Pergola: simple and beautiful photos of the original pavilions

Summer day, a green garden and in the back garden and elegant pergola: simple and beautiful photos of amazing designs assures that only one of their appearance evokes a feeling of serenity, conducive to rest and relaxation. Modern gazebos vary in design, use of materials for their construction and purpose. Some of them act as a summer kitchen, other — set in a quiet solitude with a book, others are designed for special occasions. But whatever the function of gazebo, the unity of them in one — they are expressive decoration of garden or backyard space.

Partially closed with the two sides of a wooden gazebo

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1 Arbor: simple and beautiful photo designs interesting design
  1.1 simple Wooden gazebo: photo. Simple, nice and original
  1.2 Photos of arbors metal: simple and beautiful
  1.3 Pavilions of brick and stone
2 Designs of gazebos made of polycarbonate. Photos ideas for choosing
  2.1 Main advantages of polycarbonate
  2.2 a Variety of forms of structures made of polycarbonate
3 Select the venue and decor for the gazebo
4 pics and gazebo to give turnkey


Pergola: simple and beautiful photo designs interesting design

To arrange a quiet place in the garden, you can use structures gazebos: beautiful and simple. Photo modern structures demonstrate the variety of their form and purpose. Through the use in their construction of advanced materials with unique properties, summer pavilions are not only decorative but also multi-purpose structures.

Creative gazebo spherical shape covered with fabric

Construction materials used for arbors, can be very diverse: from the usual available wood and ending with a massive natural stone. Design they can be built closed or open, be equipped with different equipment, can be formed as light structures of translucent plastic, and can be created from delicate living plants.


Simple wooden gazebo: photo. Simple, nice and original

The wooden structure has always attracted attention for its natural energy and perfect blend with the surrounding landscape. Thanks to the excellent pliability processing, wear resistance and durability, wood is successfully used for the construction of simple pavilions. The photo is beautiful, simple and tastefully designed wooden pavilions demonstrate that each variant is unique.

Wooden gazebo with additional households. room

The popularity of the use of wood for construction lies in the fact that if you want, you can build a simple gazebo for the garden with his own hands. Photo of wooden structures, made independently, will serve as an example to create your own individual project.

If your suburban or country house made of logs, it is quite logical to complement the design of the rest area gazebo out of logs. Among the garden trees will look picturesque gazebo in the form of towers or rustic cottage. If your cottage is located in the forest area, the forest background log design will resemble a fairy-tale hut.

Octagonal gazebo with shingle roof

Such construction can be given the form of a square, a rectangle or a polyhedron, the gazebo can be done completely open or run closed version, providing Windows and doors.

A useful tip! If you plan to use wooden arbors in the cold season, better make it a closed design.

In a wooden gazebo offers functional lighting

Gazebos made of lumber, visually look lighter, but it’s pretty solid construction. An impressive variety of forms and architectural solutions of the products of timber. If the plot sizes are small, then a gazebo of timber you can make very tiny, which, however, will not affect its visual appeal.

The construction of the pavilions of the timber, the device does not require massive base and contributes to a significant reduction in the cost of construction. In addition, the design can be made in any acceptable for you style. Ways of execution of such fences gazebos there are countless.

Cozy gazebo painted in contrasting colors — white and dark grey

This can be a railing with carved balusters, wood lattice, horizontal beams, branches, laid on the type of fence, as well as elements of other materials. Look built with his own hands the product simple and beautiful. Photo simple gazebos illustrates the unmatched masterpieces of skillful masters.

To make a wooden gazebo swing, you can painting it in light colors: white color to add a touch of purity and transparency, a pale pink will add warmth and tenderness, and the blue will make the design visually weightless.

Near the gazebo made of wood a stone oven


Photos of pavilions of metal: simple and beautiful

Elegant and exquisite designs metal arbors for the garden are convinced that even metal can start the heat. Neatly mounted metal pavilions perfectly complement the architectural composition and elegant look in the garden or on the green meadow. You can see the gazebo from metal unusual, sometimes bizarre, forms. And from this they will benefit.

