Plastic boxes for ventilation: the key to effective operation of the entire system

Proper arrangement of the ventilation system in the kitchen is the key to a healthy indoor climate. The system consists of ducting and duct made of different material. Due to low cost, ease of installation and durability of the plastic boxes for ventilation are the most popular. Everything you need to know about this product, is described in detail in the article.

Plastic air ducts for ventilation have a low cost and practical to use

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  • 1 What are plastic boxes for ventilation?
  • 2 kinds of plastic ventilation ducts for exhaust
  • 3 advantages of plastic ventilation ducts for exhaust
  • 4 Features of the choice of the polymer ventilation duct for ventilation
  • 5 Plastic fittings for hoods
  • 6 Features mounting plastic box for hoods

What are the plastic boxes for ventilation?

Each modern apartment has natural ventilation, which is supplied from a common duct, passing through all the floors of the building. Very common kitchen with a ventilation duct in the corner. The design space in this case should be well-designed that this element was almost invisible, and perfectly fit into the overall concept of the interior.

The ventilation duct in the apartment can be perfectly fit into the overall design

Often the possibilities of the ventilation system is not enough to provide the required air exchange in the room. This particularly applies to the kitchens. Organization for supportive, healthy indoor climate with high humidity it is important to arrange a forced ventilation system. It is able to continuously purify the air from smoke and odors that result from cooking. This system consists of a hood and a metal or plastic vent channel. It is connected to the ventilation ducts in the kitchen.

It is very important to the overall channel worked properly. Otherwise, to ensure effective ventilation in the apartment will need to restore the ventilation duct. That will require additional costs for the involvement of specialists. Efficient operation of ventilation systems depends on the correct choice of the extrusion and competent installation of the duct.

Ventilation ducts vary in materials, size and sectional shape, flexibility and elasticity. The most popular for the arrangement of domestic ventilation plastic air ducts are considered. Unlike bulky galvanized ventilation ducts, they successfully complement any kitchen interior. They are made of high quality polymer materials such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and propylene, without harmful to human health impurities.

Ventilation ducts usually are made of high quality polymer materials

Manufacturing of ducts for ventilation of the polymers is carried out via simple hot extrusion technology, which enables to obtain products of various shapes and sizes. Using, for example, flat boxes, you can create virtually invisible ventilation system, which hides behind the cloth of the ceiling or upper wall mounted kitchen cabinets.

Varieties of plastic ventilation ducts for exhaust

Today, manufacturers produce different variations of the polymer ducts, which provide normal air circulation and fit into any interior.

Polymer ventilation ducts are divided into:

  • rectangular products;
  • ducts with a circular cross section;
  • product oval.

Plastic duct in the kitchen allows you to set the hood in the middle of a room

The most popular are the rectangular plastic air ducts, which perfectly fit into any interior. Such a duct can be hidden under the suspended ceiling or placed inside a kitchen Cabinet. It is also possible to coat a finishing material or paint in any color. Installation of rectangular ducts is quite simple, even in tight spaces, and requires no special skills.

The polymer section of the duct is chosen based on the capacity of the ventilation system. Manufacturers mainly produce plastic rectangular ventilation ducts size 110х55 mm, 120х60 mm, 204×60 mm, with wall thickness of 3-4 mm.

For the ventilation system of a large size, you can purchase a vent box for drawing a rectangular cross-section size from 220х90 mm and round shape with a diameter of 200 mm.

When you purchase a duct to exhaust it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the product

For a long strip of ventilation systems are mainly used round ventilation ducts with a size of 50-150 mm. Here, due to the fact that the circle as a geometric shape has the smallest perimeter, minimizing the internal resistance in the duct, which beneficially affect the performance of the whole ventilation system.

A useful tip! Long sections of the ventilation system to fulfill them flexible ducts are round or rectangular, which have a length of 15-20 m.

Advantages of plastic ventilation ducts for exhaust

Today, many prefer the kitchen design with the ventilation box made of polymers. Plastic boxes are a good alternative to bulky unattractive metal products. They have a number of advantages that makes them more popular among consumers:

  • high operational and technical parameters;
  • the durability of the product.
  • durability;
  • increased resistance to mechanical damage;
  • products are not subject to deformation;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations and corrosive substances;
  • light weight for easy installation of the product;
  • have an attractive appearance;
  • the presence of different color variations;
  • low cost of the product.

Layout duct: for ceiling mounted and above the kitchen cabinets

The ventilation system of plastic boxes are very easy to mount on the principle trumpet-trumpet. Thanks to such a simple diagram design can then be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning, and reassembled. The number of such cycles is not limited.

Among the wide range of plastic fittings you can choose the desired composition of components with which to build a duct of any configuration and length without the use of welding apparatus, alzouma fixtures or soldering. Numerous photos on the Internet show you how to beat the ventilation duct in the kitchen to perfectly fit into the interior space.

Due to the small weight of the plastic duct can be easily fixed on the ceiling or the wall using conventional fixings.

If you need to assemble a ventilation system that will collect and divert the hot air, saturated vapors, it is advisable to use a ventilation box made of galvanized steel. It is able to withstand high temperatures and not lose shape. Plastic box, by contrast, can quickly warp and lose integrity.

Fittings plastic air duct

The polymer has high thermal insulation parameters, which reduces the risk of formation of condensation water and reduces the oil-soaked vapors of organic compounds of the inner surface of plastic boxes. And thanks to the smooth, polished surface of the plastic is a plain abstraction of polluted air containing fats, organic compounds and soot that is not deposited on the walls of the box. These characteristics reduce the risk of accumulation and development of pathogenic microorganisms in the ventilation system.

