Summer kitchen in the country: projects, photos, interesting ideas

For many gardeners country pastime has long been a lifestyle. Some of them are there year-round, except for a couple cold winter months, and in early February, involved seedlings and make their first forays into the station. A special pride of the summer visitors, summer kitchen in the country: projects, photos of which often spread in the network. Cozy and functional pavilions are often built with his own hands, ready at any time to receive guests for the pleasant communication. Summer kitchen — a favorite place in the country, where you can fully enjoy a superb BBQ cooked on fresh air.

Outdoor summer kitchen with grill for cooking

The contents

1 Planning for the construction of a summer kitchen on the plot
2 Summer kitchen in the country: projects, photo examples of constructions using different materials
3 Examples of the photo projects closed summer kitchen in the country
4 Creating individual summer kitchens on the dacha with his hands
  4.1 the Foundation for future summer kitchen
  4.2 Walls and roof for a summer kitchen

Planning the construction of a summer kitchen on the plot

Picking the right place to build a summer kitchen in the country, it is necessary to consider many details — from the design to the equipment planned in her positioning. How it will be removed from the house? Will it be attached to the main house or will it be a separate building in the garden?

Unfortunately, not all sites have sufficient area for the construction of the summer kitchen will have to sacrifice part of the garden or the garden. And of course – the financial component, which should also be considered. However, even a small summer kitchen can have an exclusive look and perfectly fit into the overall landscape design.

A summer kitchen can be used in the cold season

If you are going to justify at their summer cottage summer kitchen with your own hands, you should consider the next factors:

  • the structure must be removed from the roadway, toilets, septic tanks and breeding of domestic animals;
  • if the planned construction in the kitchen of the grill, oven or BBQ, you need to take care of that wasn’t near flammable buildings (fire regulations there is a minimum distance of 7 m from other buildings in the plot area of ten acres);

Wall oven and country kitchen tiled faux stone

  • the possibility of making a summer kitchen in the area where it grows, giving dense shade trees that provide a comfortable stay;
  • the availability of the tabulation of communications;
  • type of structure — open design or a summer kitchen closed;

The project is a freestanding summer kitchen with area of 14,5 sq. m

  • equipment — oven, gas oven, fireplace, barbecue, barbecue;
  • the choice of design summer kitchen.

A useful tip! When planning the construction of the summer forge with your own hands, consider typical for your region the direction of the wind, trying to place the hearth so that the smoke did not get into the guest lounge.

Partially outdoor summer kitchen adjacent to one of the sides of the house


Summer kitchen in the country: projects, photo examples of constructions using different materials

Materials to build with his own hands the summer kitchen in the country are selected based on personal preferences and financial capabilities of the owners of a suburban area. Organically will look the structure of a long time favorite of natural stone and wood. Given that the market of construction products is strongly developing, you can pick up modern strong and durable materials: PVC, polycarbonate, corrugated and many others. Unique photo projects of the summer kitchen in the country will help determine the choice of material for your option.

A compact country kitchen for cooking for a few people

If the area of the garden is fenced with a brick fence, will look spectacular pavilion summer kitchen from the appropriate brick or stone. From this material it is possible to equip the fireplace, grill or barbecue. Floors can be tiled, which is perfectly combined with stone, practical kitchen and can withstand changing weather conditions in the case of an open version of the structure.

Appropriate for such a project is the combination of structures of stone with wooden elements. Stone, brick and concrete are durable, however, their cost is quite high. Photo projects is a summer kitchen in the cottage with a barbecue, the grill will inspire you to create your own individual masterpiece.

Outdoor summer kitchen built using brick, stone and wood

Wooden gazebos delicate lightweight structures can serve as a summer kitchen in the country. Tree always blends harmoniously into the garden interior, and to erect such structures much easier. However, you should take into account the specific and timely treatment and care of wooden elements, which are more subject to wear and aging.

A wooden gazebo is a kitchen with a small terrace-dining room

A useful tip! The gazebo, which is used for a summer kitchen, can be fitted around the perimeter of the wooden containers for planting different plants and climbing flowers.

Summer kitchen in the summer cottage decorated in a country style

As for modern materials, everything is limited only by your budget and imagination. The construction of the summer kitchen option on the dacha with his hands can be accomplished by combining metal and siding, and corrugated stone. Floor for indoor use linoleum, laminate, tile, wall — paneling, drywall, etc. Check out our selection of photo projects, a summer kitchen in the cottage with his own hands.