For the manufacture of such models have traditionally used metal corner, pipes of different cross-section profile. Assemble construction metal, for strength to those who have at least a slight knowledge of the welding apparatus. The simplest design can be welded of rectangular tube frame, covered with slate or tiles.

Metal gazebo with fabric roof

Thanks to the skillful decoration, even the simple design will gain charming look. Photos metal gazebos for the garden illustrates the unusual shape of these structures. It may be a likeness of the space ship, the Eastern castle and even a flying saucer.

A useful tip! For joining metal elements of the frame of the gazebo sometimes, instead of welding using a bolted connection.

Design garden gazebos are made of wood and metal

In the quest to equip inner area with a gazebo, many people prefer metal structures. Indeed, despite the visual simplicity, these products feature high strength, resistance to weathering and can be used for decades. Not terrible for metal models and different properties of soils: they can be built even under the condition that the soil at the site is clayey. And the design of some variants implies a modular design and the possibility of moving the gazebo to a new location.

Metal frame gazebos lined waterproof plywood

The special charm of the pavilions of the metal gives the elements of artistic forging. Forged items fit perfectly in many stylistic directions. It looks great as hex designs with impressive size and delicate lines modest rectangular gazebos. These pavilions perfectly complement the exterior design if the house and the area includes a wrought-iron elements: a canopy over the porch, gate or fence the entire property.

Simple gazebo-pergola with metal profiles and awning

However, it should be noted that the cost of forged products is quite high: the price of a small open model with dimensions of 3×3 m without installation and roofing will be from 5800 rubles per one square meter and above, depending on the complexity of the pattern.

The ability of metal to combine opens applies to the pavilions many additional features. Metal goes well with wood, plastic, glass and many other materials. In support of this, numerous photos metal gazebos to give the polycarbonate.

Massive construction of gazebo made of metal


Pavilions of brick and stone

Brick gazebo erected in the country open or closed. The simple design consists of four support pillars and a canopy over them. Such structures are easy to install, but suitable only for those who spend time in the country only in the warm period.

For year round use suitable solid buildings of brick gated with large panorama Windows and thick doors. Houses made of brick are equipped with grills, barbecue, smokers and fireplaces. Such construction can be used as a summer kitchen, and sometimes as a guest house.

Near the pool there is a large stone gazebo

In some models resort to combining brick with other materials. It can be metal, wood, polycarbonate, glass and other building materials. Depending on the preferences of the owners of pavilions constructed of square, round, hexagonal, octagonal or give them a more complex shape. The stone gazebo fit perfectly into the overall style of the suburban area.

The base and fence of the gazebo is built of brick and decorative stone

Impressive pavilions, which use natural stone: granite, Sandstone, booth. Buildings are often decorated with columns. Such constructions require massive foundations, and their construction will be costly. However the appearance and durability of these structures justify the high cost.


Construction of gazebos made of polycarbonate. Photos ideas for choosing

Given the unique properties of polycarbonate, its use in the construction of gazebos is gaining popularity. This material is adjacent to the wood and metal that allows you to make good use of such combination for the manufacture of the gazebos.

Polycarbonate is a popular material for decorating gazebos


The main advantages of polycarbonate

A number of qualitative characteristics of polycarbonate makes it quite popular for the construction of the summer pavilion. The main ones:

  • high durability — the polycarbonate sheet has a cellular structure, the partitions of stiffness to provide structural strength against the weight of the material;
  • impact resistance;
  • excellent sound insulation performance;
  • the translucency of the panels of polycarbonate cell sample is passed up to 92% of light;
  • protection from UV exposure;

Square gazebo with a roof made of polycarbonate

  • resistance to extreme temperature changes — allows you to use the gazebo of this material at any time of the year;
  • flexibility, plasticity — due to this, structures can be shaped into almost any form;
  • lightweight — polycarbonate 15 times lighter than glass, is highly susceptible to cutting, easy to install;
  • impervious to weathering, durable (can last over 10 years);
  • has a wide color palette;
  • does not require additional processing, easy maintenance.

Polycarbonate possesses excellent sunlight

The excellent ductility of the material processing allows to assemble a gazebo made of polycarbonate in the yard of a private home. Photo amazing structures demonstrates a non-trivial form of the gazebos.

