Metal garden benches with their hands: drawings and photos of designs

Benches made of metal is less popular than designs for garden wood-based. Because the process of creating wood products does not require the use of specialized tools and the bench are more light and mobile. But if you are confident in your own abilities is always possible to make metal garden benches with their hands: drawings and photos reliable designs can be used as a visual guide.

Double bench with vintage patterns and a soft seat

The contents

  • 1 Metal garden benches with their hands: drawings and photos, feature
    • 1.1 Advantages of the bench with their hands out of the metal before other products
    • 1.2 features of creating unusual designs
  • 2 Shop of profile pipes with his own hands: photo and the process of creating
    • 2.1 Tools for benches and garden benches made of profile pipes with your hands
    • 2.2 Preparation of materials for creating designs backless
    • 2.3 the Technology of creating with their hands garden benches made of profile pipes without back
  • 3 Drawings of the bench-transformer with your hands: the size and characteristics of the creation
    • 3.1 Guidelines for creating design-transformer

Metal garden benches with their hands: drawings and photos, feature

Despite the fact that this type of structures belong to the category of metal, in most cases, photos on metal benches with their hands, which are found on the Internet depicts products of the combined type. They frame part made of metal, and as the material for the seat and back wood is used.

A great use of metal elements in the benches for garden

In this way not only reduces the cost of construction of benches, but the design becomes more practical and comfortable, as the wooden seat, unlike metal, does not heat up under the sun.

The advantages of the bench with their hands out of the metal before other products

Metal supports deprived of the shortcomings that are inherent in the frame parts of the benches of other materials:

  • cast iron is the heaviest kind of designs which is suitable for installation only in Park areas (products characterized by high cost, decorativeness and a sophisticated manufacturing technology);

Bright and creative design benches

  • the concrete benches are heavy and are accompanied by a number of difficulties in the process of installation on the site;
  • stone products have a high cost and severely limited in matters of design;
  • wood – despite the beauty, affordability and light weight, supports data structures quickly enough come in unsuitability as a material is extremely vulnerable to the influence of weather and climatic conditions as well as adverse environmental factors (fungi, insects, mold).

Original metal bench made from old bed back

A useful tip! Creation of benches of shaped tubes with their hands solves the problem with the manufacture of parts for construction. The profiled pipes are much lighter than cast iron and very easy to use.

Often it is to create a metal skeleton as raw materials are used steel. This material is most suitable for benches and stalls are designed for installation in sections of the country type and local area country cottages. Steel is practically not affected by corrosion processes, the destruction. It offers many options of design execution through the use of decorative forging method.

The combination of metal and wood in the original version

Features create unusual designs

Profile pipes are also used for creating decorative elements that can complement the finished bench or the bench. If you decided to create a unique design – you’ll need to add to the General list of tools required a few items.

For forming steel finishes will require the application:

  • bench screw;

Metal design is a wonderful design of a tree in the garden

  • tools for bending pipes;
  • mini-lathe, called “Snail”.

To get symmetrical curves of the pipe it is recommended to use Plaz. The basis for its production is the piece of plywood sheet. On top of it should be applied to the contour of the decorative element that you want to. To create sleek and smooth bends should be used the possibility of a blowtorch, which softens the material and makes it pliable for bending. It’s enough to affect the light on the desired area.

Unusual children’s bench made metal butterfly

A useful tip! Don’t forget to fill the profile with sand before you begin the procedure of flexion.

Filled pipe bend should be placed on the machine, placing them between the stop and the protrusion, located in the center. Then you can start to work. The process of bending of tubes thus carried out manually.

A bench with a reliable frame made of metal will last for many years

Shop from a shaped tube with his own hands: photo and the process of creating

Looking for interesting ideas on the Internet, you notice that the benches and metal garden benches with your hands, drawings and photos which are available online, most of them are made on the basis of profile pipes. This material is presented to the market in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing work on the design for holiday cottage becomes significantly easier and more enjoyable.

The scheme design with metal frame

Profile pipe can have different cross section shapes:

  • rectangle;
  • oval;
  • square;
  • diamond.

Manufacturers use as raw materials for the manufacture of profile pipes of low alloy or carbon steel. This type of products intended for civil and industrial construction, so the pipe can be safely used in the regeneration of the suburban area.

Basic materials to create a bench with their hands, shaped tubes and wooden beams

The advantages of benches made of profiled pipes:

  • higher strength characteristics (resistance to various types of exposure, especially to the loads and physical properties);
  • the relatively low material cost in the procurement;
  • low weight of finished products;
  • simplicity and convenience in work.

The integrity of the structure to provide fastening of metal

Tools to benches and garden benches made of profile pipes with your hands

Regardless of the complexity of the design to create stalls or benches on the basis of profiled pipes will require the same set of tools and supplies.

A useful tip! Use the profile to create other designs on the dacha. This type of material is suitable for the construction of gates, garden pergolas, fences, swings, grape arches, canopies and frames to create a green fence.

The creation of benches requires special tools for cutting and welding metal, drilling holes and sanding wood

In order to build the product with metal profiles take care of the following supplies and tools:

  • profiled pipe (the diameter is selected based on the designs and features of operation of future construction);
  • boards from which is made the seat and back;
  • apparatus for welding;

Lightweight metal bench shaped tube

  • electrodes for welding machine (3 mm);
  • Bulgarian (you can substitute a hacksaw for metal surfaces);
  • discs for grinders designed for metal surfaces;
  • drill;
  • file (allowed to use sandpaper);
  • building level and a meter or measuring tape;

Bench with intersecting bars blends well with the landscaping

  • plane processing boards (required only if the wood is raw);
  • the coloring of the metal (outdoor paint);
  • coloring composition, designed for wood, or stain;
  • a hammer and pliers;
  • the nuts and bolts.

