Roofing materials for roofs: types and rates of modern coatings

In this article you will learn everything you need to to choose the right roofing materials for roofs: types and prices of the modern coatings that will be able to fully appreciate the flaws and strengths of materials, their main characteristics, to meet the scope. As a Supplement you will find tips on selecting and using various types of coverings for the roof.

The modern market offers a wide range of roofing

The contents

  • 1 Common types of roofing materials for roofs
  • 2. Sheet roofing materials, roof types and prices
    • 2.1 Metal roof: types of materials from different raw materials
    • 2.2 Types of metal roofs: pictures and range of materials
    • 2.3 Modern roofing materials for roofs: a new kind of metal
    • 2.4 Prices for the different types of shingles for roofs
    • 2.5 Corrugated sheet: types, photos of the roof of the roof of a private house
    • 2.6 applications of metal profile for the roof and its advantages
    • 2.7 Profile: rates on roofing material
    • 2.8 in the Onduline roof roof: types, price of material
    • 2.9 Features and benefits Ondulin
    • 2.10 weaknesses of the roof of Ondulin
    • 2.11 Features of the slate as sheet covering for the roof
    • 2.12 the Specifics of the installation and the properties of slate: advantages and disadvantages
  • 3 Seam roof: types of roof, roofing materials and prices
    • 3.1 Seam roof based on steel elements
    • 3.2 Other types of roofing for the roof of the seam
    • 3.3 the Cost of steel standing seam roofing the roofs of private houses: types of protective coatings
  • 4 Soft roof for roof coatings and their characteristics
    • 4.1 Roll and membrane materials, soft tile of the roofs
    • 4.2 Features of soft tile: photos, features and prices
    • 4.3 Membrane coating: features and price of a soft roof for 1 square meter
    • 4.4 Specificity of soft roll roofing: types and prices
    • 4.5 Modern roofing materials rizolin

Common types of roofing materials for roofs

All the houses protected by such design as the roof. It can be based on different materials, which are selected in accordance with the type of roof and buildings. There are certain types of coatings used exclusively for the roofs of cottages and country houses, others are used to design buildings for household purposes.

The combination in the decoration of the roof Ondulin, shingles and polymer roofing membrane

To make the right choice in the purchase of roofing material, you first need to determine the purpose of the building. Range of modern roofing materials is quite extensive and includes the following varieties:

  • standing seam;
  • piece;
  • sheet;
  • filler (mastic);
  • soft.

Please note! Each of these varieties of roof combines several subspecies. Since the market offers a large selection of coatings, the grouping makes it easier to navigate the portfolio and to choose products for construction works.

Ceramic tile refers to a single-piece roofing materials

Sheet metal roofing materials roof types and prices

Metal, as one of the most popular types of roof, has many beneficial advantages. She is beautiful, provides high stability, although its operation is accompanied with a certain level of noise. This kind of coverage is made on the basis steel sheet. The raw material can have various thickness up to 0.5 mm.

The surface of the finished products is covered by special lacerum composition that performs a protective function and prevents damage. This point is very important because strong winds often bring to the roof of the pebbles and branches that can cause scratches and dents.

Striking the surface of the roof, the debris can damage the paint on the cover. In such areas when moisture is formed by corrosion, gradually damage the material and reduce the operating life of the roof. Thanks plakiruyuschego the composition of such a possibility is excluded.

Under the varnish are dirt and the aluminium layer. The finished product has a light weight that simplifies transportation and subsequent installation process. Weight of 1 m2 of the material is from 3 to 5 kg, depending on thickness.

Before laying any type of roof sheet mounted layers of vapor-, hydro – and thermal insulation

Metal roof: types of materials from different raw materials

In addition to the steel sheet for the production of metal can be used and other raw materials, for example aluminium or copper. In each case, of products acquire special properties due to the fact the material of which they are made.

Steel sheet with zinc coating is the most common raw material for a metal. The final thickness of the products may be of 0.45–0.55 mm. In rare cases, it reaches up to 0.6 mm. through zinc coating protects metal from the corrosive effects. On top apply several layers for increased durability, including the polymer. Can also be used steel with aluzinc or zinc.

