The Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment: ideas for creating original interior

The most common option for finishing the walls of the hall in the apartment has always been Wallpaper. The advantages of this material are obvious – affordable price, a huge selection of different design solutions and ease of application. After wallpapering you were happy with the result, need to choose the Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment: photo tips will be a great support. Simple rules and tips will help you avoid common mistakes. The offered range of Wallpaper is wide enough, and to choose the right option for you, use the photos of the interiors of the hall in the apartment with the Wallpaper as a guide.

Black-and-white Wallpaper with a rich pattern in the living room

The contents

  • 1 Types of Wallpaper for the hall in the apartment
    • 1.1 Paper Wallpaper
    • 1.2 Vinyl Wallpaper
    • 1.3 non-woven Wallpaper
    • 1.4 Acrylic Wallpaper
    • 1.5 Textile Wallpaper
    • 1.6 Wallpapers
    • 1.7 Metallic Wallpaper
    • 1.8 Liquid Wallpaper
    • 1.9 Fiberglass
  • 2 Sizes of rolls of Wallpaper and the calculation of the required number
    • 2.1 Calculation based on the perimeter of the room
    • 2.2 design using the square walls of the room
  • 3 How to glue the Wallpaper to avoid defects
    • 3.1 Useful tips to facilitate the process of wallpapering
  • 4 the Combination of the color of Wallpaper and furniture
  • 5 the Choice of Wallpaper with the interior style
  • 6 Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment: choosing colors
  • 7 is a Combination of Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment: a photo of the best combinations

Types of Wallpaper for the hall in the apartment

Photo-catalogues of Wallpaper for the hall in the apartment offer a huge selection of color and texture solutions. But how to decide what Wallpaper you want? First, consider what are the Wallpaper.

Part of the wall above the fireplace in the hall Wallpaper

Paper Wallpaper

Paper – the most popular Wallpapers of the past century. It is acceptable for gluing in the room, if your apartment is low humidity. Of the positive qualities of this type of Wallpaper it is worth noting that they have a huge selection of colors and low cost. Of the shortcomings – not very long lifespan, as they are subject to fading in the sun and fast to rubbing. They absolutely can not wash. Gluing paper Wallpaper on a smooth wall, as they are quite thin and not very good at hiding defects in the walls.

Paper wall is very thin, so you need to glue them on perfectly smooth walls

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl Wallpaper is quite rarely used to design the living room because of several disadvantages. First, they are airtight and have a specific smell, which persists for several days after gluing. Second, the vinyl Wallpapers have a modest range and high price. In addition, they are not very easy to glueing.

The combination of painting and Wallpaper decoration living room

Of advantages are durability, moisture resistance (very well to washing), and interesting decorative embossed quality material. All these features make vinyl Wallpaper leaders among the materials for kitchen design or corridor, however, poorly suited for the hall.

Walls of the open niches are covered with vinyl Wallpaper

Non-woven Wallpaper

Non – woven Wallpaper is the most popular option today. Due to its characteristics can be used as a final finishing material, or as a base for further painting. These breathable, eco-friendly Wallpapers feature reasonable price and easy to wash.

Of the shortcomings – not a very large range and a small density, which affects heat and sound insulation.

The walls are covered with Wallpaper with a pattern “herringbone”

Acrylic Wallpaper

Acrylic Wallpaper is a little more durable version of the paper. Environmentally friendly, amenable to wash, moisture resistant, but it is pretty cheap. However, the range of acrylic Wallpaper is much more limited. It is not recommended to glue them in rooms with high humidity.

Acrylic Wallpaper is durable, moisture resistant and affordable

Textile Wallpaper

Textile wall consists of two layers. The first layer may be paper or non-woven, the second fabric. Most often it is silk, cotton or linen. Textile wall can be divided into two types: woven from whole cloth, or filament.

These Wallpaper look very good in the room and thus provide a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation. Through the use of natural materials – environmentally friendly. Today is easy to find textile beautiful Wallpaper for the hall in the apartment (photos of the interiors, it only confirms).

