Septic tank with their hands without pumping 10 years for home and garden: building construction

With the aim of increasing the comfort of living in country houses, on the site, be sure to organize the sewer system. The main functions of such a system – the diversion of wastewater, collection and effective disposal. Most often this is done by mounting the drives, which are not without drawbacks. Modern technologies offer an alternative solution – a septic tank with their hands without pumping 10 years for home and garden.

The purpose of the septic tank is disposal of sewage, collection and effective disposal

The contents

1 Septic tank with their hands without pumping 10 years for the home and garden as an alternative to the cesspool
  1.1 Features of septic tanks for private homes with his own hands
  1.2 the Principle of operation of the treatment plant
  1.3 Modification of septic tanks for cottages without pumping
2 How to choose a convenient location construction on site
  2.1 Calculating the depth and volume of construction
3 Price of septic tanks for private homes and requirements for constructions
4 Scheme of a septic tank with their hands out rings for suburban area
5 Construction; design of reinforced concrete
6 Construction of septic tank of eurokubas their hands without pumping
7 Features of a septic tank from barrels with their hands
  7.1 Features of installation of a septic tank from plastic barrels
8 Organization of septic tanks for cottages with high groundwater level
  8.1 Selection of a septic tank for sites with high groundwater


Septic tank with their hands without pumping 10 years for the home and garden as an alternative to the cesspool

The owners of private and country houses, in which expected permanent or long stay, necessarily faced with the problem of the organization of the Sewerage system. The simplified version in this case is a cesspool. This type of system is a high capacity, fully sealed. It is designed to collect waste.

An example of a device of a septic tank for a country house or Villa

The disadvantage of this method of arrangement of the sewers is that of self-disposal of waste does not occur. The system is not complete, as is the case in urban apartments or need the services of vacuum trucks.

Pumping from the sump is mandatory! It is accompanied by significant costs of the services of vacuum trucks and is performed on a quarterly basis. In winter, this process is complicated by weather conditions.

A useful tip! For as little as possible to resort to paid services’s services, you can organize the cesspool with a large capacity. But a more effective solution is the construction of septic tanks for cottages with his own hands without pumping.

Estimation of water consumption for household needs

The presence of the design of a septic tank on the territory of the suburban area allows you to refuse treatments of wastewater pumping for 10-15 years. Therefore, this design is more profitable and popular.


Features of septic tanks for private homes with his own hands

Even the optimal design of a septic tank may not provide a system output of waste, which does not need pumping. Local sewer in any event shall be provided service.

Correctly calculated the volume of the system and a suitable soil (soil with good draining ability) will allow you to organize the conditions under which there will be a filtration of a liquid effluent through the soil. There are constraints to this process was not limited to that time frame.

Two-chamber septic tank that does not require pumping

Time limits are explained in the following points:

  • The process of separation of the effluent in the primary chamber is defective. Some of the suspended solids will be subject to the entering into the secondary chamber, which is responsible for filtering. This starts the process of siltation. Ultimately, the efficiency of drainage will decrease gradually, which will reduce the performance level of the septic tank.
  • In the process of rotting solids settle to the bottom and take a crust. So they can’t disappear. Despite the fact that the main component of sewage is water (99%), due to accumulations of sludge will require a cleaning system.

Under such conditions, even a 10-year period of use will be a very profitable solution to the problem.

The scheme of two-compartment septic tank with backlash-closet


The principle of operation of the treatment plant

Separator (primary camera) is used as the container for drainage. Here, the separated supernatant liquid and dense fraction. Is settling on the bottom of those particles that are heavier than water. Components with lighter weight in the form of a peel are collected on the surface.

Because of the biological basis of the origin of the wastewater, in which there is multiplication of bacteria that feed at their expense. Biological treatment reduces the volume of solids. The result of the process of putrefaction is the formation of a large number of gaseous decomposition products of hydrogen sulfide and methane. They need the challenge.

An example of a device of septic tank of different types

Important! The withdrawal of supernatant water from the separator, which needs to get to the filter well (secondary camera), needs to be organized a little lower than is the level of cover.

A septic tank is a pit with a clay bottom, the walls of which must be strengthened. Ways of strengthening may be several. The design operates on the following principle: inside the runoff gradually percolates into the ground. The height of the water column depends on the level of absorption. The higher this ratio, the more water will be absorbed by the soil for a certain unit of time.

Station deep biological treatment


Modification of septic tanks for cottages without pumping

In the scheme of arrangement the system can be amended. This time depends on the size of the suburban area and plan of the septic tank.

