Soft flooring for children’s rooms: beautiful, comfortable and safe

Trying to give the nursery a maximum level of comfort and security, it is not necessary to forget also about the beauty and practicality. The embodiment of all these qualities in modern technology has become a soft floor for children’s rooms. In addition to the above four important aspects can be added to his characteristics a few: warm, eco-friendly, hygienic and orthopedic. The soft cover on the floor is one of the best decisions of caring parents for their children.

Play Mat-puzzle in the nursery diversifies leisure baby

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  • 1 ava-Plast — a new word in the world of technology
    • 1.1 Modern material for the manufacture of soft floor for kids
  • 2 Types of soft floor for children’s rooms
  • 3 Installation of children’s soft floor puzzle
  • 4 Distinctive features universal soft floor

Ava-Plast — a new word in the world of technology

In order to appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages of soft flooring for children’s room, you need to start to understand what it is. A new word in the industry was the invention of the material efaplast. It is a composite material, for which it is necessary to foam the rubber. Eva-polymer is highly valued as an orthopedic material. It is elastic and flexible. This gives him the ability not to deform, to have a long life and keep attractive appearance for a long time.

The microporous polymer very light, does not transmit the electric current that characterizes it as a dielectric. It is widely used in medicine, in the manufacture of orthopedic shoes, goods for sports. Ease of use roll of this material makes it every day more and more popular.

Gender of ava-Plast — elastic, soft and warm

Modern material for the manufacture of soft floor for kids

Production of soft floor for children’s rooms began to acquire widespread relatively recently. Already used in other industries, the material is a real boon for manufacturers of floor coverings. The structure of such coatings has typesetting system. Modular sets of tiles are made by casting on special equipment under high pressure. Clearly a metered dose of molten material is poured into special forms. After cooling, the mold is opened and get the finished product that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Temperature which it can withstand, lies in a wide range. And the raw material itself, and the resulting product has a high level of required physical characteristics.

A modular set of tiles-puzzles simplifies the process of paving and allows you to change their locations every day

Sets of tiles with scalloped edge are very advantageous in the Assembly of soft floor puzzle.

Important! Each tile often has a size of 30×30 cm, and the thickness can be 9, 10, and 12 see Choice of size depends on the preferences of the consumer.

When you create a soft floor puzzle for children’s rooms important part of the work rests not only on engineers but also for designers. Using this method of painting as thermal, each element is patterned. It can be solid options in various shades and colors or any other symbols. The surface is covered with a special film for better wear resistance modular elements.

Using thermal printing on a soft Mat can be applied to images of animals, letters, numbers, and any other drawings

The types of soft floor for children’s rooms

The elements of Mat soft floor represent a long time favorite of kids puzzles. Every mosaic has not just a goal to captivate and please the child. Often it is one of razvivaya-learning games for toddler.

This is facilitated by the application of a modular floor Mat puzzle for kids numbers, letters, geometric shapes of different colors. Special series is designed for age group of children 2 to 5 years from 6 years, school children and Teens.

Tiles from Eva Plast you can shoot part of the room or completely cover the entire floor

Kids regard it only as a way of soft movement. Older children will be able to develop their thinking and active casual playing. With soft puzzles for kids on the floor can be master of the animals from the zoo, Pets, city names, transportation and more.

The individual modules are easy to fold of them houses, boxes, cubes. The ability to easily change the puzzles sometimes makes the soft floor every day. Children constantly learn and master it, effectively developing and learning.

For school-age children can pick up a soft coating with road signs and markings

Exciting kit with pattern in the form of traffic signs and markings, city infrastructure, world maps, illustrations from cartoons, fairytale characters will be the subject of outdoor games for children from 6 years. Carpets – puzzles in the form of a circle or known to many generations of hopscotch will give a special distinctive feature in the nursery.

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Sometimes beautiful and practical solution is the use of a monochromatic soft carpet of the puzzle, with several built in theme pictures. They carry a different meaning and make a variety of games and activities children. The older students usually prefer plain styles, made in one color or selected for the wood texture, checkerboard, parquet. Preferences of teenagers also stay on the soft floor with a thin, indistinct ornament or black and white sectors with a relief surface.

