The device gate for a private house. Photo of possible variants

Quality, properly fitted gate not only the question of security of housing, but also the appearance of a private house. They are an integral part of the plot and should easily fit in with the overall design, as well as to harmonize with the other buildings. The modern market offers consumers a variety of options from different materials with the most modern control systems and without them. Basically it is reliable, durable, attractive in appearance model of the gate for a private house. Photo showing all the positive qualities of such structures are presented below.

Gate — an original business card of a private house

The contents

  • 1 Types of gates for private homes. Photo samples
  • 2 the arrangement of the hinged entry group
    • 2.1 Installing the support pillars
    • 2.2 frame Assembly
    • 2.3 attachment of the corrugated sheet
  • 3 the arrangement of the sliding gate
    • 3.1 Video sliding gates
  • 4 automation of gates for private homes. Photo arrangement options
    • 4.1 Photo of the gate (video)

Types of gates for private homes. Photo samples

Gates are divided into several types depending on the material of manufacture and the options open/close. They are:

  • swing;
  • sliding;
  • lifting.

Wooden entrance gates

Lately, the most common steel metal construction. For a cheaper arrangement can be used conventional corrugated sheet, and for more rich and luxurious – a combination of solid metal with elements of forging. However, the gates of the wood too, looks pretty good.

Examples of layouts for design gate

The arrangement of the hinged entry group

This is the most common type of gate for a private house. Their arrangement is possible when space is available, it allows to open the sash. Modern opening structures are a metal frame, which subsequently is coated metal, corrugated sheets, wood or special sandwich panels.

Modern metal swing gates

Install the support posts

To support perfect profile pipe 100×100. To install dug wells, which are filled with gravel and sand, creating a so-called pillow. Bearing, fixed in a hole spacers, filled with concrete with the addition of coarse gravel.

Important! For difficult clay soils and the like posts can be insufficient. In such situations between the supports is welded an extra jumper at a depth of about 40 cm.

The most common type — hinged wooden gate

Frame Assembly

For frame frame use tube 60×30. For rigid cross member that is welded inside the finished frame, takes a metal profile of a smaller cross-section, approximately 40х20. The edges of the frame welded hinges and handles to locks and bolts. Upon completion of the welds must be sanded with a angle grinder and then apply the primer and paint.

Wrought iron gates for private homes

Fastening corrugated sheet

If plating is used, the corrugated sheet, it would be the best brand C8 or C10. It’s convenient for cutting profiled sheets to use the grinder. She put on a special disc without abrasive spraying. Mount, cut to size, corrugated sheet is studded with the help of klepetalnica tool also allowed the mounting screws.

Important! Laying of corrugated sheets must be lapped, capturing wave 1 of the neighboring element.

Scheme of arrangement the gate of corrugated Board

The arrangement of the sliding gate

Not all the situation is possible to install a hinged entrances. When to open the valves up very little space, use a sliding type design. Mostly sliding systems consist of one sash that are made on the same principle as a conventional swing gates to a private house. Photo these samples demonstrate the ease of operation.

Sliding gate

In order for a structure to be able to move equip special rails and the lower sash are welded to the rollers. You also need to the top of the weld guide, which is intended for fixing the sash in a particular position.

Scheme of arrangement of sliding gates for private homes

Rail gate operation is difficult in the winter because the moving parts can become clogged with snow or ice. During snowfalls requires thorough cleaning of these elements, as well as the territory around. Also along the gate leaf, you can lay the heating cable that will melt the snow limiting movement.

Video sliding gates

Automation gate for a private house. Photo arrangement options

Manually open and close doors not everyone likes. For this we have to get out of the car, and then sit down again, it takes a few minutes of precious time. Much easier to press a button and “casket” will open.

The scheme of automatic opening and closing of the gate

It is possible to automate swing and sliding gates. To do this, experts have developed special linear and lever actuators, allowing the shutters to open independently. Other systems consist of electric motor, gear rack, through which the gears transmit force between the door sash.

The drive is mounted on rails. On the toothed rail are installed limit switches, and the poles – solar cells. A convenient remote allows you to easily and quickly open the gate directly from the car without any physical effort.

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Photo of the gate (video)


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