Installation of duplex stretch ceilings in the hall: photos and recommendations

The ceiling in the house or apartment is one of the most important elements of the living space. From its appearance depends on the overall impression of the room. Previously spent many forces and means in order to make the ceiling smooth. Today, there are technologies not give it much importance. To hide all the irregularities during installation of a two-level suspended ceilings for hall: photo of such works are published in large quantity. They will help in choosing the style of the room.

Ceilings underline the originality of the interior of the room

The contents
1 Styles and types duplex stretch ceilings in the hall: photo of installation options
2 Types of stretch ceilings
2.1 Forms and styles of creating a two-tiered ceiling
2.2 Pros and cons of stretch ceiling systems
3 Stages of installation of stretch ceilings
4 two-level stretch ceilings (video)
4.1 two-level stretch ceilings: the installation of structures (video)
Styles and types duplex stretch ceilings in the hall: photo of installation options

Common room or hall is the Central place for the whole family. Invited guests and relatives. From how decorated this room affects the presentation of owners of the house. The device of a tension ceiling can solve a complex of problems related to appearance. After all, even a terrible, uneven ceiling surface of the slabs will be hidden under the smooth surface duplex stretch ceilings in the hall. A photo of the room would not be ashamed to show your friends.

Stylish interior with fabric two-level stretch ceiling

Types of stretch ceilings

With all the variety of options, there are only two main types of stretch ceilings:

  • Film. Made of high strength PVC film, stretchable when heated. The installation of ceilings is carried out using heated air;
  • Fabric. Made of mesh with fabric texture, which is richly impregnated with polyurethane – a synthetic polymer composition, which imparts strength and elasticity. This type of surface needs to be heated during installation.

The combination of matte and glossy surface stretch ceiling look very stylish

In addition, the type of surface texture can be divided into: glossy, matte and satin ceilings. Modern industry offers a surface of almost any color that you can combine when creating multi-level ceilings. Especially popular paintings printed on them images. They can be both standard and individual custom orders.

A useful tip! For residential premises are more suitable for smooth ceilings. They create more comfort and create a homely comfort. Glossy fabric made use of for the device of ceilings in large rooms where it is important to emphasize the formality of the situation.

Duplex design ceiling of PVC film and sheets of drywall

Forms and styles of creating a two-tiered ceiling

The wealth of styles in the design of the hall is practically unlimited. Each owner can choose a design “for the soul”. There are several General directions in the design of two-level stretch ceilings in the hall. Photos of any of them can capture the imagination of the wealth of ideas and colors.

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In classical and modern style dominated by straight lines and regular geometric shapes with contrasting colors. Most often, when construction of the ceiling paintings are used between two contrasting colors: white and red, black and green, orange and purple.

Fabric stretch ceiling in the Baroque style

The recessed shape of the ceiling created by the proper combination of monochrome colors: gray and blue, different shades of green, beige and white. When installing split-level design this option looks very natural.

Curvilinear forms combine several colors. The shapes created in the ceiling can be in the form of a cone, circles, waves and other flat surfaces. This solution prevails in the designs in the art Nouveau style.

Installation of duplex stretch ceilings in the hall are best left to professionals

Glossy canvas is able to create in the room depth at the expense of reflectivity. The ceilings in the luster give elegance and style to any room is spacious enough.

Stylistically duplex stretch ceilings for hall, photos of which most often meet are divided into:

  • classics;
  • Baroque, Rococo;
  • Japanese style;
  • modern style and art Nouveau.

You can often find a combination of two or more styles.

White seamless stretch ceiling in the living room

The pros and cons of stretch ceiling systems

Modern stretch ceilings have many advantages compared to other types of finishes:

  • high speed and ease of installation. The lack of debris and waste. No need to leave the room with furniture;
  • the material is not toxic and not susceptible to dirt and mildew;
  • additional soundproofing;
  • high strength and resistance to fracture;
  • ease of hiding the wiring and other communications;
  • high elasticity, which allows to handle even large volume of the shed neighbors above water. At the same time, after launch, the canvas again straighten;
  • low cost standard types of suspended ceilings.

In addition, the installation of suspended ceilings there is a huge amount of possibilities for design using lighting.

When installing a stretch ceiling does not require additional treatment or the protection of the walls

Unfortunately, this type of ceiling coating, there are very substantial disadvantages:

  • intolerance low (below 5 degrees) temperatures. It is unacceptable to leave the house in the unheated state in the winter, as the film will crack;
  • capacity of lamps installed in the PVC ceiling, limited;
  • possible slack over large areas.

A useful tip! To avoid the many downsides you should choose seamless stretch ceilings. They have a more presentable appearance and reliable ceiling with hidden seams. The price of such paintings is slightly higher.

Duplex stretch ceilings in the modern living room

Stages of installation of stretch ceilings

Self-Assembly of two-level stretch ceilings is problematic, as this requires certain skills and special thermal equipment. In this design, there are no complex elements. The major components include the following:

  • a special form of the harpoon;
  • baguette ceiling;
  • baguette separation;
  • ceiling bump;
  • the parts of metal;
  • fasteners;
  • baseboards made of PVC or other material;
  • the very fabric of the ceiling.

Work on installation of stretch ceiling is produced quickly and cleanly

Simply and quickly carried out the installation of duplex stretch ceilings in the hall. Photos of all stages it is possible to study in detail for better understanding. It should be remembered that the work must be performed by a person versed in the installation of suspended systems, and better have experience of these works.

  • the first phase involves preparation of the room. Move furniture to the center to clear the walls. The punch shall be equipped with a dust collector. Otherwise, you need to close all fabric;
  • the transaction is applied to all future elements of the backlight and is fixed on a ceiling;
  • next, determine the zero mark. To do this, using a construction laser level, hold the line on the perimeter of all walls 2 cm below the lowest point of the ceiling;
  • after that, the installation frame of the lower level ceiling along these lines. If it is aluminum, the holes in it drilled through 50 to see If the profile plastic, you need them to do every 10 cm;
  • then, the profile is applied to level line and mark the points for the holes on the wall;

Under the suspended ceiling can hide all the electrical wiring

  • drilling holes in walls is carried out using a punch 6 mm borer. They are inserted chopiki, which are rolled screws holding the frame of the profile. Provided in advance of the ground frame is attached to the hangers to the ceiling;
  • the room is with a heat gun or torch heated to 40-degree temperatures and unfold the canvas upper tier of the ceiling. It is heated to 60 degrees;
  • the canvas is tucked into a profile in one of the corners and snaps on the harpoon. Then, this operation proceed in the opposite corner. Along the entire internal perimeter of the harpoon is fastened gradually the ceiling. The heat it don’t stop until complete consolidation;
  • the cooling fabric lies flat and stretched, becoming perfectly smooth;
  • the same operation is done for the lower layer, including the side surfaces;
  • then the Assembly of lighting fixtures and baseboards.

A useful tip! If the room provides for the installation of ceiling curtain rods, their attachment must be provided in advance. Usually they are hiding under the lower ceiling.

Stretch ceiling in the interior looks stylish and modern

Care for stretch ceilings is very simple. They are antistatic, so the dust does not settle on them. If you need to wash the canvas, then it can be done with a soft sponge with detergent.

Setting in the hall of your apartment or house suspended ceiling, you can be sure of its practicality, beauty, and long, trouble-free operation. Work on the installation best left to experts having experience in their production and certificates.

Duplex stretch ceilings (video)

Duplex stretch ceilings: the installation of structures (video)


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