Studio apartment: layout, interior and photo examples of good arrangement

Apartment-Studio is popular among the younger generation the option of modern living. This room, devoid of walls and partitions can be arranged in individual innovative style. It is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday, fun with friends and privacy while working. Consider what can be Studio apartment: layout, and interior photo of rooms will be presented in this article.

Studio apartment with French Windows

The contents
1 Studio Apartment: what is it
  1.1 Advantages of Studio apartments
2 Apartment: the layout, interior and photos of the rooms combined
3 layout of the Studio apartments: interesting solutions for zoning
  3.1 Efficient arrangement of the kitchen zones
  3.2 Area for the reception
  3.3 Practical ideas for decorating the bedroom and work area
  3.4 the Creation of two levels for a beautiful apartment interior: photos examples
4 Practical mobile furniture in the interior of the apartment: photo examples
5 apartment interior Design Studio: photo ideas
  5.1 Color palette
  5.2 the interplay of light and lighting
  5.3 interior Styles Studio: photo design solutions
6 Photos of the new interior design studios 
7 Disadvantages of Studio apartments

Studio: what is it

This concept came to us from the USA, where it originated in the early twentieth century. This option is budget accommodation was designed for a small family. In those years, America has swept a wave of immigrants from Asia and Europe who needed cheap living space with modern benefits. This was convenient and for young American families and students.

Apartment zoned with different flooring

What is Studio apartment? What she looks like? Photo 1-room apartments shows that it combines living space, bathroom, shower, kitchen, located in a small area without walls and partitions. The only exception was the bathroom and toilet, walled. Over time, this layout fell into the category of prestigious contemporary homes, where designers could bring to life creative ideas and bold design solutions. Clear proof of this are the interesting photos of the interiors of apartments-studios of 20 sq. m.

Spacious Studio with loft elements

In our country, the Studio has gained its popularity only in the mid 90-ies of XX century. And many new houses that require a free space without unnecessary walls and partitions to the new owner had the opportunity to plan their apartment.

Many are wondering what is a Studio apartment, how it looks? Photo modern interior design answering this question in the following way. Is a modern and comfortable dwelling, in which there are no hard partitions. It is the front door and the door to the bathroom and shower. The use of interior doors in the interior of the apartments (photos prove it) is completely excluded.

“Attic” bed in the Studio apartment

Today, you can find accommodation in different price categories. From one and two bedroom apartments to a small area, equip a cheap Studio apartment, the decision can be seen in the photo of the interior of the apartment of Khrushchev.

Flat large area are expensive and prestigious housing where there is a possibility it is original to zone the space into many independent areas. Photo most beautiful interior design visual proof.

Duplex space organization small apartment


Advantages of Studio apartments

Studio apartments have a number of significant advantages over other types of accommodation:

  • from a small space, which is not limited by walls, it is possible to make the most functional living area with properly arranged furniture;
  • this option is perfect for non-family people where you can hold parties and entertain guests;
  • the entire space can be arranged in a single current direction or use different styles for each zone;

Modern Studio apartment with panoramic Windows

  • maximum convenience for moving around the apartment without unnecessary hallways and doors;
  • the ability to achieve perfect acoustics in any point of apartment, correctly placing the audio equipment;
  • the perfect place for creative people, where there is the possibility to combine in one room, living area and workshop.

A good organization is a kitchenette in the alcove

But do not forget that not every apartment typical plan can be converted into a Studio. Before proceeding to the demolition of existing walls and partitions, consider some important questions:

  • prefabricated homes can not be demolished interior load-bearing walls, the absence of which would adversely affect the strength of the building;
  • if the building is an old building, the chief architect of the city will not give permission for alterations to the premises, without which repair work on the demolition of the walls can not produce;

Contemporary design for small Studio apartment

  • the demolition of the walls entails large financial costs that are associated with the dismantling, construction of new electrical wiring, heating systems, water supply and sanitation;
  • the apartment is not intended for large families with children and for those people who need a personal closed space;
  • special attention in the studios is paid to the question of ventilation, because there is combined kitchen and living space.

Original interior Studio apartment


Studio apartment: layout, interior and photos of the rooms combined

Before you begin the layout of the apartment-Studio, you should understand one main rule: the maximum free space, a minimum of objects and things. You have to get rid of things that don’t fit into the overall concept of the new design.

Sorting out the possible options for the layout of the room we must not forget that General apartment needs to be functional, harmonious, full and cozy.

