Projects of cottages for 6 acres: photo, description and requirements

Projects of cottages for 6 acres: pictures and description of design features have always been interested in a large number of people. Rest from the bustle of the city with the contemplation of nature in the fresh air is necessary for everyone, as their hand-grown fresh vegetables. Not everyone can buy already equipped cottage, in which investments are not required. Often citizens are forced to buy a piece of land with an area of 6 acres and build on it is not an expensive country house with their own hands. Photos of such structures can be found great many with description. Let us consider some options.

Even a small country house can be comfortable and functional

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  • 1 Projects of country houses for 6 acres: photo, description and requirements
    • 1.1 Built with his own hands is not an expensive country houses: photo description
    • 1.2 What materials to use for construction of a country house
    • 1.3 Country houses (video)
  • 2 How to build a holiday house inexpensive. The prices from the manufacturer
  • 3 an Example of construction of a country house with his own hands
    • 3.1 How to build the Foundation
    • 3.2 construction of the walls and roof
    • 3.3 Construction of a country house with his own hands (video)

Projects of cottages for 6 acres: photo, description and requirements

Modern country houses are not just for the banal receiving of vegetables and herbs, but obviously, for active weekends outdoors. Therefore, hardly anyone today can be satisfied with the usual shed for garden tools.

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Therefore, it is possible to formulate main requirements to the device of a house in the country in modern conditions:

  • its dimensions must be sufficient to make them fit: kitchen, lounge, open porch or terrace;
  • the house needs to be electrified;
  • it would be nice if he will be able to receive guests all year round;
  • in connection with such a small land area, a country house may not be large but should be spacious enough.

A wooden country house

A useful tip! In a modern country house can accommodate all that is required to ensure a comfortable stay: kitchen with all equipment, a relaxation room with TV and furniture, a terrace with barbecue facilities.

Built with his own hands is not an expensive country houses: photo description

Many prefer the construction of country houses with their own hands (photos, projects, drawings can be found on the Internet). Projects of country houses, construction of which fit into a small budget, there are many, but we fit into three main groups:

  • The design, executed in the simplest manner without electricity and heating, is able to protect from rain and wind.
  • Universal houses for the garden with a small area that can be visited at any time of the year.
  • Two-storey houses that can compete for a country house.
  • In a comfortable suburban home to live with his family in the summer

    Houses of the first group more often than not are capital constructions (designs and sketches, summer houses for the garden can be developed independently). They have no serious Foundation and made of ordinary boards or plywood. However, it is noteworthy that when using beautiful finishing materials, even they can look quite decent, although their construction was not spent large sums of money.

    An example of a small house, designed for relaxation

    Structures, which we attributed to the second group, the most popular. Internal equipment of cheap houses for the garden should match the comfort of the comforts of a country house. Projects of country houses 5×6 m may be provided, have kitchen, shower room and bathroom.

    This is usually permanent structures with a Foundation and an acceptable thermal protection for the use of the heating system in the winter. Opting for a small house for the cottages, you get the opportunity to place on the remaining acres, in addition to the beds, miniature pond in a recreation area or beautiful flower garden.

    The project of the country house 6×6 m

    With a large family you will need a small area to put quite a roomy house. This is achievable if you can build it with a loft or second floor. On the ground floor can make a kitchen and lounge and the second floor creating a comfortable and cozy bedrooms. For more comfort would be nice to make a veranda or terrace. All these points should be reflected in the draft of a small country house.

    Stone house with an attic room

    What materials are often used for the construction of a country house

    Traditional projects of country houses for 6 acres, a photo of which did 15 — 20 years ago, involves the use of mostly wood. This material was not so expensive as it is today. Despite the significant cost, timber remains today a very popular material in the construction of the country. After all, it has environmental friendliness and harmony with nature.

    In regions with a developed wood processing industry, the construction of structures of timber or logs are not very expensive. Photos of garden houses, sometimes with intricate shapes, will inspire you to create your unique design.

    Examples of projects of country houses

    Different lightweight concrete blocks today polls are used in all types of construction. No exception and the country. They have a small cost. Photos of country houses of foam blocks demonstrates a neat geometric form such structures. Build one wall is quite convenient and is not time-consuming. With proper insulation, the houses made of lightweight concrete blocks will be very warm in the winter. Good popular and sandwich panels in the construction of houses in suburban area.

    Country house on a high Foundation

    The choice of building material depends on its value in the region, personal preferences, conditions of delivery to site and project requirements. Of great importance and type of Foundation. It also depends on the wall material, and the properties of the soil. Lumber and timber frame houses put on the bar or screw foundations.

