary to add at least 10% of the panels in reserve. This point is especially important, as in case of horizontal ceiling decoration PVC panels, as well as when working with walls, the master is faced with the necessity of cutting the material. The result is a greater amount of construction waste.

Calculation of consumables for crates under PVC panels

If it is assumed that installation of the wall panels PVC with their hands on top of a base of sheathing, you must perform additional calculations of the number of consumables for this design. As a building material for sheathing can be used in metal profile elements or slats of wood.

As materials for the construction of crates can be used wooden slats or metal profiles

First we need to measure the height of the walls in the room. Then this figure is divided by the spacing of the slats in the crate. The result of these calculations is multiplied by the perimeter of the room. You will get the length of the profiles or rails in running meter.

Please note! Typically, wooden or metal elements are arranged in increments of 50 cm from each other.

For the calculation should measure the height of the corners of the room and multiply this figure by the number of them. As a result, you get a total square footage of the profile elements of the angle-type. To this value is added to the perimeter of door and window openings in the room.

The use of PVC panels: how to mount to the wall in the bathroom slats, plastic

Numerous photos of PVC panels in the bathroom that can be found, browsing websites and magazines, which suggests that this kind of material is very popular among the consumers.

With plastic panels for walls, you can create a modern minimalist design in the bathroom and any other room

Finish bathroom PVC panels with your own hands you can perform three different ways:

  • with the use of the adhesive composition;
  • with the help of screws;
  • using Kleimenov.

The use of the adhesive composition will only be effective if you have to deal with a perfectly flat and smooth surfaces.

Types of glue for PVC panels in the bathroom:

  • specialized glue for PVC slats;
  • universal composition “Moment of installation”;
  • liquid nails.

Hardware necessary for mounting of PVC panels

Installation of the slats with glue greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of repairs in the bathroom, as completely eliminates the need for the construction of obreshetochnyh design.

From the adhesive fixing method, there are drawbacks. In case of damage to the finish spoiled the lamella cannot be replaced by another. Moreover, the subsequent repairs will be complicated process of dismantling the old coating, which is difficult to remove from the wall.

Fixing with screws is more convenient and reliable. For work will need an auxiliary tool in the form of a screwdriver. Otherwise repair will be delayed significantly.

Please note! Before you attach the PVC panel in the bathroom with the help of screws, no need to level the surface.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of decorative plastic panels for walls bathroom

The disadvantages of this method include the need to build a frame basis in the form of a sheathing, made of wood. This entails additional costs of time and money.

Claimer provide a fast and reliable fixation of the slats on the wall surface. In this case obreshetochnye design should be metal.

Execution finish bathroom panels PVC: interesting ideas, photos

The plastic trim opens wide opportunities regarding bathroom design photo panels PVC in the design of this room look stylish and impressive. A variety of colors and external characteristics of the material allows to arrange the room in different styles.

Stylish bathroom in a private home decorated with plastic panels

Today is a very popular eco-friendly interiors. Of course, plastic does not belong to the category of eco-friendly and natural materials, but in the photo panel bathroom PVC wood create an excellent imitation of the style of ethno. The installation of panels PVC in the bathroom on the walls is combined with the decoration of the ceiling, made with the slats.

The photo bathrooms PVC panels that mimic tile floors, look so natural that are virtually indistinguishable from real tiles. In this case, you achieve significant savings against the cost of purchase of material, because the plastic slats are cheaper than ceramic tile. Implementing repair bathroom PVC panels under the tiles, you have the opportunity to arrange the room in a neoclassical style, with friezes, columns, borders, or to make a classic finish.

A useful tip! Not recommended in the design of the bathroom, as well as the decoration of the toilet, the PVC panels combined with finishing materials from the expensive segment. A PVC door with marble not only looks tasteless, but also completely lost the appearance of natural stone.

When choosing the material for finishing the bathroom or toilet is to prefer bright colors — these panels look especially advantageous in these areas

The photo finish toilets with PVC panels and it looks spectacular with bright colors. Because of this, a small bathroom can be added for extra volume. The modern designs of bathrooms is the use of articles with photo printing, or installation of the mosaic.

How to glue PVC panels for bathroom: recommendations

For the decoration of bathrooms it is recommended to use plastic slats with softly pronounced textured surface. The fact that bulk billing can be a wonderful basis for the formation of mold and fungal spores. If you buy material with large raised grooves on the surface, which would subsequently finish will be difficult to maintain.

