Plasterboard ceilings in the hall: photo, design features, installation with your own hands

Normally after repair or alterations the time comes to design the home. There are many simple but very effective methods of subjective expansion of space and increasing light. The most time consuming, but effective in aesthetic terms, the process – creation in the design hall ceiling (photo of interiors from the series “then and now” to prove it), the more that in addition to the visual separation of the space can make a real and radical change of the light level. With their hands can perform most of the work. Plasterboard ceilings in the hall: photo and video instructions for installation will help to understand the nuances of the work.

Installation of the ceiling drywall sheets with his hands

The contents

1 The Advantages of drywall
2 Needed materials and tools
  2.1 Materials for installation of ceiling of plasterboard in the hall: photos samples
  2.2 tools for the installation of plasterboard ceilings in the hall with their hands
3 Types of false ceilings of plasterboard in the hall: photo of beautiful solutions
4 Installation of ceiling of plasterboard with their hands
  4.1 Mounting frame for suspended ceiling of plasterboard in the hall of the stages
  4.2 fastening the drywall to the frame
  4.3 Preparation for finishing
  4.4 Installation of two-level ceiling of plasterboard for the hall: photos
5 Plasterboard Ceilings in the hall: photo of successful design examples
  5.1 Design of the ceiling drywall to the audience: photos in the Khrushchev
  5.2 Photograph taken in the hall of the drywall. Photos of rooms from 25 sq m

The advantages of drywall

Because gypsum Board (drywall) is not only versatile but also very easy material to handle, it is ideal for the design of the ceiling of the hall in the apartment. Photo and video instructions for installation can be found on the Internet. They demonstrate not only the workflow, but also a number of advantages of drywall:

  • drywall is one of the most economical materials that is always available in almost any store for construction and repair;

Plasterboard is a versatile material and is perfect for ceiling design in living room

  • drywall is simple to use, allowing the construction of it mounted very quickly;
  • for suspended plasterboard ceilings can be the best way to hide all kinds of wires and tubes of the ventilation system;
  • drywall is very flexible, bends well, with the help of simple easily digestible techniques it can be given any shape. Due to this, with it may be embodied the most daring ideas;

With drywall, you can create a ceiling of any shape

  • if necessary, additional fixation of the ceiling of any module of the drywall can be replaced without breaking the whole structure;
  • it is a safe, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material. It has good fire properties: hygroscopic: absorbs excess moisture, but releases it easily in dry air, and thus maintains the humidity within certain limits. So it can be used in any premises, including children’s rooms, etc.;

The ceiling of plasterboard eco-friendly, completely safe, is resistant to fire

  • the drywall at the expense of looseness is a good insulator, besides it blends easily with foam or mineral wool, which creates additional heat and sound insulation;
  • drywall is indispensable when you need to quickly and with minimal cost to eliminate irregularities and roughness of the ceiling or walls;
  • finishing drywall can be accomplished without the production of complex preparatory work;
  • in the presence of a drywall ceiling in the room you can organize any lighting.

Single-level ceiling of plasterboard in the living room


The necessary materials and tools

The installation process is easy to implement, but requires precision, so when concise list of materials set of tools may seem rather big.

Materials for installation of ceiling of plasterboard in the hall: photos samples

List the main materials and fasteners needed for installation:

  • sheets of drywall gypsum Board and, if necessary gypsum PLASTERBOARD (plasterboard high humidity);

Drywall is an ideal tool for leveling the surface of the ceiling

  • guiding profile UD (28×27 mm) and the main ceiling profile CD (60×27 mm). Guide profiles are contoured frame they are mounted just below the ceiling around the perimeter of the room, and they have inserted and secured the main ceiling (load-bearing or longitudinal) profiles. Between the main bearing profiles as jumper used so-called basic secondary profile (transverse) and the main profiles are fastened the sheets of drywall;

1 — suspension of the anchor type; 2 — suspension direct

  • direct (or universal) system. There are similar clamps, but universal hangers, U-shape may have a lot of frequent holes in the “wings” that allow you to quickly adjust the height of the fixing profile. The hangers themselves are attached to the main ceiling;
  • dowels and anchors for attaching hangers to the ceiling and rails to the walls and crabs for coupling the longitudinal profiles with a cross.

