Ventilation in the bath with his hands: how to do it right

Why you need to attend to the question of how properly to make ventilation in the bath? Properly arranged ventilation in the bath depends not only maintaining the temperature in the dressing room, the bathroom, the steam room, the relaxation room, but also the safety and service life of the structure and its parts. When designing a bath, and from its construction, it should be remembered that the ventilation in the bath with their hands should be made taking into account certain subtleties and nuances. With your hands, with instructions, photos and videos, can be made of all stages of installation of ventilation in the bath and the steam room.

Correctly arranged ventilation in the bath will ensure a comfortable temperature inside the steam room and extend the life of wooden elements

The contents

  • 1 the Principle of operation of the ventilation system in the bath
  • 2 Types of ventilation
    • 2.1 Natural ventilation
    • 2.2 mechanical ventilation
  • 3 the dependence of the ventilation system bath from the type of construction
  • 4 Planning the vent system, baths: subtleties and nuances
    • 4.1 Sizes of vents
    • 4.2 Interposition of vents
  • 5 Ventilation in the Russian bath
  • 6 the block diagram of the ventilation device in the bath
    • 6.1 Ventilation the floor in the bath
    • 6.2 Ventilation in the dressing room bath
    • 6.3 Ventilation in the washing bath
    • 6.4 Ventilation in the steam room of the baths

The principle of operation of the ventilation system in the bath

The operation of the ventilation system based on known physical laws, and scheme of the device is simple and straightforward. For continuous air circulation necessary holes are of two types:

  • supply;
  • exhaust.

The injection hole is needed in order to the room did fresh air. The correct installation of ventilation in the bath they should be placed as close as possible to the floor and about the furnace. With this arrangement the incoming air heats up quickly in the bath consistently maintained a high temperature.

The direction of movement of air masses inside the steam room

Exhaust vents are designed to remove steam superheated humidified air and carbon monoxide. They should be arranged as high as possible, i.e. just below the ceiling level and stay in front of the inlet to create and maintain a constant exchange of air.

Tip! Exhaust air outlet in the ceiling will lead to a rapid cooling, so that its location is undesirable.

With the concept of localized supply and exhaust openings for device ventilation in the bath with their hands there is no difficulty. But the task of maintaining a high temperature in the steam room at the same time effectively removed from the exhaust air and carbon monoxide is difficult.

You also need to pay attention to the temperature, comfortable for the sanitary-hygiene, and relaxation, all parts of the baths: the dressing room, washing room for relaxation. And if you have the establishment and implementation of the scheme of ventilation in the bath with your hands, you should think about the proper execution of work.

Diagram of proper air circulation in the bath

Types of ventilation

There are two types of ventilation:

  • natural;
  • forced.

Which one to choose when the device ventilation system with their hands, depending on the design of baths and scope of its premises.

Ventilation system with electronic control unit

Natural ventilation

This kind of ventilation works due to the difference of temperature and pressure inside the room and outside it. Its effectiveness depends on the placement of the holes for the inflow and output of air. The most suitable solution – supply openings are located near the floor, at an altitude of 250-350 mm, next to the stove, and exhaust on the opposite wall, below the ceiling level 150-200 mm.

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Ventilation systems are not suitable for venting the steam room or sauna, as the cold air in this room is going in the floor and hot at the top. Setting move the air flow is accompanied with difficulties, but with proper location of ventilation system components in the steam Russian bath, perhaps with their hands to cope with this problem.

Natural ventilation is not suitable for steam, it is expedient to arrange in the break room

Forced ventilation

For this kind of ventilation in the steam room of the Russian bath or sauna may be divided into two subspecies:

  • Ventilation with the help of special electronic systems that control temperature and humidity, with the help of automation by adjusting its supply and filtration. Such systems are expensive and their use is often distracting from the budget.
  • A combined system of ventilation, when due to the use of fans get the effect of natural ventilation.
  • The location of ventilation channels on the inside walls of the bath

    The dependence of the ventilation system bath from the type of construction

    Natural ventilation, provided the correct positioning of vents and their sizes, volumes of spaces, works well in the Russian bath, collected from logs or timber.

    Frame building is a sealed design. It is advisable in the baths of the frame, use forced ventilation. The supply hole in the outer wall of the steam room should additionally equip a blowing fan.

    In the structure of brick or concrete blocks is only possible with forced ventilation.

    Type of ventilation system is selected depending on the materials of which built bath

    Planning the vent system, baths: subtleties and nuances

    Before proceeding to the choice of the scheme of ventilation in the bath and the device of its design with your own hands, you need to understand the intricacies and nuances of design.

    Fact! Even a small error in the arrangement of supply and exhaust openings lead to undesirable consequences. In the steam room or drop constant temperature or increase the concentration of carbon monoxide.

    During the construction of any bath – ventilation of bath and its schematic diagram is laid in the process of construction. The question “how to make ventilation in the bath” should be resolved at the stage of design.

    Ventilation channels, dressing room, bathroom, steam room, relaxation room and openings for fresh air and removal of the mixture of unburned gases exhaust hot and humid air masses must be laid at the appropriate stages of construction. Valves and grills to control the sizes of supply and exhaust openings and cross-sections of ventilation ducts are established at the stage of final finishing of the premises.