A useful tip! If you want to achieve maximum durability, use for the organization of roofing material coated in the form of Aluzink. Accordingly, the price of this kind of coverage is much higher.

In the aluminium products have one important advantage – the material is not exposed to corrosion. Despite this, applied to products additional coverage, but it is done to harden the metal and increase its service life period. The aluminum shingles there is another beneficial advantage is very light weight. The disadvantage is that a limited color palette and high cost.

The roof is covered with sheet material of the copper

Shingles made from copper sheets has elegant and noble appearance. With time, the surface of the material being formed is characteristic of this raw material in the residue in the form of patina greenish hue. But it does not reduce the decorative properties of the coating, but rather emphasizes them.

Like many monuments and ancient buildings, metal with green patina, looks quite interesting and attractive. The patina acts as a protection from the adverse effects of external factors, so the need for applying additional polymer deposition is eliminated. The cost of this coverage is quite high, so it is used very rarely.

Types of metal roofs: pictures and range of materials

Classification of metal is carried out based on geometry, which is inherent in the profiles, and the depth of the insole on the products. In each case, the coating offers an interesting and unusual design. The roof profile of Monterrey has similarities with clay tiles. This kind of coverage from Finland very quickly found fans thanks to its advantages:

  • ease;
  • aesthetics;
  • easy to install;
  • high resistance to natural factors.

Metal profile Monterrey brown

Please note! The material has a recognizable appearance, because different brands of metal release similar to Monterrey products with a smoothly rounded profile. The edge part has the shape of steps, arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically. It depends on the design and the particular manufacturer.

Metal profile-based Cascade resembles a chocolate bar. It is economical and suited for the roofs on the roofs with complex shapes, thanks to its rectangular shape. The designs have a neat, proportional and sufficiently severe. Therefore, the metal based on the profile Cascade can be considered a classic. It is universal and will always remain relevant.

In the modern product range includes products with a round foot, and a ridge piece in a classic design. These characteristics are inherent to the metal with the profile of a Joker that looks like a ceramic coating due to its proper wave. This type of roof is considered traditional.

The roof is decorated with metal profile of Bang

Modern roofing materials for roofs: a new kind of metal

Metal based on the profile of Bang belongs to the category of innovations, because it was invented recently. It is characterized by unusual shapes and original design. Wave has an increased height. In conjunction with custom profile structure creates a kind of three-dimensional image. This type of metal is characterized by a small width, but this in no way affects the merits of the coverage. Most often the material is used for roofs on high buildings.

New options for the roof include a metal with the shape of the profile of Andalusia. It is not very popular among developers and owners of country cottages, however, the advantages of this material enough. The most important and profitable of them is the hidden fastening system, which can not boast of even such popular tile is as Monterrey. The screws on the outside look aesthetically pleasing and catch the eye. Metal Andalusia completely solves decorative problem.

Please note! Due to the tight locking of coupling the coating is solid, so the roof becomes increased water resistance.

Profile type Andalusia and sheet sizes

The newest and little-known metal is the roof profile of Shanghai, which came to our market from China. She has a complex symmetrical pattern. The profile has a height of 66 mm. Often the same equipment used for the manufacture of profiled sheet.

Prices for the different types of shingles for roofs

The list of materials under the category of “metal” ends. Previously listed only the main varieties that are in high demand. In fact, coatings much more.

Prices for metal of different brands:

Name brandti profiszene, RUB/м2Grand LineClassicот 304Countryот 450Modernот 209Kvintaот 338RuukkiFinneraот 660Monterreyот 490Eliteот 1260Adamanteот 815Агмогіимот 815Металл Profile (metal standard)Monterrat 345Сурепмонтеррейот 345Максиот 345Стандартот 340


Metal as a roofing material is durable enough. The period of her service is almost 50 years old. The average cost is in the range of 500-1200 USD/m2.

General advantages:

  • simple and quick mounting system;
  • to install just the presence of just one person;
  • high-strength indicator;
  • resistance to impacts mechanical properties;
  • light weight and easy transportation system;
  • affordable price.

