Paving slabs for paths in the country. Prices, types and styles

The final step in the design of any suburban area is the creation of tracks. They are both functional and aesthetic burden. There are many variants of the device of sidewalks on the site. Perhaps one of the best materials for this purpose is paving slabs for walkways in the country. Prices vary quite widely, so everyone can pick up a product in the pocket.

Paving slabs that simulate natural stone

The contents

  • 1 Paving slabs for walkways in the country. Prices, types and design options
    • 1.1 What type of paving slabs to choose
  • 2 review of the prices on the tiles and its installation
  • 3 styling Features tracks paving slabs in the country
    • 3.1 Stylistic variety create garden paths tiles

Paving slabs for paths in the country. Prices, types and design options

Every owner in the process of creating a landscape design suburban area comes to the need design of the suburban tracks. First, it is necessary for practical reasons, as in rainy weather the sidewalks are rescued from the mud. Second, the paths give a neat finish to the whole landscape of the area. The choice of material depends on the financial capabilities and aesthetic pretensions of the owner. After all, country tracks can be made of almost anything:

  • stone;
  • gravel;
  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • paving slabs;
  • the rubber tile.

Even after the rain paving looks clean and tidy

Paths of stone is very expensive and not available to everyone. The wood rots quickly, and the plastic does not look harmoniously with the natural ensemble. Gravel is not very comfortable to walk. So today the most popular material is paving slabs for walkways in the country. Price paving 500х500х50 depends on the production technology used dyes and further additives and starts from 330 rubles per m2.

A cozy sitting area, paved asymmetrically laid paving slabs

Styles of tracks to be generated from the tiles can be very diverse. The main thing that they were in harmony with the buildings and fit into the overall design. For large and wealthy estates will fit strict style with rectilinear wide sidewalks.

To emphasize the natural elegance of the garden, paths should be done in harmony with plants and uneven terrain. In this case, they can be laid in all directions around flower beds and small architectural forms. This should take into account the planned load on the sidewalk. Depends on the choice of tiles.

A useful tip! To start laying tracks in the fall. At this time the soil is dense and does not require ramming.

Paving slabs successfully simulates the pavement

What type of paving slabs to choose

The determining factor in this issue is not just the price. Track in the country paving is often subjected to very large load, so the material needs to be durable.

There are two main types of tiles: vibropressed and vibrocasting. The first is usually a little cheaper. If the track is planned fare personal transport, then it is better to choose the second option. In addition, the thickness shall not be less than 4.5 cm.

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For footpaths tiles can be less durable and of a thickness of 3 cm is Necessary to consider more than the size of a single tile, the less it is durable. Little details rather fail in the ground than break.

Strict style tracks with the smooth geometric shapes looks very elegant

When choosing a cover for tracks you should take into account the following points:

  • legal manufacturer. The goods must be with the certificate of conformity;
  • production technology;
  • the geometric dimensions and strength;
  • the appearance and quality. Very bright tiles may be poor because of excess dye. The catalogue photo of the tracks of the paving in the country do not convey information about product quality, product it is desirable to take in hands and to spend with him a simple manipulation. A ringing sound upon impact of the two tiles indicates a good quality. A dull sound or stains on the back side signs of substandard products.

Low lights along sidewalk paths will come in handy in the evenings

If the choice is stopped on one of the tiles, it is necessary to make calculations of the required quantity of materials, including curbs, if necessary. Buy should 5% more of the tiles. This will avoid the need for lengthy searches of the necessary color in case of shortage, the more that unnecessary elements always come in handy for later repairs.

A useful tip! Along the tracks are good to mount the light. It gives an additional charm to the whole composition. In addition, it would not be amiss in the dark of the August evening.

Sidewalk tile “Scales”

Review of prices on tile and its laying

The cost of tiles, as mentioned above, may depend on many factors. Below we look at popular options for tiles with prices.

Simple tiles domestic production can cost about 300-500 rubles per square meter. Overseas options will cost more, but not much, it is possible to meet in the same 500-600 RUB/m2. The upper limit for elite paving – about 1500 rubles.

Price for laying tiles depends on the nature of additional work. So laying tiles on a base of gravel and sand will cost you about 1000 rubles per square meter, but the installation of the tiles on the concrete base – 200-300 rubles more. The difference is for the laying of curbs, from 300 to 600 rubles on average, depending on the parameters of the curbs. It is cheaper (about 500-700 rubles) will be laying tile on a ready basis.

Economical option may be to independently manufacture the products using the form for paving.

Correctly and beautifully laid paving slabs for many years will delight you

Styling features tracks paving slabs in the country

There are a large number of construction firms involved in the laying of paving slabs. The price for the work depends on the knowledge of the company, complexity of composition, technique used, and other such parameters. The price tag differs depending on the region and city.

Today it is possible to find and privateers, ready inexpensive to make laying paving slabs for walkways in the country. The price per square meter carried out their work starts from 200 rubles. Someone who has some skills in construction works, able to perform tiling on the walkways of your garden.

A beautiful combination of paving with natural gravel

To perform work must have tool: a shovel, a level, a grinder, a mixer for mixing mortar or concrete mixer for large quantities. Work is performed in the following order:

  • Demarcated on the ground. This takes into account all the irregularities of the landscape. If necessary, immediately planned the steps at high elevation.
  • Digging, deepening to 15 cm depth and required width, and then compacted.
  • Arranged curbs, if they are needed.
  • Is backfilling with sand or sand-cement mix and compacted.
  • Laid tile.
  • Rubbing seams.

Recreation area with pool and fireplace

Note that for the device of curved paths more suitable tiles of arbitrary shape.

A useful tip! Wishing to dramatically reduce the cost of the device tracks, you can buy special forms for independent low tide parts of the coating. Then the price per square foot of paving on the site will decrease.

A patio with paving slabs it looks nice and cozy

Stylistic variety create garden paths tiles

To create the unique look of your yard, paths you need to plan and make in accordance with a predetermined design. The scheme of packing of tiles is also of great importance. Tiles can be laid in a staggered or herringbone. It is possible in a chaotic manner, if necessary to achieve maximum harmony with nature. This scheme is suitable for the country style.

Grass sprouted in the gaps between the tiles that enhances the beauty of sidewalk paths

I would like to mention the possibility of arranging the space around the various small architectural forms or features of the garden landscape. Surrounding a small pond, Playground, paved sidewalk tiles in combination with pebbles will look very natural and attractive.

Track with patterned tiles, passing through alleys and arches of green shrubs and flowers will give fabulousness surrounding area. Tiled area around the house will ensure the cleanliness and tidiness. This is clearly seen in the photo of paving slabs for walkways in the country.

From the choice of style depends on the price for the work. Laying paving slabs with a variety of artistic delights is a creative work that requires a comprehensive development project of landscape design. Therefore, the cost of such work can run into thousands of rubles.

The original combination of different types of paving slabs and natural gravel

A useful tip! One of the artistic techniques when laying tiles is a deliberate abandonment of the gaps between the parts. This allows you to grow grass, creating a unique style.

In the implementation of the project of creating garden paths with paving slabs should be to show a maximum of imagination and common rules on choice of tiles and its installation.


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