How to fasten the PVC panels to the walls in the bathroom, there are advantages:

  • saving money – the average prices for panels with standard dimensional tolerances are in the range of 200-300 rubles./PCs. the Range of the market value of the material covers rates from 100 to 500 rubles./PCs. This figure depends on the quality of product and design;

PVC panels are easily attached to walls using adhesive formulations

  • hygiene and safety – the surface of the lamellae does not absorb odors, easy to how to clean with a sponge and soap solution;
  • a high level of resistance to moisture. For this reason, the material is suitable for rooms with high humidity level. This property allows you to perform finishing of balconies with PVC panels, and balcony, hallway and even the kitchen;
  • the simplicity of the system installation – it’s enough to have the skills to use a construction stapler and a screwdriver;
  • practicality – the photo finish for bathrooms PVC panels are seen communication systems. The material used for lining communication boxes are placed in all pipes, valves, and other elements.

Please note! Plastic panels have excellent performance: low degree of Flammability, thermal and sound insulation.

Plastic panels — a practical and affordable option of lining the bathroom walls

How to glue PVC panels to walls without the use of crates

Before gluing the decorative panel, PVC wall surface, you must prepare the ground. This technology needs a thorough cleaning of the walls and their subsequent alignment. Errors in the choice of adhesive is also unacceptable.

Surface preparation includes:

  • complete removal of old coatings;
  • to eliminate gaps;
  • the alignment surface.

Allowed size changes within 5 mm. If the pits and mounds will be deeper, over time, the plastic will peel off or deform. On the surface of the walls can be grease, dust, dirt. These particles interfere with the normal coupling of the adhesive. Therefore, the surface of walls it is advisable to wash off the plaster, clean the grease with the help of an effective cleanser and apply a primer composition.

The list of universal adhesives:

  • Amphicol 34012А;
  • KLEIBERIT 636;
  • The Crystal Point.

When mounting the PVC panels can be used strain sealant based on polyurethane or liquid nails

These compounds can be used for installation of PVC panels with their hands, but experts recommend the use of a special glue for plastic.

The characteristics qualitative composition:

  • transparency after drying and formation of film layer;
  • resistance to sudden temperature changes, moisture and frost (for this reason the Internet is so often a photo decoration of balconies with PVC panels);
  • fast setting;
  • reliable and long-lasting hold.

Please note! It is strictly forbidden to use the hot-melt adhesive for fixing plastic.

You can use strain sealant based on polyurethane or liquid nails. These materials are plastic and firmly fix the panel on the wall.

Plastic slats under the ceramic tile on the walls of the bathrooms have attractive appearance

Decorative PVC panels mosaics: how to glue, video instruction

In order to learn how to glue the sheet panel PVC mosaic, use step-by-step manual, which is applicable for conventional slats.

Step-by-step procedures:

  • Cleaning the rear side of the panel with a damp cloth.
  • Drying panel (before gluing PVC panels mosaic, the material surface must be completely dry before you apply the glue).
  • Applying adhesive to the back side of point method in increments of 25-35 cm.
  • Installation of the panel to the wall.

If you use the liquid nails, the panel will need to then lightly prostokat and to pull back from the surface. For better adhesion of the glue requires chapping for 5-7 minutes. Then again to fasten the slat in place.

PVC panels are easy to care for, and did not lose visual appeal

Frameless method does not require the formation of internal and external corners for PVC panels. This procedure in this case would be impractical. Enough and conventional veneer with plastic corners, with no grooves for mounting the slats. To secure the corners, you can use transparent silicone. The size of these elements varies in the range from 2 cm to 5 cm.

A useful tip! To carry out installation trim around outlets, you need to cut holes for them in the appropriate place on the panel. Be sure to turn off the electricity at the time of the works.

Use for a more detailed study of the installation of the wall panels PVC with their hands video posted below.

In the last turn are fixed floor and ceiling skirting boards for PVC panels. Use the self-tapping screws. Zones of joints between lamellae will need to fill in with silicone sealant or mounting foam.

Photo kitchen apron made of PVC panels and mounting spacer

Most often for finishing dishes used expanded clay or tiles. However, for the installation of these materials requires special knowledge and skills, therefore, are increasingly found in the photo finish for the kitchen PVC panels. Due to the special design of the slats Assembly of a wall in the area of the apron is performed with minimal gaps.

The fusing of lamellae in the spacer does not involve the use of fasteners, adhesive or obreshetochnyh design. This method is used exclusively in small kitchens where the working area can cover a single sheet panel.

Using the slats PVC simply and quickly you can create a beautiful and functional apron for kitchen wall

  • Install panel bottom edge on the countertop and make the cutting of the material taking into account the size of the apron.
  • Assemble the slats to the area of the apron so that the top edge of the material went under the wall Cabinet and firmly pressed them. To improve the fixing you can use fasteners in the form of hidden brackets.
  • The bottom end is secured with the floor. This part is fixed to the table top, and better if it is massive and strong.

Please note! The advantage of this technology lies in the fact that, if necessary, to repair the premises, the slat can be easily removed. The material is not damaged and can be reused.

