The architects proposed to connect to the asteroid residential skyscraper

Photo: Clouds Architecture Office

At the lower levels of the tower is proposed to accommodate shops and offices on the upper cemetery

Designer > Rudakevich architectural Bureau Clouds Architecture Office has developed the concept of the skyscraper, which will be suspended from the asteroid above the Earth. If the tower will be able to build, it will be the tallest man-made structure in the history of mankind, according to the website of architectural Studio.

According to Rudakevych, this design can satisfy the human need for solitude and constant movement as well as in the construction of superhigh buildings. Privacy can be achieved through isolation of a skyscraper from the Ground, and continued mobility will ensure the movement of the asteroid over the planet on its own orbit.

Photo: Clouds Architecture Office

The asteroid hung on it Analemma Tower is scheduled to start at geostationary orbit. When the skyscraper will be ready, orbit will shape the eight, thanks to which the building will be able on a daily basis to fly over the South and over the Northern hemisphere. The slowest part of the path Analemma Tower must overcome over new York, expect the architects.

Photo: Clouds Architecture Office

The creators of the Analemma Tower not think your project is fantastic. According to them, mining the asteroids will be possible in 2021, when the American space Agency (NASA) will carry out the planned mission to capture and move an asteroid in space. The feasibility of landing on small celestial body proved the mission of the European space Agency “Rosetta”, which operated vehicle landed on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the site says Clouds Architecture Office.

Photo: Clouds Architecture Office

Change the height configuration window will change. The developers of Clouds Architecture Office has considered it, to minimize the effect of temperature and pressure, which decrease as we ascend to the asteroid. At the lower levels of the skyscraper is scheduled to open stores and cafes, followed them to equip the offices, and above — residential sections. On the upper levels which are most closely adjacent to the asteroid, the architects propose to do a cemetery.

Photo: Clouds Architecture Office

The Assembly process Analemma Tower planned over Dubai, as the construction of skyscrapers in the Emirate costing five times cheaper than the construction of similar facilities in new York, said Ostap, Rudakevich.

Photo: Clouds Architecture Office

Due to the peculiarities of the earth’s rotation and hanging the location of the tower for the duration of daylight on the upper floors will be 40 minutes longer than on the bottom. Architects warned that the inhabitants of the upper levels will not be able to leave the building due to too low pressure and thin air, however, indicated that they do not consider it a problem, as a major part of life all the same will take place inside the skyscraper.

The skyscraper will be able to get electricity from solar panels in space. Due to its elevated position above the stratosphere of the panel will catch more sunlight compared to those that are mounted on the Ground.

Photo: Clouds Architecture Office

For water you plan to use rainwater and moisture from the clouds, it is already trapped in the building, the water must remain within the treatment systems and closed loop sanitation, stated in the project description. Property in Analemma Tower will be the most expensive in the world due to the high construction cost and technological complexity of the process, warned the developers.
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