    Country house covered with siding

    A useful tip! It is impossible to do a pier Foundation with a too high presence of groundwater or increased friability of the soil. For such cases the optimal continuous footing. Walls made of lightweight concrete blocks is most convenient to build also on a strip Foundation.

    Roofing material for a country house doing any. Best use of metal. With its reasonable cost, this material gives the chance to create a strong and durable coating, which is scary all the vicissitudes of the weather.

    Country houses (video)

    How to build a holiday house inexpensive. The prices from the manufacturer

    Those who are not ready to self-build and wants more time to devote to the arrangement of the site itself and the cultivation of various crops, you can buy cheap the country house turnkey. Product prices can be seen in the catalogue of companies-manufacturers. Moreover, the manufacturers approach to pricing is quite differentiated to meet the needs of customers with different levels of wealth.

    To buy a summer house for the garden can be expensive, ordering a product on the site. Its value will affect the size of the building, type of construction and the material from which made the house. Very tiny country house 3×3 meters, whose skeleton is made of timber and the walls are sheathed with clapboard, will cost only 59000 RUB.

    Equipped with a porch under a shed small wooden hut 5×3 m available for 99000 RUB larger wooden house with a small porch and trimmed imitation timber will require investments from 270000 RUB.

    Modern design country house

    Do not be lazy to find a catalogue house with any design for you at a reasonable price.

    An example of construction of a country house with his own hands

    Let us consider the construction of laminated veneer lumber for draft country house 6 acres. Photos of such structures can often be found on construction sites. Our Lodge will have an area of 6×4 m. the house will have kitchen, rest room and a small outdoor terrace where there is a stove for cooking. Its also used as a heat source in the house in the winter.

    The beam has a treatment with antiseptic compositions and stain. The Foundation will be tape, and under the terrace bar. The roof can run under the gable metal. House do in the area, where not opened neither electricity nor running water.

    The project of a country house with a size of 6×4 m

    How to build a Foundation

    The use of a country house in the winter requires construction of strip Foundation, insulation which is much easier than other types. Under the terrace, the insulation is not necessary, so there will be enough there to set the poles. Glued laminated timber is not very heavy, so the Foundation will not be too massive. To get him to the depth of soil freezing does not make sense, so as to attend the house will be only a few times throughout the winter.

    Therefore, a trench under the Foundation digging to a depth of 60 cm Inside the perimeter of the ribbon, arrange the expanded clay insulation, for which reason no need to raise it to great heights. It will be enough and 20 cm Under oven base dimensions 100х100х80 cm is poured simultaneously with the main Foundation.

    A house lined with decorative stone

    To log, use the glued beam with section 150×150 mm, therefore the optimal width of tape is 25 cm. Under the terrace and put 4 columns with square section with side of 25 cm, which is recessed at 60 cm and have the same height with a tape Foundation.

    Small house and outbuildings on a country site

    Flooded basement leave for a week to dry, and then dismantle the formwork and covered the period internal tape expanded clay. To do this, remove the sod and soil. Make a sand pillow that stamp. Only then backfill to the height of the Foundation. Under take the dimensions you will need 4.8 m3 of expanded clay.

    Project wooden country houses

    The construction of the walls and roof

    Different projects of cottages for 6 acres, a photo of which can often meet, have a great variety of ways of stacking lumber. Choose the method with the cups, like the log walls. The first row of stacked beams so that the joists for the floor went out to the bars terraces. Inside the house the joists will be located 40 cm They can be made of timber 150×150 mm. This will allow to do without the device sub-floor. It will be enough to put them on the plywood or sexual rail.

    Small garden building for summer.

    On the terrace do so much lag, how much we have columns. On them then stacked the rough floor of boards, on which you can make any coating. The next series of beams fastened with pins. You will need to build a wall in 20 rows to height was normal. That is, you will need 80 bars. Half of them are 4 m, and the second half of 6 m. the Roof for a country house made of bricks of 50×100 mm and is closed by a metal.

    A holiday home can become a comfortable housing

    A useful tip! When ordering timber it is best to count the number of pieces of different length to balance. Shrinkage of the framework will require about 1 year. If the roof is not immediately done, then the frame is pressed by the floor beams, which are placed at a distance of 1 m. the Corners need to close the waterproof film.

    The proposed option of a country house would require certain expenses, which will still be much less than the construction of a full-fledged country house.

    The construction of a country house with his own hands (video)


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