The interior wooden house from a bar inside: pictures and description of style solutions

Hardwood timber is a natural material traditionally used for decoration of houses over many centuries. Is interior design creates a certain atmosphere, unlike any other. If you decide to create an original interior wooden house from a bar inside: photo examples and tips articles will help you to choose the right stylistic direction and to select appropriate decorative elements.

The interior of the house with wooden beams has a charming atmosphere

The contents

  • 1 Profiled and glued laminated timber: interior, pictures of houses inside of these materials
    • 1.1 House of the profiled bar: photos ideas for decorating
    • 1.2 advantages and disadvantages of houses from glued beams: photo examples
  • 2 Interior wooden house from a bar inside: photos of different styles
    • 2.1 single-Storey house from a bar: photo style “Russkaya izba”
    • 2.2 timber Home inside: interior photos of Chalet-style
    • 2.3 Home from a bar inside: photo finishing rustic
    • 2.4 a Wooden house from a bar: photo of colonial style
    • 2.5 Ready-made house from a bar: photo of the interior in Scandinavian style
  • 3 Selection of furniture for country houses of timber: a photo of the best examples

Profiled and glued laminated timber: interior, pictures of houses inside of these materials

Many of us are so accustomed to living in apartments that don’t fully understand what horizons opens for them the presence of a country house. The interiors of houses from glued beams or profiles are so varied, how rich the human imagination. This can be seen in the decoration of the house from a bar outside (the photo shows the most daring ideas embodied in reality) and indoors.

The property is decorated with natural wood and modern materials

Here are some tips designers that will help you to draw a house original:

  • Painting of wooden walls is a great solution to a number of problems. On the one hand, you can lighten so the room, keeping the timber intact under a layer of paint. On the other hand, do not have to bother with paneling drywall.
  • A photo of the inside of your home from a bar show that it is not necessary to follow a single style throughout the house. The wood base can be a great background for combining a variety of motives.
  • Should not be too rigidly adhere to the established framework. In your house you live in, and if you consider it necessary to soften the style of the selected elements, no need to deny yourself this.

French Windows floor to ceiling allow you to maintain a connection with nature

A useful tip! You can try to use as accents pillows or colored blankets. The item you can always remove if you get tired of it.

In construction we use two types of timber: glued and shaped. To understand which option is more suitable for you, consider the pros of each of these two types.

The interior with lots of wood materials and decorative elements

House of the profiled bar: photos ideas for decorating

Construction of houses from profiled beam has several advantages:

  • fastest construction: after the erection of walls and roof we can immediately start decorating without waiting for the house “usage”;
  • there is no need to seal the joints, as profiled timber is initially dry material;

Modern interior of houses from profiled timber

  • additional insulation, due to the tight connection logs butt;
  • in contrast to houses from glued beams, the room continues to breathe;
  • profiled timber is a solid material which, by reducing the cost of production is much cheaper than plywood.

The walls of wooden houses made of glass and energy-saving structures

The advantages and disadvantages of houses from glued beams: photo examples

Glued laminated timber – a worthy competitor profiled by expanding the opportunities it offers. Shape, length and thickness of the laminated Board is not limited, which makes it indispensable for the erection of structures of unusual configuration.

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Like any material, this kind of wood has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • compared to, say, a brick, a house of laminated veneer lumber is the minimum time of the shrinkage, which allows to complete the construction much quicker. Shrinking the house usually does not exceed 2%, which, however, is higher than that of the profiled beam;
  • to build a house of laminated veneer lumber at any time of the year. In the process of construction does not affect the humidity or cold, which makes the material versatile;

In the interior of houses from glued beams is dominated by bright colors

  • the interior of the house of laminated veneer lumber (photo’s show) looks much more neater than profiled. This is due to the absence of cracks, chips or other irregularities typical of this material in nature;
  • the beam quality close to the wood used for making furniture;
  • glued laminated timber does not limit their creators in designing the house. It is possible to realize the most unusual ideas and daring plans, through the production of timber of different length and shape;
  • there is no need to further process the walls for sealing. The joints do not need zakonopachivajut, and the adhesive used provides additional insulation;

For the walls of the house used laminated veneer lumber and drywall

  • modern manufacturers try to make their product as environmentally friendly and safe. If the company where you order laminated Board, ready to provide the certificate on the safety of the wood and glue, you can not worry about the negative impact of fumes and tar.

A useful tip! If the manufacturer for any reason, refuses to provide documentation of certification of products – it is better not to refuse his services.

House of laminated veneer lumber is environmentally safe

The interior wooden house from a bar inside: photos of different styles

A house made of wood is always full of special coziness and warmth, thanks to the properties of this material. However, there are certain difficulties associated with the creation of the wooden interior. The timber is very good with different kinds of modern developments like high-tech, techno or loft style. This limits design possibilities. So what then should be the design of the house from a bar inside? Photo is the best of finishes will help to find the correct answer to this question.

Plaster and sheets of plywood in the finishing of wooden houses

In order to keep your home became not just a room, which contains elements of all kind and a true work of art, you must carefully consider all the details. You need to understand that the tree – whimsical material with which to be reckoned, and on how you beat it fully will depend on the overall impression of the house.

If you think wooden surfaces will be too much, some of them can be closed with drywall. But why hide something that can be advantageously used in the interior? In order to better imagine how profitable it may look wooden finish, you can see photos of the interiors of the house from a bar inside made of the best contemporary designers.