There is also the opportunity to purchase ready-made designs, selecting and ordering your favorite model in the catalog on the manufacturers ‘ websites. In service organisations includes the delivery and Assembly of structures on your property.

The polycarbonate sheets can bind the surface of any shape


A variety of forms of structures made of polycarbonate

What structures of the polycarbonate can be given a different configuration, gives the opportunity to make a reality of any idea. It can be a simple structure of two benches and a table in the middle, with a semicircular cover made of polycarbonate. This mini-gazebo of profile pipes and plastic can be moved anywhere in the garden or yard.

For those who prefer a closed model, a pergola for walls using sheets of transparent polycarbonate. In the gazebo you can shelter from the wind and rain, and by choosing to cover the yellow or orange color, you can create inside the illusion of sunlight, despite the inclement weather.

The original gazebo round shape polycarbonate

A useful tip! Applying the construction of the gazebo roof, used for connection of a thermo washer in the color of the material. This will make the spot almost invisible mounting and will give the product an aesthetic appearance.

Very impressive looking gazebo, made of profiles and polycarbonate in the form of a hemisphere with sliding doors on rails. This structure allows you to see country landscape on either side. While in solitude, you at the same time not deprived of the opportunity to observe what is happening around.

A gazebo constructed from metal profiles and polycarbonate

The perfect combination of different forged design with a coating of polycarbonate. They can be hexagonal or octagonal in shape, having an unmatched festive appearance. Such gazebos are often performed when there is no need to save square meters of space for relaxing.

The transparency of the polycarbonate roof allows you to place inside the gazebo vases and planters with your favorite colors. They will get enough sunlight for development and at the same time, will be deprived of the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

For the gazebo, a small wooden podium

If in emphasis of the exterior is dominated by the wooden elements can be freely combined polycarbonate with wood. With models of such structures can be unpredictable and resemble the shape of a horse-drawn carriage or baby swing, the rocking chair under the roof.

In a separate group, you can include gazebos made of polycarbonate with the shape of the roof arch. Most often such structures are used in the form of light sheds attached to the house. Polycarbonate in such structures can act at once as the roof and walls. Very interesting design of the gazebo with a roof made in several levels. It is more difficult to execute design. And it is wise to order ready-made gazebo polycarbonate to give. Photo and price of products can be seen in the price lists of manufacturers.

Polycarbonate protects holidaymakers in the gazebo from UV radiation


Choose the place and the decor for the gazebo

How well you position the gazebo will depend on conditions of stay in it. If the installation of the design you have chosen open area, be it summer will be almost impossible. Under the hot rays of the sun that the space inside will resemble a steam room.

Try to position the gazebo in the garden where the trees will be created in deep shadow. A wonderful choice will be the location of the gazebo near the pond. It will be an artificial pool or a natural stream is not so important, most importantly, the coolness and freshness that will come from the water.

Examples of the location of the gazebo near the pond

If you think the gazebo will serve as a summer kitchen and equipped with oven, grill or fireplace should be installed not too far from the main house. This allows you to avoid large expenditures in carrying out the communications and electricity. You should also consider the free approach to the gazebo and make it a quality track, so that you can safely walk on it, when there are damp from rain the earth.

A useful tip! Install a gazebo so that the entrance is located on the convenient side. If you expand the entrance 180 degrees from home is not very convenient to complete a pavilion with furniture and set the table for the arrival of guests.

Gazebo, stylized house in country style

It is undesirable to mount the gazebo near the carriageway, where the guests will be disturbed by the noise and the dust of the road, and near the neighbor’s fence or a view of the outbuildings, compost pits and so on. Massive structures made of stone can be placed so that the design resonated with the garden of stones or the picturesque Alpine slide.

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An important role in the design of the gazebo plays the decoration. Even the most unpretentious, the pavilion can give an exquisite and unique look, skillfully adorning the structure. Techniques and ways to show imagination, there are many. Very touching and romantic looks outdoor gazebo, fencing which is buried in climbing flowers. For this purpose, suitable girlish grapes, hops, or perfoliate. Can be placed on the railing of containers with flowering Petunia or hanging around the perimeter of planters with annual flowers.

