Toilet for the cottages, odorless and pumping: a review of modern solutions

Every owner of a suburban area wants to have a toilet to give odorless and pumping. Because Central sewer is not everywhere, and constantly Tinker with the cleansing of a cesspool no fun. What are the methods of solving this problem exist today? Consider what difficulties arise as a result of the contents of the sump, and what we offer today’s manufacturers of the system, not demanding pumping.

Septic tank installation is a great option to solve the problem of wastewater treatment in the country

The contents

  • 1 Disadvantages of pit latrines
  • 2 toilet to give odorless and pumping: three possible options
    • 2.1 Peat biotoilet for cottages
    • 2.2 Overflow of plastic or concrete septic tanks
    • 2.3 Modern wastewater treatment system
  • 3 How to choose a septic tank for the cottages
    • 3.1 Performance of septic tanks
    • 3.2 Installation of plastic septic tank with their hands
  • 4 Suburban toilet without cesspool with their hands: treatment facility of concrete rings
    • 4.1 Device the treatment plant from concrete rings and the installation of sewer pipes
    • 4.2 Features of installation of the toilet to garden: a photo installation of a septic tank of concrete rings

Disadvantages of pit latrines

The contents in the yard sump is accompanied by certain inconveniences:

  • The high cost of operation – the need to constantly pump out the accumulated waste that generates regular expenses.
  • Within a radius of several metres from the pit you can feel a very unpleasant smell.
  • Over time, the tightness of the walls of the pit may be violated, which leads to the departure of untreated sewage directly into the ground.
  • If the area of the sump, you can forget about own well, as it’s rather unsafe.

Diagram of the device of a cesspool without a bottom and with the bottom

Undoubtedly, the pumping of the sump – process is not pleasant. Moreover, it is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, and is worth a lot of money. But as you know, demand creates supply, and today there are several solutions to this problem.

Toilet for the cottages, odorless and pumping: three possible options

A detailed look at three of the most popular and modern alternative to the cesspool:

  • Toilets.
  • Overflow of plastic or concrete septic tank.
  • Modern cleaning systems.

What is the method of processing biological waste to choose depends on the number of people and seasonality of residence in the country, your financial opportunities and existing conditions for the placement of the toilet. A detailed look at all the options and necessary requirements for their installation.

An example of a device of the septic tank, plastic

Peat biotoilet for cottages

To solve the problem of disposing of waste material without using water, peat dry closet. According to reviews, toilets for cottages – the easiest and cheapest solution to the problem of the lack of a centralized sewage system. Moreover, processing the products of human activity, such a device produces excellent fertilizer for the soil.

Toilet at the cottage, which is quite compact, is very useful, because it occupies a minimum of space. All that is necessary for its operation – peat for peat toilets, which can be easily purchased at the store.

Recycling waste, peat composting produces fertilizer for the soil

The mixture is poured into the upper tank of the toilet before use. The lower part, where directly and will get the wastes, filled with peat so that the bottom was covered with approximately 1 cm After using the toilet, simply turn the knob that is responsible for resetting portions of peat from the upper tank to the lower.

The process of anaerobic mineralization of the peat allows to convert the entering waste into fertilizer, which when mixed with earth, forms the compost and greatly improve the fertile quality of the soil.

As evidenced by reviews, peat biotoilet for cottages is enough to clean once a month even with regular use. High absorption capacity of peat allows it to process up to 10 l of liquid per 1 kg of the mixture.

The peat toilet device: 1 — ventilation pipe; 2 — the toilet lid; 3 — seat; 4 — waste container; 5 — body; 6 — container for the peat mixture; 7 — hose for draining liquid waste

If your goal is a toilet at the cottage odorless, peat dry closet is the perfect solution.

However, as already mentioned, each device has its own nuances of installation and operation. Here’s what you should think before you buy peat biotoilet:

  • ideal for placement of such devices – hozblok with toilet for cottages. This will automatically solve all the problems associated with the possible remnants of an unpleasant odor;
  • some of the liquid will evaporate out of the toilet, but for the total elimination of all liquid mass is necessary to equip the drainage system. If you want to install a peat toilet in the house, think in advance where will come out the outlet hose.

It is important to remember that the key to a good toilet in the country with no odor – the presence of ventilation in the room.

The perfect place to host a peat bio-toilet is separate room

A useful tip! Forced ventilation is a great solution for rooms with a toilet, especially if it uses a large number of people. Smontirovat in the wall of the axial fan, you will forget about the unpleasant smell in the bathroom.

Overflow of plastic or concrete septic tanks

Another variant of the arrangement of toilet in the country without connection to a centralized Sewerage system, local septic installer. A septic tank is a system designed for the collection and purification of waste water entering the container.

The principle of operation of septic tanks, the following: wastewater drained through pipes in a special tank divided into three sections. The first is the process of settling and separation of the content of a fraction. The second liquid is purified with the help of special bacteria. In the third tank treated water once again undergoing the process of settling, and then displayed on the field.

