The interior is simple and tasteful rooms, family rooms, interior design in understated style

Today many seek to escape from a landmark, lush and luxurious styles in interior design. The change of solemnity and sophistication comes restraint, clarity and minimalism. Optimal and modern solution is to design the interior of the apartment is simple and tasteful: photos and steps of creating a correct design space proposed in this article.

Small apartment hiding a great opportunity to create an unusual, comfortable interior

The contents

1 the Interior is simple and tasteful: photos for inspiration
2 Styles of interior design Studio apartment: photo examples
  2.1 Easy and relaxed Provence
  2.2 Youth-style hi-tech
  2.3 Strict minimalism
3 Modern interior of the hall in the apartment: ideas design facilities
  3.1 Comfortable furniture
4 How to make a kitchen interior is simple and tasteful: photo options
5 the Interior hallway in the apartment: a photo of the entrance group
  5.1 furniture in the interior hallway in the apartment: photo storage


The interior is simple and tasteful: photos for inspiration

New, discreet and comfortable design of the dwelling has become the most popular among other styles of apartment interior. This is due to the small size of the apartment as a whole and its individual rooms where you want to create a cozy, comfortable, free and modern setting of the calculate: minimum budget, maximum functionality.

To expand the space in small apartments usually use redevelopment

Very often people attempt to upgrade their apartment, changing the color scheme of the room, furniture, textiles. But instead of exquisite and unique turns out tasteless and ridiculous premise. In order not to such a deplorable result should follow the simple guidelines that will help you turn ordinary apartment into a real design masterpiece. Photos of the interiors of the apartments economy class is clearly demonstrated.

Light shades of gray gives ease small room

A small room should be in bright colors. An exception may be the use of dark colors on one accent wall. Such a design secret will add more depth to the room and increase the free space, as seen in the photo of the interior of the Studio apartments of 20 sqm

Bright accent wall will add depth to a small room

Another effective solution to increase the visual space is the same across the apartment floor, which will bring together in a single space all the structural elements of the apartment, despite the different styles each of them. This design discovery displayed in the photo of interiors is a one bedroom apartment 54 sq. m.

A great solution to the visual expansion of space is the same light color of the walls and floor

Do not try to clutter a small area of the apartment is massive, heavy carpets. For comfort needs is a little flooring near the bed or lounge area.

In small spaces for more lighting is better to use spot lamps, sconces or floor lamps

The ceiling should be made with the lighter tone of the walls. This will add additional height to a small room. Maximum freedom will bring the use of halogen lamps, small chandeliers, wall sconces, small lamps, in parallel, hanging from the ceiling. For example interior small apartment (photos prove it) used a combined lighting with bright spotlights and wall sconces.

An example of the use of additional lighting with the led backlight

A useful tip! You should not use a massive, bulky chandeliers. They “crushed” the General environment.

A small but colourful decor will add originality to the interior

For a modern style “simple and tasteful” unacceptable use of a large number of elements. They clutter up the already small space. This chaos is visible in the photo of the interior of one-room apartment 18 sq. m. Better all your favorite knick-knacks to clean hinged stylish wardrobe, leaving a designer wall clock, fancy floor vase or modular pattern.

Comfortable, oversized furniture will make the living room very nice to enjoy

Furniture in a modern apartment should be at least. It should be as functional but not too bulky. With this task perfectly cope with modern mobile furniture: wardrobes wall storage, sofa beds with inner niches, bunk coffee tables, upholstered Ottomans with internal space. Illustrative examples of the use of mobile furniture can be seen on photo Studio apartment 34 sq. m., the interior is executed in style minimalism.

A wall of raw brick looks very original and modern

A good method for more release free space is non-traditional placement of furniture along the walls. You can use the corner mezzanine, positioned across the room a couch that can optionally be zoned premises. This unusual arrangement of the furniture you can see in the photo of the interior of one-room apartments 40 sq. m.

A useful tip! In an apartment you can use the duplex arrangement of furniture, placing the sleeping area on the second floor and storage on the ground.