Such as filter well, can be replaced by:

  • one pipe is laid lower than the level of the ground;
  • the whole system of pipes;
  • filter ditch.

With the enhancements to improve the efficiency of the purification of the liquid component of the effluent. This aspect affects the increase of operational life of structures without maintenance.

The simple septic tanks for cottages

Modification can significantly improve the design:

  • Install a sump pump submersible in the second chamber will give the opportunity to use the accumulated water for other purposes, e.g. irrigation. Transfer the liquid to drain, placed above the level of the water.
  • The use of a compressor for blowing air through the separator chamber will enhance the activity of aerobic bacteria. The result is the rapid oxidation of organic substances, which entails a reduction in the amount of sludge.
  • In energy-dependent septic tanks you can use a special method of filtering well. This site is filled with boulders of large size, allowing the deposition of silt occurs on top of the stones. The advantage of this method is that between the boulders formed a small cavity that opens the access of water to the absorbing zones of the soil.

Homemade filter for biological cleaning of barrels and sponges for dishes; air compressor AERONET sewage to enhance aerobic bacteria


How to pick the convenient location of the construction on site

The organization of a local treatment plant requires a few basic rules. The weakening of the soil under the house Foundation or in the area of its location can lead to collapse. Not recommended to place the septic tank on this site.

A useful tip! The minimum allowable distance from the walls of the house to the sewage disposal structure is 5 m. During the construction should take into account this option. The exception is the separator, the bottom of which is hermetically sealed. He has no restrictions with respect to this issue.

The layout of the septic system on the lot

Plots can be located on the slope. In such circumstances it is necessary to complete the organization of the septic tank below the level of the placement of the house. There are restrictions on construction of sewage disposal construction in the vicinity of the well or wells. The sources from where water can be contaminated water, contaminated with harmful bacteria.

It is better to abandon the construction of a septic tank for a private home with high groundwater level. Design will not only be ineffective but also might be the reason for the fine from the sanitary-epidemiological supervision.

A viable solution to this problem may be the construction professionals a two-piece container with a sufficient level of sealing, where there will be no filter and the bottom will be done with quality waterproofing.

Recommendations for placement of a septic tank for a private home


The calculation of depth and volume for the construction of buildings

Vipiana septic tanks in suburban areas is performed based on the placement of the groundwater level. Taken into account and the average depth of soil freezing.

To the cleansing process remains stable under the influence of various weather conditions, it is necessary to achieve a positive temperature. High ground water cannot be penetration of the structure below the level of soil freezing. In such cases, is insulation.

Recommendations for the location of the septic tank, depending on depth

For the procedure of warming can be used the following materials:

  • expanded clay;
  • foam baby;
  • sheet of foamed polystyrene;
  • other materials of the modern generation with the appropriate properties.

Filter and storage chambers must have a certain amount. This figure is calculated based on the amount of daily wastewater.

The scheme of installation of a septic tank for a country house

Are taken into account such moments:

  • features of household appliances that is present in the house;
  • the mode of operation of the land and the house on it;
  • number of occupants residing in the house;
  • system devices sanitary purposes.

If the house is well equipped and is operated throughout the year, each tenant requires about 200 liters of water. With the volume of effluent the septic tank to cope for three days, and volume calculation is performed according to the formula:

Y x 200 liters x 3 days = V, where

Y – the number of tenants,
V – the volume of containers.

Recommended distance to septic tank from the wall giving


Price of septic tanks for private homes and requirements for constructions

The domestic market offers a wide range of treatment designs, among which there are a lot of budget septic tanks for cottages without pumping.

Calculation cleaning design takes into account the principles of cleaning a multi-stage type. The cleansing process may be performed through a 3-or 2 cameras.

Ranking table and prices of popular designs:

Navaneethakrishnan cleaning, %Volley reset, stoimosti, RUB TOPAS 898440106900Эко-Grand 59825073600Юнилос Astra 39815066300Тритон9850048000Росток9025026800танк 17060034900Термит7040073720

A useful tip! Plumbing according to building codes, in the runoff volume up to 1 m3/day to build a single-chamber design. Two-chamber septic tank is built for volume of 1-10 m3/day, and three cameras designed for large volumes. These standards are not mandatory, and can be considered as recommendations.

In some cases, the terms allow you to create a single-chamber purification plant for 20-30 m3, which will be more effective than the septic tank into three chambers.

Diagram of the device of the three-chamber septic tank with aeration

The purpose of the cameras:

  • the first is intended for accumulation and subsequent separation of the water runoff into fractions;
  • the second performs the function of atonement (here is the process of putrefaction and purification from organics);
  • the third is used for final filtering and output of liquid into the ground.