Working principle of overflow concrete septic tank

A useful tip! If the area of your plot does not allow to create a field filter, or for any other reasons do not want this, you can install models with biological filter, which provides a deep cleaning. In this case, wastewater is fully purified and do not require further filtration by the soil.

Modern wastewater treatment system

Modern cleaning systems inherently represent the same septic tank a more advanced design and with a lot of cleanup levels. Consider the most commonly used cleaning methods for local use:

  • ultrafiltration;
  • ion-exchange reagent;
  • electrochemical deposition;
  • the impact of chemical elements;
  • membrane reverse osmosis.

Ultrafiltration allows for better waste water treatment, it becomes possible closed circular system of water supply. Not using chemicals (chlorine, sodium, fluoride, phosphorus), this method allows to purify water to reuse.

Ion exchange reagent wastewater treatment method

Chemical ion exchange systems can make the water purification process more quickly, thus softening it to the desired level.

Electrochemical deposition allows the metal to precipitate impurities in the water. Then allow the chemical components to get rid of them.

Membrane reverse osmosis is the most advanced to date method of water purification. It allows you to make waste water almost distilled water. This happens due to the passage of the wastewater through the reverse osmosis membrane, which through its pores molecules move through water, while filtering out all existing impurities. Virtually all substances hazardous to human health, such as mercury, chlorine, nitrates membrane does not pass.

Technological scheme of wastewater treatment biomembrane method with post-treatment of reverse osmosis: 1 — aeration tank; 2 — membrane bioreactor; 3 — vacuum pump; 4 — intermediate tank; 5 — pump; 6 — pre-filter; 7 — the reverse osmosis module; 8 — blower

How to choose a septic tank for the cottages

Here are some tips that will help you to choose of the septic tank to create a self contained sewage system that does not require pumping:

  • Before you implement the idea of creating toilets using a septic tank, be sure to perform the examination, which will show at what depth ground water table in your area. This will depend on whether it is possible to make the fields of filtration, or it is necessary to take filters with a purification system.
  • Heed to the choice of the volume of the tank. Calculate the daily amount of wastewater generated by all family members and household appliances.
  • Consider seasonal residence. Many models do not tolerate simple in the winter. Bacteria inside the tank are killed. Therefore, when choosing a septic tank be sure to consider whether you plan to use it all year round or only in summer.

An important point for the functioning of septic tanks – the type of soil on the site

Performance of septic tanks

Depending on the number of processed per day fluid, septic tanks are divided into three types:

  • single chamber;
  • two-chamber;
  • trilocular.

Single chamber used in the case where the volume of daily wastewater does not exceed 1 m3. Two-chamber septic tanks are processed per day from 1 to 10 m3 of water. Three-compartment used only for very large volumes of water exceeding 10 m3.

It is important to know that under the rules, the amount of purchased tank should be three times the daily capacity of wastewater. That is, once the tank has to fit the amount of water formed over three days of normal use.

Autonomous system of sewage treatment at the site, dominated by poorly permeable soil

Another important aspect of the functioning of septic tank – soil type on the site. It depends on whether you fit the normal cleaning system filtration fields, or have to spend on a modern system complete cleaning. So, soil with a high content of clay does not miss the water, which greatly complicates the filtration process. High level groundwater is also a serious reason to abandon the standard septic tank.

A useful tip! Absolutely all manufacturers of modern septic tanks with biofilters is not recommended to prevent system downtime. This leads to the death of the biomaterial and the loss of its filter characteristics.

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Septic tank with their hands without pumping 10 years for home and garden: construction of the structure. Varieties of designs, particularly the construction of various materials. Building costs.

Installation of plastic septic tank with their hands

Independently set up and prepare for the operation of plastic septic tank is a snap. It is enough to follow a simple algorithm:

  • to choose a suitable place and to calculate the necessary size of the trench;
  • dig a hole the right size;
  • if necessary, to provide a place for field filtration;
  • to make installation of tanks;
  • pin to the pit container and the pipe;
  • to adjust the position of the piping system;
  • to verify the fastening capacity and pipes.

Installation of plastic septic tank you can clean

Familiarized with all the main points of the forthcoming work, let us consider how to make a toilet in the country, using a plastic septic tank. First we need to choose the right place where it will be located.

Distance from the treatment plant shall be not less than 6 m from residential buildings. This applies both to the toilet in the house, and cabins with toilet and shower for the garden. Otherwise the purified water that enters the soil can have a devastating impact on the Foundation of nearby buildings.

In order to correctly determine the required size of the pit, it is necessary to take into account the size of the container, the height of the base and the thickness of the top layer – this will depend on the depth of the pit. The width and length are measured based on the size of the container and attachable to all her modules.

