Ovens for bathhouse on the wood with a water tank: General provisions

Ovens for bathhouse on the wood with the water tank installed in the house in cases when there is no possibility of connecting an electric network or gas pipeline. It is a multifunctional equipment attracts users with a simple arrangement and cost-effectiveness. The marketplace offers many options of designs of various types and power level.

Modern wood burning stoves mainly made of metal

The contents

  • 1 the Furnace for a bath on the wood with a water tank: structural features
  • 2 the Principle of operation of the wood-burning cast-iron stove for baths
  • 3 Types of cast iron stoves for wood burning saunas (like tank placement), their characteristics
    • 3.1 features of furnaces for wood burning saunas long burning with a built-in or mounted tank
    • 3.2 features of furnaces with external water tank
    • 3.3 Wood stove with a water tank (heated from the chimney)
  • 4 Furnaces for baths on firewood: how to choose an optimal design
    • 4.1 the specificity of the Finnish furnaces for wood burning saunas from popular manufacturers
  • 5 the Construction of wood burning stoves for cottages of brick and metal
    • 5.1 Organization of small furnaces, metal, for baths with your hands, drawings, photos

Ovens for bathhouse on the wood with a water tank: structural features

Furnace designs have several components. The casing includes a grate, burner, chimney and space for the placement of stones, called heater.

Ovens for bathhouse on the wood with a water tank of the current generation are made of metal, sometimes of brick. But the leading positions are occupied by structures made of stainless steel.

Material for the manufacture of the grate is usually cast iron. It has excellent characteristics that can withstand serious temperatures, durable. For closing the furnace includes a sealed door.

The device is wood burning stoves with water tank

Please note! In some models, you can find the glass door. It has sufficient thickness and has heat-resistant properties.

Most models can offer a wide range of functions. So the consumers it is possible to buy inexpensive ovens for bathhouse on the wood with expanded functionality (for example, from the manufacturer of bath furnace Teplodar, or another brand).

This list may include the ability to:

  • to work in multiple modes;
  • to adjust the time;
  • to control the duration of heating of the bath facilities;
  • to set the parameters in relation to the steam quality;
  • to adjust the temperature inside the tank and steam rooms.

Wood burning stove for baths with water tank

The principle of operation of the wood-burning cast-iron stove for baths

Bookmark fuel in the equipment is carried out in several ways. This time depends on the type of wood burning furnaces for baths with tank water. In the process of burning wood produces ash and soot. These fuel residues are poured into the ashpit through the grate. The ash pan is cleaned from soot and ash by hand. The chimney is designed to output the gaseous products of combustion arising from the combustion of firewood.

In the combustion of fuel generates heat. Heated air is several times lighter than cold, so he climbs the rocks up. The stones are heated, giving heat to the steam room, which formed a comfortable temperature conditions.

An example of a device cast iron stoves with water tank

The ability to create the optimal temperature regime have a wood-burning oven for a bath with a water tank with an external firebox. In such structures, loading of fuel into the chamber is carried out from the premises, adjacent to the steam room. The exhaust gases give off heat, heats quickly water.

A useful tip! Long burning ovens are able to effectively do the work for 6-10 hours. To find the optimal design model, you can forget about constant monitoring of oven, it will be enough to replenish the supply of firewood in the furnace twice a day.

The types of cast iron stoves for wood burning saunas (like tank placement), their characteristics

Most of the manufacturers produces design, performed within the framework of rigorous design. Decorative glass for observation of flame are equipped with only stoves that are installed in the living rooms.

Wood burning furnace design are considered the traditional hardware option. During the combustion of wood in the room creates a pleasant aroma of the Russian steam.

Furnace for a bath on the wood with different types of tank

The finished design can have different type of accommodation of water tanks:

  • in the heater housing (the built-in capacity);
  • on the tube, a smoke outlet (it is recommended to buy ready-made constructions of this type, as the device of the chimney in the bath for wood stoves with their hands requires serious knowledge and skills);
  • apart from design (these furnaces include a built-in heat exchanger, which acts as a connecting element between the structure and the tank built outside);
  • hinged type (fixed to the body).

