Mobile skyscraper named the best tall building in the world

Мashambas, unique skyscraper for rural areas in East Africa
Photo: eVolo

The project agricultural training center in Africa won the eVolo competition for the best idea for the construction of high-rise buildings

The project is pre-fabricated and transportable skyscraper in Africa received first prize in eVolo magazine competition for the best idea for a high-rise building. The concept of a multi-storey building market called Мashambas developed by Polish architects Paul Lipinski and Mateusz Frankivsk. The authors proposed to build his tower in the poorest regions of East Africa.

Мashambas for rural communities who need assistance in improving crop yields, according to the eVolo website. Skyscraper can become an educational centre where locals will be taught more efficient methods of agriculture. In particular, African farmers will distribute fertilizers for the soil and new seeds, and then show how this new technology will improve productivity.

On the ground floor Мashambas will house a market, where farmers can sell their surplus products to residents of neighboring villages and districts. Increasing community centered around a skyscraper, the building will grow: a modular tower structure makes it easy to add new floors on top of existing to accommodate everyone. According to the idea Lipinski and Frankivsk, Мashambas should remain in place as long as the surrounding villages out of the poverty line and will not be adjusted consistently profitable and productive agriculture on their plots.

Mashambas, winner of first prize in the contest eVolo

Photo: eVolo

Once the community is rich, a skyscraper proposed to be dismantled and transported to another place in East Africa where people lack resources for effective management

Second place in the competition for the best skyscraper of the future project took American architects Tianshu Liu and Xie Linsheng called “Vertical factories in the megapolis”. The project is a few plants, put one onto another, which are located between the natural layers in the form of parks. The authors are convinced that the factories that have disappeared from major cities, it is necessary to return to the cities to reduce environmental damage.

Compact arrangement plants one on the others will reduce the negative impact on the environment, as you no longer need to use the car transport — staff will be able to get to the workplace on foot. “Vertical plants in the megapolis” is designed specifically for Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where 14 cities of different size were fused into a single agglomeration.

The project Tianshu Liu and Linsheng CE is designed to solve not only the problem of transportation, but the question of waste disposal. The lower levels of the future skyscraper is planned to be constructed from waste generated in Manila and the surrounding area. In the future, the waste materials remaining from the plants, go to the natural arrangement of the layers between the factories

Photo: eVolo

The third prize-winner eVolo was Spaniard Javier Lopez, Mancera Ortiz de Salazar for tower Espiral3500. Experimental skyscraper proposed to be built next to the lagoon of the Albufera in Valencia. Recently this region has become popular with tourists, with the result that in summer the population of the villages on the coast of the estuary increases by 1000%. Lopez-Menchero Ortiz de Salazar offers to protect the Albufera nature due to the construction of ultra-high skyscraper that would be able to accommodate all campers.

A distinctive feature of Espiral3500 will be the vertical city concept, in which guests will not need to go out for walks or visits to the shops. The entire city infrastructure should have inside the building: the Central Boulevard will become a spiral track, which will rise from the lower to the upper floors around the Central axis of the building.

Tower Espiral3500 is designed to absorb seasonal demand for real estate in Valencia. The building itself will become a public space where will be able to sign anyone

Photo: eVolo


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