The circuit benches of stainless steel with elements of forging

Preparation of materials for creating designs backless

Some photos of benches made of profile pipes with their hands missing back. Such designs are called stalls.

Please note! The bench is less comfortable than a bench, allowing you to lean back while sitting. These products have a more simple structure and fabrication technology, making it easier for them to do. Installing a bench by the wall, for example, in the gazebo or in the house, you will be able to solve the problem of lack of back support.

Neat metal bench without back in the beautiful garden

The design consists of 3 metal rectangles connected by a pair of pipes. These pipes form the seat of the bench.

The dimensional parameters of parts:

Materialslist. Dimensional parameters squatty or rectangular profile (total profile)13×3 (cross-section)
11000 (length)Труба660 (length)Труба645 (length)Труба2230 (length)Rectangular wooden брусок86 (width)


In addition, you will need a set of fasteners consisting of a bolt (24 PCs) and the same number of nuts for them.

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Bench from wood with your own hands for the infield. Interesting ideas that can be used to create wooden products. The design of the benches from scrap materials.

This design is so simple in execution that you will use to create benches made of profile pipes with their hands photo drawings you do not need.

The use of metal to create unusual designs of benches without back

The technology of creating with their hands garden benches made of profile pipes without back

The principle of production is that of the pipe sections is formed by 3 rectangles, which are connected to each other by means of guide. As a result of the installation of these rails, forms a frame for the seat.


  • peculiarities of placement of the pipe segments: long profiles are arranged horizontally, and are short a vertical position;

Creation of benches of stainless steel. Step 1: preparing the materials

  • the angles between the profiles forming the supports is equal to 90°;
  • after welding, you should perform the seams (these places are roughened with grinding wheel or file);
  • treated sutures should be covered with a primer composition;

Please note! If desired, the length and width of the product can be increased. For this design you will need to add additional support.

Creation of benches of stainless steel. Step 2: welding the metal framework and fit wooden boards

  • after fastening the supporting part in each element, you must perform the 8 symmetrical holes. They are designed to fit boards of the seat;
  • frame part of the bench necessary to treat dye composition intended for metal surfaces. It will protect the material from corrosion;
  • for impregnation of wooden planks, use the stain shade you like;
  • the installation of the seat to the frame part is carried out in the last turn, when the mordant and the coloring composition to fully dry;

Creation of benches of stainless steel. Step 3: installation of wrought iron components; grinding of welds; painting of metal frame and wooden beams

  • if necessary, permitted to replace the wooden slats by pipes with a rectangular cross section. If such a replacement profiles are welded to the seat frame by welding machine, then complete painting of the structure;
  • to hide the sharp end part can be placed slats inside a metal frame. For this you will need to buy another 120 cm of the profile;
  • in the rain or in the case of fallout other fallout, it is recommended to hide the design under the canopy. If she has fixed accommodation, you can build a shed over by the product.

Creation of benches of stainless steel. Step 4: with the help of screws fasten the bars on the frame, close the legs of the plastic plugs

Drawings of bench-transformer with your hands: the size and characteristics of the creation

Some benches have an extended range of functions and complex structure. As a rule, they are made from wood and these products can be transformed from a bench with a backrest into a comfortable table with two benches.

A useful tip! You can create a similar design with the use of profile-based schemes wooden benches transformers, because the drawings are metal benches with their hands almost indistinguishable.

Bench-transformer of the plurality of rotating wooden elements on a metal tube

With the help of benches transformers, you can create a comfortable relaxation area in a small garden or on the terrace. Use to create a structure of metallic profiles and wood dimensional data from the table.

Dimension table for details:

Name elementarnye parameters soedinitelnaya перемычка2×2Ограничитель position (length 3.5–4.9 cm)2×2Основная труба4×2


In addition, the design uses supporting rods. They raise the level to stiffen the structure.

Guidelines for creating design-transformer

The frame is made of profile pipes with thin walls and a different size section. The design is folded (the bench) has sufficient size to seat able to accommodate 3 seated. “Table with benches” on each side is sitting 3 people (the total number of sitting – 6).

Bench-transformer. Figure 1: graphic visualization

Design advantages:

  • reliability;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • affordable price (in wooden structures to provide the necessary strength of the bench to create the supports required to purchase expensive hardwoods such as beech, oak, ash);

Bench-transformer. Figure 2: back-top and clip

  • the Assembly process is straightforward (even if you have no skills with a welder. Instead, to Tinker with a saw, jigsaw and angle grinder when cutting wooden elements, you need to purchase material and to hire a welder, though it can be done independently).

After Assembly of the metal framework is finished, and also protective treatment of metal and wood with finishing compositions should be fixed by wood seats and table tops, leaving small gaps. For fixing rails use screws.

Bench-transformer. Diagram 3: wooden seat and metal clip

That the design was mobile enough to attach some wheels. This will allow you to move the bench at any convenient for you place.

No matter what type of design you decide to make, shaped tubes reduce the cost of construction, without causing damage to the appearance of the finished product.


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