    Planning of the ventilation system must be implemented at the stage of development of the design project the bathtubs

    Mainly, the functioning of the ventilation of the bath depends on two factors:

    • the size of vents – both supply and extract air flows are determined by the amount of space, be it a dressing room, washing room, steam room and relaxation room;
    • interposition of vents.

    The size of vents

    The dimensions of the vents depends on the amount of specific rooms: dressing room, steam room, bathroom or Lounges. Very important as an accurate calculation of the size of these openings, and providing opportunities to change it. To adjust gaps in openings install door-damper and grille.

    Air vent with slider to regulate the amount of fresh air

    Be aware that when large amounts of ventilation Windows will be difficult to heat the room to the correct temperature. Occurs or the danger of constant excessive consumption of fuel and electricity, or difficulties with the adjustment of the cross section of the ventilation channels, i.e., the distance that will need your hands to open each aperture.

    Tip! Area of ventilation opening is calculated as 24 cm2 per 1 m3 of the volume of the ventilated area. For a good pull of fresh air from outside exhaust air outlet should be greater than the input.

    If the area of the vents is insufficient, the temperature, humidity and concentration of carbon monoxide in the room can rise to critical levels.

    The optimal size of the ventilation opening is calculated at a rate of 24 sq cm 1 cubic meter of room volume

    Interposition of vents

    The effect of any ventilation system is based on the substitution of the masses of the heated air coming into the movement under the pressure of the air outside is colder and heavier. It is important to ensure the ability to adjust the direction of the flow of heat coming from a furnace installed in the bath. Ventilation in the steam room is often equipped with not one supply hole, and two for this reason. For localization of heat flow is sufficient with the help of valves to create one of them or both of clearance of a certain width.

    The layout inside the steam vent holes for inflow of fresh and removal of contaminated air

    Ventilation in the Russian bath

    The quality of the ventilation system baths are designed and assembled with his own hands, laid at the stage of the project.

    The air flow circulating in the areas will have different temperature, but the discomfort from this should be felt as little as possible.

    Tip! Comfort in the bath depends not only on the absence of sharp changes in temperature “horizontally”, i.e. in the transition from one room to another: from the REC room in the dressing room or steam in the bathroom. Need soft movement of air masses vertically: the temperature of the air near the floor should not be much below the temperature at the secondary level of human growth.

    The microclimate in the bath depends on the number of vents, their size and location

    The uniformity of arrivals, mixing and removal of air masses depends on the number of supply and exhaust openings, their size and location relative to each other and heating devices and equipment of devices additional regulation.

    The block diagram of the ventilation device in the bath

    Any scheme of ventilation bath is developed with one goal in mind – maintaining temperature, humidity and freshness of air in the steam room. The premises of the baths, especially baths, are exposed to water and steam, therefore, need periodic airing and drying. But the airing and drying will be ineffective if not organized into the bath proper ventilation. Proper and continuous ventilation steam bath significantly reduces the consequences of the fact that wood absorbs moisture.

    The main task of the ventilation of the bath – the temperature, humidity and freshness of air in the steam room

    Ventilation floor in the bath

    Air exchange in sauna rooms contributes to the provision of a ventilated floor.

    Hardwood floors in permanent contact with water loses its validity after 5 years. Requirements for ventilation through the floor:

    • to create a flow to make a small vent in the basement bath;
    • lay the floor, leaving a gap of 1 cm;
    • lay inlet openings in the parallel walls (not forgetting to protect their grids from rodents);
    • below the furnace worked extra hood, lay the finished floor above the level of the blower;
    • after using the bath to leave the door open as long as the floor in the room is dry.

    Diagram of the ventilation system in the sauna

    The ventilation in the dressing room bath

    With your hands, if you have photos and videos of instructions, the vents in the break room and baths in the dressing room to do the easiest, because they have no direct contact with the water. Use natural or hybrid ventilation is when fresh air enters the supply channel and is displayed by means of a fan through the exhaust channel of the steam room, hallway or bathroom. Also possible to install vents, which need a direct connection to the street and the power connections.

    In the dressing room you can arrange a natural or combination ventilation

    Ventilation in the bathroom bath

    For ventilation in the bathroom often make the system of forced ventilation, which is driven by an electric motor. The air flow is removed in the direction of the vestibule. Supply and exhaust channel doing one section, the input of the first set above ground level (2 m), and the output of the second above the roof.

    Ventilation in the steam room of the baths

    Requirements for the microclimate of the premises steam special. It should quickly warm up, it must be supported by the optimal level of humidity and no drafts. So for steam the actual the correct position and dimensions of the intake and exhaust channels which are used in construction. To regulate the inflow and outflow of air enough valves in the vents, but with a large amount of space may need pumping or exhaust fan.

    Scheme of arrangement of the ventilation in the steam room

    The above General design principles of ventilation in the bath, videos, and pictures attached to the instructions from the network or other resources, should help those wishing to build a bath with his own hands to bring this desire to a specific embodiment.


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