Deficiencies in material not so much. In the process of assembling a large number of construction waste, which affects the cost. In addition, the products have high sound conductivity.

Beautiful embossed metal Ruukki Finnera

Corrugated sheet: types, photos of the roof of the roof of a private house

Profiled sheets or gofrolist is made of the same raw material as the metal. The production uses the cold rolling steel which is covered with a layer of hot zinc. In some instances, thicker leaves which have a wavy or rectangular profile.

Please note! The profiled sheet has a wide range of applications. To arrange a roof produced of a special grade of material: H60, C8, C44, C21, H57, HC35.

On each side of the billet of steel covered with a protective layer of zinc or aluzinc. As additional protection use a layer of polymers. In the manufacture of corrugated sheets are used the following shapes:

  • wave;
  • a-line;
  • rectangle.

Corrugated sheet is a common material for the arrangement of the roof

Work on mounting the installation profile are fairly easy. But it is not without certain requirements that you need to follow. Installation may only be carried out on a surface with a slope of not less than 10°. The maximum rate of slope unlimited.

The material is laid overlapping by about 20 see Later, this gap will be filled with sealant. Reliable fixation is carried out by screws. The consumption of fasteners for 1 m2 of 6-8 PCs In some cases, sheet installation is over old roll roofing.

The scope of the metal profile for the roof and its advantages

Profiled sheet belongs to the category of strong and durable materials, and because of its affordable cost, it is quite popular. The scope of the profile as the roof apply to buildings of economic purpose, for example, barns, sheds, garages, etc. Often they are covered with shops, enterprises of the industrial sector, and car wash. Corrugated sheets can serve for almost 50 years.

For the organization of the roof sheets are used in monochromatic colors, which can be very diverse.

Weight per square meter of profiled sheet is 8-12 kg

Please note! Produced corrugated sheet with imitation stone or wood on top of the steel sheet is patterned, and then a protective layer of polymers. However, this material typically used for construction fences.

Such a wide range of applications due to the large list of beneficial features and advantages of the material:

  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • durability;
  • easy mounting installation;
  • high degree of the strength;
  • the ability to maintain its appearance throughout the operating period;
  • resistance to weather changes;
  • low weight of the roof, which eliminates the necessity of increasing the load-bearing part of the building;
  • resistance to effects of physical properties (mechanical deformation and damage).

Thanks to the protective coating, the corrugated sheet has a high moisture resistance

Sheets: rates on roofing material

As well as metal tile, profiled sheet belongs to the category of the noisy roof. So you’ll need to perform high-quality sound insulation. The rest of the material has serious flaws.

Prices for the purchase of metal profile:

Name brandnamevalium touaran, RUB/м2ИнтерпрофильС8376Кровля season 4 (coated polyester)С8240С21275Кровля 4 seasons (covered by printek)С8558С21669Grand Line (the Atlas)С8436С21497Н60580СН35496Grand Line (cover Velur)С8450С21514Н60599СН35513Grand Line (cover Print)С8578С21659Н60769СН35658


Ondulin in roof roof: types, price of material

Onduline is one of the materials related to the sheet type of the roof. This coating is popular with consumers due to its naturalness and affordable cost. Material is created on the basis of thin fibers, which are impregnated with the additives of polymers and bitumen.

Please note! Onduline has other names that are used in the construction market: akvalin or euroslate.

The cover is painted by a polymeric paint that exhibits resistance to temperature exposure. In the sale of Ondulin can be found with single and double staining. Standard weight is 6.5 kg. of the Workpiece are performed in the form of waves, which reaches a height of 36 mm. leaf length of 2 m have a width of 0.96 m. These options are considered standard, but there are also other sizes, for example, 0,76х1,95 m

Average prices for purchasing Ondulin:

Country proizvoditelnosti touaran, RUB./Onduline (Russia)Sheet зеленый328Лист красный331Лист коричневый331Коньковый коричневый308Коньковый element element element красный308Коньковый зеленый321Гвоздь brown, green (pack 100 PCs)140Ондулин (France)Sheet зеленый455Лист красный437Лист коричневый437Лист цинк370Коньковый красный288Коньковый element element element зеленый299Коньковый коричневый288Коньковый element черный288Гвоздь red, brown, green (pack 100 PCs)139


When purchasing Ondulin important color. From coloring sheets and other items to the roof depends on the end material cost.