There are a number of popular designs for those who intend to purchase a stove for sauna on the firewood.

Average prices for models of furnaces with different design:

Name modality embed beastaility, RUB Tunguska smoke thrubeam 10000Helo (Finnish)vstroennye 25000Сахаранавеснойот 12000

Before buying a wood burning stove it is useful to see consumer reviews, which are mostly found in the network.

Features of furnaces for wood burning saunas long burning with a built-in or mounted tank

Tank for accommodation of water is a metal container. The design with suspended outside the tank or integrated in the furnace housing is considered to be very uncomfortable.

Embedded accommodation type water tank can not control the level of liquid in it. The water in this case is subjected to continuous boiling, so you will need to organize a system for removal of steam.

Mounted tanks characterized by rapid boiling, which is the moment when the steam starts normally protoplanets. Formed a negative phenomenon called “cold vapor”. Such steam increases the humidity level in the room, which creates serious obstacles for the formation of an acceptable and comfortable environment in the room.

Oven with built-in tank for heating water

Tip! It is recommended to use birch wood, alder wood. Efficient fuel is coal and peat briquettes. Wood must be dry to ensure rapid heating of the premises. From the use of softwood should be abandoned. When burning, it generates a large amount of soot clogging the chimney.

The attached tanks of the heat is spent on heating water, which increases the time of heating of the steam room. Hot water needs to merge and be diluted with cold that creates additional inconveniences.

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Features of furnaces with external water tank

External water tank is heated in two ways: from the pipe or chimney from the furnace. If we are talking about the heat through the furnace in metal or brick kilns installation of coil into it. Such a coil has a pair of nozzles. They go outside, where a remote mounted tank, which must be located near a heat source. The maximum distance is 3 meters.

This requirement is due to the fact that the circulation inside the loop will be carried out in natural mode. The tank is hanged on the wall inside or outside the room sauna. It is necessarily placed above the location of the combustion chamber.

The metal stove with an external water tank

This means that you can:

  • to control the temperature;
  • to control the level of the liquid;
  • to perform the installation of a shower or faucet directly to the reservoir.

Such furnaces have disadvantages. During the heating of the room is partially the heat from the furnace goes to heating the water. It is absolutely necessary, because the flooding system after heating of the steam room is prohibited, as in hot pipes can occur boiling liquid, triggered by a sharp cooling. Following this may be followed by shock and destruction of the heat exchanger.

A wood stove with a water tank (heated from the chimney)

The best option considered furnace design in which the water tank is powered by the energy of the flue gas. The gaseous products of combustion have a very high temperature. Therefore, the efficiency of the furnace will be reduced if the service hot water will be taken of the heat from the flue.

Different variants of the stoves with a tank, which is heated from the chimney

A useful tip! The process of heating can be arranged in several ways. Allowed embedding of the tank with a large volume in the chimney, the liquid will be heated from the combustion products of wood directly. Can be installed on a chimney tank of small size, equipped with two nozzles. It is mounted external to a container of greater volume.

The use of heat from combustion products for heating water is an optimal way of organizing the system, so consumers have the opportunity to buy furnaces for baths on the wood of this and other modifications in the product catalogue.

Prices for popular domestic models:

Model name (manufacturer)Price, Euro Hangar (termofor)18000Компакт (termofor)15000Тунгуска (termofor)17000Сахара (Teplodar)12000Русь (Teplodar)11000Сибирь (Teplodar)12000

There is not definitely good or bad designs. The optimum oven is selected on the basis of the conditions of the premises where you intend to install it, and the requirements of individual customers.

Ovens for bathhouse on firewood: how to choose an optimal design

If you plan to purchase wood burning stoves for bath, to facilitate the selection will help a number of settings that are worth paying attention to:

  • the level of heat capacity depends on the size of the steam room (model with a high power rating in a small room will provoke overheating and a low-power oven in a large bath very quickly breaks down because of high load);
  • a kind of furnace, which can be external or internal. In the first case, the oven is serviced from the waiting room;
  • material – most of the models consists of laminated metal, thereby avoiding the occurrence of burns because of accidental touches to a stove body;

Water tank suspended from the outside stoves

  • the furnace type is the frequent use of the bath it is recommended to install a closed design that keeps you warm for a long time. Open options furnaces installed in steam rooms that are used very rarely;
  • the volume of stones – a large number of stones contributes to a longer retention of heat, and, therefore, reduce the consumption of firewood;
  • brand products of leading manufacturers is characterized by high efficiency and extensive functionality.

