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Interior design modern office decided to issue in two main ways – closed (Cabinet-corridor system) and Open Space (open space). In the first case, a classic, made all state institutions, and now often there are long corridors, along which are located the door with the plates, followed by individual offices and departments. This office, if judged on the effectiveness of activities that are most suitable for companies with a linear-functional organizational structure.

The second method Open Space embodies democratic relations in the office. For such an office usually use a large area devoid of walls. Office space divided into functional areas depending on the structure of the company, for this purpose, stationary or mobile office partitions. This office design is the most appropriate from the point of view of management of management, appropriate to the new forms of governance. In addition, there is greatly enhanced opportunity for internal coordination and communication, space savings due to the lack of doors and fixed walls.

But there is a third interior design office – mixed. This method also is popular since it broadens the field of activity for different combinations of classical and modern concepts of interior design.
In Russia the design of the office often depends on the personal preferences of the CEO, and not always successful, the direction of the company’s activities and relations in the team. Correct interior design office requires the participation of experts who will choose the method that ensures the maximum functionality, ergonomics and representative office.

In addition to the methods there are two approaches used in the design of the workspace – European and American.

The European approach is based on the way Open Space, but it features a free, smooth mix of styles in shaping the design of the office interior. For such offices are characterized by the combination of high-tech and the Persian rug, well, etc., and those so differing elements quite harmoniously fit into the overall style. Designers share the European approach to subspecies based on individual countries: English, German, Scandinavian etc.

Open space, dynamic, almost turning into aggression – the main features characteristic of the American approach. In this office you can immediately feel the superiority of his leadership, his business acumen and toughness. In contrast to liberal Europeans, Americans tend to strictly follow the canons of the selected style of the interior, eliminating any assumptions.

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