Drywall allows you to organize your living room in any type of lighting


A set of tools for installation of ceiling of plasterboard in the hall with their hands

The living room can be called the “face” of the apartment, so choose carefully, because its quality directly affects the end result. A minimal set of tools for decorating the ceiling of plasterboard is:

  • water level (can be normal, but then the partitioning will require much more time and effort);
  • joiner’s square or just a triangle to measure angles when marking the ceiling;

Tools required for installation of ceiling of plasterboard

  • paint a Jack-cord. You can do a pencil, but then you can not save efforts for multiple checks of the accuracy of the layout;
  • the construction of the hacksaw;
  • the screwdriver (otherwise you’ll have manual screwdriver to tighten to screws on the room average area);
  • plane;
  • fishing line;
  • roulette;
  • a drill is a drill with bits for drilling, hole cutting and mixing.

After installation of sheets of drywall needed treatment, which will help align the seams and to achieve a perfectly flat surface

After installation, your hands suspended plasterboard ceiling in the hall (photo confirms this), you have to align the seams and to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. This will require:

  • putty knife putty;
  • construction knife;
  • sandpaper;
  • the reinforcing tape.

Room lighting is implemented by spotlights


The types of false ceilings of plasterboard in the hall: photo of beautiful solutions

Photos or sketches of designers will help to distinguish two main types of the ceiling designs of plasterboard: single-level and multilevel.

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Single-level ceiling – the most simple construction of plasterboard with simple design without any complicated decoration. Best suited for creating relaxed interiors in rooms with low ceilings and uneven. This allows the ceiling to hide all the wires and embed any lighting (this is the preferred spot lights). For finishing you can use any paint, Wallpaper, fabric, film adhesive.

The ceiling in the living room is decorated with plasterboard sheets

A useful tip! One-level ceilings is better to use for creation classical interiors, as well as in the styles of minimalism and loft.

With multi-level curved ceilings of plasterboard in the hall, even a little, you can achieve a sense of volume and depth. This design will not only help to zone the space and create a unique interior.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the living room, decorated in a classic style


The installation of ceiling of plasterboard with their hands

If there is at least the slightest skill of the repair work, the installation of ceiling of plasterboard with their hands (video instruction with a phased assignment process will help in any case) will not be a difficult task. It is only necessary carefully to design the design, to consider how to hide under leaves flaws of the main ceiling and communications, as well as to know the characteristics of the material.

Marking walls prior to installation of the plasterboard ceiling

Consider, as a brief overview of the steps the creation of the ceiling of plasterboard in the hall, then details – the subtleties of each step. In contrast to bedrooms, kitchens, balconies and a corridor, a living room should be universal, so lets not be shy in zoning, but requires more careful installation. Usually, the living room always has the largest area, and this complicates the process of assembling in the hall of the ceiling drywall. With his own hands (photo instructions will come in handy) can be performed all the necessary work.

Modern living room design ceiling of plasterboard


Mounting frame for suspended ceiling of plasterboard in the hall of the stages

You first need to decide whether to use the lamps in the plane of the gypsum layer, or not. Options for the location of the lamps are many, but the drywall allows to refuse from a single light source in the form of a Central chandelier. Halogen spotlights will allow you to “play” with the light within wide limits, zoning space even without changing its geometry.

Diagram of the device of the ceiling of plasterboard sheets

A useful tip! Located on the perimeter spotlights to visually enlarge the space of the hall. Photo plasterboard ceilings with lighting – more than ample proof of that.

The design of the ceiling affects the entire visual appearance of the room

About 5 years ago in the sale began to appear the energy-saving led lamps, which differ not only in brightness, but the spectrum close to daylight, and is superior to the luminous flux even fluorescent lights.

For the installation of suspended plasterboard ceilings use two types of profiles

Important! Led lighting can seem expensive, but don’t give up the opportunity to do in a room beautiful ceiling of plasterboard, photos can demonstrate the beauty of such designs.

Plasterboard ceiling, ideal for both classic and modern interior of the hall

If the fixtures are not installed in the false ceiling will have to donate only 5 cm height of the room. If installed, you will need to reserve larger gap of about 10 cm (standard lamp has a height of 9 cm).

