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Earlier was considered that the hall, bathroom, balcony – secondary spaces, finish which did not require any special frills. Such a repair, which should be clean, modestly but tastefully. But now that the approach to the interior design of the property is more thorough, the apartments and houses have ceased to be just a place to stay, and has acquired a broader meaning (reflect the character and preferences of the inner world of the owners, to function as a passive psychologist, etc.). This is especially true of the hallway, as it is the first room which is the guest. Therefore, the opinion of the housing, and the tenants there is here – remember “meet on clothes…”? The leading role in creating the interior of an input zone plays the color, the color scheme. Therefore, the choice of colors should be taken seriously.

If judged from the point of view of appearance, the hallway acts as the face of the house, sets the tone for the entire atmosphere, and forms a pattern of communication of its inhabitants. You can, of course, to doubt it, because the hallway is not so habitable room, but the design of the project, the underestimation of the entrance area – a serious mistake. Remember how back home, you open the door and entering the hallway, immediately feel joy and peace. Or running away in a hurry, on the move, correct hairstyle, a toilet, and just throw a last glance in the mirror, being already on the threshold of the apartment. That is, the hall should be not only attractive, but also be functional, comfortable.

The classical severity

The color scheme of the hallway gives an idea of the owner of the house. So, if the hall is made mostly in dark colors, it is possible to say that here lives a person with such traits as intransigence, pedantry, confidence in their own views of the world. That is, the attitude to the environment is defined in “black and white” – has her own opinion and the opposite opinion, and no intermediate. The color black evokes in man a sense of dignity, of security, gives him a sense of power and inner strength. But also bad for interpersonal relationships, making them uncomfortable and difficult. The use of black in the hallway gives the room a stylish, understated elegance, even a certain severity. However, such touches in the interior like mirrors, metal accessories and inclusions other colors will be very helpful.

Bright purity

The neutral white color makes it versatile for use in any interior. Moreover, despite its apparent impersonality, it is quite spectacular and can cause a range of feelings from calm to conviviality. Choosing white, the owner’s motive is to highlight their punctuality, commitment to order and cleanliness. Those who prefer white, as well as fans of black color, are guided in life with a clear certainty, and will not tolerate chaos and ambiguity. The thoroughness, the desire to sort out and every thing take its own place once and for all, they are present not only in the house but throughout the life of the strategy. No matter how desirable, do not “overdo it” with white, otherwise there is a risk to cause not-too-pleasant Association with the hospital. Therefore, dilute the interior of the other shades, use parts of interior design, can reflect the overall concept.

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Gray color for the hallway is very advantageous in terms of its neutrality, the possibility of a combination with other shades. With gray easy to make the transition from white to black. Grey prefer people who do not like pretentiousness, ostentatious, tend not to stand out among the others. However, you need to use it gently – cool colors give the impression of callousness, stone-tightness, but warm, on the contrary, create a sense of comfort and peace. In addition, the interior is completely done in shades of grey, will be too impersonal, and painfully monotonous. The abundance of gray can cause fatigue. Despite its apparent simplicity, the gray color is a very demanding and complicated from the point of view of interior design. Therefore, you should carefully choose the shades to not be disappointed in the result.

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