With the exception of the tank for the withdrawal of effluent, all cameras must be sealed.

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Diagram of a septic tank with their hands out rings for suburban area

A concrete ring is the most common material for the construction of a septic tank.

The advantages of this method:

  • high level of integrity;
  • quick mounting system;
  • strength;
  • durability.

The diameter of the rings is selected based on the required volume of treatment plant. The maximum number of rings for one camera – 4.

Diagram of the device of septic tank of concrete rings with their hands

The disadvantages of the method:

  • the high cost of construction;
  • difficulties with installation (connecting cameras);
  • the volume is strictly limited;
  • the need to use specialized equipment.

After the organization of pits. prepares the bottom for storage cameras. This site is concreted. For filter well provide other preparatory work. The specifics of this camera requires crushed stone cushion on the bottom.

Installation of three-chambered septic tank of concrete rings

Installation of concrete rings is one another. At this stage you need to consider the carts of the system of tubes to the wells. It is important to carefully calculate the diameter and the draft angle.

Performed the sealing of the chambers with the inner and outer side. It is recommended to use modern waterproofing materials, cement mortar and waterproofing materials surfaced type. After that, the pits are backfilled.

Dimensions of precast concrete rings for septic tank


Construction; design of reinforced concrete

Structures made of reinforced concrete, are durable and have high strength factor.

Advantages of the treatment plant of the monolith:

  • practicality;
  • long term maintenance services;
  • the availability of the materials used for construction;
  • a high degree of waterproofing.

Important! The basis for the construction of monolithic construction is the formwork. Its implementation is mandatory. The most suitable material for this purpose are shields made of OSB Board. This material has good moisture resistance, and its cost is much lower than that of boards made from wooden planks.

Diagram of the device of septic tank of concrete And the septic area; In the area of anaerobic digestion; C — biofilter; D — receiver for storage of treated wastewater; 1, 1A, metal housing; 2 — bypass hole; 3 — bypass between the sections; 4 — base against the ascent; 5 — pump; 6 — pipe secondary treatment; 7 — valve; 8 — foam; 9 — cover; 10 — pipe for removal of biogas

Disadvantages of the monolith:

  • the high cost of construction;
  • the need for reinforcing the basics;
  • construction formwork is a mandatory procedure;
  • the low level of bandwidth.

Before concreting the bottom of the cameras in the first phase of construction is laid the reinforcing mesh. To prevent corrosive damage to the metal, put a thick layer of concrete on this site. The minimum thickness of the concrete layer above the grid is 3cm.

The procedure of manufacturing the septic tank with their hands: 1 — preparation of pit and piping; 2 — reinforcement; 3 — casing; 4 — concrete; 5 — removal of formwork; 6 — installation of metal parts; 7 — laying flat slate, making hatches, cementation, installation of ventilation pipe; 8 — construction audit of the mine; 9 — waterproofing, insulation, falling asleep the earth

Performed the construction of formwork and reinforcement strengthening. Then there is the concreting of the walls of the chambers and the organization of partitions between them. At the final stage of the slab are filled with concrete. The drying period is about 2 weeks. It is recommended that the harboring of the solution film, to ensure uniform drying.


Construction of septic tank of eurokubas their hands without pumping

Cubic containers – containers made of plastic. For the installation of the cameras from this material is the base made of concrete with a large thickness. On this basis fixed the septic tank. This procedure is designed to ensure that the design does not shift under the influence of groundwater moving beneath the surface of the soil. The rise of ground moisture can also move a loose structure.

The device of septic tank of eurokubas: 1 — bulb eurokubas; 2 — connecting overflow pipe; 3 — extension pipe; 4 — the inlet tee; 5 — outlet tee; 6 — insulated wooden cover; 7 — cover; 8 — vent pipe; 9 — cap; 10 — a supply pipe (100 mm); 11 — discharge pipe (100 mm); 12 — concrete base; 13 — concrete fill; 14 — thermal insulation; 15 — concrete pit ring; 16 — mesh reinforcement

The plastic container before installation is insulated with foam. After which she mounted in the pit. Then, by filling with water and concreting of the tank on the sides. Country septic tank is insulated even from the top. To the surface need to get a system of pipes that provide ventilation.

This type of design requires cleaning the use of additional elements that will allow you to achieve a full level of wastewater treatment. For these purposes, it is recommended to use the filter or the field filter.

The process of installing the septic tank eurokubas

A useful tip! The use of biological additives will increase the intensity of the cleaning process. Pumping of the septic tank in this case will become more rare. Additives not only increase the rate of decomposition of the solid particles, but also reduce the amount of sediment.