They look awesome in the interior textile wall

Textile Wallpaper are quite expensive. Glue them yourself will not work, you will need the help of professionals. They are difficult to clean, require only dry cleaning, and thus strongly absorb various smells.


Wallpapers is the ideal solution if you want to make the room original and unique. Properly selected Wallpapers allow to visually expand the room and to hide some design flaws. Today the market offers a large selection of Wallpapers with original images at an affordable price.

One of the walls in the living room is decorated with original mural

Before hanging Wallpaper it is necessary to bring the wall to a perfectly smooth condition. Gluing them is quite difficult, so it is best to hire for these works of skilled craftsmen. Browsing photos ideas Wallpaper for a room in the apartment, you will see the aesthetic advantages of this option.

On the desktop you can print absolutely any image

Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic double – layer Wallpaper. The bottom layer of paper, and the top is made of aluminum foil. These Wallpapers are used as protection against electromagnetic radiation from TVs, cell phones or nearby power lines. Easy to care for them – they are resistant to not only wash water, but also the effects of various detergents. Besides, this is the most gorgeous Wallpapers for the hall in the apartment. Photos of the interiors represented in the network is clearly demonstrated.

Metallic Wallpaper are very expensive, susceptible to mechanical damage and airtight.

Metallic — the most expensive among the other types of Wallpaper

Liquid Wallpaper

Liquid Wallpaper is a new, modern type of finishing materials based on cotton, cellulose or textile. Sold in powder form or in liquid form. Before you can use them diluted with water and with a roller to apply on walls.

Provide high noise isolation, perfectly retain its appearance for a long time, do not fade. Also characterized by high environmental friendliness.

Liquid Wallpaper is a modern decorative material for the decoration of the room

Liquid Wallpaper does not have joints and seams, which could ruin the look of the walls.
This excellent Wallpaper in the room of a private house (photos show this).
These Wallpapers are not very cheap, they can’t be washed.


Fiberglass – variant cover featuring its durability. For their production using thin strands of glass drawn at high temperature. The rolls of fiberglass are white and after gluing dyed in any desired shade. Look like the Wallpaper in the living room, you can see by viewing the photo samples of Wallpaper for the hall in the apartment.

The main advantage of fiberglass is that they can be repeatedly repainted

The size of Wallpaper rolls and the calculation of the required number

Standard sizes of Wallpaper rolls (width x length):

  • 0,53 x 10,05 m;
  • 0.53 mm by 15 m;
  • 1.06 x 10,05 m

More convenient for gluing are metre rolls of Wallpaper

To find the necessary amount of material you can use the online calculator or do the calculations yourself using one of the following methods.

A useful tip! Wallpaper with a picture of involve some amount of waste, so they need to buy with a margin of 10-20%. Leftovers can be used for pasting of walls behind the battery or for decoration.

Wallpaper picture of need to purchase with a small margin

The calculation is based on the perimeter of the room

Take for example the roll size 0,53 x 10,05 m for papering the hall 18 sq. m apartment (photo design and drawings offer the most common footage of the room 4 x 4.5 m with a ceiling height of 2.6 m):

  • calculate the perimeter of the walls: (4 + 4,5) x 2 = 17 m;
  • divide the perimeter by the width of the roll of Wallpaper: 17/0,53 = 32,07 received a number of canvases;

Wallpaper with bright floral colors in the living room

  • divide the length of the roll to the height of the ceilings: 10,05/2,6 = 3,86, we find the number of paintings in one roll;
  • we divide the total number of paintings on a number in one roll: 32,07/3,86 = 8.3 coil;
  • from the amount subtract the area of doors and Windows.

The remnants of Wallpaper can decorate part of the wall in the hall

The calculation using the area of the walls of the room

To calculate the second method will take metre rolls of size 1.06 x 10,05 m, whose popularity is confirmed by numerous photo Wallpaper in the apartment. Room 18 sq. m (in instruction photos not necessary) with walls 4 x 4.5 m and a ceiling height of 2.6 m will set a good example in this calculation:

  • we expect the total area of walls: (4 + 4,5) x 2 x 2.6 = 44,2 m2;
  • calculate the area of Wallpaper in one roll: 1.06 x 10,05 = 10,65 m2;
  • divide the area of the walls to the square of a roll of Wallpaper: 44,2/10,65 = 4.1 coil;
  • from the amount subtract the area of doors and Windows.

