Interior decoration imitation timber. Photos ideas and options interior

Quite an interesting and economical option is interior decoration imitation timber. Photos presented in this article demonstrate the beauty and richness of the interiors in the Russian style, which is very popular in our country. The material used in such walls indoors, environmentally friendly and durable. With it you can create a cozy, warm atmosphere in the home, simulating the finish of a real wooden beam.

Imitation of timber in a modern interior

The contents

  • 1 Imitation of timber: the pros and cons
  • 2 Interior trim with imitation timber. Photo options
    • 2.1 the Grade and color of wood
  • 3 How to calculate material
  • 4 Installation of imitation timber
    • 4.1 wall Cladding
    • 4.2 facing the ceiling

Imitation of timber: the pros and cons

Such material is considered one of the subspecies of the lining. For its production used a coniferous or deciduous tree species. It has several qualitative advantages:

  • does not shrink due to the grooves;
  • the process of coating is easy and does not require any special skills;
  • does not change color under the influence of sunlight;
  • low cost;
  • resistance to temperature extremes.

Panels with imitation timber on the ceiling

For almost any room will fit interior trim with imitation timber. Photos of rooms, lined and designer the main confirmation of this. The downsides of this material are almost there. They can occur only in violation of the manufacturing process of unscrupulous manufacturers. Poor quality panel pretty quickly crack. To avoid problems in the future, you need to carefully consider the choice of wood products.

Installation of imitation timber does not require special skills

Interior decoration imitation timber. Photo options

Imitation of timber allows you to make the decoration in a short time. Each version of the control differs in length, width, material of manufacture.

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The grade and color of wood

Selection of colors for the walls takes up almost the first place among the criteria for choosing the imitation. Each tree species has its own unique structure and shade. For example, plate pine simulation can be sand color, but some pastel pink shades with a slight admixture of yellow. These colors are perfect for use in indoor General: living rooms, dining rooms, hallways.

The dimensions of the panels of imitation timber

The darkest pine is considered to be imitation. Cedar is one of the breeds, which in addition to a good tint and beautiful texture has antibacterial properties. Cedar panels have a delicate pleasant smell, but it is not necessary to use them in the bedrooms, this can lead to frequent headaches. Pretty impressive and ornate it looks like the interior finish imitation timber. Photos of the interiors show the beauty and nobility of this tree species.

The interior is with simulated timber — beautiful and practical

In cold rooms and rooms with high humidity where condensation often, it is best to use Angora or Karelian larch. Gentle, pleasant shade from pale beige to light yellow helps to make the room brighter and visually larger. Larch is resistant to moisture, but it has one small disadvantage: if the processing because of the hardness of the rocks is very difficult to make sanding and remove small burrs. Thanks to their high thermal insulation properties (about 25% in comparison with other species), imitation of larch used for finishing baths, saunas or baths.

Imitation of timber in the interior looks noble

Looks good fir long-fibre simulation. But it also has disadvantages. We ate a fairly low resistance to decay, so it is not suitable for use in rooms where presumably it may be wet and require frequent antifungal treatment.

Panels with simulated timber of valuable breeds of wood

Larch species for simulation are used much less frequently. For this purpose, oak, basswood or alder. High quality and durable oak wood and although it is expensive, but will last for many years its master. For baths you can take a fake imitation, and when decorating children’s rooms is to try a breed, as alder. It has a soft reddish hue, and process it quite simple. Despite its softness, this breed is very resistant to external influences, abrasion or cracking.

The ceilings and walls of a bedroom decorated with imitation timber

How to calculate material

For convenience calculate the amount of material should first prepare a detailed plan of the location of each simulated beam. Interior, photos of which are pictured below made horizontally, therefore, precise calculation was required to measure the width of the room and to know the width of a single panel. The length of one plate should approximately equal the width of the room, to the finish had less waste.

Imitation of timber in the hallway

Simulating timber panels can be different in width. This figure may reach 100 cm, But even the narrow plates visually different from ordinary lining, creating a unique effect of log walls. After selecting the material to begin the interior decoration imitation timber. Photos of some of the stages given below.

Imitation of timber on the walls and ceiling creates a unique cosiness of a wooden house

A useful tip! Often, if the width of the walls formed a vertical line of joints. To avoid this, panels should be placed in a checkerboard pattern.

Installation of imitation timber

If the installation is planned simulate indoors, then lay a layer of insulation is not necessary. Insulation should be outside the room. To finish with your own hands you will need:

  • metal profile or bruski in the size 25×25 mm;
  • screws or other fasteners;
  • vapor barrier film;
  • sander with a fine nozzle;
  • any means for coating the surface.

Ceiling in imitation of wooden beams

A useful tip! Before beginning the lining material needed to withstand at least 2 days at room temperature. It is necessary that the simulation has not warped or cracked after installation.

Wall cladding

Before finishing the walls must be cleaned of dust, dirt, debris. The installation in a wooden house, they should handle the special antiseptic to prevent insects and harmful fungi and mold. After treatment you must wait 24 hours and you can start the installation of imitation lumber.

Kitchen apron decorated with imitation timber

First wall is attached vapor barrier, for this purpose, special construction stapler. The film is placed with the smooth side to the wall. The heat remains inside and the air circulation is not restricted. To a concrete or brick wall vapor barrier film is attached with the crates.

Imitation of timber in the bedroom

The horizontal arrangement of the panels of the crate must be secured vertically, starting at the bottom in increments of 60-70 cm. the size of the step may vary if you use different types of wood. For light pine can be increased to 80 cm, but for heavy it should be much less. If the mount is made on a wooden wall, use screws, if on concrete or brick, then fit the dowels. To the wall after the finish was smooth, the sheathing is performed to level.

Imitation of timber in the bathroom

In those places where it is planned to put the furniture or appliances necessary to provide under the trim bars for easy attachment to walls. The finished crate make installation of imitation. You should start from the floor rising to the ceiling. The first panel put in the level and attach special fasteners, called Claymore. If not, fit the screws, but serverlimit them better at a 45º angle.

Imitation of timber on the ceiling in the bedroom

Veneer ceiling

For finishing the ceiling is recommended to equip the crate with a reduced step. It needs to be about 40-60 cm Strips or profile features in the length of the window. The setting of the simulation is also best done from the outside of the wall, so seams are less conspicuous. For finishing the ceiling is better to use thinner plates and lighter to visually increase the ceiling height.

Harmonious and appropriate imitation of timber looks in the attic

At the end of the veneer, it is necessary to cover the protective structures intended for internal works. Then made grinding to clear the imitation from unnecessary bumps and burrs. Then the surface primed and coated with paint compositions. For best results, once dry, paint the second layer.

A useful tip! There are imitating the timber panels are pre-painted. The price of such products is slightly higher, but you won’t have to bother with paint or varnish.


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