The floor in the room of a teenager, you can make a puzzle with a pattern simulating wood or laminate flooring

Important! When selecting soft floor puzzle you need to consider the age of the child. Some types of soft flooring for children have small parts that can be inserted into the hollow holes. Without exception, all the children are known as great lovers to try all the taste. If there are small parts, this can pose a danger to health.

Due to its advantages, products of this type are increasingly used not only for nurseries but also for gyms and offices.

Ava-Plast — allergenic material, easy to clean, odourless

Installation of children’s soft floor puzzle

Soft flooring for children’s rooms is mounted fairly easily. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some points. Very important is the alignment of the surface. To mild baby floor (jigsaw puzzle Mat) is looked for alignment using special levelling compound. On top of the screed is laid a slab of laminated plywood. To apply DSP experts do not suggest, as they are not an environmentally friendly material. Then put a layer of insulating film. On one corner of the module always has an arrow. All items copolymeres soft floor mounted according to the arrow in the same direction.

The next stage of installation – directly laying soft floor tiles, which can be done in two ways: mounted on the adhesive and installation of “dry”.

A soft Mat can be easily disassembled, the child wish will be able to create from it a variety of elements

Installation on the glue adds considerable percentage of the strength. The glue used is the same as for laying linoleum. First is a full layout of the room into the size of the elements-puzzles. Installation begins with the Central part, moving gradually in all four directions. Module coat the back side with glue and placed on the floor according to the markup and coupling grooves. Stacked components rattle with a rubber hammer for better shrinkage. After the completion of installation over the entire area you need to go with a rubber roller. This procedure will finally fasten all the connecting places and ensure a complete fit modules.

The soft cover will ensure the child’s safety during playtime on the floor

Installation of a soft floor-Mat-puzzle “dry” enables the easy replacement of individual modules. Further strengthen the puzzles double sided tape pasted on the inner surface of the elements. A scalloped edge is connected back to back, the components are neatly stacked and have the United easy stretch.

Important! When installing a “dry” method, you must use the plinth to secure the elements.

Embossed surface prevents slipping and accidental dropping of the baby

Distinctive features universal soft floor

The positive qualities of children’s soft floor Mat:

  • safety for children. She is always on the first place by many parents. Even if the child falls, the damage he will receive much less than using other types of coatings. This is especially true if the room has a slide for children;
  • the hygiene Mat is a soft floor for children leaves no doubt. Care is easy and simple, using soapy water and a soft brush for the floor, or a dry sponge;
  • the insulating qualities of the polymer does not let the heat, keeping it in the right place;

The polymer from which the Mat is made has thermal insulation properties

  • hypoallergenic – it is simply impossible to accumulate dust and harmful microorganisms, which often act as an allergen for many children;
  • this coating has excellent noise insulation effect;
  • misses evaporation is the vapor barrier effect;
  • water resistance of the coating provides a permanent dry, wet cleaning will not hurt it;
  • no unpleasant smell;
  • due to the orthopaedic features of evaporimeter even any bend will not damage the structure of the module;

Common size of soft floor tiles: 30×30 cm with a thickness of 9, 10 or 12 cm

  • colors can be completely different from the childish cartoon motifs to the surfaces decorated with wood, parquet etc. This makes it suitable for any type of interior;
  • non-slip;
  • is non-toxic material;
  • does not carry electric current, which adds the percentage of child safety;
  • if you use it in loose form, just like pad, it is easy to transport, take along on a walk or cottage;
  • interchangeability of components allows to change easily the damaged modular element.

One of the advantages of carpet-puzzle is that it can be dismantled and taken along on the street or in travel

Negative qualities of the soft carpet on the floor:

  • not intended for active exercise;
  • you cannot walk on it in shoes with thick soles;
  • you cannot use chemicals to clean it, as the color will fade and may eventually wear off completely.

When choosing necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer and to trust only to trusted brands. The product must have the certification or as a floor puzzle for children (soft floor) it is possible just to doubt. Unpacking should take place at the client’s home, you should not buy a product with damaged packaging.

Soft floor in the playroom is decorated with tiles of different size

In the above characteristics is the versatility of the soft warm sex. For reviews, soft floor has a clear advantage for children’s rooms, compared to other types of coatings. Many parents have appreciated such a creative approach to the design of the nursery, and use the Mat-puzzle in a practical, developmental, functional and decorative element in the room.


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