A good example of zoning of the space with stylish furniture

For understated, yet spectacular window decorations are perfect stylish Roman blinds, vertical blinds, lightweight curtains, which lend an extra lightness to the space.

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Styles of interior design Studio apartment: photo examples

In modern design there are several ways through which you can register the apartment is simple and tasteful.

The use of monochromatic colors in interior design requires bright accents — furniture, wall decor or textile


Easy and relaxed Provence

This style came from impregnable, gourmet France. It is characterized by lightness, ease, luxury and ease does not cause old. All the elements of the room are made in soothing pastel colours. If you want to get away from the everyday paper Wallpaper, original will look in conventional homes Wallpaper, photos of interiors clearly demonstrate that.

For the style of Provence is characterized by the use of wrought iron decor items

Furniture should choose a simple design with a slight antique effect. It can wooden tables, wicker sofas and armchairs, antique chests and cupboards. The photo of the bedroom interior is simple and tasteful advantageous to look wrought iron bed with soft textile that is ideal for the realization of the Provence style.

Having the bedroom in the Provence style, can bring lightness and French charm to the interior of the house

A useful tip! The naturalness and liveliness of the apartment will give a great number of flowers in vases unusually decorated.

Antique decor elements beautifully with the textured walls

As decorative elements will look perfect products made of pure white porcelain, ceramics with drawings of floral motifs and abstract illustrations. Translucent, flowing curtains have to admit to the premises the maximum flow of natural light. Textiles can be selected from cotton, satin, Batiste with a bold pattern that will dilute the monochromatic room. A room decorated in the style of Provence, you can see interior photos of Studio apartments 30 sqm

Youth hi-tech style

This is the most the new direction of modern design of the room. Characterized by pragmatism and minimalism. It involves the use of the latest technology in everything: in the decoration of the room, the lighting, the choice of furniture and household equipment, decorative elements and textiles.

High-tech is more used for Studio apartments

This style is characterized by strict adherence to geometry. It is widely used glass, metal, plastic, mirrored surfaces. Harmoniously in this design will look white doors with chrome handles as shown in photo two-room apartment.

White facades of the closet-the walls will visually expand the space


Strict minimalism

The room is made in monochromatic light palette without the extra bright accents. For the walls is permissible to use natural materials such as stone, concrete, cork fiber. This style involves a minimal amount of furniture, decorations, textiles. Everything should merge into the General air space. A good design solution can become the glass wall that will further increase the size of the room, which clearly displays a photo of the interior of the small apartment.

Modern interior in apartment ideas room design

Room, or living room is the main room in the apartment. This room at the same time is designed for family fun and entertaining. So it needs to be stylish, presentable, comfortable and harmonious. All materials for living room design, decor and furniture should ideally display the selected style of the room.

Living room is the main place in the house, so the interior in this room in the first place should be comfortable

The phrase “simple and tasteful” implies the absence of excess in the interior of elements, which overload the internal space. Here you can use a cheap and economical materials, or to give preference to the costly items of decoration and furniture. In spite of this, you should consider every detail when designing the space.

It is important not to use large wardrobes for small rooms — you can replace them with small shelves with baskets or drawers

The first step is to determine the destination of the living room that can be divided into separate zones, in the case of design studios. Visually divide the total space into separate functional areas by using level changes, floor or ceiling, lighting elements, the use of open shelving and glass partitions. These designer tricks, brought to life, can be seen on the photo of interior design of the hall in a Studio apartment. The kitchen and living room area can be divided by the bar.

A good solution for small apartments is the placement of the bed on the second level

To visually enlarge a small room, and spacious to make it even cozier, you must correctly choose the color of the coatings. For colors of walls and ceiling should be favored muted tones.

Along the sill, you can place small boxes that will add storage space

Would look perfect white stretch ceiling. Its surface can be glossy or matte. For a classic, minimalist suit quiet matte surface, and for the more modern styles better to use gloss, which will further reflect the light. Using drywall, you can create a customized ceiling design or paint it with white paint.

The interior is decorated in plain white, looks very cozy due to the decor and indoor plants

A useful tip! Should not for painting the ceiling to apply the colours. It will make the room more low and dark, shows a photo of the interior of a small Studio apartment.

