The kitchen in the loft

Industrial style typically used in urban apartments. The very history of the origin of this trend and its name would seem to not allow the use of a private home. But this is not the case.

Large private house it is possible to arrange in a loft style, if you hold a reconstruction of a small industrial building. As in this case.

It is not necessary that the walls were brick. Masonry made of stone; high ceilings with beams, rough; Easy floor tiles and extractor, has obviously “industrial” design in the form of a crossover pipe; facades of furniture, something reminiscent of drawers for storing tools and equipment – that’s enough to get the desired effect.

Chance of a loft and a wooden house: hood shape, bar and chairs, lamps, but the main thing – it seats in a recreation area. They as if chipped tin…

The following kitchen designer used techniques are not characteristic for the old industrial buildings and modern manufacturing. Neat-beamed ceilings, elegant in its own way open utilities, spotlights, chrome-plated surface of the furniture, extractor hood in the form of a local mechanical ventilation, carrying a ladder structure of stainless steel – all creates a sense of presence in the high-tech enterprises. A good cook and kitchen should be such.

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    Your cranium must be prnicettog some very valuable brains.

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    So much info in so few words. Totlosy could learn a lot.


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