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Onduline: price per sheet, the dimensions and properties of the soft roof. Properties evroshifer. Technical characteristics of the material. The price for the sheet Ondulin SMART. How much is the Onduline Tiles? Features of installation.

Features and benefits Ondulin

Onduline it is used for roofing on garages, sheds and baths. Due to the flexibility, this material is optimal for the formation of the roof of the complex type. Characteristics of Ondulin is useful in the repair of old roof.

When working with Onduline is very important to observe the requirements on installation:

  • the minimum angle of inclination of the working surface is 6°;
  • the angle of tilt exceeds 10° – crate made of a solid construction;
  • the angle of 10-15° on the crate on the basis of the beam, mounting elements with a step of 45 cm;
  • the angle of inclination exceeds 15° – crate with a step of 60 cm.

A useful tip! When mounting Ondulin be sure to use special nails. They not only provide quality fixing, but will be invisible on the background of the roof, if you will pick up the appropriate sheets coloring fastener.

The minimum roof slope for the installation of Ondulin is 6 degrees

The benefits of roofing material:

  • the high rate of water resistance;
  • environmental cleanliness, safety and hygiene;
  • resistance to aggressive chemicals;
  • the ability to withstand high levels of stress (almost 960 kg/m2 provided that all installation rules are met);
  • lightweight weight;
  • a simple system of installation and transportation;
  • easily processed (easy to cut even with a handsaw, designed to work with the wood);
  • complete silence;
  • reasonable prices.

Weaknesses of the roof of Ondulin

In respect of water resistance Onduline can effectively last for 40 years. During this period, can deteriorate the appearance of the coating, as the paint fades sooner than the material completely comes into uselessness.

Onduline is recommended to lay on the roof of the buildings, which are located in Sunny areas

Disadvantages of coatings:

  • the paint on the surface is susceptible to fading;
  • lower limit of Flammability (110 °C);
  • if the coating is under low light, it grows on top of moss after 2-3 years;
  • in the heat it is impossible to carry out work on the roof, under the influence of temperature, the coating exudes a strong smell of bitumen and softened.

On the market there is another kind of material – onduvilla. It has similar features and characteristics with Onduline, but it has higher decorative effect and extended size range. The leaves of onduvilla have a smaller width.

Features slate as a sheet coating roof

Slate is one of the most affordable coverages for the organization of the roof. Sheets of this material at the 85% consist of Portland cement and 15% asbestos.

The roof construction is covered with sheets of slate

Standard parameters of leaves:

  • a weight of 10-15 kg;
  • length – 1.75 m;
  • width – 0,98–1,13 m;
  • number of waves – 6 PCs, 7 PCs. or 8 PCs.

Slate is used as roofing for outdoor toilets, baths, outbuildings and sheds.

Please note! This kind of material can be used in the construction of private houses. Usually it is used if the budget for the construction of the building is limited.

The average cost of slate:

The number of waves on the sheet, pieces sheet Thickness, mana, RUB./85,218685,82228 (color)5,227475,219075,82137 (color)5,2262


Colour types of slate look more attractive and aesthetically pleasing, but their value is much higher than conventional sheet material.

The specifics of the installation and the properties of slate: advantages and disadvantages

Installation work on laying the slate run strictly on a sloping surface. Permissible angle of inclination is in the range of 12-60°. The sheets are overlapped by about 1-2 waves.

For the usual slate will fit the crate, made of square timber with a size of 50 mm. cross-section design Elements are stacked in increments of 0,5–0,55 m. If you had purchased the material with reinforced profile, you should make a more secure crate. It is necessary to take the rods with size of cross section 75 mm and increase the step of their installation to 0.75–0.8 m.

For installation of the slate is constructed crate with a step of 50-60 cm

To install slate roof pre-fit the special lining of tar paper or glassine. Soft substrate should be placed under each fastener (nail).

Advantages of the coverage:

  • low cost;
  • easy to process (cutting material can be performed using the grinder);
  • absolute incombustibility.