3D-plan Studio apartments with a rational organization of space

An important fact for the final version of the interior space is, who created Studio. If there will live a single man or single girl, design will be individual. But if the apartment is for the young couple then approach to the design options will be shared.

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Any alterations to the project where it is necessary to consider all possible actions. First, you need to consult a specialist about the possibility of demolition of internal walls, which can be of great importance to the overall design of the building. If the walls are load-bearing, then fully exclude the possibility of their demolition. Any project associated with the redevelopment areas, shall be approved by the relevant Executive authority.

The layout of a Studio apartment Studio

The first thing when planning the Studio, you should consider all functional areas, utilizing every inch of space. For this is to draw a schematic plan of the premises with the application of all sizes. To designate the location for placement of the necessary soft and Cabinet furniture, given its size. Only then can you move on to choosing the style of interior design for Studio apartments.

A useful tip! Arranging furniture, consider the location of pipes, radiators, ventilation shafts and other elements.

3D project of the apartment has a small dressing room


The layout of the Studio apartments: interesting solutions for zoning

Consider redevelopment of one-bedroom apartment in the Studio. The apartment should be seen as one big room where to accommodate all the functional areas typical of the room. Photos of interiors of one-room Studio apartments that have already implemented, will help you to plan your housing.

The layout of the Studio long elongated shape

Here is removed the wall between the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom and shower should be in a separate room which can be arranged in any stylistic direction in compliance with the basic rules: compactness, functionality and convenience. For this, you can not carry the bearing wall between the toilet and the bathroom. In the Internet you can find many photos of repair of apartments, the interior design was completely changed.

Zoning Studio apartments


Efficient arrangement of the kitchen zones

The kitchen of the common area may be highlighted through the bar, suspended ceiling, decorative open shelving. It should be placed in one of the vacant corners of the room. In the corner you can put the sink. For cooking you can pick up a plate. Classic oven should be replaced with electric, which is integrated in the kitchen furniture. See the features of such layout of rooms, interior design kitchen in the Studio apartment.

Compact kitchen with a small dining table

You need to take care of quality a powerful ventilation system that will prevent the spread of odors throughout the apartment, the deposition of tiny droplets of fat on the pieces of furniture and textiles during cooking. You should consider the installation location of the appliances and equipment to be compact and occupy a minimum of space.

A useful tip! Equipment and furniture for the kitchen should choose light colors, to be able to visually enlarge the kitchen area.

Corner kitchen with integrated appliances

If you have a balcony which is located in the kitchen, then you can combine these zones. In this case, you should pay due attention to the insulation of the balcony to reduce heat premises in the winter. This decision can often be seen on the photo of interior design of 1 bedroom apartments.

A useful tip! In the case of combining the kitchen with a balcony as a dining table, you can use the window sill.

The facade of the kitchen is painted in tone with the walls

The role of the dining table in the kitchen can do a bar with high stools, a built-in folding table with folding chairs, mobile Cabinet-table with small stools. It all depends on the preferences of the owners of the premises. For older people it is better to provide a comfortable dining area with comfortable seats.

Kitchen apron decorated bright yellow ceramic tiles

Interesting design solution is to hide the kitchen in a single Cabinet, which is closed like an ordinary storage system and fits in with the overall design of the room. But we need only to open the door, unfold a cooking station for cooking. Photo design small apartment is clearly demonstrated.

Effective element for the kitchen area is a small island consisting of two parts. One part designed for storage, the other is used for meals the owners of the premises.

Original and creative kitchen interior


Area for entertaining

For the living area must be given a Central part of the room. It is from this place should start planning of the room. This area is kind of the epicenter relative to which are the other functional areas. In the living room part of the room includes: sofa, coffee table, armchairs, chairs, poufs with internal niches, Seating cushions, a TV, video and audio equipment.

Sofa and light plastic chairs for guests

A useful tip! To save space, give preference to models of plasma TVs, which can be conveniently placed on the wall.

To differentiate living space by using compact shelving, installed across the room. Low furniture well represents the boundaries of the areas without overwhelming the space. In these racks conveniently store utensils and other items. Also a similar piece of furniture, you can divide the kitchen and living room.

The reception area is visually separated from the bedroom with sofa


Practical ideas for decorating the bedroom and work area

An important step in the design of the interior of a small Studio apartment is to determine the location of areas for sleeping. It can exist in the living room or separately (if space allows). Comfortable convertible sofa for guests can be comfortable sleeping place. All personal belongings (clothes, alarm clock, telephone) can be placed on chairs, footstools and table. In this case, the living area can be accommodated along one wall.