Apron in the kitchen, decorated with plastic panels, stylized tile

Instructions for installation of PVC panels on the walls on top of obreshetochnyh frame

Before sheathing the wall panels PVC, the surface should be cleaned. Needed serious leveling there, but if you intend to finish the bathroom, kitchen or other wet area walls, it is recommended to seal and cover with antiseptic.

For the formation of obreshetochnyh design can be used blocks of wood 2×2 cm They are much cheaper than metal items. However, the use of a wooden crate for rooms with high humidity levels is not recommended. Before you use wood it must be carefully dried, the moisture indicator material has reached acceptable standards of 12-15%. Don’t forget to preprocess bars antiseptic.

For arranging the metal frame will need a profile element, UD (contour part) and CD (guiding).

Installation scheme of the panels and additional components

Regardless of whether you do the ceilings of PVC panels with their hands or sheathe walls, the construction of obreshetochnyh design should begin with markup. If you are working with walls, you first need to determine the lower level, taking into account the future installation of the floor. As a guide it is necessary to take the most projecting point of the wall. It will determine the offset of the crates.

A useful tip! For wooden crates to the indent should be added 2-3 mm, so the wood is subject to deformation changes under the influence of temperature and moisture.

After this line defines the upper level (with reference to the ceiling) and side levels. To control the upper and lower zones it is recommended to use a building level, for side elements – plumb.

How to mount a wall panel PVC: frame and veneer

Fixation elements of the sheathing is carried out by means of direct hangers. The screws are located with a step of 20-25 cm (wooden frame) or 15-25 cm (metal frame). The installation of the bars or metal sections is first edge, then the inside of the structure. This way you ensure a secure fit finishing at the edges.

Different methods of installation of PVC panels

To install an internal profile should take into account the chosen type of installation of panels – horizontal or vertical. The slats should be mounted perpendicular to the rails, fixed with screws.

The scheme of mounting the panels on the crate:

  • Installation of exterior and interior moldings.
  • Installation of the first panel and locking kleinerem (spike slats must be in the profile).
  • Installation of a second panel into the groove of a previously installed slat and fixing in the same way.
  • Installation of the material to the end wall.
  • Cutting the last panel given the fact that the finishing material shall be installed until it stops in the zone of the corner. At the same time between the spike of the last element and the previous groove slats to form the gap size of 2-3 mm. the Trimmed side should be placed in the profile and insert the terminating element in place.

Use for a more detailed consideration of the installation of the wall panels PVC with their hands video review of this procedure.

Please note! If you want to hide the molding, fixing the first panel you must follow strictly in the corner area and installation of all subsequent elements must be closely. On one of the corner elements need to remove the spike to the end there is a groove. This will thrust the brace-hooks, which are mounted on the second profile element. The next lamella in a corner that will fit in the opening of the profile element.

The formation of false ceilings of PVC panels: photo designs and technology

Moisture resistant properties of PVC panels are useful for decorating the ceilings of suspended type.

This material is used for decorating the ceiling in different rooms:

  • kitchen;
  • toilet;
  • shower, sauna or bath;

The process of decorating the ceiling of the plastic panels in the bathroom

  • hallway;
  • a balcony or loggia.

In most cases, the photo of ceilings of PVC panels in the kitchen you can see the material that simulates the bunk width 10 cm This finish allows to perform the installation of fixtures point-type design suspended ceiling.

For decoration can be used and other design options slat:

  • imitating wood or natural marble stone;
  • matte or glossy;
  • plain or covered with ornaments;
  • decorated with printing or thermo.

Before you do the ceilings of PVC panels, necessary to carry out calculation of materials. The scheme of calculation in this case is very simple, because the ceiling is no window and door openings. Supply of material – 15 % of the required amount.

The ceiling and walls kitchen-living room lined with plastic lining

The creation of the ceiling of PVC panels with their hands, videos and recommendations

The creation of suspended ceilings is carried out in stages. First you need to calculate the parameters of the crates, take into account the characteristics of the lighting system, as recessed downlights spot need precise calculations and have a special mounting system.

Please note! For work will need a ladder and help one more person.

Construction obreshetochnyh design:

  • Using the building level, mark the perimeter of the room point which will be the installation of the profile elements of the frame base. Fixing profiles should be horizontally. You need to make the most of a tight placement to the wall.
  • With the help of screws necessary to secure the profile elements with the transverse placement. They will hold the entire structure.
  • The perimeter must be located within the profile forming the letter L. Then performed all the installation and disguise of the lighting system.

Obreshetochnye design of a metal profile elements

Use for installation of panels PVC with their hands video review, showing all features of a suspended ceiling structures.

Remember that video of installation of PVC panels with their hands in combination with the system of lighting does not always reflect all the nuances of this technology. Are encouraged to read additional materials on this topic, because working with electricity requires significant knowledge and can be unsafe. If you do not have proper knowledge and experience, leave the installation to professionals in order to avoid accidents, errors in calculations and unnecessary costs.


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