Modular house for living: modern affordable housing

For anybody not a secret that find in the modern world of cheap housing is almost impossible. This is understandable, because starting construction from scratch, you will inevitably be faced with the high cost of consumables and labour. An alternative solution to this problem is a new milestone in the development of affordable housing – modular homes for living. With each year becoming more popular, timber frame houses provide an increasing number of people with their own homes.

Modular housing based on the concept of factory Assembly

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  • 1 What is a modular home for living
    • 1.1 Modular homes: features
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of the finished home from the factory
  • 3 the Construction of modular homes under the key
  • 4 Basic principles of construction of modular homes
    • 4.1 Stages of production of modular homes
  • 5 pre-Fabricated houses under the key: the rates and stages of construction
  • 6 custom design modular homes
  • 7 Modular home for living in the country

What is a modular house for living

Modular house for permanent residence – this design, which is collected from special modules, or so-called sections that have their own individual purpose – kitchen, bathroom, living room. Each part by itself, Autonomous, but together they form a single structure, which is suitable for housing and is no different from traditional houses.

Modular homes modern design provide all amenities needed for long stay guests, for example, ventilation, heating, Sewerage, plumbing and others.

Internal view of pre-fabricated modular wooden structures

The history of the emergence of such structures started not long ago. Initial versions of the modules created satisfied rough, unfit for permanent living house, deprived of many creature comforts. They were used for the construction of mobile police or military posts, as the Supervisory security guards in the shops and warehouses. Less for the erection of lodges of workers, fishermen or hunters, as well as structures in the shopping area.

Today things have changed, and the scope of the modular structures is much broader than that. Improving, this design has become one of the best representatives of affordable housing for the wider population. Many industrial enterprises not only mastered the original production technology and improved it to such an extent that the result of the work is superior in characteristics, even traditional homes. Now housing has become even more comfortable, functional and practical.

A useful tip! If none of the proposed sale of options of the modular home for living does not suit you – no problem. Many major manufacturers are ready to construct a model with a unique design for your order.

Single storey modular house with Windows from floor to ceiling

Modular homes: features

Modular homes intended for year-round use, consist of racks and panels. The sizes of these components are always standard – 2400 to 4800 mm. If you decide to design your future home yourself, be sure to consider these options, because to create the modules, the square was a multiple of these numbers.

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Outside the panel is covered with a moisture-proof plywood, and the inside of cement-bonded slabs. Sheets of plywood in this case attached to the frame, which can be made of metal, wood, or these two materials simultaneously (combined). Under the skin definitely is laid a layer of insulation, in accordance with state standards and guidelines for each specific region. In addition, each panel is treated with a special solution that improves its performance and ability to withstand external destructive factors.

Diagram of the device of prefabricated modular house

If the area of construction suitable for such purposes the ground, then building a modular house on concrete slabs with the use of airbags, as prevention of shrinkage of the structure. The build process takes very little time, usually about a week. A team of workers and engineers goes to the place and assembling, checking and they sounded all the parameters necessary to create a strong and stable structure.

A useful tip! The modular design may be for you not only residential house but also a room for technical purposes or in the garage.

The house of wooden blocks, made on a special project

The advantages and disadvantages of the finished home from the factory

Like any new technology, modular homes for living have their own set of pros and cons. Having carefully considered and weighed each of these items, you will be able to decide for yourself – whether to give a preference for such a housing option, or stay loyal to the traditional.

The advantages of prefabricated houses:

  • the fastest construction of a building;
  • the possibility of construction of a new, beautiful and cozy home even on the not suitable for construction land;
  • the strength and durability of modular structures;
  • excellent insulation from the outside world factors, thus saving energy costs for heating;
  • can be improved and various modifications of the structure;
  • the cost of such a house are much lower than even a Studio apartment;
  • weight of modular buildings can also be attributed to its advantages – a single module weighs about 2.5-3 tons. This allows for installation without the involvement of heavy construction equipment. Is enough a conventional crane. For transportation structures will also need a minimum cost;

Scheme of wall and floor modular buildings

  • an unusual advantage of modular structures that are inaccessible to other houses – mobility. As strange as it sounds, but you can now move along with your home. In the manufacture of modules they laid the possibility of repeated Assembly and disassembly. Therefore, ordering the truck special crane, you can always take your home with you.

Disadvantages of modular structures:

  • transportation can cost you dearly, if the manufacturer is far enough away from your building;
  • multi-storey modular homes lose their mobility due to excessively large sizes;
  • not all manufacturers take a responsible approach to their work, which can adversely affect the quality of the finished product.

A variety of modular homes is not limited by any architectural or planning parameters. Through various combining and joining of the blocks, a structure can acquire various forms. Moreover, in any part of the frame of the module can be easily cut opening for new door or window. Similarly, it is possible to get rid of excess parts of the wall. The entrance to the house can also be modified due to the presence of deck lid, which can become a main entrance or exit to the veranda.

The construction of the standard modular buildings at the plant does not require much time

Construction of modular homes under the key

How does the process of ordering and building a modular home for living? Step by step analyze each item, paying attention to key moments in the selection and purchase of the design.

