In Shanghai built a city block for hydroponics

The visualization of the agricultural area of Sanqiao in Shanghai
Photo: Sasaki Associates

The city authorities 24 million Chinese metropolis will be engaged in vertical farming

The city government of Shanghai is planning to build on the territory of 100 hectares of urban agricultural district Sanqiao. Thus, the municipality hopes to establish supply 24-million metropolis of fresh agricultural products. The layout of the new urban quarter of the city of Shanghai has ordered an American architectural firm Sasaki Associates, writes ArchDaily.

Agricultural district, Sanqiao will be located within the city limits between the airport and Shanghai city center. The quarter will provide a vertical construction, where each floor of the buildings will house farm, fruit and vegetable gardens, swimming pools for algae cultivation, greenhouses, seeds, etc. Here will build food factories. Each of the facades of the quarter, Sanqiao will be landscaped, it follows from ArchDaily.

Photo: Sasaki Associates

Shanghai is the perfect city for vertical farming, Aqua – and hydroponics, specified in the publication ArchDaily. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in artificial environments without soil. Aquaponics combines aquaculture (farming aquatic animals) and hydroponics. High land prices in the region make the arrangement of vertical farms economically more profitable than classic farmland, writes ArchDaily.

Photo: Sasaki Associates

The master plan Sasaki Associates considers agriculture as a key component of further development of Shanghai. China is the world’s largest consumer and exporter of agricultural products, and the industry provides 22% of employment in the country and 13% of gross domestic product, says the publication ArchDaily.

Photo: Sasaki Associates

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