The frescoes on the wall: photos, prices, directory of interesting ideas for design

It was once a popular way to decorate the walls with frescoes, is today again gaining popularity. There are several types of such decorations that both expands and complicates the selection process. Consider, what are the murals on the wall: photos, prices, directory of the best ideas. In addition, pay attention to technologies for their self-production.

The frescoes in the interior is not just stylish and original home decoration but also a sign of refined taste of the owner

The contents

  • 1 What is the mural on the wall: a catalogue of examples and usage
    • 1.1 How to order mural on the wall: ideas for image selection
  • 2 Rules of application of murals on the wall: photos and recommendations
  • 3 Techniques of execution of frescoes on the wall: photos from the interior and the features of application
    • 3.1 Murals on the wall in the interior: directory of the best stories for your home
  • 4 Murals on the wall: photos, prices, directory of interesting ideas. A detailed description of all types
    • 4.1 Mural on canvas: advantages and disadvantages of soft basis for the image
    • 4.2 How to glue on the wall mural: self-adhesive base for image
    • 4.3 Wallpaper mural: printing on non-woven backing
    • 4.4 Wall murals on a rigid Foundation
    • 4.5 Frescoes on plaster: technology for creating expressive and sophisticated image
    • 4.6 The expensive murals on the wall: price and features mosaic
    • 4.7 what to look for when choosing murals: experts ‘ recommendations

What is the mural on the wall: a catalogue of examples and usage

To deal with the fact that this fresco, at least briefly not remembering the history of its origin, is almost impossible. In fact, today many confuse murals with wall painting, although both you can really see it on the walls. The difference is in the method of application, because of the frescoes made exclusively by fresh plaster and the paint used must include natural pigments, which make the picture bright and saturated.

The frescoes and allows you to beautifully decorate walls and bring comfort in the interior of the house

Sometimes doing a mural on canvas that can be mounted on the wall. It is very convenient because it does not limit the mural to one wall and allows you to move them to other rooms.

Once the frescoes were used to decorate the rich houses and palaces, and today they were increasingly used for decoration of restaurants, hotels, etc. Although in recent years, again you can find such decorations in homes.

A useful tip! One aspect of the right location of the mural – the selection of appropriate site lighting or installing artificial fixtures. The light image can be beneficial to emphasize by giving it a special charm.

The small size of the murals can be used instead of pictures

Usually murals is quite delicate and require careful transportation and handling. In order not to damage them, transportation is carried out in special tubes. Moreover, there are also restrictions on the temperature of the air in the room where they are located. So, the mural will feel comfortable in a temperature range from -10 to +35 degrees Celsius.

To take care of it very carefully: it is strictly forbidden the use of any solvents or other aggressive substances. For such products it is advisable to use dry care, reducing their contact with water to a minimum.

Murals can be as solid, framed or artificial stone, and jagged edges

How to order a mural on the wall: ideas for image selection

The most common option – see the catalog murals and choose any option. You can specify whether you want to show you the image exactly as proposed or needs to make some changes. For example, it is possible to add or to remove individual parts of the picture or change the colors and shades. It is also possible to change the location of an image to fit on the wall.

If you want to book a mural with the original, nothing like the image, you can use your own photos from trips. For this purpose it is necessary to order a computer rendering, and then, after approval, the specialists will begin to create murals.

In order to effectively emphasize the accent wall, you can use the Wallpaper for the mural

Rules applying murals on the wall: photos and recommendations

The frescoes on the wall in the interior – an indicator of good taste and unusual ability to arrange their homes. But the process of their creation is difficult and requires adherence to certain rules. Consider what is necessary in order to make the mural, and what rules should be followed:

  • dyes with natural pigment applied to fresh plaster. Moreover, this must be done by means of a brush;
  • before starting work, the pigments should be dipped in water. All work must be carried out as quickly as possible to prevent drying of the plaster;

The murals on non-woven backing allows you to highlight a certain area of the room

  • the image on the mural should be three-dimensional. And due to the fact that the pigments combine with small particles of plaster, the picture will be very stable and with careful handling can keep its original appearance for many years;
  • quality painting is the key to the safety of the frescoes. The final layer is applied only after the picture itself is completely dry.

One of the features of the frescoes in comparison with other images which are used for decoration of walls – no glossy surface. This allows you to avoid glare and allows you to fully consider the figure from any angle. Moreover, work done to order, can advantageously use the existing wall on the bumps and bulges, creating different visual effects.

