Sand filter for pool: the water was always clean

The main indicator of proper care of the pond is water quality. To maintain an open pool in perfect condition is possible, using filtration equipment. The most practical and affordable device is a sand pool filter, purifying the water from harmful impurities and contaminants. The filter pump will ensure excellent quality of purification, the water in the pool will remain clean, which eliminates the need to frequently change.

Use a water filter in the system pool maintenance is very important, because clean water is primarily a safety for the whole family

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  • 1 Types of water filters
    • 1.1 Types of mechanical filters for water purification in swimming pools
  • 2. the Device of sand pool filter. Usage instructions
  • 3 Sand pool filter: operation and maintenance of the device
  • 4 Kinds of sand filters
  • 5 Mounting sand filter
  • 6 Manufacturer of the sand filter to the pool with their hands

Types of water filters

There are several ways of dealing with water pollution in street pools: overflow of the collecting device, removing debris from the pond surface with the help of a net, the cleansing of the bottom and water cleaner. But what about the pollution available to the human eye? For a complete cleaning of used water filtration equipment.

A useful tip! Install an appropriate filter for a pool is planned at the stage of designing an artificial pond. The right combination of hardware increases the duration of operation of the pool and reduces the costs of disinfection of water.

One of the main challenges of any outdoor pool is surface contamination

In principle, water filters are divided into mechanical, chemical and combined. The effect of chemical devices based on the use of disinfecting solutions, which eliminates harmful bacteria and microorganisms. However these compounds adversely affect the human skin, which imposes restrictions on stay in chlorinated water.

Combined items include a number of purification systems, combining mechanical and chemical elements. This cleaning system is considered the most effective, but quite expensive. Chemical filtration plant bulky, and the dual expensive. The optimal solution for private ponds are mechanical filters.

Sand filter pool is a great size tank, filled with sand through which water is filtered

Types of mechanical filters for water purification in swimming pools

Use in mechanical installations or other filtering substances, klassificeret them on sand, earth and cartridge.

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Earthworks diatomaceous filters. One of the most effective filtering devices. Water purification occurs by passing through cartridges filled with a ground mixture of particles of plankton. However, the high cost of these devices makes for a lot of their use is unavailable. In addition, when the maintenance (replacement and disposal) often requires the help of professionals. This happens due to the fact that the filling of cartridges is a toxic substance.

To keep the water column clean by using special filters for pools

Cartridge filters. Are cylindrical cartridges stacked in the housing. Action cartridge pool filter aimed at neutralizing particles down to 5 micron. The devices can be easily cleaned by treatment with special formulations or by flushing with water. Used cartridges are effortlessly removed and replaced with new. Compared to diatomaceous, cartridge units have a lower cost.

Sand filters. These units are the most budget of all the mechanical options. To apply them it is recommended to frame and inflatable pools with a small load. The filler in these devices use sand, mixture of sand particles, gravel, anthracite or carbon. The maintenance consists in washing the reverse flow of water.

Sand filter for water purification in the pool is one of the budget options

Device sand filter for the pool. Usage instructions

A sand filter is a sealed housing filled with sieved quartz sand. The case is made of durable plastic that can withstand the action of aggressive environment. The set of filter device includes a pump, chestergimli switching valve, a pressure gauge for fixing the pressure in the filter system.

Water purification occurs by passing it through a quartz sand. For filters pools using a fraction of 0.4-0.8 mm. to Buy silica sand for filter pool is in construction retail outlets. The filling capacity of regular sand will cause failure of the installation due to the ability to clumping. The dimensions of the product body are selected depending on the volume of the pool.

Standard size sand filter for swimming pool

The work of installation is as follows: the water pump is pumped into a container of sand, passes through it and returns back into the pool. Dirt and small particles of debris remain in the layers of sand (their size is about 20-25 microns). It should be noted that the filter frame swimming pool at a country or a plot may well be a sand option.

To determine the cleaning time of the device should be using the pressure gauge. The higher the accumulation of dirt in the device, the more pressure required to pass water through it. As soon as the needle will come to a critical red mark, this will be a signal to clean the product. You must turn on the backwash and rinse the filter.

The filter should pick up the water from the surface, as in the upper layer accumulates the most dirt, microorganisms and debris

A useful tip! In operation the sand filter accumulates limescale, which can cause them less effective. Therefore, it is necessary 2-3 times a year to clean the unit compositions for removing limescale.

The frequency of flushing of the filter is determined by the kind of artificial reservoir, intensity of use, degree of water pollution, composition and amount of used chemicals for swimming pools. To increase the efficiency of the filtration equipment is possible by installing the valve, carrying out automatic and systematic cleaning.

The principle of operation of the sand filter

The cost of the sandy units is acceptable. However, the drawback is that reverse flushing if contaminated – a process long enough. In addition, when cleaning used a lot of water, which increases its consumption, and, consequently, the cost of maintaining the pool. If the water supply at the site is limited to use for swimming pool sand filter is not recommended.

Sand pool filter: operation and maintenance of the device

When you turn on a pool pump with a sand filter, the water through plum and skimmers enters the prefilter, then pass through a quartz filler. There it is purified and fed back into the pool via inlet nozzles. After a certain time, the sand in the setting of contaminated and will need to be clear about what will inform the manometer.