The original mural depicting the map of the world

How to hang Wallpaper, to avoid defects

Regardless of what Wallpaper you have chosen for the decoration of the hall, the process of gluing will occur in several stages:

  • preparation of walls for gluing alignment, plastering and surface treatment with a primer;
  • using chalk or a long plumb Bob on the wall you need to draw a straight vertical line, which will be a guide for gluing the first sheet of Wallpaper;

Soft blue pastel tone of Wallpapers in the decoration of the walls of the living room

  • next, you need to cut rolls of Wallpaper on panels of the necessary size. Thus to the desired length required to add a margin of 2-3 cm;
  • then glue coat the reverse side of the sheet of Wallpaper and the wall. Glue is applied to the surface with a brush or roller;
  • the first sheet of Wallpaper is glued on a line drawn on the wall, and smoothed with a brush or rubber roller. The direction of movement has to happen from bottom up and from the center of the canvas toward the edges to remove excess glue;

Wallpaper in a room with bright orange pattern

  • all subsequent panels are glued Wallpaper on the same principle, with alignment along the edge of the previous sheet.

A useful tip! Gluing textile or metallic Wallpaper should be entrusted to professionals, so as to perform high-quality work without defects will require certain skills and experience. Not worth the risk, given the considerable cost of these Wallpapers.

Floral ornament is the most popular among the other colors

Useful tips to facilitate the process of wallpapering

To repair took place as quickly as possible, but the achieved results have surpassed all your expectations in the process of wallpapering, use the following techniques:

  • Before starting, remove all switches and sockets in the room. The smoother the surface the easier the work.
  • If possible, pre-clear the floor. This will allow us to glue the Wallpaper to the floor. After complete drying, the moldings are fastened in place.
  • Pay special attention to the cover with glue wall near the doorway and jamb. This will provide better bonding in these complex areas.
  • Be sure to wipe up all surplus glue. You can use a special formula that leaves no residue after drying.

Striped Wallpaper in black and gray tones

The combination of the color of Wallpaper and furniture

If the furniture in the living room light, then the wall design is suitable Wallpaper of different colors and textures, combinations of contrasting options. Appropriate in this case to glue the Wallpaper with a large and rather bright pattern.

If the furniture is dark, you should choose a bright finishing materials. Walls can be a neutral color, or contain bright accent color that will overlap with the furniture. Note the existing thematic photo Wallpapers in the room in the apartment. Repairs on many of them, made their hands.

An ornate Wallpaper with gold lettering on the walls of the hall

Colorful furniture initially assumes that the main focus in the room will be on it, so perfect the color of the Wallpaper in this case gray. It will be a great background for the bright and original furniture. It is better to choose Wallpaper without pattern or with a very small pattern. Choosing the Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment photo design will point you in the right direction.

The choice of Wallpaper with the interior style

Room sizes not often enough to create a classic interior. To create a sense the classics use a Wallpaper with white, milk, black, red and Golden hues with a repeating geometric or floral pattern.

One of the highlighted accent walls living room striped Wallpaper

In an effort to create room interior in modern style, use Wallpaper warm pastel tones, with characteristic images of flowers or patterns, different designs. Modern appropriate style for the decoration of the hall. The design in this style looks very elegant and cozy.

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The design of the hall in the apartment: stylish interior solutions. Important parts of decorating your living room in the apartment – the square footage, light, space, color palette, decor. Modern and classic interiors.

Provence – a modest French style, which promotes cheerfulness and light. The Wallpapers in this style always have a bright and warm colour base which is decorated with a small floral print.