Features choice of polymer ventilation duct for ventilation

Before you buy plastic boxes for ventilation, you should determine the purpose, type and capacity of the ventilation system. Plastic ducts are selected on the basis of power drawing, the specific layout and design of the room. The efficiency of the entire system depends on the proper installation in compliance with all core criteria, but selecting the correct cross sectional area and shape of the channel.

A section of pipe to the plastic boxes is selected based on the maximum amount of contaminated air that must pass through the system at a speed of 3-7 m/s. This value must be equal to or slightly greater than the size of the outlet of the hood.

Diagram of sizes of plastic boxes for drawing

If the cross section is chosen too large, the operating system of ventilation will create extra buzz. In addition, it will lead to inappropriate monetary investment and the complexity of installation works.

In the case of a small cross section of the duct the output of the unit will be reduced, due to the increasing load on the mechanism. This will reduce cycles of the air in the room, occurrence of vibration in the system and increase costs of electricity.

The choice of the form of ventilation ducts depends on personal preference and kitchen design.

Important! Round ducts provide a more quiet operation of the ventilation system.

Plastic fittings for hoods

The device of the ventilation system should start with making a drawing showing the types and sizes of parts and points of attachment elements to the wall or ceiling. Depending on the design of the room and the furniture layout, the air box may have a different configuration. This is done using a special plastic fittings that connect the straight sections of the duct system “landing ledge – trumpet”.

Placement of ventilation

Today you can buy ventilation ducts of round or rectangular cross-section with a length of from 0.35 to 2 m. to Cut the area required length is possible using a grinder or hacksaw. If the straight length is greater than 2m, it can be mounted using several elements of the standard length, connecting them to each other using special elements for the polymer channels.

Turn duct 45º or 90º by using the knee. If you are using rectangular duct direction change is possible to perform both horizontally and vertically.

A useful tip! If the duct must turn on value is not a multiple of the angle of 45°, should be used rasogolla knee, where one of the parties, depending on the required angle, is cut off.

If you want to change the shape of a box with rectangular to round, using special adapters. Products can have a straight or angular shape.

Universal corner connector for flat channels

Manufacturers produce these types of transitions:

  • from diameter 100 mm to the size of the rectangular boxes 110х55 mm;
  • from diameter 100 mm to the size of the rectangular boxes 120х60 mm;
  • from the cross-sectional diameter of 125 mm to the size of the rectangular boxes 204×60 mm.

The transition to the plastic box of a different size, use reducers. For polymeric products of circular cross-section of any size uses a special universal adapter.

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For complex structures, where the combination of several extracts, the use the tee, which can be round, rectangular or combined form. To prevent the formation of reverse thrust during the stop of the hood, used a check valve. It can be embedded in the connecting element of a plastic channel or the function of the grill louver ventilation.

Connection elements of plastic ventilation ducts

Features mounting plastic box for hoods

Installation of plastic boxes is easy to do yourself, without the involvement of specialists. However, for effective operation of the system, it is better to use the services of professionals. When performing installation, it is important to follow certain rules. First, the ventilation system was working at peak performance, the length of the ducting should be minimal. The optimum distance of not more than 3 m. It depends on the placement of the ventilation duct, which is located along one wall or in the corner of the kitchen, and the installation position of the hood relative to it.

The most common option is a kitchen with a ventilation duct in the corner of the photo is clearly demonstrated. Here it is advisable to place the hood near the channel that will prevent the installation of long air lines and reduce the power loss of the exhaust device.

Secondly, in order not to create excessive flow resistance inside the system, it is desirable to use a minimum number of fittings to change the direction of airflow. The more on the plot will set the knees at 90º, the higher the resistance in the system, which will create additional noise when the exhaust device. It will also lead to excessive accumulation of grease and dust on the inner surface of the air box.

Integration of the hood with the ventilation system

It should be remembered that the polymer boxes have a low degree of fire resistance. Products are able to withstand a temperature not exceeding 50 ºC. Therefore, if you want to mount the riser duct near the heating or other heat source, should be laid between the insulation to exclude irreversible deformation of the plastic.

A useful tip! To create insulation is better to use foam with low thermal conductivity which will not create additional noise, vibration plastic boxes.

The polymer sections of the duct from the hood to the ventilation duct can be secured in a few different ways. It depends on their location relative to walls, ceilings and cabinets. Here it is necessary to consider all nuances, to avoid noise from vibration, deformation and sagging of ventilation ducts with the possibility of depressurization.

A plastic box that is located inside kitchen cabinets, fastened to their back wall with clamps. The place of passage of the box through the wall held in place by polystyrene foam or foam inserts, which prevent the occurrence of noise during operation of the system.

Plastic duct mounted inside a kitchen Cabinet

If the duct is located above the cabinets, its fixation is performed by means of special holders or small screws on the tree. Mount the product to a ceiling or wall using holders placed at a distance of 1 m from each other. Fixation is carried out using special clamps, which are selected according to the size and shape of ventilation ducts.

If the airbox would be closed, suspended or stretch ceiling, it should be securely without taking into account the visual appearance of a design and checking the reliability of the fastening system at the maximum work extraction.

A useful tip! Despite the fact that all plastic parts of the ventilation system are closely adjacent to one another, it is better to treat all joints with an acrylic or silicone sealant that will prevent depressurization ventilation ducts over time.

The air ducts in the apartment is not only comfortable but stylish to beat, creating a unique design

Plastic air ducts are a good solution for installation of reliable and highly efficient system of ventilation in the house or apartment. A properly chosen accessories, fasteners and sealant attach design is not only attractive appearance, but also significantly prolong the lifetime of the system.


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