One of the walls of the summer kitchen equipped with wide swinging doors


Examples of the photo projects closed summer kitchen in the country

The benefits of a summer kitchen closed type in the country, (photos review of these projects confirms this) is that to use this room at any time of the year regardless of the weather. They can be freestanding or attached to house. In the latter case will not be difficult to reach in the kitchen all communications. Of equipment project of a summer kitchen in the country (photo clearly demonstrates) often provides a fireplace and in some cases, and bake.

Dimensions summer kitchen with oven, grill at the cottage (photo projects such premises can be seen on various sites) are set individually, taking into account the area a suburban area. In such areas you can easily be in the cold season and if you arrange a sleeping place, then it is quite possible to live, saving on heating the entire house. And in the summer there is always possible to have guests for the weekend.

Fully enclosed summer kitchen with painted communications

Many use for a summer kitchen open veranda of his house in the country. Such variant is quite budget does not require major construction work. The open part of the porch to be glazed and installed door.

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Summer pavilions for kitchen, stand alone, combine with a cellar, workshop, bath or shower, everything depends on your imagination and personal preferences. But still, if you are in the country only in the warm season, a summer kitchen recommended open light buildings, like gazebos or sheds. They are less costly and will allow most of the time outdoors.

Project country cuisine of metal pipe and corrugated Board


Create a customized summer kitchen at the dacha with his hands

There are many algorithms to create a summer kitchen with their hands, but the main stages of construction remain the same: preparatory work, a clear layout, installation of foundations, installation of supports, installation of roof and internal finishes.

The summer kitchen has a fireplace that can be used for heating in the winter time


The Foundation for future summer kitchen

If you stopped on a variant of easy designs for outdoor kitchens, we can proceed to the arrangement of the buildings with their hands. First of all, you need to make a layout and start with the Foundation. Because the structure is light, there is no need to device capital base. You can dig with their hands a ditch around the perimeter to a depth of about 15 cm to lay gravel or sand, compacted and start laying paving slabs or planks for the floor plan of the pavilion.

The tree trunk in the interior of the country kitchen the carrier and performs a decorative function

A useful tip! If the summer kitchen is an open design, it is recommended to execute a floor with a slight slope, rainfall that falls through the open areas could be removed by gravity.

Open and closed part of the country cuisine shares sliding window

In the case of construction in the country kitchen of the closed type with complete walls, you need the device with his hands a belt or columnar type of Foundation. For such a base, arrange the pit depth of 50 cm the Foundation is reinforced and grout. Inside the perimeter the soil is, filled with sand, then with gravel and mortar.

Draft country houses with the arrangement of the garage, utility room and summer kitchen


The walls and roof for a summer kitchen

In order to build walls for summer open kitchen, first we construct the frame of the future space. Typically made from timber (15×15). At the corners of the perimeter in a pre-dug pit depth of up to half a meter in the corners of the perimeter of a hardwood support, which subsequently poured concrete solution. Between them on the metal corners are fixed beams. After that, the frame of the suture material selected for finishing. It is recommended to choose durable materials that require no additional processing (siding, plastic, corrugated).

For the construction of a full kitchen facilities it is necessary the construction of Foundation

If the building provides the Foundation, to it is attached a wooden frame construction, steel I-beams which between them connect the corners. Further steps repeat the steps described above.

Frame house-the kitchen is designed with wooden finishing materials

Wall of an enclosed space erected of brick, stone or concrete blocks. The thickness of the walls is usually taken in a half-brick. Internal finishes are a matter of personal preference: suitable panelling or plaster walls. It all depends on whether or not to use indoor heating or not.

Glass wall summer kitchen allows you the private space to stay in touch with nature

Roof for a summer kitchen usually gets shed. Settling for this design of steel I-beams of different height at opposite sides. For the roof of open lung structures apply the corresponding weight of the tile, slate or corrugated sheet. For closed structures, where we use more durable frame, selection of a roof of limitations has almost no.

The project of arrangement of the bath with a summer kitchen and terrace

Comfortable and functional outdoor kitchen at the cottage is a favorite place of your rest where you can always combine the pleasant with the useful.


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