Living room floor needs to be practical, durable and moisture proof. The perfect coating for the floor of the great hall is a parquet floor. As elegant and simple will look other materials that simulate natural wood (linoleum, laminate).

A useful tip! Will look good coated in sand or brown color.

For rooms where there is little daylight you can not use curtains and tulle

For walls, you can perform a simple trim paste over them or plain non-woven vinyl Wallpaper with a subtle pattern. For a room that gets little natural light, use light, warm colors, and for the more Sunny areas will suit even the cool monochromatic colors. This decision found practical application in the living room in the apartment of 20 sq. m. Photos confirm this.

For design of the hall can be used not only pastel colors. To fill a sense of joy can sunshine yellow, to calm down after a hard day able green, to relieve stress and lift your mood by using a gentle shade of blue. This play of color is clearly shown on the photo of interior living room. The apartment, which is supposed to use dark furniture, should be decorated only in light pastel shades.

Compact, soft sofa can be advantageous to combine with a small kitchen


Comfortable furniture

The furniture in the living room should ideally be combined with the flooring in color and style. Modern sleek design assumes the presence of clear lines and calm neutral tones, which help to relax and unwind. Bright colors, gilding, stucco — are inappropriate in the simple, modest interior.

Comfortable, interesting furniture will help to create a unique interior in the apartment

The main piece of furniture of any living room is a comfortable, stylish and cosy sofa. The most popular is gray, beige, brown and dark blue colors. Well on the bright background look purple, green, peach sofa.

For small spaces it is better to use a sofa of simple shapes, but with bright upholstery

For a simple, modern style is characterized by strict geometric shape of the sofa. There is no place for curvy headboard and armrests, the curved legs and bright upholstery. Depending on your room layout, you can purchase a corner or straight sofa. It should be placed opposite to the chosen aesthetic center of the room, which can be a home theater, fireplace.

Interesting, light furniture can complement the interior design

Around the sofa you can place a chair or soft puffs for guests. Near the sofa you can place a small round or oval glass coffee table. Various options for placing furniture in room small apartment, photos of interiors which can be found on the Internet allow you to choose the best solution for a particular case.

A useful tip! For upholstered furniture it is recommended to purchase additional removable covers.

Use curtain furniture will add functionality to the room and will not clutter the space

To create a storage system perfectly suited wall with open shelves, drawers and cabinets functional. But to save space you can use a small open shelving or wall shelf or wall lockers with glass doors as shown in photos interior Studio apartment 36 sq. m.

To create additional warmth and comfort near the couch, one should lay plain light coloured carpet. To give liveliness and cheerfulness to the room by using bright decorative pillows, colorful paintings, family photos, noble fabric floor lamps and vases conservative forms.

A useful tip! Complete the room with fresh flowers and an aquarium. It will fill a pale room joyful, life note.

The best lighting for the room is daylight bright light, which is why many owners of small apartments refuse heavy curtains and tyuley

Artificial light should fill the hall with bright light. The arrangement of light sources of different power depends on the function of spaces. Above the Seating area should be placed wall sconces that provide soft, dim light. The room can be complemented with interesting floor lamp design. If the room the aquarium will be installed, it must also highlight.

Stylish lighting elements can become the bright accent of the interior of the room


How to make a kitchen interior is simple and tasteful: photo options

Not many apartments can boast a respectable dimensions kitchen. Most often it is a small confined space where you have to arrange comfortable and versatile work space with a dining area. A variety of interesting interiors of the kitchen in the apartment (photos prove it), made in a simple manner, clearly demonstrate that even with this challenge can be overcome.

Small kitchen should be as functional

For the wall design prefer pastel shades that make the room air, and able to reflect more light. To give the kitchen the brightness will help the curtains with large bright ornaments, vases, potted flowers, wall clocks, paintings with a distinctive still life.

To design a small kitchen is better to use colors in warm tones

As the flooring is well-proven ceramic glossy tile. An interesting solution is the use of the laminate. It can give not traditional, staggered or diagonally.