Murals are increasingly being used in private houses and in small apartments

Techniques of execution of frescoes on the wall: photos from the interior and the features of application

If desired, it is possible to do a mural on the wall, without the help of professionals. It is only important initially determined by the technique and the materials you plan to use. Take a closer look at all the existing options and their characteristics:

  • craquelure murals mean to artificially create the effect of antiquity. To do this, even doing a special network of cracks adding paint marble chips. In this technique look great as subject compositions, and portraits, recreated in the Empire style. But the images on abstract themes will be a great decoration of the interior in the style of hi-tech;

When mounting the fresco on a wall ensure that the room had no drafts

  • sand murals are applied on a fine-grained plaster, which provides a picture not only attractive appearance but also increases its resistance to external factors. It is best suited for this technique images of still lifes or landscapes. And if, in addition to spend removing the top layer of sand frescos, in the end, you can get an unusual picture with antique effect;
  • the frescoes on the elastic basis – ideal if there is a need to formalize the rough, rounded or angular surface. Usually the space around the figure additionally decorate using decorative plaster, which allows to avoid the visibility of clear boundaries of the image and make the mural an integral part of the wall;

Sandy frescoes are considered to be the most exquisite and beautiful look combined with expensive wooden furniture and Golden décor

  • the frescoes, executed on canvas is a very expensive kind, which implies the use of only the finest natural materials and handmade. Most often for this purpose, a cotton cloth. First image is applied on plastered surface, and only after that transferred to the canvas. Attach these murals to the wall with normal Wallpaper glue;
  • digital murals is another absolutely ready images, which can only be placed on the selected wall. Very convenient that this option does not require alignment of the surface, and the mural can be mounted on any curved wall.

The texture of the frescoes can be different and depends on plaster technology and its application

The technology of making a digital type of the frescoes are as follows: a thin layer of plaster laid on the interlining, and the top is a digital image. Due to the high quality of the images, outwardly, this mural will be little different from the real, hand-drawn. But the range of such products is very large. The catalog, photos, price Wallpaper-murals on the wall, you can choose the option for any interior and budget.

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The frescoes on the wall in the interior: directory of the best stories for your home

Any of the above ways of creating murals can be used for interior decoration. The main thing – correctly to pick up the story and the image. For example, suitable murals on the kitchen and in the bedroom will be completely different. As examples, you can see photos of the frescoes in the interior in the kitchen, offered on forums and specialized sites.

For kitchen or hall is better suited to still lifes. In General, image color – a versatile option that can bring to any room a cheerful mood and festive atmosphere. For spacious rooms, decorated in a modern style, you can use a mural-graffiti.

Using catalogs, you can select the most suitable image for the interior

The frescoes on the wall: photos, prices, directory of interesting ideas. A detailed description of all types

Briefly having considered all the options the manufacture of frescoes, you can get a General idea of how they are produced. But in order to make the right choice, this is not enough. View photos of the frescoes in the interior, the advantages of each, and most importantly – the cost.

Mural on canvas: advantages and disadvantages of soft basis for the image

Due to the fact that the manufacture of one of the murals takes a lot of time on the issue of the paintings on an industrial scale could not be considered. In some cases, the handmade work and can take weeks and months. The cost of one operation is not less 30 thousand roubles. Besides, in our country to purchase such a mural is not, and likely will have to do an order from Spanish or Italian masters.

Murals can be used to decorate not only walls, but ceiling

To obtain such a complex, but incredibly beautiful frescoes requires a cotton canvas, lime, river sand and adhesive mixture of natural origin and pigments for coloring. Plaster is necessarily done by hand, and over her neatly superimposed pattern. Then by a special technique, the image they age.

When the image is fully prepared, it remains only to move onto canvas and covered with a protective composition. Buying such a product, the more likely you will get it in the coil or at least in the subframe. But this method has some disadvantages:

  • to wash with water such frescoes is strictly impossible;
  • you should regularly open the surface with a wax to ensure the safety of the image;

Due to special technology of application of pigments to the plaster, the image seems three-dimensional and clearly visible regardless of the viewing angle

  • scratches and chips on some of the canvases appear very easily, so the attitude of the canvas must be especially careful.

A useful tip! Ideal for placing in the bedroom over the bed. Photos of the frescoes of this type of great demonstrate their relevance for solving such interior problems.

How to glue on the wall mural: self-adhesive base for image

Thanks to the emergence of adhesive backing for frescoes, their use has increased significantly. All the challenging places and even ceilings it is also possible to decorate with frescoes. But it is important to understand that due to the thin base, all the imperfections of the terrain will be visible.

Self-adhesive mural composed of quite thin material, so you need to mount it pretty neat

Another disadvantage of this solution is the inability to carry out the procedure of artificial aging of the surface. Initially, the layer is so thin that any such effects, just broken.

