Small bathroom and toilet idea

Before starting repair work, you must carefully consider the design of the bathroom. Sketching the future premises takes into account not only the decoration, but also the specific location of each of the elements. Each piece must be in place and be functional load. For example, in a small room it makes sense to replace a massive bath in the shower stall, especially when tenants apartments have little need for prolonged bathing. It is important to find the optimal set of furniture and equipment, the presence of which will fully meet each of the households.

With a variety of advanced materials to create original bathroom – photo gallery of finished bathrooms confirms clearly emerging trend in recent years. Tile, plastic panels, cork boards, and even wood – a key requirement for their use is the presence of a high resistance to humidity. Beating the various options, you can get an extraordinary design of the bathroom.
The choice of colors – not less important task. At this stage it is important not only to comply with a combination of colors, but also to create a harmonious atmosphere of them in a room.
Just look at the photos of bathrooms, to understand – the final chord belongs to lighting design. Location lighting fixtures, their shapes and sizes – every nuance is able to radically change the style of the interior.

The specialists of “Ocean baths” have extensive experience in the development of bathroom design. We are ready to offer assistance in creating an individual project, in which all client requests will be reflected.

Having started to fulfill a beautiful renovated bathroom, you have to think about the future as much as possible the design. Radically change the design without repairs and expert advice, which is equipped with the state of our company, it is simply not possible.

Professional designer will tell you the main areas in which you need to move in order to have in your home or apartment has a comfortable bathroom, a beautiful renovation and unique in its design. The main areas should include:

    quality lighting;

    modern materials;

    rational use of free space;

    original fittings and bathroom accessories.

All this combined can guarantee you success in your endeavors. The quality of finishing materials, furniture and accessories will depend on the appearance of your bathroom. Non-standard use of lighting equipment can emphasize one or another flavor to it, and the rational use of space will allow you to move freely in it.

All photos renovated bathrooms are available on our website. It should also be noted that in the creation of all this beauty was attended exclusively only employees of our company.

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