The calculation of boarding ceiling of plasterboard

Mark the height. Measuring the height of the room by the roulette wheel, you should find the lowest corner (on the wall of length 6 m is permitted construction of error of 1-1. 5 cm in height, and the installation of the suspended ceiling, every inch is critical). Then from the floor (not the ceiling!) you need to measure the required height to the ceiling were 10 cm using a water level along the entire perimeter walls of the room represent the horizontal line and mark it with masking cord.

Installation of profiles and hangers. In the walls on the marked line reams holes for the dowels in increments of about 40 cm and the fixed guide profiles.

Suspended ceiling on one-level metal frame: 1 single — level frame; 2 — gypsum plasterboard

Then mark the ceiling, parallel lines and attach the hangers. Usually, it is sufficient to set them in increments of 50-70 see If the design is complex and multi-layered, the suspensions set not one by one and in pairs at a distance of 5-10 cm from each other.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the living room

Then in the insert slots guide main profiles and fix them in suspension. Not to miss in attachment height, it is best to pull on the diagonal line of the room the farthest apart corners. The “wings” of the folded suspensions.

The scheme of mounting the frame to a two-level ceiling of plasterboard

Now we need to strengthen the construction of secondary transverse profiles – they are placed there, where to dock plasterboard. The result is a metallic frame-bars.

With the drywall ceiling, you can create a unique design living room

Left to breed the wiring if mounted lamps, and bring it to each place of installation of the soffit around with the meter stock. It is desirable to skip the wiring in corrugated plastic pipe: it will protect it from damage in the case of the Gulf from the upstairs neighbours or from fading (static tension frame together with the surge in obschedomovoy network can lead to a breakdown).

In the ceiling space easy to hide pipes and wires


Attaching drywall to the frame

Alone this procedure difficult to do even for an experienced installer. Need an assistant.

First you need to prepare the cutting: what first put the sheet on a flat horizontal surface of the table face up. A large sheet should be cut into sheets of a size 120х250 cm (if you have a helper) or 120х125 cm (if the installation will have to be controlled independently). In any case, cutting should be adjusted so that the ends of the sheet had on the supporting frame profiles. Make incisions with a sharp knife, then pull the incision to the edge of the table and nagligivaget. The sheet is turned over and again held a knife at the target line. Scrapping will be rough, but smooth.

Installation of the ceiling drywall sheets

Then the scrapping process a plane with less than mm blade protrusion, and the protrusions and irregularities are pre-cut with a knife. Now we need to cut the holes for the lights, pipes and sockets, if any. To do this, use a drill with an appropriate cap. We must note that the slots for the pipes is best done with cm stock diameter, as in contrast to the lamp tube to move the impossible.

To cut holes for the lamps used a drill with a special nozzle

Thereafter, the mounting plates to the frame: the leaves can be mounted as parallel to the main bearing profiles and perpendicular. The first method is used if additional transverse profiles little. The second option will be more durable cloth, but it will take 1.5-2 times greater than the transverse crosspieces.

Fastening drywall sheets to the frame

Screws-the screws are threaded at the distance 1-1,5 cm from the edge of the sheet so that they entered into the profile to a depth of more than 1 cm since the sheet weighs a lot, the ideal distance between the screws is 10-15 cm On sheet 120х125 cm will take 60-80 screws. The cap screws should be about a millimeter recessed into the plane of the sheet of drywall, but no more – otherwise the cardboard will thin and the screws will sooner or later get loose. In case of failure of the fastening screw is removed and screwed in the new location, but no closer than 5 cm from a bad hole.

Installation of plasterboard ceiling in the living room of a wooden house

Must ensure that the joints between the sheets are always located on the profile. The edges of the sheets must be placed in the half centimeter from the walls. In the case of minor sagging, this stock will help to avoid deformation. By the way that crack is better not to putty, but simply to disguise ceiling area.

Processing of joints between gypsum Board sealant worms

Important! Before you start, you first need to give the drywall “to lie down” at least a couple days in the room where it will be set to “used” to the humidity and room temperature.

For the ceiling design living room, used sheets of drywall

Preparation for finishing

Before the putty should be kept for 2-3 days – during this time the whole thing will shrink and come into balance. After that, if there are defects, they are removed with a knife and sandpaper, you should also clean the dust from the cuts. Usually shpatlyuyut the entire surface of the ceiling, but some expensive brands allow you to process only the joints. In any case you should put in all joints with reinforcing tape – it will avoid possible cracks.