Circuit training excavation and installation of septic tank

The process of laying Sewerage pipes is customary to start from the treatment plant and produce in the direction of the room in which is the toilet itself. Therefore, the practical part of the installation of the septic tank begins with the preparation of the pit. Calculating all the necessary indicators, the bottom of the dug pit covered with a bed of sand and gravel. The thickness of this layer should be about 30 cm Then the top is filled with cement mortar or just put a solid concrete slab.

The same draining sand-gravel cushion is laid under the fields of filtration. This mixture allows more time to clean wastewater before their final absorption into the ground. It is important to remember that the level at which the box filter should be above the groundwater level at least 1 m.

The scheme of installation of a septic tank with filter field

After the bottom of the pit is ready, you can begin the installation of the septic tank. Capacity, pre-filled with clean water by a third, is placed at the bottom of the pit. Fluid is necessary in order to prevent deformation of the pressure vessel of gravity of the soil. The lid of the septic tank must be above ground level to prevent rain and melt water inside the system.

A useful tip! It is necessary to consider thermal insulation for the cover of the septic tank, or the onset of cold weather to avoid freezing of the liquid inside the tank.

Insulation of the walls of a septic tank with an insulating material

If the level of groundwater in your area is excessively high, it is recommended to lay on the bottom of the pit the valve, to which chains can be attached capacity. As a rule, to exhaust gases produced as a result of the decomposition process of precipitation, additionally laid the ductwork.

The final stage in the connection of the tank with the filtration fields with the help of flexible couplings and pipes. After this, the tank can be filled with a mixture of sand and soil.

A useful tip! Summer and autumn is the best time of year to undertake such works, as the groundwater level at this time reaches its low point.

The best time for installation of a septic tank are summer and autumn

Suburban toilet without cesspool with their hands: treatment facility of concrete rings

Analyze in detail every item of the installation of a septic tank from concrete rings:

  • To begin to build a treatment facility of concrete rings, it is necessary to purchase materials that are themselves rings (9 units) and manholes (3 PCs.).
  • When all the necessary components purchased, you can begin to dig holes. They will need three. Rest they need in a row. The required depth – 3 m, diameter 2.8 m.
  • After all the holes dug, at the bottom of the first two wells it is necessary to make concrete pads. The preparatory work for the installation of a septic tank may be over.
  • You can start installation of concrete rings. Within each pit is set at three rings, one on top of another. For this purpose, a crane.
  • Then the gap between the rings is filled with liquid glass, and the distance left between the walls of the holes and rings, covered with earth.

A septic tank of concrete rings is affordable and not very complicated to install option

Device the treatment plant from concrete rings and the installation of sewer pipes

To the waste water could easily move from one section to another of the septic tank, it is necessary to observe the following guidelines for the installation of the system:

  • A sewer pipe that goes to the first well-equipped cement cushion, should be laid at a slight angle.
  • A second tube connecting the first and second hole (also with cement pillow) must be 20 cm lower.
  • A third pipe connecting the second and third well must be located below 20 cm.

Plan two-piece overflow of the septic tank: 1 — the sewage pipe from the house; 2 — the first chamber of the sedimentation tank (septic tank), the bottom and seams of the septic tank must be sealed; 3 — vent; 4 — overflow pipe with a bend (tee); 5 — the second chamber of the sump, the bottom of the well: sand cushion of 20-30 cm and a layer of gravel on top; 6 — vent riser; 7 — overflow pipe with a bend (tee); 8 — filter well: the sinus between the outer walls of the well and walls of the pit must be filled with gravel drainage holes must be provided in the interval: the bottom three rings, the bottom of the well: sand cushion of 20 cm and a layer of gravel on top; 9 — tee

Features of installation of the toilet to garden: a photo installation of a septic tank of concrete rings

Installation of concrete rings for septic tank has a number of peculiarities and requires certain costs. For starters you need to rent a truck and crane. So before you start digging wells, consider how the equipment will be able to come to this place.

Dip the rings into the pit you need to make very carefully to avoid cracking or chipping.

Pay special attention to the sealing of the first two wells. Raw water in any case should not seep through the cracks. This has a negative impact on the ecology of the site. Liquid glass and concrete pad – your loyal assistants to solve this problem.

For installation of a septic tank of concrete rings will need special

The bottom of the third well does not need concrete. There will be enough to lay a natural filter, such as crushed stone or gravel. Can also be used for this purpose, algae or specially designed for this bacteria. If it is assumed that treated water will flow into the pond, at the bottom of the well is necessary to place the chlorine cartridge.

The size of the septic tank from concrete rings, as well as any other device with a similar principle of action, depends on the amount of wastewater produced per day. The volume of the cleaning device should exceed the amount 24 hour of water three times.

The process of construction of septic tank of concrete rings

A useful tip! To increase the strength and integrity of the system, a concrete ring can be additionally cement inside and to cover the bitumen.

Some of the proposed ways of creating toilets without the need for pumping and odor you choose is not so important. Importantly, in the end, you had the opportunity to enjoy a clean, comfortable toilet, not thinking about the need to regularly clean out the cesspool and deal with a specific smell in the area.


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