The shapes and sizes of the pallets for shower cabins: a step-by-step Assembly manual

In recent years there is a trend of bathroom hardware showers. This is due to the accelerating rhythm of life, when the time for bathing is not enough. In addition, she is a half bathroom that is not comfortable. When taking a shower uses much less hot water that is practical, especially with the installation of metering devices. Modern industry produces many different types of ready-made shower enclosures. However, many people prefer to build a shower on my own from individual parts. It is cheaper. The primary part is the sump. The shapes and sizes of the pallets for shower cabins come in a variety.

Black square tray shower cabin made of artificial stone

The contents 
1 Shape and dimensions of the pallets for shower cabins 
1.1 Materials for pallets 
1.2 Shapes and sizes 
2 step-by-Step instruction for installation of shower trays 
2.1 Installing deep acrylic tray 
2.2 Installation of small and medium trays
The shapes and sizes of the pallets for shower cabins

The variety of pallets manufactured by industry allows you to choose the most optimal solution for the construction of a shower in the bathroom.

Materials for pallets

Today in stores you can find shower trays made of different materials. They all have their features:

  • cast iron products are the most reliable. This alloy has unique properties. It is poorly susceptible to corrosion, especially covered with quality enamel. As cast iron is very thick, the sound of running water on it, almost inaudible. But most importantly, this pan holds heat well. These products have one major flaw that repels buyers. It’s a big weight. A pallet can weigh up to 100 kg.

Modern acrylic trays are not subject to corrosion, keep warm, durable and easy to install

  • steel pallets are made of thin steel. For this reason, they do not keep warm, very noisy and not durable. A few more enamel more practical option, but in areas of chipped enamel may appear corrosion;
  • ceramic trays are very beautiful, but too fragile. Even the fallen showerhead can break this product into pieces;
  • modern acrylic trays have all good qualities: they do not corrode, well keep warm, not noisy, durable, easy to install. Most importantly, they can be made of any configuration;
  • there are stone and glass pallets, but because of the high cost, the demand for them is only seen in quite wealthy. In addition, they are not practical, although nice.

Structure acrylic shower tray

Not surprisingly, most in demand today is the latest form of pallets for shower cabins. Shapes and sizes these products can be very diverse.

A useful tip! With the steel pan it is necessary to provide insulation that is under it. In order to ensure that the product does not bend under the weight of a person, under the bottom, make a sand pillow, and the pan set in brickwork.

A shower helps to save water

Shapes and sizes

As acrylic is very plastic, then it is possible to make any product. In practice, in form they are:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • corner rounded.

Various forms of shower trays

For small spaces the most convenient are the rounded corner trays, so as to optimally consume space and have no protruding angles. They are installed in one of the corners of the bathroom. Other types can be mounted anywhere, even in the middle of the room.

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Pallets are equilateral and a longer shaft than crossbar. The dimensions of the first can be from 800×800 to 1200×1200 mm in increments of 100 mm. the Second has sides with different sizes. The difference is always a multiple of 10 mm. When choosing sizes need to be guided not only room dimensions, but the dimensions of family members. For men of average height would be the optimal size 900х900 mm. If the size does not correspond to the dimensions of the wash will be uncomfortable.

Acrylic shower tray with ceramic tiles

The depth can be distinguished:

  • small, which have a depth not more than 4 cm they are comfortable to enter and exit;
  • average 10 cm Combine the convenience of small and deep to some extent;
  • deep to 18 or more inches. They can sit, bathe the children, soaking linen.

A useful tip! Choose the depth of the sump should be based on the needs of the family. If you have small children, it is best to choose a deep pan. For the elderly suits fine, as it is more convenient and safer to enter.

For mounting the sump to acquire high-quality pipes and accessories, in order to avoid leaks

The shapes and sizes of the pallets for shower cabins, as well as the depth of the product is the determining factor when choosing the method of installation.

Step-by-step instruction for installation of shower trays

The easiest way to mount a cast iron pallets. They do not need any additional structures. It is sufficient to arrange the drain, connect the siphon and install the tray in place. Due to the large weight and the available legs it will stand stably without any additional devices.

White ceramic shower tray with anti-slip coating

The use of steel pallets of thin metal, implies the installation of a special podium for durable fastening products. It can be built of brick or sheet materials with waterproofing. Inside mounted drain.

Since the most common are acrylic trays, about their installation need to tell you more. It all depends on the depth of the product.

Common sizes of shower trays

Installing a deep sump acrylic

If you decide to purchase a deep pan, with its setting of large problems will not arise. Bundled with it there is always a frame made of metal profile tubes of square or rectangular cross section. Is also attached 4 or 5 feet, having the form of studs with thread. They are wound from the bottom plastic support which can be adjusted in height by screwing.

The depth and size of the shower tray selected based on the needs of the family

The setting sequence is:

  • The pallet is inverted, and the bottom to it on the screws is screwed into the frame.
  • The frame and pallet perevorachivayutsya feet – the studs.
  • The drain hole is mounted the siphon.
  • The whole structure is inverted and is set in place.
  • The siphon connects to a corrugated hose with a drain hole in the floor.
  • With the help of a liquid level device is installed on the horizon. It is necessary for proper water drainage. The adjustment is made by screwing the plastic supports. After adjusting the position to fix the lock nuts.
  • If the pallet corner, it still has a special side for fixing on the walls. Make it a must, as between the walls and the pallets to apply the sealant, which when the fragile mounting may be damaged.

So that water does not stagnate in the pan, it must perfectly align horizontally

Installation of small and medium trays

It will take a little more time and effort. In this case, the sequence is as follows:

  • In the floor of the niche is to trap and drain. Another option gets a low pedestal, in which is mounted the drain.
  • Take the pan and put in the right place.
  • Under the product is 3 – 4 cylinder mounting foam.
  • The whole structure is pressed with a heavy object for a day with the level control.
  • Don’t forget to fill sealant joints with walls.

Elegantly decorated area for the shower in the bathroom

A useful tip! As the load for crushing you can use bags of cement or sand. On the tray is placed a piece of plywood or other similar material. This will prevent misalignment.

Whatever the shape and size of the pallet for a shower cabin, correct installation guarantees long and safe use of your soul. The use of this inventions allows to greatly save time and money.


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