Sleeping space is separated by a light glass partition

If the sleeping area will be located separately, to save space you can provide for in a niche pull out bed. This solution is shown in the photo of apartment design Studio 20 sqm.

The sleeping area can be limited using screens, partitions, wardrobes with white doors. The interiors of the apartments (photos prove it) are often used curtains. If the apartment is ceiling mounted, then it screwed the rails to move the curtains. In the case of using a stretch ceiling it is necessary to organize the ledge.

For zoning berth used screen

Also as enclosing elements can be used solid, translucent, transparent shelving, which will simultaneously function as a space for storage. This rack can be combined for the two areas. From the living room on a shelf you can install a TV and the bedroom area to use it to place personal items. This idea is embodied in the photo of the interior of the Studio apartments of the Khrushchev era.

Beautiful Studio with classic elements

For protection of a sleeping area near the window, you can use sliding glass doors. Photos of apartment interiors in this design attract special attention. This allows you to protect the bedroom from the smells, sounds, but does not prevent the penetration of natural light into the living area. The sleeping area should be located in a remote side of the entrance and bathroom. For storing all kinds of belongings and items of furniture in the room should be placed in the wardrobe, in which you can remove folding table, folding chairs or keep him.

In the Cabinet working area

For a Studio apartment there is no need to allocate separate working area. It is possible to provide a mobile Desk, built-in wardrobe, or a folding laptop table. Photo modern apartment interior design is clearly demonstrated.

A useful tip! The surface of the Desk can be attached to one of the walls, with the subsequent opportunity to raise his leg, and lower it.

Sleeping place is on the podium

A temporary work area can be arrange by the bar if you’re using a laptop and WI-FI. This option is ideal for those who work at home. After all, the kettle, coffee, fridge are close by and there is always the possibility of a quick bite, not looking up from his work.

For people who care for their health, will be the actual sports area. It can be detached exerciser, dumbbell, barbell in the doorway, folded Mat for aerobics or yoga, as shown on the photo of interior design of small Studio apartments.

Functional organization of space little Studio

Divide each functional area by using the mirror, glass partitions, high aquariums, lighting elements. Ceiling you can perform multi-level suspended gypsum Board. This will allow you to zone a shared space. It is possible to mount different lamps in different shades and degrees of intensity of light. To highlight a certain area by using a low podium.

The same table can serve as dining and working

Photos of interior design a Studio apartment Studio indicate that the room can be both functional, comfortable and aesthetic. The main thing – competently and thoroughly think about every little thing. Then everything will look harmonious and tasteful.

Double bed located behind the rack


The creation of two levels for a beautiful apartment interior: photos examples

For apartments with high ceilings and the arrangement of the second tier is a rational and creative solution. On the second level, it displays a sleeping area, leaving the bottom enough space for a working area, living room and kitchen.

An example of a vertical organization of space

Depending on the size of the apartment, on the upper level you can endure not only sleeping space but dressing space, or to organize a small bathroom. The ladder can be attached and foldable, so as not to clutter the living space. This decision can be clearly seen in the photo of the interior of the apartment-Studio 40 sq. m., and other footage.

A useful tip! This option is suitable for young people. Stairs without a handrail cannot be used for children and the elderly.

The podium allows you to visually zonirovat space

In the case of rooms with high ceilings you can do without building an upper tier. You can construct a solid podium that is raised relative to the floor at a certain height. In his body to make a roomy storage where each step is a separate drawer.

Kitchen-dining room separated from the living room area elevation 50 cm


Practical mobile furniture in the interior of the apartment: photo examples

When making modern studios can not do without mobile furniture, which can compactly be folded when it is not needed, and be decomposed, turning into a comfortable, cozy place. To satisfy all the desires, will have some pieces of furniture to manufacture. But that investment will not go unnoticed and will add personality and uniqueness to your room.

Mobile outreach double bed

An interesting solution is a Murphy bed that hides in the Cabinet body for the door, turning the recent sleeper in living area. The door can act as Secretary, and one motion to create a seat. Photo layout and interior of the apartment-Studio 18 sq. m. is clearly demonstrated.

Furniture-designer can be moved to any place in the room

Interior photos of Studio apartment 25 sq. m., where we have used such a roll-away bed, prove that it perfectly withstands the neighborhood even with a kitchen area. When the bed is folded into the Cabinet, you can safely receive guests in the living room-dining room-kitchen. There are also beds that are hiding in the closet, becoming comfortable sofas. With a single motion sleeping area into a living room.

