Plasterboard partitions with their hands, step by step instructions

To build in your house or apartment interior partitions plasterboard with their hands, step by step instructions of this process absolutely does not hurt. This is true, for example, in the case of the family of children of different sexes. To build a solid wall of bricks you need the permission of the authorities, and it will cost too much. In addition, it is easier and cheaper to construct with his own hands interior wall of plasterboard. Photos of such structures give a good idea of their aesthetic and practical qualities.

To mount a partition made of plasterboard with their hands is not difficult

The contents

  • 1 What materials and tools you will need to make drywall interior wall
  • 2 Interior walls made of plasterboard with their hands, step by step instructions, with explanations and helpful tips
    • 2.1 the Installation base for frame partitions
    • 2.2 the formation of the elements of the doorway
    • 2.3 Mounting uprights
    • 2.4 Installation of the horizontal rails and wiring
    • 2.5 Installation of sheets of gypsum Board to the frame
    • 2.6 the Partition made of plasterboard with their hands (video)

What materials and tools you will need to make drywall interior wall

In order to construct the partition, we need first to make a rigid frame. For its production will need 75 mm galvanized profile with additional elements and blocks of wood. They will need to frame was stronger in some places. Sheathing the frame will be sheets of gypsum Board with a thickness of 12.5 mm standard size with screws.

Plasterboard partitions in the interior

Between sheets of gypsum Board, put sound-proof material when creating your own hands interior walls of plasterboard. Photos of this “pie” can be found and viewed in detail.

In addition to materials for the production work we need to get the following tool:

  • a battery screwdriver or a small drill with a suitable nozzle;
  • a small hand-building level (bubble or hydrolevel any);
  • measuring 5 – 10 meter measuring tape;
  • a plumb Bob to align the guides of the vertical profiles.

With the help of partitions, the room can be divided into functional zones

A useful tip! If you have self-leveling laser level, the speed and the quality of your work will improve dramatically. It enables to discourage vertical and horizontal levels.

Prepare the necessary tools and materials, you can proceed directly to the construction of plasterboard partitions with their hands. Video will help you better understand all the technology and the sequence of the device.

Interior partitions made of gypsum boards with a doorway

Interior walls of plasterboard with their hands, step by step instructions, with explanations and helpful tips

The installation of plasterboard partitions consists of several stages: the frame Assembly of the guide profiles, the installation of the doorway, filling the frame with sheets of drywall, finishing work. Consider these steps in order.

Room before and after the construction of partitions

Installation of foundations for frame partitions

Before installing the frame, you need to make a layout on the floor and the ceiling in the desired location using the level.

  • with screws fasten the guide profile at line on the floor;
  • the lower profile near the walls of the inserted vertical guides that fasten to the walls with dowels vertically. The spacing of the fasteners must be no more than 30 – 50 cm At the joints of the profiles use ordinary screws for fastening them to each other or the metal stud crimping tool;

Step 1: cutting the profile and sizing of its rear wall sealing strips

  • carry out installation of ceiling profile under constant control by means of a plumb. As a result, securing four profiles, we get a rectangular frame – Foundation for the future made by your hands, plasterboard partitions. Video of the construction of the frame is best illustrated by the details of this process.

Step 2: horizontal mounting of profiles to the floor

The formation of the elements of the doorway

In our partition will be the usual swing door, so the frame need to provide a place to install the door unit. The walls must be rigid to withstand the load.

Step 3: mounting profiles to walls and ceiling

A useful tip! To increase the rigidity you need to take a dry and straight pieces of wood that need to come inside the profile. They will greatly enhance the doorway that will help to secure the door Assembly is securely and rigidly.