The first stage is the study of market offerings, and manufacturers. At this stage, check out the most popular construction companies that build modular homes. Reviews living is the best guide in the selection.

Having defined with the contractor, review all proposed models or plan your own project of modular house that you will be able to provide at the meeting. Keep in mind that the plan is not just the arrangement of rooms, Windows and doors, but also a number of communications. So perhaps it is better to entrust this work to professionals, tailored to your wishes.

The option of insulating the ceiling and floor in modular construction

The second stage – creation of documentation and contract with a construction firm. It is necessary to prepare the site for construction and to obtain permission from relevant government authorities for laying of various kinds of communications. Then be sure to plan for future expenses. After that, you can safely treat in your chosen construction company, where the experts will make an individual plan of construction, and will help you to choose the decorative elements and materials for finishing the house inside and out.

The third stage – providing cost estimates for materials and work. Next is the approval of the construction project by both parties, and begin work.

Of course, like everywhere, there are customers of construction companies who were dissatisfied with modular homes. However, the vast majority of the blame on poor performers that produce certified products. That is why it is not recommended to try to save money, turning to a little-known company. Be careful in your choice and then you won’t be disappointed.

Residential project of 7 modules

The basic principles of construction of modular homes

The construction of modular structures is based on three principles, which perfectly characterize this area:

  • simplicity;
  • efficiency;
  • the speed of construction.

After approval of the work plan begins the construction of the structure. Due to the fact that most of the modules produced in factories using modern automated equipment and customized conveyors, the process of creating partitions is moving extremely fast. Typical standard house designs can be ready to install after one-two weeks. In the case of development of an individual project by the customer, deadlines are discussed separately. If you create a complex enough design on the design plan, the construction still goes much faster than the standard, requires many months.

Modular building with communications in harmony with nature and not causing any unnecessary trouble

Stages of production of modular homes

Consider, how exactly is a modular home manufacturer:

  • The plant manufactures a special section.
  • The transportation of these modules separately to the place of construction.
  • Assembly and installation of the individual components in the whole design.
  • The connection to the house all communications: water supply, Sewerage, heating, electricity, etc.
  • The results of the manufacturer’s technical documentation, which contains specifications for all modules, as well as guarantees for a specified time.
  • A useful tip! It is important to remember that each module requires the manufacturer to your individual documents. There cannot be one certificate for the whole house!

    Housing is assembled from several modules, previously created at the factory

    Prefabricated houses on a turn-key rates and stages of construction

    Low cost modular structures is one of the main advantages of this type of housing, who made this project and received wide circulation. But why is such a price difference between traditional build and modular? What is the secret of cheapness? Consider all stages of construction and the elements of saving them:

    Laying of the Foundation. To build the usual safe house, you must prepare a solid Foundation. It can be filler or tape, made of stone or brick booth, but in any case, this is a considerable expense, which can be up to 30% of all costs.

    Modular building does not require such capital investment. It is perfectly possible to install on a light Foundation of screw piles.

    Assembly hotel components in a seamless design

    The construction of the walls. Pursuing the construction of a conventional home, you first need to build a wall, then sheathing the surface of the insulation, and only after that to proceed to the final finish. Anyway, in the process, not to avoid loss of materials. The scale of the construction these losses can be very significant and noticeable. And this is considered normal, even if everything goes according to plan.

    Modules are manufactured in factories where the application goes every bit and every ounce of material. This can significantly reduce the cost of the finished product.

    The installation of the roof. Unlike traditional methods of roof construction, in this case, a special module. This eliminates the need of installation costs.

    Modular house on a Foundation of screw piles

    Communication. All communications are installed in the manufacturing process and Assembly modules at the factory. The more accurate the plan of the house with all its components, the lower will be the cost of consumables.

    Prices for the standard construction of a small modular houses start at 200,000 rubles, and can be increased depending on the size and complexity of the project.

    Custom design modular homes

    Modular home – a unique product of the modern construction market, high technology and multifunctionality which meets all requirements of modern housing.

    The roof structure modular house

    As mentioned earlier, manufacturers are almost no restrictions on the size and complexity of the design. Enough major construction companies, who have all advanced technology and equipment, can offer its customers the manufacturer of the unique modules on design projects. The house can be made in absolutely any style and design can be implemented in your wildest ideas.

    But not always the individual sketches is only the wish of the owners. Often faced with complex environmental factors and reckon with the region’s climate, landscape and features of the site. In this case, the task of specialists is to seamlessly fit the structure to any environment, whether it is the foot of the mountains, the shore of a lake or river, valley or forest edge. While making the layout of the house suitable for this type of conditions. Well-designed modular house everywhere will look appropriate and nice.

    Floating modular house with the motor

    Modular house for living in the country

    Modular cottage house – this is a great solution for building in the suburban area. To avoid unnecessary trouble and unnecessary expenses, many families prefer this type of housing. The availability of all communications make the stay as comfortable as possible. And despite the fact that it is difficult to imagine a more rapid method of construction.

    A lot of people have already discovered the ability to have their own homes using a modular construction system. The prospects which were opened before these people, is huge, and most were satisfied with their choice.
    Modular homes provide an opportunity to build their own house from scratch at a very affordable funds.


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