Convertible furniture can change the look of the room


The apartment interior design Studio: photo ideas

Making a Studio, be aware of certain rules:

  • in the design of premises should prevail bright colors;
  • the furniture should occupy a minimum of space to be functional and mobile;
  • the room should be bright with plenty of natural light and conveniently located sources of artificial lighting.


Color palette

Photos apartment interior in light tones ascend to the top of the white color which reflects the natural light, visually expanding the space serves as a versatile backdrop for any wall decor and furnishings that fit perfectly with the whole color palette. It is ideal for interior decoration of apartments. A photo of the white walls of the room tell you what a bright spot in the design space are simply necessary.

Bright green accent in the interior of the Studio

To diversify the color palette of Studio apartments you can use the attraction of pastel colors with expressive drawing in elements of textiles and furniture upholstery. To give a touch of nobility will help the use of imitation wood for flooring finishes.

Art paintings on the walls, vases and decorative items of unusual design and bright colors will make the room unique. Additional comfort and positive will give fabric blinds and curtains with a colorful ornament.

The use of black color in the design of the apartment

For those who are afraid to experiment with bright vibrant colors, you can create a black-and-white interior of the apartment. Photos of such premises show that in the design of the walls using shades of white, and the furniture is in shades of gray. Black color draws some elements of interior, lighting, graphic designs on textiles.

The natural shades of stone and wood

A touch of warmth will help to make products from wood or a good imitation. Modern design popular using all shades of grey. The silvery tones contrast with the dark shades and noble white color will become a nice decoration of any interior.

One of the walls of the apartment painted in celadon

A useful tip! Mirrored and glass surfaces that can serve as partitions, visually increasing the size of a room and bring additional color into the room.

Also illusory increases the size of the premises the use of interior flat light doors. Photos of interesting combinations of doors with light walls, colored curtains and wooden furniture clearly confirm this.

The use of juicy solar shades in the interior

For studios, you should not use a large amount of decor and textiles, which can oversaturate the room and it will lose its individuality and harmony. On the Internet you can see a unique interior design Studio apartment.


The play of light and lighting

The right lighting can transform any room regardless of its style. With the help of light we can divide the space into functional zones, stressing the peculiarity of each area without the use of walls.

Designed lighting for various functional areas

Creating a good interior design in the apartment hallway (photos to prove) should be evenly lighting. It may be economical to use led lights in the cornice under the ceiling. This smart solution allows the illusory increase the height of the ceiling. You can also use single wall, located near the front door to the apartment. Photo of interior design hallway demonstrate possible lighting options.

Functional lighting in the Studio apartment

The lighting in the main space of the apartment should be in harmony with other areas of the room. For lighting the living room you can use a ceiling chandelier or small lamps are located at different heights.

For kitchen areas ideal built-in or pendant lights. In the area of sleep sufficient is the use of compact lamps or floor lamps that create a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Interesting design solutions of lighting options you can see on the provided photos of the interior and layout of Studio apartments 30 sqm

Led ceiling lighting combined with hanging lamps

The lighting Studio must be self-sufficient, not overloaded with lighting, established in a chaotic manner. Undesirable window openings to hang heavy blackout curtains that prevent the passage of natural light and thereby reduces the useful volume of the premises.

Decorative and functional lighting in the room


Interior design styles Studio: photo design solutions

Style of interior design for Studio apartments should be selected based on the ambient light level natural light. If the Windows overlook the Sunny side, then you can safely pick up furniture in both light and dark colors. Preference is still to bright shades, such as milk, cream, white-gray, snow-white. You can use any other calm tone, as long as they are not annoyed glance.

Country style in the interior of the apartment

If you want to buy wooden furniture for small rooms it should be light colored. Despite the amount of natural light, dark furniture will greatly reduce the visual and the already small size of the room.

For the wall design should not use too bright with a colorful pattern Wallpaper. Photos of interiors of apartments in bad the design is clearly demonstrated. Number patterns should be minimal. It is better to add a bright accent to the room, brightly decorate one of the walls. Also contrast the plain design of the room will give a bright textiles as bedspreads and decorative pillows with colorful pattern, the carpet with expressive pattern.

The Studio is made with elements of the Baroque style

Placing mirrors opposite Windows to increase natural light to flood the interior. Similarly, work Wallpapers and space images for the walls. Such a design optical illusion that creates the feeling of additional space in the apartment.

