Rods for curtains. Types, photos of the new design

Dot the “I” in the design of any interior put curtains. How gracefully they fall and functionally to move largely depends on the type of cornice. Designers and manufacturers offer more and more advanced rods for curtains. Types, photo models and designs will help you to become familiar with the trends of modern window design, presenting samples of holders, easy hanging or removing textile.

Wall curtain with turquoise curtains in the living room

The contents

1 curtain rod. Types, photos in harmony with the style
  1.1 models of Ceiling cornices
  1.2 Wall-mounted versions of the eaves
2 Different rods for different rooms
3 Individual style — cornices for curtains with their hands


Rods for curtains. Types, photos in harmony with the style

Selection of decor for the interior — the final and most pleasant procedure in design, both for the designer and for the customer. The choice of curtain rods is no exception. Today, the ledge serves not only the role holder curtains, but also carries a aesthetic component. It is very important when the ledge “in tune” style of design. Fortunately, the manufacturers of these designs try to take into account all sorts of directions and styles of design. You can find pictures of types of curtain rods on the Internet.

Metal cornice broken form in the Bay window

The division of the rods into groups primarily occurs by way of attaching to the surface. They are divided into ceiling and wall.


Ceiling models cornices

Ceiling cornice, as the name implies, are attached to the ceiling surface. The majority of these models are simple structures designed to be tucked away in a niche or ceiling moldings. Ceiling cornices can have a straight or rounded end shape (corner pieces included in the kit), can be single and double row. Material — plastic or aluminum profile. Choose needed design help, pictures of ceiling curtain rods for curtains in the interior.

Ceiling tracks for curtains in the living room

Often ceiling cornice comes with a ribbon of different colors (inserted in a groove), which is decorated with the profile. Curtains are attached to the ceiling cornices hooks-sliders, sliding in grooves of the profile. For installation with your own hands such a device include cornice ceiling of the niche, if not there, just attach it to the ceiling.

The ledge is located in the ceiling recess

A useful tip! To the curtain or tulle hanging down with a ceiling cornice, beautiful pleats, and mounted to her ring at equal intervals in 10 (cm).

Types of ceiling curtain rods (photo clearly conveys) a variety of material fabrication. This can be stringed, pear-or flexible types of eaves.

String curtain light almost invisible design of one, two or three tiers of a stretched steel strings. Ideal for rooms of any design. Easy to install with their hands.

String two-row ceiling cornice in the living room

Framing the cornices for curtains — a perfect option for rooms where a ceiling is not provided niche. Baguette, hide eye fittings may be plastic, carved wood, or framed fabrics corresponding to the colors of the Wallpaper. Know-how the modern framing of the cornice decoration led lights.

Embossed baguette hides the design of the ceiling cornice

Flexible cornice for curtains is a unique and modern approach to the design of not only Windows. Such designs are able to repeat a line of any shape. They are quite durable. With their help, you can arrange the canopy in the bedroom area, you can apply on the balcony, loggia and bathroom. Surprisingly, these rods are capable of bends of any radius.
Will help in the search for acceptable models of ceiling curtain rods photo compilation of interesting options.

The cornice of flexible plastic is great for rooms with non-standard rounded shape


Wall options cornices

Wall types curtain rods are quite often used for window decoration living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms. Range of products materials used, the shape of the structures, color and design is really impressive.

Wall cornice with wrought-iron plugs in the kitchen in country style

Wall cornices are grouped on the basis of:

  • profile (hooks move in the grooves of the guides, have from one to three rows);
  • round or tubular (rods these rods can be smooth, carved, embossed surface, rod ends are decorated with the appropriate style tips, design have one or two);
  • string (using fishing line string for light curtains and multi-row models may allow you to purchase textiles lush decor).

Double row of dark plastic cornice for curtains and tulle

The key point in the design of the rods is their multilayered. The most popular two-row model. Double row wall ledges make it possible to combine blinds and curtains, curtains and Drapes, allowing the right moment to confine something one. Often in the wall of the tubular double-row ledge as the second series use a thin bar for attaching the tulle. Double row installation of curtain pole is similar to mounting a conventional roller models.

The ledge across the entire width of the wall visually increases the space of the room

A useful tip! For visual expansion of the room, use the ledge across the entire width of the wall. If it is a tubular cornice, it is recommended that extreme of the ring to leave between the holder and the tip of the ledge.

From the many photos of the wall rods for curtains, it is important to choose the option that will emphasize the style of the room.

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Different rods for different rooms

Choosing a ledge, consider the following:

  • The room where will be located the ledge (e.g., if the ledge is mounted in the bathroom, the installation method will differ from the installation in other rooms).
  • Fabric (a light airy organza or solid drapery textiles).
  • The form and style of future curtains (this may be popular Roman or roller blinds, blinds curtains or Japanese).

To design wide Windows in the kitchen / dining room used metal wall cornice

Currently popular tiles for bathrooms. Design they varied in form, material and method of attachment. Looks impressive bathroom wall corner cornice for curtains. In the bathroom, choose design, made of polished stainless steel that have an angular, U-shaped, round and oval. Photo of similar systems is available for viewing. Setting his own hands the corner of the cornice will require care and accuracy, due to the fact that the holders are attached to the wall through the tile. It is important not to damage it during installation. Instructions with photos are traditionally put into the package molding.

Concise wrought iron curtain rail in bathroom

Ceiling flexible rods are often used for fixing the curtains on the balcony or loggia, the decoration of walls, arches, any unusual lines. Cornices are made of durable and resilient plastic.

Important! Despite the fact that the profile of the cornice is quite flexible plastic, mount it with a certain accuracy. It should hold the ledge when you install that it is not cracked.

The cornice of metal in the design of window openings on the balcony

The presence of two-row and more designs allow you to hang different functional qualities of the curtains (hailstones, curtains, pelmets). The rods bend easily when you install your own hands. For example, you can find the corresponding photo.

Three-row cornice is designed to parallel the hanging tulle curtains and valances


Individual style — cornices for curtains with their hands

The eaves on the device it is not so intricate designs. If you want, force everyone to raise their hands cornice to your taste. Fittings and accessories are available in the relevant paragraphs of the implementation in the range. To build round the cornice will need to purchase a rod and brackets-holders. The production of their own hands the strings of the eaves — a simple Assembly. Key in this is to provide tension fishing line-string with bolt and nut. The number of strings is chosen at its own discretion. The holders can be made of metal or carved from wood. And to give the structure more perfect will help decorative wooden plank, smooth or with applied carving.

For window decorations in the bedroom used round the cornice in a restrained style

People free creative thought is not difficult to invent, build, and installation of the cornice for curtains creative execution. As a rod can be used, for example, the natural tree trunks, if your interior is decorated in a country style or Provence. As holders for kitchen curtains you can use a small Cup, the bottom of which is neatly cut.

The doorway between the kitchen and the pantry are decorated with wall cornice and curtains

On the Internet there are many examples and photos of curtain rods that you can make with your own hands.

Choose the model of eaves accentuates your individual style. Remember that with curtain rails and curtains can change the look of the interior, even without making major and costly repairs.


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