Terms of effective service of the slate apply for a period of 30-40 years.

The negative side of the use of the slate:

  • the fragile structure;
  • one of the components of the material – asbestos, which is a source of danger to human health;
  • a high rate of water absorption provokes the accumulation of moisture in the leaves, which on their surface begins to grow moss.

Asbestos roofing is not recommended for residential buildings

Seam roof: types of roof, roofing materials and prices

Every year, the popularity of standing seam roof increases. This is due to the reliability of the coating, a high level of protection from the negative effects of weather factors, as well as excellent quality.

Please note! Seam roof often is used for roofing on buildings of which the architecture is executed in style of Russian classicism. To date, this kind of coverage is actively involved in the reconstruction and regeneration of old buildings.

Blanks for the folded cover on the roof are created using special technology. Use special stitches that are formed as a result of the connection of the parts of the roof. Varieties of folded seams:

  • single;
  • standing;
  • double;
  • a recumbent.

Types of seams seam metal coating

During the installation process, coating is obtained on the basis of metal sheets bonded folding. This roofing system among developers is considered the most reliable and durable.

Seam roof based on steel elements

Steel roofing is formed from sheets coated with zinc. Often elements are additionally protected by a polymer layer. Depending on the variety of a fold in the sheets is a particular type of attachment. The laying of the material must be done on an inclined surface. The minimum allowable slope angle is 14°. In addition to the crate, which is used as the basis for the installation of the coating, the surface is laid with a special film. It eliminates the formation of condensate under the folded roof.

For the manufacture of sheathing will require a square blocks with size of section 200-400 mm. If the roof surface has a slope in the range of 7-14°, the base is executed as a solid construction.

The roof of a two story house is covered with standing seam roof

Advantages of standing seam roofing steel:

  • absolute incombustibility;
  • high rate of flexibility, so it is possible to perform the finishing of roofs with complicated design;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • weight (weight is within 4-5 kg does not require strengthening of roof system);
  • resistance to low temperatures.

A useful tip! Despite the fact that the main application area of this roof was extended to estates and cathedrals, the seam cover also can be used in modern construction. Use it to arrange the roofs in industrial buildings.

Disadvantages of coatings:

  • vulnerability to shocks;
  • required insulation (folded roof very cold);
  • self-installation is not possible;
  • the limited market of services for installation;
  • material accumulates static electricity;
  • the high level of noise.

Profile types and dimensions of the folded cover (sheet length 8-12. 5 m)

The service life of the coating is about 25-30 years.

Other types of roof coatings for roof seam

Blank for forming standing seam roofing can be made not only of steel. For this purpose, copper and aluminum. This coating is immune to corrosion, which suffer other types of metal roofing.

Standard parameters of the copper blanks:

  • thickness – 0.3 mm and more;
  • length – 110 cm;
  • width – 70 cm;
  • a weight of 5-10 kg (aluminum roofing is light weight 2-5 kg).

In the process of operation on the surface of copper and aluminum of the roof is formed by film coating. It prevents the loss of material due to corrosion. This ensures increased time maintenance service. Copper are able to last for about 100 years, aluminium is slightly less than 80 years.

Lifetime standing seam roof is at least 25 years

The advantages of coating aluminum and copper:

  • there is no need to care (enough to make the procedure of cleaning 2 times per year);
  • full-inflammability;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • cleanliness and safety;
  • invulnerability before corrosion and chemical exposure (acid rain).

Among the shortcomings can be identified only high cost, which is in the range of 2000-2700.per m2.

The cost of steel standing seam roofing the roofs of private houses: types of protective coatings

Steel billets for standing seam roofing can have a different type of protective coating. Each of them has its own advantages, properties and ornamental characteristics.

The installation process of standing seam roof

Please note! The type of the protective coating directly affects the cost of the rebate.

The table shows the average rates for the purchase of folded blanks to a thickness of 0.45 mm for the roof based on the difference in the protective coating.