Please note! Some models have a veneer in the form of ceramic tiles or stone of natural origin.

The specificity of the Finnish furnaces for wood burning saunas from popular manufacturers

Furnace design in Finland are associated by consumers with the concept of reliability and comfort. The cost of goods much higher than domestic. But the best features of Finnish products justify the high price.

Finnish furnace associated with high reliability, comfort and easy operation

Popular brands:

  • Kastor – heated due to the thermal radiation coming from the stones and walls of the housing. At the heart of design lies the principle of convection. The most advantageous characteristics of the products is high quality of the materials used in the manufacture of furnaces, attractive exterior design, a special system of ventilation and doors made of glass;
  • Helo – the range includes versions for domestic use in domestic baths (low power and price) and design transportation public facilities (a wide range, high efficiency);
  • Harvia products brand is characterized by long periods of effective service, durability, ecological compatibility and high speed of heating. Furnace economical;
  • Symbol – company equipment offers consumers the convenience of operation, simplicity and high speed of heating.

The average cost of a Finnish furnaces:

Proizvoditelnosti, RUB Kastor23000 – 38000Helo35000 – 40000Harvia21000 – 38000Narvi37000 – 45000

The construction of wood burning stoves for cottages of brick and metal

Brick designs are made with their own hands. For fast and quality construction, you can resort to professional help.

A useful tip! At the initial stage of work is the organization of the Foundation. Unlike steel or cast iron construction, the installation of heavy brick oven directly on the floor surface are unacceptable.

The metal furnace and water tank in the bath: 1 — oven-stove with hot water jacket; 2 — pipe flue stainless steel (115 mm); 3 — cutting of the chimney; 4 — non-combustible wall coverings; 5 — discharge faucet; 6 — hot water tank; 7 — the faucet draining hot water; 8 — heat-resistant pipe; 9 — the septum; 10 — shop for basin

Step by step instructions:

  • the formation of pits (depth of 0.3 m, the size of 0.1 m exceed the dimensions of a furnace on each side);
  • compaction of soil;
  • the formation of the crushed stone pillow (layer thickness – 0.1 m);
  • the formation of the sand layer and packing (thickness 0.1 m);
  • installation of wooden formwork;
  • the formation of the framework of reinforcement (diameter 12 mm and 8 mm);

Stove made of brick, built with his own hands

  • the pouring of concrete mixture (thickness 0.1 m);
  • drying for 3 weeks (formwork may be removed prior to final curing);
  • installation of waterproofing, insulation layers (sheet steel or asbestos Board);
  • laying bricks with the use of a clay solution.

A small metal furnaces for baths with your hands, drawings, photos

Metal structures are less inert than brick. Their cooling is as fast as the heat. For small steam rooms will fit a small-sized version of the product with the tank placed above the camera, which stores steam stones.

Compact oven-stove for baths with water tank (a — heater continuous action; b — Kamenka periodic action): 1 — ash pan; 2 — firebox-washerwoman; 3 — a tank filled with stones; 4 — bucket; 5 — output chimney; 6 — Baks with water; 7 — barrel filled with stones; 8 — the door for the pair

For the independent production of the body will need sheet steel with a thickness of 3-5 mm. it is Possible to use steel pipes with large diameter or the barrel.

In the upper area of the housing placed the camera for the stones. The side mounted door, through which will be watering steam stones.
Then the lining, stack of fire brick for the firebox, and also for cameras with stones.

A small metal stove for baths with a built-in tank

In the process, such a furnace hot gases, and fire will pass through the stones and heating them together with water. Gas outlet should organize the chimney from the middle of the tank. It is recommended to use the sandwich pipe.

Construction furnace design with your own hands has many advantages. However, not having the relevant skills and knowledge, it is better to resort to professional help or to buy ready-made design made of cast iron or metal.


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