A doorway formed in the following sequence:

  • cut rack galvanized profile, height, and supplied him with a wood piece, which is inserted inside;
  • of prefabricated bars inserted inside the guide profiles on the floor and the ceiling, so that the width at the bottom and at the top of the door opening coincided;

Step 4: vertical mounting profile with a step of 60 cm

  • with any level produced by careful control of the verticality of installation of pillars and fasten their 35-millimeter galvanized screws. Matching is especially important in the construction with his own hands interior walls of plasterboard. Photos ugly designs no one likes;
  • cut from a piece of upright profile segment equal to the width of the door opening for making the cross beam. It also insert the block and set to the desired height horizontally;

Step 5: cross mount of the profiles for the construction of the opening

  • on the back side of the uprights and the crossbar will prepare a small hole for the nail. This will require a drill with the appropriate drill bit. The bars are drilled to a depth of 50 mm, which will make nearly half of the nail;
  • nails 120-150 mm, it is necessary to fasten a wooden structure that is inserted inside the profiles. For this nails very carefully hammered a hammer;
  • installation of the crossmember end after screwing the screws on the side with two sides.

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Fully erecting the door, start to install the other upright support.

Step 6: formation of doorway

The mounting uprights

Continue to build the wall of plasterboard with their hands. Step-by-step installation instruction vertical profiles will be as follows:

  • place the mullion profile observed across the width of the drywall sheet, which in the standard is 120 cm for one sheet will have 3 racks, upright 60 cm;

Step 7: the finished frame of metal profiles

  • because the whole plasterboard is better to put from the middle to the edges to cover cropping in the most obscure places, and the stands should start to set from the door opening towards the wall;
  • each vertical profile, check the level and fasten to the sender of the usual screws.

Step 8: trim one side of the frame with sheets of gypsum Board and installation of soundproofing material

Installation of horizontal rails and wiring

To increase the rigidity of the whole structure, you need all the vertical rails connecting the horizontal crossbars. This can be done in increments of 70 – 80 cm.

  • from upright profile pieces made of a length of 65 cm, the edges of which are cut out so that it was possible to fix them to the vertical posts;
  • when the frame is assembled, inside it laid electrical wires. For this producer profile was provided a special hole in their products;

Step 9: sheathing sheets of drywall second side of the frame

  • electric wiring is laid inside drywall partitions in a special corrugated non-combustible insulation.

This may be over the mounting frame for plasterboard partitions with their hands. Step-by-step manual fixing drywall sheets to the framework are presented next.

Step 10: inside the wall mounted wiring

Installation of sheets of gypsum Board to the frame

Before you begin to install the sheets, you need to know how they can be cut if necessary:

  • if there are no special tools for cutting gypsum Board, it is possible to use the normal profile with a drywall knife;
  • to the desired line to cut the sheet, you need to put it on a piece of profile and repeated strokes of a knife cut through the gypsum layer as deep as possible. After that, just enough to break the sheet along this cut. Cut edges treated with a special plane for drywall. If not, then it can be done with a knife, if you remove the chamfer from the end at 45 degrees;

Step 11: the output outlets and switches

A useful tip! In those places where it is planned to put up the shelves, hooks, recesses, and similar objects, need to install a wooden cage of bars. Subsequently, these measures will greatly facilitate the mounting of furniture.

  • fasten gypsum boards to the rails using screws with a pitch of 15-20 cm Screws must sink into the body of the sheet is 1 mm, but you should try not to break the cardboard;
  • when installing sheets orientirueshsya along vertical guide for maintaining level;

Step 12: filling the gaps between sheets of drywall

  • with the installation of plasterboard need to provide a certain clearance from the bottom. For this purpose set the same stand. Plasterboard partitions with their hands, and video editing which are very numerous, tend over time to settle. Backlash is necessary that the sheets are not deformed;
  • sound insulation of partitions produced with the help of mineral wool or Isover, which is placed between the sheets.

Step 13: completion of installation of partitions and transition to final finishing

To create partitions plasterboard with their hands step by step guide would be very useful. Because a properly structured design will be hard, resistant and attractive.

Partition made of plasterboard with their hands (video)


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