Making room in classic style, you should prefer the bright palette, which gives the room fresh, light and airy. To provide additional low-key luxury in the bathroom you can install a door “bleached oak”. Photos apartment interior in classic style, reflect the richness of the space created in this area.

Classic style Studio apartment

For small apartments are often used by Scandinavian style. Especially if the room gets little natural light. This style is characterized by the use of snow-white. Play on the contrast permitted only with the use of bright decorative accessories, but their number should be minimal. This design element can become entrance door wenge. Photos of the apartment interior in the Scandinavian direction is clearly demonstrated.

Bright and cheerful boho style

Many experts prefer several styles, well-mixed in the same room. For example, the working area can be designed in a restrained laconic minimalism, and the area will be different playing a pop art style with bright contrasting elements. This decision clearly shows on the photo of apartment design Studio 22 sq. m. the Main criterion for finishing the ceiling is form, and for floor coverings – design, texture, color.

Minimalist interior Studio apartment

Any downside to the floor or wall can be corrected with the help of the elements. The use of a laminate in the interior apartment (the photos show it well) allows you to hide the roughness of the floor. In addition, thanks to a matte or glossy surface can affect the overall perception of space. A picture light laminate flooring in the interiors of apartments indicate additional airiness and weightlessness of space. Using horizontal lines on the walls of the room, you can visually extend a small room.

Eclectic will bring to the interior a unique flavor

To make the design unique can with the custom of combining different materials and colors. One zone can be made with the use of linoleum, another laminate of similar shade.

You can arrange the room in the loft with rough concrete walls, combined with brickwork. This room will be the hallmark of the young outside the box thinking person. Bright accent will be the front of the dark door. Photo of the apartment interior, loft-style lure with your free, unlimited, weightless space.

The apartment is decorated in loft style

For a relaxing, peaceful people fit the Mediterranean theme. It involves a discreet interior, designed in soothing colors. For soft romance here answer the translucent window curtains. Wooden handmade furniture for the reception brings a certain archaic simplicity.

Modern high-tech style in the interior of the apartment


Photos of the new interior design studios

In modern studios decided not to build the high system storage. An interesting option is the installation of the bed-loft, under which is a spacious wardrobe. The photo layout apartment Studio 30 sq. m. demonstrated such an innovative solution.

A useful tip! If the room is long and narrow, to give it a proper square shape you can use the create storage system in the narrow portion of the room.

Popular for Studio apartments remaining furniture designer

In the studios of 2017 is no place for free-standing equipment. All of it needs to be embedded in walls and furniture. Even if the space is quite large, to hide the furniture in the kitchen is possible for deaf smooth facades without handles. This technique visually unites the space of the kitchen and living room, as seen in the photo of the interior of the apartment Studio 30 sq. m. Bar counter, which is also the divider between the kitchen and living room and a place for eating, is still popular in modern studios.

Monochrome colors with bright contrasting elements

A useful tip! If the apartment is very small, the bar can move smoothly in the sofa as a backrest.

Modern trends dictate the use of interior white apartments interior doors. Photos clearly illustrate this. For modern apartments it is preferable to use furniture made from natural materials: wood, glass, cotton fabric. They are alive, present and inspire the most daring design decisions. Great interest are made with their own hands decor interesting design and fashion design.


Disadvantages of Studio apartments

Thanks to the open space, even the slightest failure to follow procedure (not washed dishes, folded the blanket carelessly scattered books) will be evident. Therefore, in such apartments should adhere to cleanliness and tidiness.

A mandatory element of the Studio is practical and comfortable sofa

In these apartments there is no personal space when inhabited by a few people. It can be achieved with the help of mobile partitions and screens. A good option would be the creation of individual areas on the balcony or loggia, it pre-warmed. Also in the case of a small family residence in the Studio apartment excludes the possibility to enjoy silence.

However, despite these downsides, the apartment enjoys great popularity among today’s youth. Until it’s time to start a family, you can enjoy the vast expanse of comfortable studios, where all good for friendly get-togethers.

Playful elements to diversify the interior

Interior design Studio apartment is one that combines comfort, practicality, attractiveness and uniqueness. This balance will help to achieve modern high quality building materials for finishing the interior, modern modular furniture, which can be performed at any request of the customer, the multifunction built-in appliances, a perfect lighting system and the unique elements of textile and decor of the apartment. Photos of beautiful interiors of small apartments clearly confirm all of the above.


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