The manufacture of such murals is made to individual order customers, but it is impossible in our country. The technology involves the use of a complex composition of the paste which is prepared using special, very fine sand. This paste is applied on top of synthetic material over the transferred digital image.

The catalogue of frescoes by the famous producer “appliko” consists of thousands of images in a variety of styles

A useful tip! To get an idea of the diversity of images that can decorate your wall, you can get acquainted with the assortment of murals “appliko”.

Wallpaper mural: printing on non-woven backing

We should also mention a product like Wallpaper, murals on the wall, which, unlike several of the previous options is quite simple to acquire. Manufacture technology very similar to that used for self-adhesive murals, only the execution of the design is slightly different.

Murals, unlike the photo Wallpapers are embossed and Matt surface

If you want to buy a fresco on non-woven basis, it is important to know that there are two ways of transferring on it of the picture:

  • The image is transferred with the help of modern digital technology.
  • Partial or full drawing by hand. In some cases the master can paint only certain parts using the existing digital framework. Of course, these murals look much more spectacular any digital counterparts.

Mural on non-woven can consist of several parts or be seamless

The cost of murals on non-woven in size 158×270 cm will be about 27,000 rubles, subject to customization. But how much it will cost for more refinement of the wizard, you can only learn directly contacting the company.

A useful tip! Often the company engaged in the manufacture and sale of frescoes, offer customers discounts on certain categories of goods. Thus, it can be expensive to buy mural on the wall for the kitchen. Photo of promotional images can usually be seen in a separate section.

The cost for murals depends on the size and quality of materials

Wall murals on a rigid Foundation

Fresco on a rigid Foundation is considered one of the most durable and harmonious look in the design of the kitchen or hallway and the living room. Photo murals of this type can often be found in small rooms because the size of the image does not exceed 3×1,4 m. So if you want to decorate the wall of a large and spacious hall, owners will have to give preference to a different application technique.

The price of a mural is determined by the complexity of the picture, as well as the number and complexity of effects that are applied to the image after application. Often at the edges to make the artificial chipping, and the rest is subjected to aging. Attach a mural to the wall in two ways: attach it to the freshly applied plaster or just hanging on the wall.

Fresco on a rigid Foundation can be framed with frames, or artificial stone in the form of historic masonry

Frescoes on plaster: technology for creating expressive and sophisticated image

Frescoes ortho or simply put murals on the plaster – one of the most popular and at the same time expensive options. Its creation will require not only high-quality materials, but the work of a professional who will be able to decorate the wall properly, making the image durable and beautiful.

This technique involves the use of a special plaster made in Italy, which are additionally strengthened by a grid designed for painting works. To create the image used natural pigments.

The whole process of creating this kind of murals takes a few days (usually 2-3 days). While the impressive thickness of the product adds a vintage effect, making the picture more expressive.

Fresco on plaster — one of the most affordable and elegant methods of finishing arches, walls or partitions

Attach them with mounting adhesive, making out the edge of decorative plaster, giving the mural the effect of penetration into the wall. Image caused so resistant to any effects. Price starts from 6 thousand rubles and may increase depending on the size and complexity of the drawing.

The most expensive mural on the wall: price and features mosaic

Mosaic is one of the most elite types of frescoes. Technology to create such a complex and painstaking work, to achieve the desired effect will certainly need to invite a qualified professional, especially if you place items you need on the fresh plaster. Another option is to make separate panels, which can later be hung on special loops or to attach to the wall any other way.

Create mosaic with your own hands is a complicated but in principle a feasible task. So if you prefer to spend a lot of effort instead of funds, this option is also considered.

Mural handmade — expensive, but very beautiful type of wall decoration that goes well with the interior in classic style

What to look for when choosing murals: experts ‘ recommendations

There are several basic aspects on which the experts recommend to pay attention before you make a purchase. First of all, it concerns the size of the image. If we are talking about buying the finished mural, the calculation needs to take not only the size of the picture but also frame, if available.

Also, you should consider the size and color of the selected image relative to the room in which you plan to place it. As shown in photos, murals in the kitchen of small size, should be light and easy. Huge and heavy image is acceptable only in very large and bright rooms.

Since a mixture of styles now in Vogue, murals can be used in the design of any interior, but it is necessary to consider whether it is combined with other elements

Being popular in the Renaissance period, frescos again received recognition and began to be used for the design and decoration of interiors. Today you can find a variety of options, including a fairly cheap wall murals, murals on the wall and very expensive mosaic.


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