Country – simple “rustic” style. Choosing Wallpaper for the room design in this style, you will notice bright pastel colors. Bright or large patterns would be inappropriate, but the cell or strip – very handy. Photo Wallpapers in the room of private houses show the beauty of country style.

Wallpaper with large pattern in green and red tones

Japanese style ideal silk Wallpaper. The color of the walls should be calm and soothing, but the patterns can be various – from cherry blossoms to the image of a fire-breathing dragon. Original look of the cloth imitation rice paper on the Wallpaper in the hall. Photo of the apartment interior in the Japanese style perfectly illustrate all the beauty of Oriental design.

Examples of design living rooms with Oriental motifs

A useful tip! With the help of close Wallpaper, you can create simulate various textures such as stucco, stone and even sand. Use vinyl or non-woven Wallpaper of the respective colors.

The Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment: choosing colors

Selecting Wallpaper for the hall, special attention should be paid to the color scheme. Using the right shade can make the room more comfortable, or, conversely, to visually expand the space and make the room more spacious. Before you finally decide on the color of the Wallpaper, check out its characteristics and properties.

Wallpaper for the room you should choose based on the overall style decision apartment

White is the colour of purity, active and cheerful, while the interior symbolizes peace and tranquility. The design of the room you can use a white background for a bright and unusual furniture. Examples of such design can be seen on the Internet a photo of the Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment.

Bright Wallpaper with a small simple pattern

Black is a difficult color. It is quite rarely used in the design of the room because it causes excessive drowsiness, which is more important in the bedroom. A great use of black color in the hall is combining it with another shade to separate the room into zones.

A decorative insert of black Wallpaper on the wall in the living room

Grey is a universal color that blends with any other colors. Has a large number of tones, which combine with each other – a great idea for a design. Also the grey can be used for a bunch of several colors, which in themselves are not combined.

Fiberglass Wallpaper is painted in a light gray color

Red is very impulsive and energetic color, its abundance is hard to understand. In the interior of the red elements is recommended only in fragments, as the bright accents on the universal background color. Red is not suitable for Wallpaper for the small room in the apartment (photo presented on specialized sites, are clearly given to understand). The same recommendations concern the use of the interior orange.

Bright colorful Oriental-style Wallpaper

The purple color has a depressing effect, but this is not a reason to abandon him in the interior. The correct shade moutout be perfectly combined with other more bright and cheerful color.

Yellow is a great solution for not very well-lit daytime room.

On a dark background wall will look spectacular with colourful furniture

Green is a neutral color that has a calming effect. In combination with yellow looks life-affirming.

Blue – color of coolness, peace and quiet, great for stress relief after a hard day.

A useful tip! If, due to peculiarities of layout of the room seems cold and uncomfortable, use Wallpaper yellow, orange or coffee color. These shades will give you a feeling of warmth and coziness.

By using Wallpaper you can create in the living room interesting design

A combination of Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment: a photo of the best combinations

A combination of several different colors, patterns or textures Wallpapers is a great opportunity to create the unique and unique design, making the interior more interesting and brighter (a photo). How to combine Wallpaper in the hall will tell you the following tips:

  • the combination of textures. The most successful are the following combinations: matte and glossy or rough and smooth surface;
  • the mix of drawings. Professional designers say the following combinations: a geometric pattern + abstract or floral print + stripes;

Creative black and white Wallpaper on the wall in the hall

  • the combination of color. Great together: beige/brown, Burgundy/pink, olive/orange, green/yellow, blue/white, silver/lilac, milky/Golden, grey/purple. If you don’t know how to choose the Wallpaper in the room two colors, photo examples will help you to decide on a good shades and combinations;
  • accent and addition. To do this, one of the walls is glued bright and vivid Wallpaper (accent) and the other three are more quiet (Supplement), containing the elements of the accent colors (stripes, appliques, prints, etc.).

Wallpaper and upholstery on the couch in the living room picked up in one color

Consider the interior design and to select appropriate finishing materials is a very interesting and fascinating process. When choosing Wallpaper, it is very important not to hurry and weigh all available information. Try, experiment and create new and original design in your living room.


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