A useful tip! Glossy tiles can be used for the walls of the entire room, or only the working wall.

Many owners of modern, small apartments prefer to combine small kitchen with living room

Kitchen furniture should be done in calm, neutral tones. The ideal solution are considered as the glossy facades which reflect light, and illusory increase the room. For more airiness in a small room will give a mounted glass shelves, which is convenient to be table service or glasses.

Glossy fronts kitchen perfectly with shelves

Kitchen furniture should be as compact and roomy. All appliances must be embedded or hidden in deep cabinets. The refrigerator should be placed in the distant door-corner or recess. Photos of interiors of one-room apartment with such a placement technique is clearly demonstrated. For dining areas you can pick up a small oval or round table with a corner sofa, which has a hollow niche under the seat for storage of various things. To save space you can install a folding or sliding table.

A useful tip! As an additional workstation, you can use the window sill.

Built-in appliances will help to save space in a small kitchen

The kitchen lighting is most often used by spotlights that are placed around the perimeter of the ceiling, with an emphasis on working area. The lamps can also be built directly into furniture. A dining area can be illuminated using wall sconces or a small chandelier that is in harmony with the chosen style.

An example of stylish design small kitchen

In order not to obstruct the penetration of natural light, Windows in kitchen curtain light, transparent curtains. Modern solutions are plain roller blinds.

The interior hallway in the apartment: a photo of the entrance group

Holders of the close apartments of the Soviet era faced a shortage of free space in the intermediate space between the apartment entrance and main bathroom. A small hallway needs to accommodate a lot of things that have no place to place. But it is necessary to turn on your imagination, take advantage of the professional tips, and small-sized hall will turn into a full storage necessities.

For the hall is better to use a wardrobe with a glossy façade

For decoration of small hallways, use only light colors. The Wallpaper can be a small figure. If it is horizontal, it will visually expand the room, if the vertical – do above. This design method is clearly visible in the photo of the interior 1-room apartments. The flooring should be moisture resistant and easy to wash. The ideal option is tile.

In small halls instead of the Cabinet you can use the pantry

You should pay special attention to the presence of mirrors, which can increase the space, and proper lighting can give the hallway a certain mystique. These design secrets are clearly shown in photos of interior narrow hallway in the apartment-Khrushchev.

A useful tip! For hallway lighting, it is recommended to use halogen bulbs. Their spectrum coincides with the most natural light that does not distort color reproduction.

Narrow hallways should be as functional and bright


Furniture in the interior hallway in the apartment: photo storage

As a perfect option for storing clothes and shoes in the hall is wardrobe with sliding doors with glossy, glass or mirror surface. It can be combined with built-in open shelves and niches for storage of accessories. Must be open hanger for wet clothes. There should be a place to store umbrellas. A variety of options of furniture has found its ideal application to a narrow corridor in the apartment, pictures of interior which clearly show it.

In the hallway there should be a place to store extra things

The furniture should be compact, roomy and versatile, made in a restrained style, without frills and undue chic. For added convenience, you can include a built-in pouf with inner niche.

To visually expand the space in a narrow hallway, it is better to use light colors and furniture

The design of the corridor should be in harmony with the design of all rooms in the apartment, which should be in the same direction. The hallway should be decorated with taste and fully performing their functions. Various photos of the interiors of the hall in small apartments allow to choose the most suitable option.

To create a harmonious design of all rooms in the apartment, you should determine the style of the interior. Based on the characteristics of the chosen direction, you should carefully select the materials for decoration of walls, ceiling, floor, intelligently approach the question of proper and comfortable lighting. Based on the zoning of the apartment — to pick up necessary soft and Cabinet furniture, which is perfect for the style of interior design, fit into the General dimensions of the room and is comfortable and convenient for all family members. A variety of photos of interiors of one-room apartments 40 sq. m., where we have used a variety of design styles, you can pick up interesting solutions and implement them in your own apartment.

The final stage of placing the apartment “simple and tasteful” is decorating the room with textiles and design elements that can dilute and make alertness in the restrained design of the space. The interior needs to meet the personal preferences of the owners and to visualize their inner world.


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