Peculiarities of projects of baths of foam blocks, photos and technology

Undoubtedly, a classic wooden bath superior to any other options in the sustainability and usefulness to the body. However, wood has two significant disadvantages: susceptibility to rotting and high cost. Today a solution is found. There is a building material that is devoid of these disadvantages. This foam blocks. Modern private construction is unthinkable without this wonderful material. In particular, a large number of projects of baths of foam blocks, a photo of which can serve as a model for an individual project. Because of its hygroscopicity of the foam is not very suitable for this purpose, but, through the use of modern waterproofing materials, widely used.

The foam blocks are a great material for construction of baths

The contents

1 Foam concrete and foam concrete blocks: advantages and disadvantages
2 Designs of the baths of foam blocks, photos and construction technology
  2.1 a brief statement on the construction of the baths of foam blocks


Foam concrete and foam concrete blocks: advantages and disadvantages

The constant research of new construction materials has led humanity to the creation of foam. This unique material is created in three different ways, which affects its properties and appearance:

  • Aerated concrete is produced by adding to the solution of cement and aluminum powder, which gives a chemical reaction. In the process her form placed in an autoclave, where the pressure of the concrete hardens, forming a porous mass.
  • The foam made using the foaming agent. In this case, solidification occurs naturally.
  • Silikatobeton owes its white color to lime that is added to a solution of aerated concrete for the cords.

Any of these materials can become the basis for construction of the baths of foam blocks: projects, photos and drawings of objects can be studied in large numbers prior to construction.

Bath of foam blocks, lined with siding

The blocks of foam have unique qualities that cannot be found among natural materials

  • low specific weight and density: most items do not sink in water is not going to get wet through and through;
  • convenient size: one person can easily take the unit to lift and manipulate it freely;
  • ease of installation: to do a laying of the blocks can even an untrained person examining the main rules. Some varieties have a special lock, which further facilitates the process of laying. Blocks are easily sawn with a hacksaw, allowing you to clip them at any angle;
  • low cost: most of the volume of the foam block is air, which costs nothing, while the production has a high degree of automation.

The scheme of laying of walls baths from foam blocks

From disadvantage is the high hygroscopicity. This material absorbs water, which becomes a destroyer at low temperatures. This lack defines the features of projects of baths of foam blocks, a photo of the table which is always provided with the stages of the waterproofing.

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Designs of the baths of foam blocks, photos and construction technology

In our time, bath has not only a unitary function of the room for bathing of people, but is the object in which to relax and unwind from the bustle of the city. In this regard, building of the baths today with an eye on it. Apart from the basic rooms such as a steam room and a washroom may be present: rest room, terrace, attic and even a swimming pool.

The project of a bath 9.7 x 6.3 m with a relaxation room and a terrace

Among the projects of baths of foam blocks, photos of objects with a rest room the most common. In this case, the relaxation room plays the role of another and changing rooms. It makes much more than other areas as there is need to place table, chairs, and other items of furniture.

The cheapest and the best option is to build a sauna measuring 4 x 6 m. In this case, you can divide the entire area by a partition in half, and one of the halves in half or even in proportion. The resulting large room features a relaxation room and a small washroom and steam room.

A useful tip! During the construction of baths with room necessary to provide a vestibule or foyer at the entrance from the street. It will not let in the winter cold air to freely enter the premises.

Bath of foam blocks with terrace, finished with plaster (3D project)

Another series of projects of baths of foam blocks, a photo of which has fine railings. Is baths terraces. These open areas can be equipped with chairs and tables, as well as barbecues and ovens for a barbecue. Terraces have a single with bath design and the same basic design.

Some projects involve the construction of a second floor in the attic. Often this is done by those who do not have the parcel other residential buildings. In the attic you can sleep after the holidays.

The project of a bath with an attached utility area


A brief statement on the construction of the baths of foam blocks

Before performance it is necessary to choose the site for construction. It should be in a place like this site where will be complied with all fire safety regulations and building codes 30-02-97 that reglamentary rules of building land.

According to these rules from the fence bath must stand 1 m from a neighbor’s house by 8 m, and from the border of his “Empire” not less than 5 m. If these rules are not followed, the neighbors can appeal your construction and facility will have to be demolished. The site itself should be on a dry place, as the foam blocks “do not like” water.

Compact bath from foam blocks covered

After selecting a site, you need to determine the type of Foundation. As foam concrete is lightweight, the construction of a massive strip Foundation under the whole structure is impractical. To save money, you can offer the following scheme of building the Foundation:

  • strip Foundation along the contour of the steam room and the washroom with the device of cement screed over the entire area. The depth depends on the soil properties and may be no more than 30 cm;
  • installation of monolithic foundations under the main oven and a barbecue on the terrace. The height of the monolith should be to the level of the floor;
  • columnar or pile Foundation under the rest room and terrace.

Examples of projects of baths with pool

On strip Foundation necessarily fit waterproofing. On piles or columns is the frame of a metal corner in the contour, which will be the laying of foam blocks. This design of combined Foundation presupposes the existence of main wall between the main room and relaxation room, but it greatly saves on the concrete.

In the bath it is possible to equip the pool

A useful tip! To blocks is not damp and are not destroyed, need to build internal and external waterproofing on the walls. Outside it is desirable to make the ventilated facade with waterproofing and insulation.

How to do masonry work, can be understood by examining the projects of baths of foam blocks. Some of their pictures show details of all the technology. Complicated here nothing. The foam blocks are stacked in rows along the perimeter of the Foundation is strictly on the level. Every three rows you must place the masonry grid for a bunch of blocks. Window and door openings on top are closed by the jumpers from the corner. Because the foam blocks are well cut, for putting some of the openings do not need to invent anything. The blocks are simply cut to size.

Interesting project of the baths of foam blocks with semicircular facade

A useful tip! For a more reliable abutting the inner main wall to the outside, they are connected to each other angled fittings. It is placed in the arcuate grooves, cut with a special wall chasers.

The construction of the roof and interior penobloki bath is not particularly different from the construction of baths made from other materials. All construction work efficiently, soundly and beautifully, you must comply with all recommendations.


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