Lawn grass, which kills the weeds and its agricultural

Experienced owners know that there is lawn grass, which kills weeds. She is a great helper in the fight against weeds on his plot. In addition, lawns are the perfect decorative ornament to any landscape, including personal plots.

Lawn grass planted on the plot

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  • 2 How to choose a lawn grass
  • 3 How to plant lawn grass
  • 4 When to plant lawn grass
  • 5 How to sow lawn grass (video)

Lawn grass, which kills weeds

Weeds are the strongest plants able to survive in even the most extreme conditions. Once and for all get rid of them not under force to anybody. However, there are methods by which you can greatly simplify the fight. One of these techniques – growing lawn grass, which kills weeds. To completely get rid of them fail, but with proper care you can reduce their number to a minimum.

Smooth grass with no weeds

Lawn grass is called a mixture of perennial herbaceous plants form a continuous ground cover. Lawns come in a variety of purposes: sport, decorative and shade. All of them picked up their herbs, possessing the necessary qualities. For a sports turf resistant to trampling, for decorative beauty, for the shade-tolerant – resistance to lack of light.

There are several types of grass that kill weeds better than others:

  • bentgrass pobedonosnaya. This grass requires constant watering, and heat. However, she well kills the weeds. It has a good decorative properties;

Bentgrass pobedonosnaya

  • red fescue. This plant is resistant to frost;

Red fescue

  • Kentucky bluegrass is a plant which is not afraid even of cold. Its seeds can safely spend the winter on the surface of the earth;

Kentucky bluegrass

  • the Microclover is not susceptible to heat and drought. He does not need frequent watering and feeding. Where it is, weed is very uncomfortable.

The Microclover

By itself, the lawn seeding does not solve the problem of weeds, so it is necessary to achieve the purpose to undertake a range of additional events:

  • Quality pre-sowing preparation of soil by digging and herbicide will destroy most weeds.
  • Fertilizing in the autumn-spring period. In the spring of nitrogen in the fall in potassium and phosphorus.
  • Periodic mowing the lawn. Weeds do not like constant pruning and eventually die.
  • Mowing of turf grass

    A useful tip! Special attention of turf grass that kill weeds requires in the first year after sowing. They need to be weeded from weeds, to trim, carefully watered and fed. In the future, their root system will be strengthened, and in this care the herbs need not be. Gradually, the lawn will displace weeds.

    If you decide to sow the lawn and come for the seeds in the store, you’ll be surprised at the number of different types of mixtures. How to choose lawn grass to get the greatest effect? When to sow lawn grass? The answer to these questions you need to before going to the store.

    Lawn grass in the suburban area

    How to choose a lawn grass

    There are not so many types of herbs suitable for the formation of lawns. Unlike wild herbs, grass more soft, and good bushes form a dense turf, do not allow to break through the weeds. All lawn mixes are comprised of bluegrass, fescue and ryegrass. Is a base compound to which are sometimes added other herbs.

    Properties of the lawn depends on the percentage of seeds. If dominated by bluegrass, the lawn will be a dark color. A large number of good ryegrass gives the turf, allowing sow it in trampled areas of the lawn.

    Before you choose grass, you need to carefully read the description that is on the packaging of any mixture. Thus it is necessary to consider not only a decorative component, but also the requirements to the soil, climatic conditions of the area, illumination area, and the purpose of the lawn.

    Seeds of lawn grasses

    The information on the packaging of mixtures should contain the following information:

  • The species composition of cereals.
  • The year in which the seeds were produced.
  • Sowing norm, that is, the amount of mixture per 1 m2 area.
  • Country and address of the manufacturer.
  • Even knowing how to choose lawn grass, be sure to check the packaging itself. It should not be holes or tears. Seeds themselves should have international and national quality certificates of the goods and to have full adaptation to the climate of the region in which you reside.

    Packing with seeds

    Once the choice is made, you need to wait until the time of sowing and begin to form a lawn. For this you need to learn how to plant lawn grass. Here too, there are nuances and wisdom.

    A useful tip! When you purchase seeds not ready mixtures, and separately, it is necessary to consider all properties of certain cereals. If you mix two or three grains, then you need to pick up the seeds with the same color and growth rate.

    Different types of lawn grass

    How to plant lawn grass

    Before planting grass, you need to prepare the land for planting. For this it is marked and purified from the roots of the weeds. Better to do it a couple of times with an interval in 2 weeks. Then marked the site level, so he was horizontal. If you want to split the area into flower beds with straight-line borders, then use a rope with pegs, on which conducting lines.

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    Then produce the herbicides. When buying them you should pay attention to the fact, against any of the weeds they are intended. Spring weed germination is much more amenable to treatment than autumn, as the latter is able to drop seeds that will still germinate in the spring. On the treated plot herbicides grass will quickly turn yellow and die. After all this it is necessary to collect and pull out small bushes, if they occur. Processing is done with a 2-week interval.

    Weeding on a prepared surface

    A useful tip! For the final getting rid of weeds in the area, it is recommended to cover the geotextile fabric. This measure will allow not only to kill the remaining roots of weeds, but would not allow to germinate their seeds.

    The second stage involves preparing the soil. To do this:

    • to determine the chemical composition of the soil. To know its moisture content and structural features. In acidic soil is entered with chalk or lime. Heavy clay soil must be diluted with humus or vermicompost;
    • making a fertilizer according to recommendations from the packaging mixtures. You need to consider that in the spring make nitrogen compounds stimulate plant growth, and fall of potassium and phosphorus, which allows you to safely overwinter;
    • fertilized soil paraglide, to align and to make its moderate hydration;
    • then take a heavy, up to 100 kg, ice rink and carefully roll them the entire plot. Upon detection of flaws, they align and optionally laminate this place;
    • after you need to wait a week for the shrinkage of the soil, and remove weeds that may still appear during this time.

    Compaction of earth is done before and after planting the seeds

    During the implementation of the second stage is 1 week. Only then can you start planting grass. How to do it correctly – will be discussed further.

    First, you need to divide the whole plot mentally into several equal parts. All seeds are divided in equal amounts for each part. In this case, the flow will be uniform.

    Second, the soil watered with a hose with a shower nozzle that did not appear irregularities. This should be done only when it is dry.

    Thirdly, the seeds are dispersed on the plot in calm weather cross. This will ensure an even fit.

    Seeding of lawns

    Fourth, the soil is loosened with a rake and rolled with the same heavy roller, so that the seeds are under ground.

    Fifth, the whole area is moderately hose with a nozzle, taking care not to damage the surface of the soil.

    A useful tip! Don’t skimp on the seeds. Bald spots on the lawn will quickly become overgrown with weeds and all have to repeat again.

    Watering the lawn

    Another important question — when to plant lawn grass, which kills the weeds? The answer requires a detailed description of the principles of plant growth. However, we can identify some General rules.

    When to sow lawn grass

    Seeding any lawn is produced in the vegetation period, i.e. from may to September. The best time is spring or autumn. The main thing to emerge until the first frost. The full cycle from planting to strengthen the seedling is 4 to 6 weeks. Because of this, and we must proceed to catch up to frost.

    Haircut with a lawn mower

    Knowing when to plant lawn grass and the basic techniques of farming can create on your site a beautiful lawn that will long to please the eye and rescued from the overgrowth of weeds.

    How to sow lawn grass (video)



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