The slopes on installed plastic Windows with their hands: video and installation manual

When replacing Windows, in order to save money, you can sheathe the slopes for plastic Windows with their hands, live with the nuances of this process will help to do that without any problems. However, what material to choose for installation and how to fix it on plane slopes, you need to know for sure.

The slopes on the Windows made of clinker tiles

The contents

  • 1 Than is possible to cover the slopes on plastic Windows with their hands: video and description of materials
    • 1.1 Slopes of sandwich panels with your own hands (video)
  • 2 are characteristic of the slopes of various materials
    • 2.1 How to plaster soffits window (video)
  • 3 step-by-Step manual of the device slopes of plasterboard with their hands
    • 3.1 the Slopes of plasterboard with their hands (video)

Than you can sheathe the slopes on plastic Windows with their hands: video and description of materials

Today it has become commonplace to replace the Windows with new plastic design, with excellent performance to retain heat, protect from street noise, and besides aesthetic and presentable appearance. Features of installation of plastic Windows require full removal of old window units, which often destroyed the entire finish of the slopes. So after completion we are left to contemplate the unattractive picture sticking out everywhere foam dismantled and taken away from the slopes of plaster.

An example of the trim window slopes wood panels

Finishing slopes again can be done in different ways. The main thing that was achieved the following objectives:

  • aesthetics;
  • practicality;
  • convenient care;
  • thermal efficiency.

Before mounting the slopes, you need to make the appropriate measurements

Whatever the material used, the finishing of slopes should be done efficiently and in a timely manner. After a long at it, allowing moisture to penetrate into these places, forming the attracting fungus and other nasty consequences. If you do know how to work with their hands and be managed with the tool, you will not be difficult to cover the slopes on plastic Windows with their hands. Video with instructions for each material there are many. We will consider here the three most popular way of furnish of slopes: plaster, plastic and drywall. From the outside the window still use metal elements.

Traditionally, the window reveals are painted white

A useful tip! Before you change the window, decide in advance what material you are going to decorate the slopes. It must be done immediately to prevent moisture from entering the walls.

Slopes of sandwich panels with your own hands (video)

Distinctive signs of slopes made of different materials

The old and proven way of furnish of slopes indoors is their plastering. Today, hardware stores abound with a large variety of plaster mixes. The main advantage of plaster is its low price and the possibility of applying any paint or finishing other cladding materials. But do not try to do it yourself, if you have never plastered. Before to make a smooth surface need long-term training on the less complex sections, for example, on the walls.

The easiest way of arrangement of the rounded soffits — plastering

The most convenient mounting of the slope material is plastic. Wall panels from it have different color and sizes, allowing you to make the necessary choice without any problems. In addition, there are a set of angles and other parts, allowing to prepare the slope the best way. The advantages of plastic are: absolute evenness of the surface, ease of installation, a huge variety of decoration, impermeability to moisture, the replacement of an individual element without dismantling the whole structure.

Cost wall plastic panels, which are used for finishing slopes, small and suitable for performing low-cost repairs. Its combination with the plastic window blocks are just perfect. Disadvantages slopes of PVC panels do not have.

Ready plastic slope for window

A useful tip! If in the process of finishing slopes you need to achieve the effect of insulation, as a finishing material is recommended to use sandwich panels. Inside, they contain polystyrene, which is excellent insulation material.

The scheme of mounting the slope with the use of sandwich panels

For external furnish of slopes of Windows used the details of galvanized steel covered in plastic film with a dye. They are most often used on the facades, enclosed with metal siding. These items are specially made for the finishing of slopes on plastic Windows with their hands. Video installation of metal parts for slopes perfectly illustrates this whole process from beginning to end.

Corrosion resistance and attractive appearance play a decisive role in the choice of this material for furnish of slopes outside. Metal soffits have a slightly higher cost than all other types.

To create a flat (perpendicular to the wall) use the plaster of slopes area

Very popular step is to finish the slopes with sheets of drywall. For this purpose, choose moisture-resistant drywall, as the window slopes are traditionally considered places with high humidity. Windows always condensation, and such leaves are very resistant to it. You can certainly use regular plasterboard, but then they must be pre-several times to coat with primer or handle waterproof solution. Temperature resistance, excellent insulation and sufficient rigidity of the sheets, you can use them without fear in order to finish window slopes.

The arrangement of the slope of plastic

Drywall is the cheapest material of all these, not counting the plaster. If they are damaged can be easily repaired, just gloss over the dent with putty and paint. If the humidity inside the room is high, water vapor is absorbed by drywall, but the lack of moisture, they stand out in the surrounding air, producing a kind of cycle.

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The one who ever did the slopes of plasterboard with their hands, knows that this material is afraid of excessive moisture. Already 75% of its content in the air is able to stratify the sheets into components. In addition, damage to the slopes are not so rare. After a fairly mild impact to the sheet is broken or there is a dent. Another “disease” of this material is that it will eventually appear various spots that should be shaded.

How to plaster soffits window (video)

Step-by-step manual of the device slopes of plasterboard with their hands

Let us consider the process of finishing slopes with sheets of drywall. Note that there are several methods of mounting inside the window opening:

  • on top of a wooden or metal crates. This method is used in case of finishing the walls with drywall;
  • with foam;
  • through bonding with glue or putty.

The junction between the window and the slope glued a batten

Since the method applied is the most common, describe it step by step:

  • prepare the surface for finishing. To do this, strip all the excess foam, cutting it with a knife. Pieces of plaster and impurities remove, then take a vacuum cleaner and remove dust from around the window opening. The whole plane slopes treated with primer, simultaneously closing up cracks and holes with plaster composition. Sheets of drywall treated with a moisture proof substance. This will complicate penetration into the interior of moisture and the formation of the mold;
  • plasterboard measure strictly according to the size and cut of the workpiece with a sharp knife. Measurements shall be length and width of the slope. When cutting you should consider the angle of the plane of the slope relative to the plane of the window. Cutting the sheet should be the same angle, so the details were recorded more reliably;

For the arrangement of slopes using moisture-resistant drywall

  • to the window unit and the window sill using the screws, attach the plastic starter strip. Its width of the gap should equal the thickness of the sheets. Most often it is 1 cm;
  • the Assembly begin to produce with the top plane of the opening. Glue well promazyvayut edge of the panel. The width of the adhesive layer should be at least 2 cm One edge of the panel inserted into guide strip, and the second is pressed with force to the plane of the slope. Similarly we proceed with all three panels. In this case the side stick even in guides that screwed to the window sill. All mating parts are treated with a sealant;
  • the finished surface of the slope putty is processed twice or even three times for the best quality. After it dries hold the grout the entire surface. The slopes are ready for finishing. They can be painted any coloring or to Wallpaper.

The use of plasterboard for the installation of non-standard forms of window slopes

A useful tip! When mounting the slopes of plasterboard with their hands on the corners should be installed metal perforated corners. They will ensure their longevity and will give the evenness of the lines.

High-quality design of slopes on plastic Windows with their hands, live versions of which you must see, is crucial not only in the attractiveness of the entire window opening for the eyes, but also for effective heat insulation in the apartment.

Slopes of plasterboard with their hands (video)


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