The features of septic tank from barrels with their hands

Cleaning system of the barrels is done on the same principle that other variants of the septic tank. It may consist of two or three cameras. The process of moving wastewater in the tank by gravity. To achieve this effect, have to install below the level of the sewer pipes.

This type of facility can be operated for several years. To increase the period of effective use, it is recommended to check first the capacity on the subject of the formation of blockage or siltation. The volume of the septic tank is increased by mounting an additional barrel.

Septic tanks made from concrete rings and metal barrels

Cleaning system is made of plastic or metal barrels. The main condition-quality – integrity. Metal tanks require a special anti-corrosion treatment of protective equipment. Therefore, many owners of country stations prefer the construction of plastic barrels.

The advantages of plastic elements:

  • extensive range;
  • simple system installation (before installing do not require additional training material);
  • a high degree of resistance to aggressive waste water;
  • long service life;
  • high index of protection (good protection system from leaking out of waste or penetration of groundwater);
  • light weight (simplifies installation, eliminates the need to use heavy machinery).

Septic tank from plastic barrels are simple to install and durability


Features of installation of a septic tank from plastic barrels

To build the sewage system of plastic barrels easy. If you do not let black waste water cleaning this type of design does not require special maintenance. For waste water from the toilet will need to call scavengers.

A useful tip! If a country house is used for permanent residence, the barrel can be replaced by a larger capacity: the cube, plastic, tank, tank. Installation the installation in this case is similar.

An example of a device of the septic tank from plastic barrels

Step through the installation:

  • The implementation of the holes on the two containers (holes are placed at the top, their size corresponds to the diameter of the flange).
  • The implementation of the holes in the receptacle to accommodate the sewer pipe.
  • The work of waterproofing joints (recommended to use putty).
  • Fixing of drainage pipes in the pre-prepared side of the hole.
  • Organizations at the bottom of the pit the concrete base with a thickness of 25 cm (for the first camera, which will be located higher than the second).
  • The coupling capacitances between them.
  • The installation of drainage pipes (crushed rock used as drainage filter).
  • Check the angle of the pipes the building level (permissible angle of slope of 2 cm per meter length).
  • Sleep design.
  • Check for leaks and filling the system with water.

Preparation of pit for installation of a septic tank


The organization of septic tanks for cottages with high groundwater level

The construction of a Sewerage system may be complicated by the presence during the period of high groundwater level. These conditions impose restrictions on treatment of wastewater passing through the septic chamber, and the durability of the structure itself is significantly reduced.

The way out of this situation will be the construction of a sealed cumulative septic tank. Due to sealing the soil moisture in excess, will not be able to interact with the effluent and to influence the process of their cleaning. Similar structures have only one drawback. There is a need in the regular use of the services of vacuum trucks. But this already runs counter to the desire to create a blast design for long period of use without pumping.

Water drainage from the septic tank into a ditch or stormwater drainage

To achieve the desired result, you can use the typical scheme with a more complex structure. The design involves the installation of a sealed container. Material for it can serve as concrete or plastic. This capacity is subject to division into the camera, designed to supply water runoff and discharge of treated liquid.

A useful tip! If you intend to install a septic tank without pumping in an area with high groundwater, the tertiary treatment process liquid must be another way. Instead of filtering fields, it is recommended to use a specially adapted cassette filter. They are mounted on the surface of the soil.

The process of installation of a septic tank under high groundwater level

Selecting a septic tank for sites with high groundwater

In the presence of high groundwater in the suburban area when selecting the treatment plant should be guided by some rules. They will help you choose the right type of septic tank and do a quality installation.

Basic rules:

  • The volume cleaning of a structure is calculated on the basis of the speed at which processing will occur drains over a specified period (one day).
  • Materials of polymeric origin or concrete – the safest and most reliable basis for the creation of a septic tank.
  • The highest efficiency can offer horizontal tanks with low penetration.
  • Suitable options of treatment designs: defined contribution, or providing the possibility of compulsory execution of pumping the purified liquid.
  • Increasing the number of cameras increases the degree of purification.

The scheme of selection of the treatment plant depending on groundwater level

Groundwater from close proximity from the surface restricts the use of certain materials.

In such conditions it is necessary to abandon the construction of septic tanks:

  • from masonry with gaps;
  • of tires;
  • from concrete rings.

Perforated pipe for drainage should also be deleted from the list of the materials used.

The choice of septic tank to install is large enough. Most of them can be mounted with their hands. It is possible to use improvised means, for example, bricks or tyres (only for effluent from holiday soul) or purchase the finished design to a specialized company.


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