Prices for steel seam roof:

Name tourtip protective patriciana, RUB/м2Двойной standing фальцОцинковка274Полиэстер363Атлас459принт595велюр473кварцит Лайт515Кварцит652Двойной standing seam (Profi)Оцинковка274Полиэстер363Сафари516велюр473кварцит Лайт515Кварцит652Самозащелкивающийся fold (clickfill)Оцинковка316Полиэстер419Атлас529велюр544кварцит Лайт594Кварцит752Сафари600


Soft roof for roof coatings and their characteristics

In the first place during installation of the roof has been weight. Even if at first glance it seems that the sheet material weighing 3-4 kg are not able to overload the truss system, consider the total weight of the coating, which will actually be not-so-little. On the other hand, if you want to do self-installation of the roof, acquire the material needs to have a simple mounting system, easy to handle, cutting and repair.

All these requirements are met by different types of the soft roof photo which you just could meet the network or even see these materials on the street.

A broken roof structure is covered with soft tile

Soft roof has the following advantages:

  • the resistance to the negative impact of the environment (the material retains its properties even under the influence of high and low temperatures);
  • excellent strength characteristics, particularly at the gap;
  • simple mounting system;
  • the minimum number of tools necessary for the organization of the roof;
  • the installation of the coating on the roof has a complex design, without carrying out a complex of preparatory activities;
  • no noise during subsequent operation;
  • fire safety;
  • long service life – up to 15 years.

Please note! Roofing material that relates to a rolled type roofing is not fire resistant coating. This material variant is rather an exception from the list.

Different buildings on the site, and decorated in soft roof

Roll and membrane materials, soft tile of the roofs

In the category of soft surfaces, there are other products in addition to soft tile. Types of roofs allocated on the basis of raw materials used for their manufacture:

  • mastic is of a different type;
  • membrane materials of polymeric origin;
  • soft or shingles;
  • coil coating type.

Most of these materials can offer very advantageous features, not only technical, but also operational:

  • high strength;
  • flexibility;
  • anti-corrosion properties;
  • water resistance;
  • high-quality sound insulation;
  • anti-fungal properties;
  • a good thermal insulation.

Installation of bitumen shingles

With all these advantages of soft cover for the roof was so widespread. Area of application:

  • private homes;
  • cottages;
  • warehouses;
  • the production area;
  • large buildings for commercial purposes.

If you select the roofing material in the first place should pay attention to the level of heat resistance, and only then to consider other characteristics: the degree of elasticity, flexibility and strength against mechanical impact.

As for the postmark, then here top indicator is the percentage of solids, the level of adhesion, as well as the time required for full cure. Durability plays a role an important role in choosing any coating.

Shingles is an excellent choice for the installation of complex roof structures

Features soft tiles: photos, features and prices

Soft tile, called bitumen, is obtained by cutting the rolled material. Each sheet contains 4 rectangular, diamond-shaped or hexagonal element. Through the application of various dyes on the market there are several options for the material:

  • natural cover in the form of tiles;
  • weathered surface, covered with moss;
  • antique surface, overgrown with lichens.

Please note! Despite the fact that shingles according to its characteristics close to the content of the piece, it still relates to roll-type cover, due to the structure and scope.

Prices for the purchase of shingles:

Name brandnamevalium product (colors), Price, $ /м2MIDAКвадро (brown, red)510Прима (green, red, brown)645Аккорд (green, red, brown)710Трио (antique)710Коньково-curtain (red, brown, green)1140ШингласКадриль Sonata (whiskey, red-brown)1150Кадриль accord (sandal)1150Коньково-eaves (whiskey, sandalwood)1860Тегола (Top Shingle)Futuro (green, brown, red, gray)299Смальто (green, brown, red, gray)238Премьер (red-brown, light brown, dark brown)455Винтаж (green, red, brown, grey)273


The service life of the shingles is about 15-20 years. The installation is on a sloping surface. The minimum angle is 10°. Soft tile can be used not only for the organization of the roof, but also as a coating on the adjacent vertical areas of the walls.