The sand filter is simple to operate

Some models of sandy cleaners equipped with devices that produce washing in automatic mode. If such a device is missing, you can clean pool filter with your hands. It is necessary to turn off the pump, move the valve in the flush mode and re-enable the pump for a while.

In reverse flow the water will wash away the sand settled on the dirt in the sewer. After this, the valve must be increased to compaction. The pump operates for about a minute then shut off and back turn on filter mode. The pool water must be filtered continuously, regardless of time of use of the reservoir. During the day, the water must pass through the filter 2-3 times.

A useful tip! Strengthening the capacity of the pumping equipment increases the rate of passage of water through the filter, which contributes to poor cleaning. Therefore, for pools with a small download of using small-capacity pumps.

Diagram of the components of the sand filter

When using sand filters must adhere to the safety rules:

  • Translating six-position valve to a new mode, you should disable the pump.
  • The installation with their hands sand pool filter and pump should be within 1 m from the walls of the reservoir.
  • For proper operation of the pump, it is necessary to ensure the access of air in its location.
  • Adjusting the mode of operation of the equipment is made at the disconnected pump.
  • When the transfer valve in a particular position, you must make sure that the valve lever came exactly in the groove of the striker.
  • The valve under the pressure switch is prohibited.
  • Filtration plant for swimming pool

    Kinds of sand filters

    To improve the efficiency of sand filters, filling them may consist of several layers (multilayer model). In such plants use sand of various fractions, which fits from larger groups to smaller or more types of fillers: sand, gravel, anthracite.

    Choosing a suitable sand filter, it is necessary to ask what type of filler is used. If this is quartz sand, then life will be approximately 3 years, after which it will need to be replaced. Glass sand will last up to 5-6 years, however, the cost will be slightly higher. Inexpensive devices filled with a layer of sand particles 0.5-0.8 mm.

    Sometimes the content of sand filters combine, filling up different types of fillings in several layers

    More sophisticated models consist of 3-5 layers of different filler fractions. Water purification goes first through the coarse particles, gradually reaching the small filler. Expensive filters stack a layer of a sorbent (e.g., anthracite granules). Particles of this filler have a pointed shape that does not matter heavily compacted. Therefore, cleaning is much faster.

    Capacity sand filters are divided into industrial, whose performance is more than 10 m3/hour. Medium (up to 10 m3/hour) and low-power with a capacity of up to 3 m3/hour. The latter can be used as filters for inflatable pools at their summer cottage.

    A sand filter capable of retaining particles whose size is about 20 microns

    Company specializing in the production of inflatable and frame pools, tend to produce and filtration plant to them. The range of devices contributes to the selection of an optimal model directly for your type of pond. Equipment is selected based on the diameter and capacity of the pool.

    Mounting sand filter

    To the operation of the pool filter to be effective, you must correctly install it. The product may be submerged, suspended, floating and others. The main indicator of the proper operation of the filter is efficiently purified water.

    Set the pool filter should observe certain safety rules

    Should ensure that when the filter was good water circulation in the pool. Should not be allowed to present the so-called dead zones, where the water will not flow into the installation. This will lead to stagnation and water contamination in these areas, as well as the spread of tainted water throughout the pond.

    In addition, the water should enter the filter from the surface, where the concentration of debris and bacteria is highest. Reverse flow of water in the pool may be effected in any convenient place. Also take care of unhindered access to the filter and pump equipment to be able to promptly transfer the system to the desired mode.

    Swim in clean, clear water which is absolutely safe for the human body, much nicer

    Manufacturer of sand filter for the pool with their hands

    Many gardeners order to reduce the cost of maintaining the pool, gather filters by yourself. Of course, the effectiveness of own hand-assembled sand pool filter is much lower, but, nevertheless, the water in the pool will be cleared.

    For manufacturing the filter will need a plastic container (barrel, canister) volume of approximately 60-65 L. the Neck of the vessel should be wide. The capacity of a at some distance from the bowl of the reservoir. Next, you put the filter filler.

    A good sand filter can be made independently

    The filler sand choose a coarse fraction as small just clog the whole system. Typically use quartz movement. In addition, it is possible to stack a layer of graphite or activated carbon. The number of layers in the filter should not be more than three. After filling the plastic container should be closed tightly.

    Then, you need to connect a pump equipped with six-position valve: one end is connected to the tank through another hose attached to the drain pipe sewer. Service artisanal sand filter consists of regular backwashing of sand from the accumulated dirt.

    Clean water in the pool is primarily for the safety of its visitors, so this should take care of first

    The sequence of actions is:

    • to turn off the pump;
    • further, within 5 minutes the pump should run in the flush mode, with all the contamination of the filler will go down the drain;
    • the washed filler should be compacted;
    • re-enable filtering mode.

    To see the Assembly and the procedure of connecting a homemade sand filter devices you can view the video “Filters for swimming pools your own hands.” With sand filters it is possible to achieve a sufficient purification of water for your garden pool turned into a swamp with dirty and nasty water.


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