The alignment of the joints on plasterboard ceiling

Laying the reinforcement tape is quite simple: the joint lightly moisturize, then with a spatula, putty pressed and immediately placed reinforcing tape, carefully checking not to leave any air bubbles. The tape is coated with a thin layer of putty and wait for it to dry completely. Sandpaper get rid of the burrs, sanded, then treated with a thin layer of putty and again dried and polished.

Before finishing it is necessary to remove from the ceiling all the bumps


Installation of two-level ceiling of plasterboard for the hall: photos

Technology of installation of drywall is so simple that multilevel ceilings of any shape are created by the algorithm is not more complicated as described. Enough to draw a sketch of the second tier, to mark its outline on the ceiling and attach it under the main rails of the second level 5 or 10 cm below the first U-shaped hangers are designed on two layers.

The sketch of the ceiling, consisting of several levels

Tip! Two-level ceilings for hall, photos of which enough online, can be painted in different colors. To cover the drywall will perfectly suit any paint, and experiment with the shades is endless.

Single-level ceiling is most suitable for small size room

If the form is complex (for example, oval), guides nadpilivayut intervals of about 5-7 cm, in order to provide a more smooth curve, make the wiring, carefully cut from sheets of plate the desired shape and attach them. To close the ends of the boxes, cut a strip of drywall the width of 5 or 10 cm, and – if the form is complex – cut the front side (for convex curves) or back (for concave). Make cuts at a distance of 5-7 cm (in the General case, this distance depends on the degree of curvature of the line – the steeper it bends, the closer the notches must be to each other). The resulting billet close the box.

Plasticity of drywall allows you to create smooth transitions in the design of the ceiling, arch and semi arch –

After filling, processing and finishing, it is sufficient to connect and insert the lamps.


Plasterboard ceilings in the hall: photo of successful design examples

Design ceiling in the hall in combination with zoned lighting will help to visually enlarge the space and to extend its functionality.

The ceiling of the hall in a private house decorated with plasterboard sheets


The design of the ceiling drywall to the audience: photos in the Khrushchev

Hall or living room in the Khrushchev – it is usually a small square room with a ceiling height of 2.5 meters and almost zero sound insulation. Therefore, during the planning and design of the ceiling it is necessary to choose solutions that will help to improve the sound insulation boards and visually enlarge the room.

Gypsum Board has excellent heat and sound insulation properties

A useful tip! Frame for drywall will take away a number of inches from the height of the room. Therefore, for rooms with low ceilings are not suitable for complex multilayer structures.

The gypsum ceiling in modern living room design combined with kitchen

The best option for these rooms is a suspended ceiling with diffused lighting, visually expanding the space. To create this lighting, you can use built-in spotlights. If on the ceiling to combine matte and glossy surfaces that reflect light, can achieve the effect of “lifting” the ceiling.

The gypsum ceiling in the living room

Noise insulation materials, if necessary, placed in the ceiling space.

For finishing the ceiling in such rooms is better to use light shades of warm part of the spectrum, it is recommended to paint the upper walls and ceiling one color scheme: it “blurs” the boundary between them, and creates the illusion of increasing volume.

Gypsum ceiling light shades visually expand the boundaries of the room


Photograph taken in the hall of the drywall. Photos of rooms from 25 sq m

A large room can be really big, but the visual perception of size depends on the proportions of the parties, lighting and ceiling height. Long and narrow room with a low ceiling and inadequate lighting will look cramped. The complex two – or multi-level ceiling is also visually reduce its volume.

Ceilings of plasterboard is simple to perform and can be mounted independently

To visually expand the space and create the feeling of freedom is better to use single-level zonal ceiling with integrated spotlights, which have the function of adjustable brightness. This will give you the opportunity to adjust the amount of light in each part of the room (and also save electricity).

The ceiling fits in with the overall design of the room

Tip! If the Wallpaper in the hall bright, and the interior itself has a complex finish and an abundance of decoration, it is better to choose a simple ceiling without unnecessary details. In a more peaceful interior multilevel ceiling can become a “highlight” of the interior.

Complex ceiling design created using sheets of drywall

For painting a low ceiling is better to use tones that are lighter than the walls or stick on the wall, the striped Wallpaper, which will visually “raise” the ceiling.

So, nothing complicated technology for the installation of suspended ceilings not required, only precision and accuracy. Drywall is very “grateful” material and it allows to realize any design ideas.


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