Membrane coating: features and price of a soft roof for 1 square meter

The membrane coating on the roof has a thickness in the range of 0.8–2 mm. This kind of material has several varieties, depending on the raw materials used in production. The types of membrane coating:

  • PVC is made of polymer material (provides protection from fire and ultraviolet radiation);

Membrane, roll roofing, made of PVC

  • EPDM – material for production was the rubber coating reinforced with mesh, made of polyester (durability, environmental safety);
  • TPO – as raw material for the production of coating thermoplastic olefin reinforced with mesh (eco-friendliness).

Please note! Since membrane PVC coating made of materials of polymeric origin, this kind of roof can not be called environmentally friendly.

Prices for PVC membrane coating:

Name brandnamevalium materialista, RUB/м2Есо PlastV-GR300V-RP400LogicroofT-PL400T-SL510V-PR570V-PR Arctic460V-SR460Ico PalMonarplan D680Monarplan FM499Monarplan W953


The life of a membrane cover for the roof is around 50 years. Due to the large width, the material is comfortable to cover the roof, and it can be done at any time of the year. There is no need of laying additional hydroprotection.

Among the minuses can be noted only a complex preparatory phase, because membrane roofing does not tolerate on the surface debris and stones. Solvents and organic oils can damage the material.

The specificity of soft roll roofing: types and prices

Soft roll roofing offers several different materials for the roof. The most popular and affordable in price is the roofing material. For the production we use the following scheme of manufacture:

  • forming of roofing paper;
  • impregnation with bitumen;
  • double-sided processing of a mixture of bitumen with a high level of hardness and mineral filler;
  • the application of the outer coating in the form of a special bulk material.

The roofing material is often used as a coating for flat roofs

Service life of such material is 5 years. In addition to roll, there is also tile roofing material, but it has a completely different scheme of the fabrication and properties.

A useful tip! If you want to get longer terms of service, you should purchase roofing material, made by modern technology. Thanks to the use of polyester fabric or fiberglass sheet the operating time is doubled.

To the category of coating roll applies rubemast. This type of roof is a bituminous filler material with a higher percentage of binder than the roofing material.

There are a number of similar coatings based on glass:

  • steklomast;
  • stekloruberoid;
  • the stekloizol;
  • ruberoid.

The cost of roofing materials for roof:

Type materialavailable, the area of coverage in romaniana, RUB./rolerobert-300-0(0), 15 м2234РКП-350(02), 15 м2285РКП-350(0), 15 м2344РКК-350 TU, 10 м2370СтеклоизолР HSP-2,10, 9 м2304Р khkp-3,5 granulate, 9 м2485Р TKP-3,5 granulate, 9 м2585ГидростеклоизолТПП03,0 fiberglass, 9 м2564


Materials based on glass fibers are characterized by a long service life. The minimum period of operation is 20 years. This category of roofing has only one drawback – vulnerability to exposure to low temperatures. But the problem is easily solved by the multilayered installation (3-4 layer of material).

Modern roofing materials rizolin

Rizolin refers to the materials of the modern generation with the flexible and soft structure. The coating is self-adhesive and is performed on the basis of reinforcing fabric, which is filled with a mixture of bitumen-polymer materials and particular additives.

Please note! Thanks to the foil surface material can be painted using any synthetic colorants to improve appearance.

Rizolin is a modern bitumen-polymer coating with a foiled surface

Varieties rizalina:

• And – two-sides self-adhesive surface;
• P – self-adhering surface on one side and a polymer basis;
• F – foil core of aluminium and a standard adhesive surface.

Material with a foiled surface rizalino provides reliable protection against premature destruction, and also slows down these processes. The product range includes options of products with a copper base which is covered with a very thin layer of foil.

Prices for the purchase of risoline:

Naimenovaniya materialista, RUB/м2АССамоклейка with two storonoi 200ФСАСамоклейка + aluminum layer (30 microns)from 230Шумка-Hydro-samothracian pokrytiyam 230Праймер bethanyhouse waterproofing coating (liquid)350 (Bank)Paroizolyatsionnogo bitumen-polymer pokrytiyam 90СэндвичТрехслойное coating with a veneer of rizalino 950


Each of the coverings carries certain advantages and disadvantages. When selecting a roofing material it is worth considering the characteristics, scope of application and to rely on their own taste preferences and financial capabilities.


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