Photo-plan single-storey home 10 to 10. Options for increasing living space

Nice and cozy rustic house is a great alternative to city apartments. Photo-plan single-storey house 10 for 10 show how to equip a really comfortable, convenient and the most functional dwelling, which will be nice to be anyone living.

One-storey house of size 10 by 10 — can be spacious and functional

The contents
1 The Main advantages of a one-storey house 10 by 10
2 Options to increase living space
3 That includes a competent project home
4 Approximate number of rooms. Photo of single storey house plan 10 10
5 The details of the layout of children's rooms and bedrooms
6 Practical tips for streamlining space
6.1 The facades of the buildings: a photo-story houses (video)
The main advantages of a one-storey house 10 by 10

A one-story building with an area of 10×10 is considered one of the most popular housing options. The wide spread of such models of buildings due to a number of advantages:

  • the inner space is enough for comfortable stay several persons;
  • significant savings in the regeneration of the Foundation, as the load on it during the construction of one floor is much lower;

Combining the kitchen and living room save space

  • the lack of stairs allows you to protect from falls from a height young children;
  • space heating in winter is much faster and the overall heat loss is much less.
  • a huge opportunity to create interesting design solutions.

Abandoning the entrance hall and a corridor — you can win more free space

In order that the accommodation was comfortable — requires good planning of the rooms. Separation of work areas from areas designed for relaxation or leisure activities.

A useful tip! When building a house, you should pay special attention to its location. It should be placed on the site so that the wind could blow the roof slopes. This will greatly reduce the resistance when the Gale-force winds and to protect the Gables from falling rain.

The project is a one story house with one bedroom and two children’s rooms

Options for increasing living space

The house has an area 10 by 10 – quite spacious, but in any case, the owners would like to win a few square meters to build more comfortable space. Question to cut out the extra area is relevant if the occupants are a family of several people and often taking guests. There are several ways of optimization and increase living space:

  • on the ground floor or in the basement can accommodate a gym or sauna;
  • if you plan to install a flat roof, then it is possible to equip the space for relaxing or a barbecue;
  • when assembling the shed roof in the continuation of the slope to allow for verandas or terraces;
  • the construction of the mansard roof will allow you to carve out additional space for bedrooms.

The rational partitioning of space into functional zones — come, lounge with dining area and fireplace group

All of these methods are great options to increase usable area and more efficient use of living space. A proper design will help even with the planning of single-storey house 8 on 10. The photo below amply demonstrates this.

The photos and layout of the rooms one-storey house

A useful tip! If the house you plan to build a porch, you can sheathe his special insulated panels and equip another door. This vestibule could take on all the functions inherent in the hallway.

Design project of a private house with a garage and three bedrooms

That includes competent project home

House project one floor must include a description of all the architectural niceties. There is a floor plan showing the location of doors, Windows, and dimensions of each room, utility rooms. The project is a calculation of the foundations, walls, floors and roof structures. Optional is a wiring diagram indicating the switches, sockets, fixtures.

Glass walls and plenty of Windows let the room a lot of sunlight

The project must be completed and a location plan of the communication lines:

  • water;
  • ventilation;
  • heating;
  • sanitation.

A detailed description of each part of the project allows for accurate calculation of the required construction and finishing materials, which depends on the successful construction of the whole structure. An integrated approach to the project guarantees the durability of all structural elements of the household.

Cozy living room in a private house

Approximate number of rooms. Photo of single storey house plan 10 10

When planning a house with one floor require all residential and non-residential rooms. For the convenience of living usually include the following facilities:

  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • the hallway or vestibule;
  • boiler;
  • bathroom with WC;
  • bedroom;
  • study or nursery.

This is an exemplary arrangement of which may vary in each case depending on the needs of the family and the number of residents. How to organize additional zones and slightly increase the area described above.

The project is a one story house with one bedroom and one kids room

The subtleties of the layout of children’s rooms and bedrooms

Some areas require more thorough and careful attention to their planning. These include places of frequent stay of children, as well as rooms designed for rest and sleep of the inhabitants of the house. When planning such a room it is worth considering some of the subtleties:

  • bedrooms are best located in a distant part of the house, to proper rest, not interfere with vanity in kitchen and living rooms;
  • Windows of children’s bedrooms should be on the Sunny side of the building or go directly to the East;

Plan of a private house with two children’s rooms and bedroom

  • a suitable area for such premises shall not be less than 8 m2;
  • the optimal size of the bedrooms for spouses 10-20 m2;
  • the perfect children’s for two children requires more space 14-24 m2;
  • bedrooms for children should not be passing, that is to have more than one door;
  • recommended height of room not less than 250 cm;
  • arrangement of furniture is also better to foresee at the planning stage of construction to avoid “surprises” in the form which does not fit the wardrobes and beds.

Modern single storey house

Planning everything in advance, we can derive a unique formula for the location of rooms and elements in space for the most convenient operation at home and comfortable stay. All of these nuances are suitable for planning single-storey house for 10 12. Photo properly planned children’s bedrooms and can be easily found on the Internet.

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Practical advice on rationalizing the space

Tips for optimal use of space of the house:

  • save a few square meters will allow the rejection of the hallway. In such a situation, equips of double entrance door and next to it a wardrobe;
  • combining the kitchen, dining room and living room in one room will also help to streamline the space due to the lack of additional wall partitions;
  • another option save space is considered a shared bathroom. Here you can experiment with the corner fixtures that will also free up a little space.

In summer, on the terrace of a private house you can arrange a barbecue and dining group

  • when planning could be envisaged in some places, home multifunction shelves-niches, the ability to install wall cabinets. It will relieve some of the rooms from the installation of bulky wardrobes, high cupboards and other furniture that occupies a lot of space;
  • you can optionally equip a dressing room combined with pantry. It is possible to remove unnecessary things that don’t match the season, as well as to place various tools and infrequently used inventory.

A useful tip! Saving on the space occupied by the partitions and bearing walls, may take place in the regeneration of load-bearing columns. This is an interesting interior solution must be designed by experienced craftsmen, as it takes the load bearing wall.

Proper planning of one-story house necessary for the comfort of living

The convenience plan also depends on the location of the shared rooms. Which option is better depends on the owner. Each family has its own needs and requirements, so a perfect solution or a single formula for planning a one-storey house simply can not be. Given these subtleties and observing some of the requirements to the layout of the individual rooms, you can create a unique, convenient for a particular family housing.

The facades of the buildings: a photo-story houses (video)


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