Kitchen-living room wooden house from a bar designed in a modern style

One-storey house from a bar: photo style “Russkaya izba”

The most simple and common style wooden houses. Its popularity is due to the lack of need for more design walls. The wooden beams and is the final stage of finishing. The only treatment which exposed wall – varnish for a better safety of the tree and improving its technical characteristics: resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

However, this is not all that defines the interior of this style. Russian oven – is the main character of this composition. Most often it is laid out traditional ovens, although in recent years it is increasingly began to replace the fireplace. This option is also possible, however, according to interior designers, it negatively affects the overall perception of style.

The stove is the focal point of the entire space

Special attention should be paid to the other major components of decoration, such as Windows, doors, floors. It is obvious that the interior of this style is rarely used metal products, as well as excessively fine flooring. Best suited Windows and doors of wood (although you can also choose the quality of the simulation). This applies to both input and interior doors.

Will look great rough, raw wooden surfaces in combination with timber. Floor is better to choose coarse dark plaque is made with aged effect.

The bathroom is decorated with stone and wooden frame

A useful tip! This style is perfect not only doors, but also beautiful curtains separating the room.

Furniture for Russian house should be selected with all the requirements of style. Unacceptable use of excessively refined and delicate patterns on the furniture and decor elements are too delicate flowers. All furniture should be made as simple as possible. From jewelry you can use the carvings and stylised objects. For example, chests that can perform not only decorative but also functional role is to replace tables or benches, and to store things.

Plate area in the kitchen lined with stone and stylized hearth

All modern fixtures and appliances you need to try as much as possible to hide from prying eyes. Otherwise, it would violate the General stylistic integrity of the interior.

A useful tip! Kettle, made in the form of a samovar, great to decorate the kitchen in style “Russkaya izba”.

Bedroom in the style of “Russian house”

Home from a bar inside: interior photos of Chalet-style

The style “Chalet”, or as it is called “hunting Lodge” – a trend that originated high in the mountains. The key element here is the hearth located near the longest wall of the living room or put in the center of the room. To finish of such a lesion usually choose natural stone, which is the most advantageous combined with wood.

Floor is better to lay out boards with a matte (or semi-matte) coating that is made “antique”. So you will achieve the best combination of floor and walls. Tiles that will be used in the interior also needs to match the style and to be artificially aged.

When building a fireplace in a wooden house is necessary to pay special attention to fire safety

Perfectly complement the interior carpets made of skins, stuffed animals and all sorts of weapons. The store has a wide selection of natural elements and sufficient number of quality imitations.

The furniture in the “hunting Lodge” should be thick enough. All upholstery must be made from natural leather (or a very good substitute, the most suitable to the natural color). However, in order to dilute too terrible interior, you can use different kinds of textiles: bedspreads, pillow covers, curtains, tablecloths.

Capes and rugs from the skins of animals — a mandatory attribute of the “hunting Lodge”

Home from a bar inside: photo finishing rustic

To successfully combine interior objects of different eras to help modern but little known in our country style – rustic. Its distinguishing feature – the absence of reference to a certain historical period. In the interior is quite acceptable mixing ancient pieces of furniture, for example, a TV, and appliances.

Of course, there are limitations. Shouldn’t clutter up the house. On wood and stone background is permissible only some elements of modernity, but even they greatly simplify design.

The stylish interior of stone, concrete and wood complemented by sculptures of captured animals

Its undemanding to piece of furniture this style compensates in the selection of colors. Here the choice is quite limited: the color of the stone and wood and a bit of beige or gray. It is acceptable to use a number of modest accents, but even they can be great to spoil the interior. So it would be better to abandon them.

Wooden house from a bar: photo of colonial style

Colonial style provides partial walls in other materials such as Wallpaper or decorative plaster. The design of this interior is based on a combination of the traditions of ancient tribes and the English way of life. The main emphasis should be placed on the combination of dark and light wood, which often is as follows: light ceiling and dark floor. Floor good dark tile or laminate effect light wash.

Zoned multifunctional space two-story wooden house

A useful tip! The colonial style is characterized by the use of animal images. They can be depicted as on the furniture and textile items.

Looks good combination of different ethnic figures, hides and stuffed animals with classic English dishes, musical instruments. The choice of furniture is wide enough: from the massive wooden elements to light rattan items. The only requirement is that the essential naturalness of all the materials used.

Massive wooden beams and a sophisticated take on classic elements in the kitchen interior

Finished house from a bar: photo of the interior in Scandinavian style

White color is the main guideline in the design of the house in this style. The result of your work should be light and comfortable. You can use the pearl-white paint for the walls or the floor. Wood is also better to choose light, it will allow visually enlarge the space.

Doors are best replaced by a light translucent curtains or screens. The curtains should be of light, good sun block fabric. In addition, you can arrange a few bright accents, but not necessary to be overly zealous in this.

The successful combination of Scandinavian interior light shades and natural wood

Selection of furniture for country houses of timber: a photo of the best examples

Obviously, the choice of furniture is based on the requirements of the style which you prefer. It depend on the main parameters of the elements of the interior. Nevertheless, there are General rules for all types of timber houses:

  • the furniture needs to look firmly and to inspire confidence, demonstrating its solidity;

Wood furniture and solid finishes in the kitchen

  • possibly, you need to make a choice in favor of natural materials: wood, leather, stone. Although valid and the use of very high-quality imitations;
  • by the color of the furniture should either match the color of wooden beams, or rather to contrast with it;
  • all upholstery must be neutral, calm tones, preferably one shade.

Upholstered furniture has a variety of upholstery, designed in one color

What material and style to choose for decorating your home – you have to solve yourself. Importantly, the result of you completely satisfied. As a guide use the photos, as well as their own ideas about beauty. Because one thing is certain – a house made of wood will always remain popular due to sustainability, and primitive beauty.


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