Gazebo design in contemporary style

To give a simple gazebo cozy atmosphere will help the textile. Plain or floral curtains in each section of the fence will add a special warmth to the pavilion. Using in the decoration of textiles, consider prevailing wind direction in your area. Inside the gazebo you can hang a hammock or hanging chair. If your chosen design has a wrought iron insert, try in immediate proximity to position a fake bridge with hand rails of the same material.

Very often, in terms of the suburban areas of small size, the gazebo combine with a workshop or outhouse. This allows you to save money and area, and materials. Painted the walls of such building in white color, it is possible to achieve visually expand the space. For decor you can use vintage mirrors, lamps and comfortable furniture made of natural material.

Inside the gazebo can be placed comfortable furniture

Fantastic view of the pavilion will give illumination in the evening led tape. Using a garden or electrical fixtures can softly illuminate the perimeter of the construction. If you have a romantic encounter, you can decorate one wall candlesticks, made of ordinary glass. Use inspiring photos of gazebos in the courtyard of a private house with beautiful decorations.

A useful tip! If your gazebo is made in closed doors, for lighting suitable normal room light bulb. If the pavilion is an outdoor — use lamps intended for street lighting, which have some protection.

The roof of the gazebo is equipped with the steel sheets

For those who love an evening alone with a book, can be hung from the ceiling lamp, adjustable-length light can be made directional to read, or diffused to illuminate the entire space. An important condition for the establishment of a gazebo with electricity is the observance of norms and rules of fire safety.


Photos and prices of the gazebo to give turnkey

The construction of the gazebo with their hands – interesting and fun. However, many, owing to lack of time, experience and necessary tools, can’t afford it. And so I want to have a garden gazebo, a beautiful girl. Do not worry, online you can find a lot of websites and online stores where you can order and buy ready-made design.

Modern gazebo in the yard of a private house

Project design, manufacture and installation of garden gazebos do many manufacturers. They are offered as standard designs, and unique options, designed according to your wishes. The offered design of gazebo made of wood (the prices are in the catalogs), metal, polycarbonate and other materials.

The cost of services included the design of the gazebo, its manufacture, delivery and installation. Calling a technician to measure separately. To make it easier to calculate the cost, you can use online designer calculator for arbors.

An overview of some of the prices of gazebos made of wood (photo structures indicated in the catalogue):

Name isdelegate of opisaniyami, RUB the Gazebo garden of the “New Riga”Has a diagonal of 3 m, painted in Matt white color, up to 10 человек68400Деревянная country gazebo “Grid” With roof garden черепицей55400Беседка “Dark grid”Fencing — decorative grid strips, coated черепицей53100Садовая gazebo “White forging”Fence — simulated wrought iron, colour — white. When ordering ready-made gazebos — table подарок82900Дачная furniture made of wood Caravella can accommodate up to 10 people. Coated with alkyd paint, two-tiered roof made of bitumen черепицы91700Беседка octagonal “sunshine”up to 16 people, colors — natural pine, the roof of the pagoda is plated with черепицы188900

The prices shown in the table take into account the assembling of the structure on your site. When ordering, you can choose the pattern and color of the flexible roofing. The company may offer to sell Foundation blocks under construction, however it is not included and is charged separately.

The price of the metal gazebos for the garden (and the photos of models clearly demonstrates this) largely depends on the metal used, the complexity of installation and size of the structure. If you opt for a small simple design with dimensions of 3×3 m, consisting of metal posts and canopy, you meet the amount of 16,990 rubles But a more complex design octagonal metal gazebo called “South beach” will cost RUB 88900

Furniture made of wood with glass railings

Significantly affects the cost of the gazebos of metal availability in the design of forged components and equipped with barbecue, barbecue or built-in furniture. The price of forged products for the most simple designs is 3990 rubles per sq. m and above.

The range of models will allow everyone to choose the option like and can afford. The dimensions here are not so important. Due to the decorative design, any, even a very small gazebo will delight your eyes and remain a favorite place to stay.


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