The use of PENOPLEX under screed floor

Effective method of home insulation is laying PENOPLEX under screed floor. This material is ideal for performing similar operations as a fairly solid and dense. Because the panels of this modern heater is perfectly smooth, then it is possible to produce a coupler, as in the classical way with the use of cement-sand mortar and with a self-leveling screed.

Polystyrene has high thermal insulation properties

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  • 1 Laying PENOPLEX under screed floor in a classic way
  • 2 Insulation PENOPLEX floor using self-leveling compounds
  • 3 PENOPLEX under screed floor (video)

Laying PENOPLEX under screed floor in a classic way

There are several grounds of sex, which can be insulated with foam polystyrene. There is no significant difference, in that the stacked plates of the heater. The main point here is the need for the device waterproofing under PENOPLEX. This applies to any type of Foundation. The plate can be laid without fastening or attaching with glue or special screws with plastic washers. The joints between the boards are sealed, zapenivaete foam or insulate with tape.

Various options for the reconstruction of the screed with the use of foam polystyrene

In any case, under the floor screed PENOPLEX should be smooth, dense and covered foil vapor barrier. This rule applies to any method of creating an insulated floor. Classic concrete screed is a flattened and solidified mixture of cement, sand and plasticizers. The more cement brand, the stronger will the screed. Most often used for this purpose Portland cement M400. In order for the screed is smooth you need to follow certain rules. The best work is done together. One person knead the solution, and the second performs the basic steps.

Styling foam polystyrene

When foam polystyrene plates are stacked, the membrane vapor barrier should be worrying about the contact of concrete and the lower part of the walls around the perimeter of the room. They need to be isolated. To do this, take a strip of polyethylene foam and stack it along the walls with overlapping them to form a corner. The polyethylene should be higher than the planned thickness of the screed. As a rule, take 12 – 15 cm.

The dimensions of the sheet of foam polystyrene

A useful tip! To make the film better close to the walls, you may apply a primer. It will improve adhesion between the materials.

When insulation, vapor barrier and waterproofing of the bottom walls is completely ready, you can proceed to the main works. The solution is mixed in a bucket or other convenient vessel. To do this conveniently by using a drill with a nozzle. If you have the opportunity to set the house a small concrete mixer, it will be even better. Work on pouring start to produce once on the floor will set the alignment of the beacons. It’s done via a simple hydraulic level. Pour the solution start from the far corner. When the first batch of solution was poured on the floor and spread with a shovel, then lay reinforcing mesh. This will prevent the screed cracking. Only after that pour the next layer.

Insulation floor PENOPLEX

Produce a fill between the guide beacons in one, so that rule was convenient for them to align the solution. All operations is repeated until, until will not be completely covered with solution the room. The thickness of the screed should be of 5 to 10 cm It depends on what kind of load it is expected to give on the floor of this room in the future. Inside ties you can place the structural elements of the system “warm floor”.

Scheme of arrangement of floor screed

A useful tip! In the production of works for installation of PENOPLEX under screed floor and pouring the solution should be to walk in soft shoes. This will prevent accidental damage of the material.

When all work is completed must be made within 3 days periodically drizzle the plate with water. This will allow the cement to set and harder to achieve the best hardness without cracking. After that it is recommended to wait a few more days to cement finally turned into solid concrete, to break which can only be a punch.

Laying a reinforcing mesh over foam polystyrene

After complete solidification of the concrete can proceed to the installation of finish flooring. It can be absolutely anything: parquet, laminate, linoleum or even the ultra-modern self-leveling 3D floors.

Insulation PENOPLEX floor using self-leveling compounds

To further explore this case, let’s take an example with a concrete base. If the apartment is not located on the ground floor of the building, then the thickness of the insulation can be less than 5 cm is enough. Before starting major works on the installation of PENOPLEX under screed floor produces a complete dismantling of the old coating. If you were on cement and then removed it with a punch. Then the floor slab is freed from dirt and dust, close up all imperfections and zapenivaete holes from utility lines.

An example of the arrangement of the screed with a heater on the balcony

When the base is prepared, it is laid on the slab of foam polystyrene, and which are better to stick to the adhesive. The joints between the boards are also glued. Then you put the vapor barrier film around the perimeter of the adjacency to the walls placed tape made of polyethylene foam and a solution.

Fastening of the sheets to the floor PENOPLEX

Self-leveling solutions do not require additional action by the person in their alignment. Only need to gently distribute the mixture using the needle roller over the entire surface. She will spread under the action of gravity and will fill the entire surface of the foam polystyrene plates with a thin layer. Prepare mix according to instructions. After filling you need to wait a few hours until the solution is polymerized and cured to such an extent that it will be possible to lay the finish.

Styling foam polystyrene for the arrangement of floor heating

A useful tip! If you plan to make a floor screed with self-leveling compounds, it is necessary to know that the thickness of the coating may be only 1 – 2 cm Therefore, in creating the entire “pie” of the floor need to calculate at what level will be finish.

The use of PENOPLEX under screed floor solves two important tasks: leveling and floor insulation. Both of them are resolved successfully. Particularly smooth coating is obtained with the use of self-leveling floor. In addition, due to the small thickness it is even and easy.

PENOPLEX under screed floor (video)


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